The Urantia Foundation vs Millennium III & The Matter of False Revelation


Ron Besser:
The Urantia Foundation vs Millennium III & The Matter of False Revelation
York, PA
January 07, 2019

I have, in part, excerpted a post from another Category to bring this announcement to the fullest attention I can for all parties concerned.

The Urantia Foundation (UF) is now asked to respond in some manner to the allegation they have defaulted in their fiduciary responsibility to provide protection against the misuse of the fifth epochal revelation.  This fiduciary responsibility includes not making false statements or providing fail safe publication rights of others who purport the reception of revelations other than the fifth epochal revelation. 

Please read the following reactions among the Deities over what is now appearing on Amazon.Com and the sale and distribution of a false revelation in part titled: 

In discussion with Michael and his Staff recently, the Archangel Michael instructed that they now hold that: MILLENNIUM-III-URANTIA, . . . is an apostate act.  That it was meant to confuse and divide the readership much as Lucifer traded barbs with Caligastia in his famous defense to kill Urantians first and ask questions later. Caligastia responded with the death of many individuals on Urantia and refused all to go over for resurrection based on the Lucifer Manifesto, to divide and conqueror all opposition to Lucifer’s belief that he alone ruled who would or would not criticize him or his administration.  It may taken  the high Court of a Gabriel vs Urantia, to permanently assign removing this false document from Urantia and to restate that the purity of the divine revelation delivered to Urantia through the Sadler Contact Commission (1934-1935), was protected and protecting further revelation appearing without approval of the Ancients of Days first.  We may establish a Supreme Court hearing on the case of Gabriel vs Urantia Foundation as a basis to clean up with a further adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion.

This creates a serious pall over the goodwill of the Urantia Foundation which has not litigated the inappropriate appearance of afore mention title for distribution through Amazon.Com and I speak fully no more other than to state that the Deity Absolute, speaks cautiously about what was not done bu the Urantia Foundation for not litigating against such false and intrusive document known as  MILLENNIUM-III-URANTIA-.

I want you all to know that until my dying day, I will never tolerate this kind of joke on the faithful.  I hold the Urantia Foundation harmless in producing it hopefully, but where is the litigation now?  when a false revelation is presented as a similar book to the Urantia Book and that they do not deny that it is not theirs?  No Contact Commission was established by the Urantia Foundation.  Nor do they deny that this volume is not theirs and that no litigation is forthcoming to protect the true fifth epochal revelation from revisionists who published surreptitiously Millennium III.

The Second Contact Commission was established in York, PA on or after November 16, 2018.  As a member of that Contact Commission, I asked the Magisterial Son to speak and add his weight to what I see is the true need for litigation over this matter and to whom it falls to litigate on behalf of the Salvington Government.  SERARA. The Magisterial Son of record to Urantia, to speak:

SERARA = "Until Ron showed me a picture of this book on sale on Amazon, I did fully appreciate what has been done.  Ron does not have the language to pursue what needs to be done here and I am immediately institution litigation against the Urantia Book interests to remove the tyranny of a lie about epochal revelation they allow to continue as a farce against criticism over their lack of standing firm in the face of great evil on Urantia.  Mo Siegle is responsible as the litigant with the universe as the person specifically to bring suit against the Foundation for failing his fiduciary responsibility  for failure to advise the fiduciary responsibilities of the Urantia Foundation to prevent serious copying or changing of the will of the Father to be the only one to provide epochal or periodic revelation to Urantia.

"Further, let it be known, that as of today, the 7th of January 2019, I am taking immediate action to fully declare the Urantia Foundation null and void until they show how this book is allowed to prevail while they litigate minor infringements of a once proud copyright of the English epochal revelation known as the fifth epochal revelation.  Their failure to step in and stop this publication from appearing is a full statement as to their intent to run things as they choose and refuse to protect the ideals of epochal or even periodic revelation as they are mandated to do by their Declaration of Trust.  I am incensed over this as Ron was months ago, and we should have payed attention to it then but cause and effect bury these issues on Salvington at times, and I am asking Michael to act as he feels as he should at this point on this matter and quickly if he can.  I am SERARA and I have spoken as the Magisterial Son of record on Urantia, and that I am on Urantia today and for the foreseeable future as of now."

MONJORONSON, MAGISTERIAL SON CO-DIRECTOR of the Magisterial Mission on Urantia.

"I am Monjoronson, and I was aware of this document but let it slide as we had some other business to contend with the Urantia Foundation, which is now, in my view, finished as an organization of trust to obtain the fiduciary requirements to protect the fifth epochal revelation from such false and spurious publications.  I am truly and seriously upset with the appearance allowed by the Urantia Foundation to so appear at all and that the guilty party or parties must be rooted out and deployed forever and after never to work in the world of revelation again.  I sign this with my Brother, SERARA, and beseech Michael of Nebadon to look at this and take appropriate action. K"

MICHAEL OF NEBADON AS SPOKEN BY GABRIEL OF SALVINGTON, the Bright and Morning Star of the Local Universe of Nebadon.

"Well they did it again, did they not!  This is the second volume to make this grad of false and gratuitous misbehavior that rises to the level of rebellion by a person or persons who know better than to ever perpetrate this kind of hoax on the faithful of Urantia.

"I stand ready to take what action I should according the direction of our mutual Deity defenses on Salvington, to either remove it ourselves or to remove it through the litigation of the Urantia Foundation recent of Chicago, Illinois."

Ron here -  As the Chair for the Contact Commission established through the Magisterial Foundation, I am bound by my oath to serve to the Paradise Trinity and to Michael and the Creative Spirit of Nebadon, to pursue the policies of the Creator Son in this matter, and I will do so.

I also conclude this short response to the assessment of January 4th by my own hand to all on this forum, and declare myself mobilized to take care of the first order of business to bring suit against the appropriate litigant under the direction of the Melchizedek Corp on Urantia and in the common care of the Local Universes of Sensalon, Avalon, Wolvering, and four others not revealed at this point.

While this alliance or amalgamation of seven Local Universes in this area of space has nothing directly to do with this particular case of malfeasance, I draw your attention to the fact that all seven Local Universes have amalgamated the entire creation of the Melchizedek Order to the brief attention for them as a total group to advise Urantia, and its Supreme Court of which Machiventa Melchizedek remains as its Chief Justice with seven or more other Justices to attend the bench, as how to approach any universe litigation against Mo Siegel and/or the Urantia Foundation.

They all recognize a mutual interest in this case, and advise Michael on the proper procedure to use to remove the offending book published as an addendum to the fifth epochal revelation in most cases.  I hold further that Machiventa Melchizedek knows of this breach now for at least two years, and that I brought it to the attention of authorities a little less than a year ago when I finally realized nothing to remove it was done by anyone or the Foundation itself as based in Chicago on Diversey Parkway. 

“Ron is properly incensed over this lack of faith by the Urantia Foundation and a leader known to us as  Mo Siegel, yet Ron is aware that some compromise could be reached without litigation if the Urantia Foundation simply had it removed and never to see the light of day again.  Mo Siegel has purposefully confused the laity over this matter but yet is held responsible by Ron Besser as head of a new Contact Commission established on Urantia this past November for purposes of raising the funds and the wherewithal to produce a new sixth epochal revelation.  It is to be done in accordance with the Sadler style Contact Commission, with the proviso Ron can figure out how to expand its numbers to at least five, but now finds every road leading to appropriate individuals is blocked.  No more is it blocked as it is now renewed to see to things like this that raise up and may not be aborted because of the lack of funds to prosecute wrongdoers such Mo Siegel and certain Trustees who aver this is a proper response to Ron and his ABC Summaries.  Ron never represented it as anything transmission contact for the purpose attempting new revelation to see how those who read it reacted.  We must say he did his job well and fully and we have proceeded with the sixth epochal revelation in revision as of today.  We amend any subject discussed on this amendment except to the now fully operating Contact Commission established on Urantia with Ron Besser as its chairman elect, as simply no one else can do it at this point anywhere on Urantia.

“As Machiventa Melchizedek, I established the authority of the First Contact Commission, and it is with my authority for the Second Contact Commission to have its operation in York, Pennsylvania at 2709 Sunset Lane.  I further stipulate that Steven Gitz and Larry Gossett are the other two on the Commission and they have a load of work to do to establish it fully under my authority on January 15, of this year.  I conclude my stating that this Millennium III book is an abomination, and if it is not removed from all distributors at once, consequences are looming for Mo Siegle and the other Trustees of that Urantia Foundation institution we were once so proud of.  I rest my case for further instructions to all of you later on Ron.”

“Unknown to the readers of the fifth epochal revelation, there has been an amalgamation of seven Local Universe organizations to share administrative  peculiarities coming out of the dire consequences of the Lucifer Rebellion, instigated over 250,000 years ago and not adjudicated by the Ancients of Days until March 16, 1986, that being the date of the announcement to Michael of Nebadon on Salvington at that time.  This pertains directly to the false publication now appearing on Amazon.Com and other distributers of this false book as we still have an open court case of Lucifer vs Gabriel of Salvington, and this fits perfectly well what we must contend with to end the influence of the rebellion instigated by Lucifer long ago.

Ron Besser - In accordance with this amalgamation of Local Universe, I also prepare my fellow Commissioners to bring this disagreement with Siegel and the Foundation, first, and if necessary, to bring the restraining force of an injunction advising Amazon.Com it is no longer is legal to continue to sell the offensive book noted above any longer, and to advise the Urantia Foundation of its fiduciary responsibilities.  Much could be saved in time and money if the Urantia Foundation found it motivational enough to advise Amazon.Com and any other distributor of the offensive publication and as it may be extant to other distributors, that it is no longer legal to sell or distribute false revelation that comports itself as an addendum or update to the fifth epochal revelation whatsoever.

We also must avoid making inflammatory statements further if the Urantia Foundation complies with the Salvington request and demands the false revelation as noted by title above is to be removed.  I also stipulate we have our charge to undo what the Urantia Foundation allows to pervade the readership through distribution of the false revelation, and no amount of careful wording or unusual means to legally protect the sale of this false revelation will undo a court case against the existence of the Urantia Foundation, until at least, this matter is settled to our satisfaction.

Further, I am a Contact Commission member, and I am charged with the idea that no one may either be or call themselves a Commissioner of this status without first offering proof they have taken an Oath of Service to the Paradise Trinity, and that a secondary Oath of Compound Service is already taken to the Sovereign Head of the Local Universe, Michael of Nebadon and the Creative Spirit, together.  All of these things have been done and categorized on the Salvington spirit records.

We also claim the right to change our minds and our intentions if there are subsequent actions by either the Urantia Foundation or its subsidiary in fact, the Urantia Book Fellowship, to mitigate the anger and confusion these publications can do to an unsuspecting readership now or in the future.

For the preceding, I sign this announcement off on behalf of the Magisterial Sons of Record on Urantia; the Lord Michael, chief of Staff for the various missions now coming to Urantia and in some cases, already in place for service; for Margul the Trinity Teacher Son and who stands with this surprising and revolting development against true epochal revelation; and for all others who chance to stand with the Melchizedeks and for myself, against what has occurred now far too long to distribute this publication with a straight face, or a dirty face for sure, to perpetrate this disharmony on an already seriously disturbed world we all call Urantia from the genuine epochal revelation published first in 1955.

Ron Besser
Chairman of the Second Revelatory Commission
York, PA

Thank you for this and you have made it abundantly clear as to the concerns of and to addressing those who may be responsible for this "apostate act".

I still have a copy of this publication in my kindle book app and it appears it is a sole publication and has nothing to do with the UF, although it uses the word "Urantia" but is not in any way to do with UF? It does have as on the front cover stating it to be "for Urantia Book readers" and it seems to use that line to grab audience attention and so on, the "anonymous contact personality" who is the author(?) is acting in its own right and has copyrighted the material. How does this book come into the UF jurisdiction, when it is an outside publication? I can understand such a publication is out of line with approved revelation as contained in the FER-The Urantia Book, and that any material that is produced is running the risk that the UF has to protect the integrity of true revelation, and that means this type of publication should have been placed under removal as an anomalous material duly regarded as such. In saying this, should the litigation be placed upon the said author responsible and not the UF? Or is the UF being hit for not doing its job of protecting against false material to be allowed to flourish unabated? Is this is the going concern here?

I just wanted to clear up some confusion as to how this is properly proceeding if it is legally going to be removed and how to do that when it is available online through the amazondotcom site.

I have only read the first few pages ages ago, and lost interest as to the suspicion it raised in the content, the anonymous author and the way it is copyrighted and so on. It appears to have no affiliations to the UF and it is acting alone. How is this now seen as a responsibility of and by the UF?


Ron Besser:
Sue, I explained cogently why this publication is the responsibility of the Urantia Foundation to police and to provide the defense of the fifth epochal revelation as part of its Declaration of Trust which establishes the right of the Urantia Foundation to act on behalf of the Revelatory Commission's work.  In effect the Declaration of Trust between God and the Incorporation of the Urantia Foundation and its Board of Trustees, and thereby sets up the fiduciary principle to protect and distribute the fifth epochal revelation.   While the Revelatory Commission is not the authority to present the revelation, it is the Revelatory Commission that placed it in the hands of the First Contact Commission and assumed all rights and obligations of the covenant to the Urantia Foundation, as such.

In my statement to warn the Urantia Foundation that the Millennium III - Urantia is a publication which circumvents the work of the First Revelatory Commission by being allowed to be bought and sold along side the Urantia Book, the fifth epochal revelation to Urantia, they have either wittingly or unwittingly allowed an illustration of human interpretation to disallow the divine intention to be the final authority as to meaning and content of the fifth epochal revelation and not a human interpretation to succeed it as an advertised update to the Urantia Book, the fifth epochal revelation.

The publication named Millennium III - Urantia, or as it is fully titled on the Amazon.Com web site for others to view, does not persuade any one that it is a human aide to understanding the fifth epochal revelation, and insinuates it is a superior edition of parts of the fifth epochal revelation, and is thereby considered by most to elucidate corrections not manufactured by the First Revelatory Commission.

The fiduciary responsibility inherent in the Declaration of Trust, is to manufacture reprints of the fifth epochal revelation and not introduce corrections in a separate publication for the fifth epochal revelation.  That the Urantia Foundation has failed to provide the planet Urantia and its population, and is thereby advised they must fulfill that what the Declaration of Trust states equivocally that as a representative of the work of the First Revelatory Committee, they must accept protection of any other statements as true concerning the equivalency of the truth of the original fifth epochal revelation as produce by the First Revelatory Committee.

I do not speak for the Ancients of Days, which are the original authorization for contact between the First Revelatory Committee and the Sadler Contact Commission.  Other authorities intervened between the Sadler Contact Commission and the Salvington government and its authorization to provide epochal revelation to one of its inhabited planets, namely Urantia.  But I do speak for the Magisterial Foundation, with its duly authorized Second Contact Commission on behalf of all epochal revelation past or present or in the future.  My authority is vested also in a Declaration of Trust, now held in escrow until such time as the Magisterial Foundation may proceed with the distribution of the sixth epochal revelation specially perceived on November 16 and November 17, 2018, at 2709 Sunset Lane, York, Pennsylvania, whereby the Second Contact Commission received the Oath of Service to the Paradise Trinity, the Ancients of Days by representation of Margul, the Trinity Teacher Son of record for Light and Life Commission now established on Urantia, and by Michael of Nebadon, to whom we swore an Oath of Fealty and of Service to as well.  These documents are the spirit advocation that the Second Revelatory Commission was activated and sworn properly to undertake the work of revelation in general on Urantia, and to provide with specificity the Sixth Epochal Revelation and a temporary work of Periodic Revelation to the planet Urantia.  The Second Contact Commission is at work on all of this already and must content with the Urantia Foundation, that their failure to provide adequate protection under their promissory assignment to the First Revelatory Commission is valid until the Urantia Foundation exists no more.

The Magisterial Foundation is fully established and is the bulwark of the Magisterial Mission and is lauded for its sincere desire to protect the fifth epochal revelation when it is assigned to do so and before it, the fifth epochal revelation, is removed to make room for the sixth epochal revelation upon a date given in secret in the Councils of the Most Highs on Edentia.

Further, the Magisterial Foundation is not the litigant in this matter but that private charity has asked it subsidiaries, the Starbridge Group and/or the Starbridge Foundation, to plead the case for an injunction to halt the sale and dispersion of the aforesaid Millennium III - Urantia  manuscript.

I dare make no further move to plead this case until the Second Contact Commission meets at 2709 Sunset Lane mid January this year and to receive the official proclamation as to these views held by the Second Contact Commission, and the views of the Salvington Government to compose views and proceed if there is no response from the Urantia Foundation and its intentions made known.

- - - - - Now Sue.  To understand this better you have to make sure you understand the word fiduciary and the responsibilities it sets up in a charitable corporation as the 501 c 3 Urantia Foundation operates. You need only to Google search those numbers to read the rules of operation for a charity. You also need to read the on line presentation of the Declaration of Trust provided  to the Sadler Commission to establish themselves as representatives of epochal revelation to Urantia.  Further it would help to understand what a Contact Commission is and how it was used to produce the Urantia Papers from the beginning and how it operated with the authority of Gabriel of Salvington, who enforced the idea of secrecy and sincerity, and that was to be sure that the Papers received by special means were fully incorporated into any retyping the First Contact Commission, did to read to the then Forum used for understanding and approval of concept ease of understanding. 

I also remit to you that to provide yourself a better picture of what is involved in Foundation operations that you read the Mullin's Urantia History.  And it would not harm to read the Moyer History on line for free of the Urantia formation and subsequent history, full of his views of the devil but otherwise replete in a way the Mullins history is not.  After this explanation to you unless it is seriously a good question, I will recuse myself until after the Contact Commission meetings beginning January 15th of this year.

Ron Besser
"I let Ron tell it as it is and I see he has it down pat.  However, I am in control of the Second Contact Commission, and they are beholden to the direction of the Magisterial Foundation.  It is the Magisterial Foundation that will distribute the sixth epochal revelation and any prior periodic revelation as well.  I hold all harmless until final decisions are made later this month and will make no further statements as to this hiatus of thought Ron has long harbored and is set free over a ludicrous publication that should never have seen the light of day.

"Sue you are too distant to understand the history knows backwards and forwards about how the Urantia Book came to be.  He also knows it did not have an immaculate birth which the Urantia Foundation itself does not know about.  Ron wishes to do a real history but has been stopped to provide us the dissemination of the sixth epochal revelation and to produce periodic revelation.  He sees the publication of this false pretension an article of gross confusion and holds the Urantia Foundation fully responsible for not protecting the fifth epochal revelation sufficiently to prevent this so-called update he detests as I do.  WE are a team, the Second Contact Commission, with Nebadon and the Ancients of Days that have spoken to the meetings attended with what are now three Contact Commissioners.  I hold them ready to do our bidding and wait until there is a meeting between them, my Melchizedeks, and any other Authority of high spirit which may wish to attend.  I am Michael of Nebadon and wish you all a good day."

Thank you so much Ron for clearing this up. I have purchased the paperback book by Larry Mullins - A History of the Urantia Papers. It is a lengthy book and I intend to educate myself better on all of this as to the history and the circumstances that went to produce the papers. I admit, I'm a young novice and a newer generation of UB readers rather oblivious to this long history behind this remarkable book we have all come to adore. I am very appreciative of your astounding handling of this sensitive issue, thank you once again and I wish you and others who are to work to sort this out the best outcome.



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