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Lightline USA - TUE - 14 SEPT
« on: September 14, 2021, 04:03:31 pm »
Hi Everyone,

Here is the audio tape link for today's Lightline USA - TUE - 14 SEPT:

Tarkas joined us today as our emcee and along with the Father, Jesus, Amadon and St. Ambrose made a point of encouraging everyone to hone their transmitting abilities and trust the process.

Ron Besser will be the host for the Saturday Lightline this week @ 2pm September 18 with same attendance protocols as today.

Lightline USA will be @ 2pm Sunday September 19 as per usual.
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Re: Lightline USA - TUE - 14 SEPT
« Reply #1 on: September 15, 2021, 10:15:13 pm »
Hello Everyone, here are notes for the Tuesday Sept. 14 Light Line.
Light Line 09-15-2021 Tuesday

Ron Besser, Host, Phyllis Simpson, Co-Host

We now have something for you all to consider. The Sunday and Tuesday Light Lines are popular because of the wide range of subjects.

I want you to understand we are operating with all 7 Light Lines more or less in perfect synchrony.
With a schedule, you build loyalty, an audience.


We are going to introduce another host to you in the future. This will sit on the side burner for the moment.
You need about 3 new transmitters, and we would like at least ten Light Lines operating on a weekly schedule. We will get them.
Ron knows other transmitters, who have their own fiefdoms, and will not share.

Here is some interesting information: most of you know we have been busy with WTP the wireless transmission of power.

Ron: we aren't getting anywhere. I don't know how to introduce it to a corporation and be heard.
TARKAS: The big corporation wants to hire you, but don't be hired. You want to be an independent counsel.
Ron will deal with the patent. They will love you for no infringements on patent. But there are some in the group who say it is too good to be true.
You don't know until you put one up.

It has to be built out. But the way to put it out is to. . .
We can prove it to you when we show the pattern of an electron when it is moving up the tower

The tower has only to be 180 feet high. It will use one transducer.
If it comes off the tower . . .
UNIVERSAL FATHER: The consortium is quite sure you have what you claim.

DEVIL: We are shutting the Light Line down today.
RON: Tell the details.

TARKAS: You did exactly what I thought you would do. You would maintain control, not surrendering. That was no exercise. That was unplanned for.

10 on streaming, and 10 on direct call.

Ron: I need you to understand, they can't disturb me. What they need is a rap on the knuckles. Their behavior is boorish. They are personalities too. all personality deserves the sovereignty of itself. Don't take it away.

Some of you now are in contact with your guides. A couple of you are wondering what to do with them.
They are there to help you learn to transmit. They will bring you into the fold, and transmit with you.

A little bit of testing for those who are ready to transmit, but are not ready just yet.
George Meyer: you are favored in this test. You are unmuted. Rest and relax a moment.
You do have a transmission. Would you attempt it when you are ready to? We are open on the forum.

George: Tarkas: Those of you wish to be transmitters, you really are, but you don't believe you are good enough. We are looking forward to you when the missions start, you will be diligent for the cause. when the time comes.

Ron: Stay tuned.

George: TARKAS: Two others here can do it, but I will not call on them yet. You can't figure out for yourself how well tuned you are. Ron, do you have anything in mind you want to discuss?

TARKAS: Your light and life to all of you is so important, listen carefully.
The trial on Urantia has been going on for the last four days. Sunday, Mon, Tue, Wed. Sept. 15 is the red letter day we expect to clear out the insurrection. He let them know what he thought. They step back. It's over.

Everyone here, 9 on streaming, 17 on call:
We consider it a good turnout. but you should have dozens, more than two dozen.
We are going to ask Ron to do a transmission.

RON: I am the host of two Light Lines we stream. Sunday and Tuesday.
Go to our website, there is a category mentioned "streaming" where you can hear without further ado.
Or dial in on the phone with participation available.

Join us. If not, listen.
The trial pending on this planet is going to be rough and raucous. The pandemic will not abate. The fools of the populations without vaccines are in trouble.
If they cannot cooperate, there is more trouble. For those who who have provided the community vaccinations, now have a new trouble. The Covid 19 has mutated again in Canada. It is called "Dominion" That is the name of our Federation here on Salvington. We are group of Local universes, 7 in numbers, a powerful political entity which has gotten together in space to provide aid to what needs help.

The pandemic will not lessen. Dominion will be a terror. The flu epidemic in 1918 killed 2 million people. The new variant is now in New York, and the death rate will triple. It attacks not the lungs, but area of the minds that affects cognizance. How it got up the brain stem is a mystery.

A retro virus needs to kill you to reproduce itself. Dominion goes up the brain stem, and attacks the intelligence. I don't know what you have left when you are finished.

The point of all this is if you don't hear these tapes, you will never know what is going on with Dominion.
The Health Service of USA and Canada and Britain, and the rest of EU is good but overwhelmed.

Dominion contains two antibodies, one for itself, and one for you. What does it do for the one for you? It transplants it to the brain stem. There is the gene, and the antibody, to instruct the brain to go silent. You know you have a brain, but you don't know what it is thinking any more.

Until we know what this is about, wear your mask. Do not get into close relationships. That is how prevalent Dominion is.
Those of you who have your shots are protected to certain degree, particularly the Pfizer shot. Ron got that one. A sore arm is the worst you will get. In any case, be aware, especially those on the road. Watch where you stop, and where you eat from. It is a good thing to carry a Lysol spray to clean the spot you are eating from. This is recommended if you are traveling.

Finally this:
I am TARKAS: Thank you Ron for the intonations, they are perfect.
Understand, if you lose a transmitter, we don't have any one to put back in.
Pray Rene and Clency, Elise, Amethyst and Lemuel to remain Covid free.
I AM TARKAS. Your lack of questioning is understood. The information is not sticking well.

Listen to the tapes several times. It helps tremendously.
And one other thing. We are quite sure that Ron is now progressing out of the worst of the blood-burning, the sheaths on his nerves have dissolved. That is how the cabal tried to kill him. For the rest of you, you have no worries. They can't do that any more. They can harass, but don't let them.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON: More and more Ron is communicating by morontial. Quicker faster, and more easily understood.

CHRIST MICHAEL: As such, understand that even Ron has questioned whether the new planetary government and the change over to the style of having high spiritual names. It does and it doesn't. Jesus has to be fully sure you are able to transmit your guide. If you don't transmit your guide, it will taken away.
Carole, George Meyers, step up to the plate. Work with Ron. It will keep you out of the public eye and we will develop you.
The things to do are the same.

In "The Crown" there are 20 pages of vows: sacred promises: the 20 main areas of action that Jesus will take. It is a promissory note in a book we were surprised it got out as quickly as it did. But he ran into trouble with the publisher. In any case, we will republish if they fail.

For the rest of it we go to Lemuel for the voice of Jesus.

JESUS: you have been informed there is no delay. My public announcement will go as planned.

On the forum, most of you are not transmitters.
Those of you who are thinking about it, just do it. "Just do it!" But you also need to know what you are to do.

It is not difficult. You don't realize it but you are transmitting every moment of the day. But there is no order. Like in the morning opening Pandora's box, and letting out all sorts of thoughts.

You are able to put the top back on the Pandora's box by saying stop. This gives your conscious mind something to do. When you are concentrating on one thing, everything else is in the background, but at the same time you are unconsciously opening an avenue in the back of your mind that leads to the conscious mind. If you can't control your mind,there is no point in learning to transmit.

Concentrate on one thing. Observe your thoughts.
(Phone line cut)


RON: speaking for Jesus: I am going to reprogram what I will say.

JESUS: When you communicate with a verbal message to anyone, you are using a transmission ability of the deep mind to organize your thoughts. When you do that, your thoughts can be transferred to language, and language to spoken word. You are transmitting the mind of God to others in the conversation.

Back to Lemuel:

Jesus: We know the problem and it cannot be fixed.
Ron. I am waiting for whatever decision is being made.
The circuits have gone quiet , which means they are discussing.

JESUS: What Lemuel has done, is to cut the transmission, because he feels the cabal.
Ron: I wouldn't doubt it.
with Ron, the name of Jesus is sacrosanct, and they won't cut it with Ron.

There is one ready near Ron who is ready to take action. If you do your name is dead meat.

Ron: Thank you Father.

Lemuel will be back when he recovers from the nastiness he had to deal with.

JESUS: To the cabal: I have never seen such effrontery. Lemuel may not be back because they severed the circuit. This time they got away with it.

What I wish to finish is this: Ron's voice does just fine. I want you to understand. I do not temper evil. Ron does not. You have not had the experience with it that Lemuel just had, that Ron has had to deal with for years.
What they do not understand is that the investigation is thorough, and I know each of the rebels, to the point they can't squirm free.

For that reason I add one additional statement: The cabal that is near Ron has been demolished. They tried it this morning and Ron let them know what he thought.
They stuck a device up his nose, and caused continuous sneezing.
After 10 times, he let them know how they stood with him and Machiventa. It was very serious. Lemuel has just learned it himself.
What we have to decide together today, is just what we are going to do with the new freedom we have to transmit. Ron looks at the people he knows and sees they are useless. Will not cooperate. Worse, yet, they have not been updated, and insist on transmitting the past.
You are correct Ron.
JESUS: Ron has had a running conversation with St. Ambrose. St Ambrose is transmitting to one individual who could help us. But he has sworn secrecy. They have identified Ron as a thief who steals their transmissions, and makes errors in transmitting.

There is nastiness in the network over individual transmitters, and their capacity to understand what is going on, who have to relearn every thing. Bob, Sally Forth, Donna, etc. cannot be used when they demand sovereignty of the transmission and how it is to be used, and worse yet, transmit 1999 all over again.
ST. AMBROSE: I am St. Ambrose. I am fused. I am a finaliter, and I have returned to transmit through the one called Bob. Bob has refused to do anything but transmit me. He will not ask questions, and will not bring to the front to be addressed, and did not respond to Ron's email to join the network. The only thing is you need to establish a weekly schedule at the same time.

Bob feels that any transmission he does is superior to what Ron does. I have seen it. I am amazed.
Ron could change Urantia with technology. But Bob will not listen.

I had a conversation with Ron about Bob Devine, and how ready you were to take him on.

The only thing Ron asks for is a regular schedule at a regular time. You don't have to used these protocols. He indicated to those he converses with saying he considers Ron anathema. There is old bad blood between him and Ron, and it had nothing to do with transmissions.


We need a Saturday transmitter. Bob is not willing to try But he has a tuberculosis type cough, which he gets when he is ready to transmit!
The truth of the matter, Ron knows the old routine the cabal uses to choke him, or to make him too warm, or irritate him so badly he wants to throw the phone at him.

We can do it too if someone is misbehaving like Bob is.

I AM AMETHYST'S ADJUSTER. Amethyst is not available. She has run into what Bob has run into, a cough. We don't disturb her when she rests.

The truth of the matter, transmitters who have trouble comprehending need time to figure out what their problem is.

Ron's ADJUSTER: CHRIST MICHAEL: Your Adjuster has no name. The truth of the matter, you are never in the position of taking it in the neck, not to address through a transmission. You have always stayed the course.


Unmuting Lemuel:
I am AMADON: I am an old friend of Ron's I was assigned as a teacher to Lemuel some time ago. There have been a few occasions he has transmitted messages from me. But I will not continue to be Lemuel's teacher, because he has a new teacher. Some of you have been assigned a new teacher the last 24 hours. I understand. The other teachers assigned to you previously will also step back, realizing their service in allowing me to say these few words.

Lemuel; Thank you Amadon so much for what you have done, throughout the whole of your life. It is such an inspiration for the rest of us to be as patient and stalwart as you have done.
JESUS: The very fact some you have been assigned a new teacher means to me that I can, and I will use you. You are all part of my band of elite soldiers. Those of you who are able, and you will be used and be an important part of what I want to do here on Urantia. You do now have a tremendous responsibility. But you have not been given something you not able to do. Step up to the bar, and just do it.
That is all I have to say for this evening. Bye Bye for now.

Lemuel: Thank you again Jesus.

TARKAS: The hour is up. This is a Light Line full of newsy information.

Ron: Do you have a summary Tarkas?
TARKAS: 1. The cabal is over at the end of tomorrow daylight NY time.

2. The new teachers assigned and the more we didn't list, will supplant some of the personnel some of you already know. Tarkas will not disappear from Ron,

3. The entire matter of transmitters is still open. St. Ambrose: The truth of the matter, you have put no impediment in front of Bob. He has placed them all.
Who ever becomes transmitters, will have to get with the schedule. Ron would like to have Bob. Tarkas will see to it you will get him.

TARKAS: I am a top administrator, St Ambrose.

4. The matter of transmissions is not open to all of you.

Jose: I am not prepared for a transmission, but I have a comment. A lot if emphasis is put on transmitters. What will the roles of those be who do not transmit?

Ron: as budding transmitters, you are a transmitter in waiting. You will not leave the obligation if you can do it. Meantime we keep the door open.
Robert: when practicing transmission I invite them .
Ron: They will come. They are always available. See what it is when you break through.

Valerie: This is Valerie's TA and I am giving her the opportunity to speak. .
How could I enhance my advancement?

Ron: Just follow through. Don't judge it. When you finally break through, you know it. Follow through with every attempt you make. Just do it! What is so hard about that?
The cabal don't want you do it.


Post it to me first, and I will tell you how good it is.
Phyllis: I have nothing specific to say. Thank you everybody for joining us once again for Tuesday Light Line. We appreciate your attendance and participation Looking forward to Saturday Sept. 18. Ron will host it.

Join via web or phone call. Have a good week, and don't forget the other Light Lines in the mean time.

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Re: Lightline USA - TUE - 14 SEPT
« Reply #2 on: September 16, 2021, 10:47:05 am »
Thank you SongatSunrise for this transcription. Thanks you all.