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My response to Archangel Ryan's request
« on: July 13, 2021, 12:18:29 pm »
This is to address Archangel Ryan’s request to post our interest in what capacity we would like to partake in the Missions. You can listen to his message at LLUSA on June 9, 2021 (first message). I have been contemplating and praying into this subject and forwarded my answer in prayer, but should post it here also as we were asked to do so in the General category.

I believe Father has blessed us with many gifts, too numerous to count, and with the wisdom to recognize that He is always ready to bestow more on us according to the need and our willingness to receive. So far, during my lifetime I have gained substantial experiences in many areas. I wholeheartedly offer all that I learned, possess, and experienced for serving in the Missions. I will be happy to accept a position that my TA Father and our Celestial Leaders find fit for me to fill a need. I love creativity having a pioneer spirit, and love to see ideas blossom into working processes, and into beautiful material and intellectual products. It would be hard for me to prefer one activity over another, because they interweave to reach our goals. Whatever I had put my heart, mind and hands to in the past I always loved the work and done my best to walk in excellence. Although I have been wondering for a little while trying to figure out what is left of me after the shaking, I trust that none of my experiences and commitment got lost.

I was involved in many endeavors while moving back and forth to Europe, always in need to start over, always dreaming of a better future, and always interested to learn more, even before my heart was overtaken by the realization that the kingdom of God is at hand, Jesus is coming back, and we should start a brand new life turning the world right-side up. What a beautiful future! Accordingly, I have never been fully satisfied with the stations of my life, expect for the seasons of meaningful occupations. I hope and pray that God would fill our hearts to the fullest satisfaction and peace when partaking in the Missions.

[These are my experiences: For the early half of my professional life I was laboring in different scientific research laboratories in the areas of biochemistry, molecular biology and stem cell research. Even before that according to my choice of chemistry major I worked in a food factory doing quality control, water analysis, and microbiology. In the meantime I've developed a successful art product line in Europe that I abandon when submitted to my husband’s career path, then developed a fantastic food product in the US that did not make it to the market for various marketing reasons. returning to the US I have departed from science under some financial pressures and gained great business experiences over the next twenty years in planning and developing projects as founder and co-founder of business startup operations. The various occupations demanded management and leadership skills in the areas of sales, marketing, advertising, financial services - FHA and government secured loans -, and insurance sales. Out of need I have also learned graphic design for advertising and marketing material development purposes, and been involved in direct marketing, small wholesale operations and retail management.]

Each endeavor has its own story encapsulating my failures and successes, but the main benefit of all is knowledge and experience. Afterwards I feel that all I have learned was to prepare me for the call. Having many interests, and also as part of being a mother, I studied and promoted natural healing and many been blessed by it, but when I met Jesus in this season I dropped everything for His namesake to reset my life. As a result, utilizing my knowledge I have received two visions of kingdom building projects that I wrote in two books, one of which Jesus named Salvation Healing Center back in 2005. As well I planned out (wrote, designed) the first issue of a kingdom of God advancement magazine that I adore, having been a heavenly download in 2015. Perhaps all is for the not so near future that I am not able to foresee yet. as for now that Celestial plans must have changed, I am waiting to receive my new assignment.

When I felt I was called to follow Jesus more closely I began volunteering in 2008 to meet the physical and spiritual needs of our local community members and homeless population. In this season I authored couple of more books, waiting for editing and publishing and those I would really like to (need to) publish. In 2016 I have developed a channel to post videos of the learned, because I believe I have a teacher’s heart. Teaching has always accompanied my life some ways. I have done some tutoring very successfully, some training of sales professional, and been driven to teach classes about living in the Kingdom of God. Also, I have been gravitated towards changing and hopefully restoring the lives of young adults – now lost to addictions and iniquity – , and gained some momentum and foresight during ministry operations. Years ago I received prophecies of a future woman’s ministry. All is well, but I have little affinity to deal with little children with short attention spans.

Lately, I have spent a whole year with studying pathology to be able to diagnose and treat some diseases that medical professionals failed to acknowledge. Knowing that Father will not waste any experience, I believe this might becomes useful in the coming hard times when earth changes may cause the spread of new epidemics. I do not know why I had to go through this, but it took me a whole year to finally able to stop worrying about it, while had to fight the evil domain to tooth and nail also. It felt as hell on earth for me, and I declare it is over. After two years of intense spiritual warfare the only goal of my life is to be able to refocus on the work of the Missions. You have my full hearted commitment. I am willing to leave behind everything that does not belong. I would appreciate if I should not be separated from the apple of my eye. So help me Father and our Celestial family. I am still in the state of need for enlightenment and clarity as it has been promised to us, and of course in need of receiving direction and instructions from my Father daily, who lights the path to my feet.

I thank Archangel Ryan for asking and wish to repeat that I will be happy to serve in any Mission in any capacity you see fit for me. I hope to become part of a team that is chosen for me, wherever I fit the best, or a leader of a special assignment tailored for me, knowing that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Also, it is in my heart to help Ron any way I can, not that I would have so far, but I hope so. He needs all the help he can get and I am willing to do whatever is useful to help him, once I can truly set my mind on things above not on earthly things. The truth of the matter is that my ego(?) is making my heart weaver between serving Jesus, and Michael, and Machieventa, and Adam and Eve when I hear the need, as little kids do in the candy store. Thus, I have to admit that I am not in the capacity to make these decisions for myself. All I know is – and I speak for all of us here – that we are very blessed for being a part of this work! All glory be to God, our Father! Thank you Father! Amen