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Post by: Ron Besser on August 07, 2019, 08:56:20 pm
"Today is the 7th of August.  By the 12th of August there will be, somewhere, a likely financial melt down.  It is likely to be in Asia, but not entirely predictable.

"Clency notes the so called Chinese NASDAQ, and we have God the Ultimate fooling around again we see and we request cessation of  this interference.  Be assured we can blast it free if we have to . . . . . .

GOD THE ULTIMATE - THIS information is priviledged and must cease.  You Ron completely upset us with your reporting. [God the Ultimate you are not the Censor at all . . . ]  I am God the Ultimate and leave.  Good day. 

RON HERE - We let this exchange stand to show that interference by experiential Deity continues on Urantia.  You who transmit will have to be sure you know what you are doing to get clearance to continue at least for the time being.  I appeal to our Superiors to find a way to prevent this interference as it will kill of all development with work on Urantia thrugh normal channels . . .

SERARA - "tHANK YOU Ron and we continue . . .

"The last past year, we have forced a new issue on Urantia and China has taken advantage of the break down in currency discipline once fully controlled by the United States alone.  China just moved 94 tons of gold into its financial system to buttress the Renminbi which in turn is the foundation to the off shore Yuan, and that is the Yuan that has an exchange rate, and now is in the position to take the US Dollar for a real ride into oblivion.  Only if the United States backs it currency in gold will it have equal partity with the off shore Yuan now.

"Ron asked me to comment on this situation and I am glad to do it.  God the Ultimate now sees it is educational and not for financial gain, and Ron correctly reminded HIM that He is not the Universe Censor on these items at all and that settled the issue.  This:

"The Renminbi is the basic Chinese currency.  It is a hold over from Mayo Tse Tung decades ago when the Leap Forward was the thing and China need foreign currencies to trad at a profit for a change.  But the Renminbi has not gotten too powerful and is forcing the US Dollar back into safe haven status, and that in turn forces the Renminbi to flush itself with gold to keep pace with the increasing value of the dollar.  For that reason, China today asked the US Dollar commission to allow the Renminbi rise to dollar status and they refused it by noting it was not a Reserve Currncyy such as the US Dollar and British Sterling and almost the Swiss Franc.  For that reason China became belligerent and shot the dollar down today but failed togain ascendancy much to their grief and surprise.

"We are sure now that the trade war will relsult in the destruction of one or both currencies.  However, the US Dollar has such strength every where that it can sustain a run on the dollar and not be bothered all that much by traders offering a premium to the gold petro Yuan or the gold Renminbi.  This is a superb lesson on currency manipulation, and China is now caught red handed doing just that and is fined by the US Dollar by strenthening against the Yuan in particular now trading just below 7.1 to the dollar.  It's traditional trade is 6.9 to the dollar and just one tenth in less value to the Yuan costs China about one hundred billion in profits.

"if this ever breaks out into a hot war, China has the financial power to lease the United States navy at one hundred billion dollars a day and win the war.  However that is impossible and China in spite of its military and navy buildup is woefully behind in striking power and they know it and are being very careful not to start anything they cannot finish.  

"Finally, the US has to put its financial house into order or it will be crushed by the new currencies the Magisterial Foundation will show the world by backing the Magisterial Dollar to replace the USD.  The USD is worth roughly 97 cents today compared to the 1986 US dollar and that is based on what the dollar then could buy as what it can buy today.  There for awhile the USD was worth more than the 1986 dollar but those days are pretty well gone for now. 

"I conclude that there is every good reason to proceed with the Magisterial Foundation first without a currency involved but we have the full faith and trust of the Salvington Government behind us to back all Magisterial Foundation Dollars to the value of 1.05 compared to the 97 cents the present dollar is worth today.  Following that. the Chinese trade war with the United States will destroy both currencies for already the BOJ is fully dependent on the war to bolster the Yen and Ron looked at it today and wondered what happened since the dollar last week exchanged to the yet and 111 and some change, and today it is 105-106 and increasing in value more.  This indicates and imbalance between the dollar and the yen to almost ten percent of its bond yield in the US bond market, and spells big trouble for Japan if they do not intervene and reduce the Yen back to 111.

"Finally, the USD is not floating against the Chinese Yuan for parity.  Parity means equal to the other.  China has enough wealth to have the Yuan equal to the value of the dollar, yet they spend it over seven times higher to force the dollar to eat the extra value of the Yuan and that is what Trump is so angry over and Trump warned China over a year ago that it dare not exceed 7 Yuan to the dollar or the US would snub the Renminbi and force it off the market.  This has not yet happened, but it will if China goes belligerent in the South China Sea.  That is all we have for now folks.  SERARA.

MOTHER SPIRIT - "I add this Ron, you are polite but firm with God the Ultimate only because you do not understand his need.  His need is to blast you out of the place but has learned without you there is a parity problem with the Missions themselves.  and you never saw that coming but are under the hell week again of the Ultimate forcing itself on you.  Good luck."


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Post by: Clency on August 08, 2019, 05:47:46 am
Thank You LORD SERARA and Ron for these insight informations about the financial situation between USA and China. They open-up and broaden even more my own understanding of what is going on in this realm. President Trump and Xi Jinping are playing a dangerous game at the expense of the world and both the dollar and the Renmimbi/Yuan will never come out victorious of this trade-currency war as long as it can last. Unfortunately, it is the under-developed countries which will suffer the most of this situation. The Magisterial Foundation Dollar (MFD), backed by gold, is likely to take-over in the long run as the world currency – I don’t have any doubt – but I am curious to know how it will look like in paper form. Will there be a logo of the Magisterial Foundation, instead of a portrait of a personality printed on it ? Domtia
Post by: Ron Besser on August 08, 2019, 06:55:47 am
Clency, I never thought of the design of the Magisterial Dollar.

First, please understand the Magisterial Dollar is printed by the United States Federal Reserve.  It is their dollar, but backed by all the gold they need to run it completely and fully as the currency of estate for all of Urantia.  I have given this list some details on how the Federal Reserve and the dollar here meet and become one and I am not doing that today again.

However, the brains behind this idea reside in the Magisterial Son we call SERARA, and he needs to explain to you Clency, that your visions are right on.  Here is SERARA for you:

SERARA = "First Ron fully understands these are Magisterial Son ideas and slightly mistakes how he means what he says above.  He did not give the original ideas for this Federal Reserve accommodation, I did, but he posted it several times as summaries and really was just referring to the fact he posted my ideas.  Fully explained, he feels the same as I do and takes my ideas as his too.

"I am truly tried by the Trump administration taking on a trade war with China as it was just beginning to recognize you cannot do what they do and remain a viable economic center.  You Clency are a budding chemist and banker and they go together.  Ron keeps telling himself you very badly need to be in York with your fellows and work important decisions with ME, the Magisterial Son, and coming COUNCIL OF ECONOMIC REFORM you and Ron serve on as he likewise is a budding banker and wishes you to participate with him in this endeavor.  I also am forcing the issues somewhat with Michael of Nebadon, and that is to establish the MAGISTERIAL BANK OF NORTH AMERICA, and that is subject to change Clency, and to use our bank to run the Federal Reserve portion of currency constraint outside of the Federal Reserve Board Room at this time.   Understand it is part of the Federal Reserve with regard to the Magisterial Dollar but the rest of our bank is separate from US government business. 

We now have MICHAEL OF NEBADON ADD TO THIS CONVERSATION AS FOLLOWS: "I am Michael, and this:  Ron and I have joked about what and how to deal with a name of a bank, the Magisterial Bank, without causing people to misunderstand its purpose.  SERARA seems to think the MAGISTERIAL BANK should divinely control currency issues for the entire world through it, and I feel ti is better to loan the entire world the money through it, and let the Federal Reserve run its own business without them allowed to disturb parity subjects at all.

"I also see Ron liken Clency to a budding banker but he is more a budding Currency Trader than a banker because he sees the advantage of something called arbitrage and making a lot of money at it.  Under the Magisterial Bank of North America, arbitrage no longer exists as interest rates will be the same around the world at any given time and no differences exist county to country as they do now.  Ron used to run arbitrage for Dr. Ilok and nearly succeeded in bring the whole thing off but got caught up with a local banker who was a horror to deal with in all cases and he nixed it before he understood what was offered.  Therefore Clency, look not at York but at Paris,. because we need an office there too and Ron will set you up when the time comes.  Much to be spoken about there but not now."  SERARA now speaks:

SERARA = " I conclude Ron you are deeply interested in these things too and will make reports available.  For now, Clency, the Magisterial Dollar carries a gold seal and a symbol of God placed on all currency that is called the Magisterial Dollar.  Other currencies will be allowed, but I prefer that the one franc note be worth one US Magisterial Dollar.  I think that explains how this will work.  I am SERARA and thank you all for getting this out of me before I explode:

"I am SERARA, ron, and you adore me and Monjoronson and you want us on URANTIA immediately.  Well so be it.  My Council of Equilibrium exists like the Council of Equilibrium exists on Paradise too, and they say your view of the situation on Urantia so squares with our views that you must attend my arrival today at noon New York Time, with my full COURT and that we start invisibly and at once to drain the gold reserves of China to the point it can no longer provide mischief to the dollar trades now underway in Europe.  This is way beyond you Ron, but Clency knows the tricks too, and beware Clency, the self destruction of the Yuan is available if it gets much beyond 7.015 per dollar.  Stay out of the markets for at least six months Clency or you can loose what you have easily.  K."

Ron - I thank you both Michael of Nebadon and SERARA, and folks please pay attention to what you just read about the Magisterial Sons, both SERARA and MONJORONSON, are arriving at NOON NEW YORK TIME 08 AUGUST, 2019 to begin their financial work for Urantia.  I do not know what that means for a Magisterial Mission, but beware if any of you play the currency games at all you might lose your shirts if in gold and the Yuan and the Dollar for now.  Good day.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = "Ron speaks for all of us.  Now is not the time to enter the capital markets in France in particular, Clency.  In Hong Kong the HK Dollar is set to peel back to a six year low about now, and the Riyal (converts to 27 cents today per Riyal) of Saudi Arabia may crash due to the steep fall in oil price that will not be easy to correct.  Stay out of these currencies unless you know really what to do when they start to wobble.  Michael of Nebadon."

SERARA - "Ron you are being interfered with again and just cut out now.  Thank you. K"


Post by: Clency on October 24, 2019, 09:40:57 am
The Brexit and the downturns of German economy can be the main factors of a european recession in a near future and thus creating a domino effect around the world.
The Bundesbank, Germany’s Central Bank, said in its monthly report : ‘‘ The German economy contracted again in the third quarter of the year. That followed a decline in output of 0.1 per cent in the second quarter – leaving the single currency bloc’s largest economy and traditional force in recession. ’’
In another article it is stated :
·       The gold reserves of the German Bundesbank rose in September for the first time in 21 years ; German gold reserves rose to 108.34 million ounces in September from 108.25 million ounces last month.
·       It was the Germany’s first gold purchase since 1998 and while the amounts are not huge at 90,000 troy ounces, it highlights the Bundesbank and German concerns about the global monetary system and euro itself as Christine Lagarde takes over the ECB (European Central Bank)
It seems that other countries – UAE, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Turkey – are all adding to their gold reserves, perhaps in a perspective of a financial collapse in Europe. Domtia
Post by: Ron Besser on October 24, 2019, 11:56:35 am
Clency, you and I are the ones who have some interest in this area.  I am deeply imbued to state that what the Germans are experiencing is mild compared to what the United States is about to suffer.  Right now we are on a high due to the Chinese detailing buying our agricultural products and that tends to inflate our trade balance better than mot countries will experience this fourth quarter of 2019.  However, according to SERARA, the Magisterial Son who is an expert in world economies, the trail to provide Urantia any release from over whelming debt problems has failed in the world bodies we know as the World Bank and even the United Nations to find some agreement on how to cope with a recession in Germany or other EU nations. 

The Promissory Notes from Japan and England are heavily weighted on the idea of recession by those who purchased  them several months ago, and bond sales in the United States did not attract much interest lately either, but we are concerned that those who purchased them might be left holding the bag as no one can determine just what will happen when some major currency fails which it will do.  

Therefore, Clency, and any others, if you have investments in Bonds or other instruments of national sovereignty, get out while you can.  The gold standard is not likely  to come back without a Magisterial Mission, and frankly that type of Mission appears to be so far off the table now we can think of it as a promise desired but opportunity lost.

The acquisition of gold for sovereign security is woefully out of date in my opinion and they will have to rely on debt instruments to get through this mild recession to stay awhile as part of the EU economic downturn.  I worry about Great Britain as the United States has yet to establish good credentials to  the Bank of England as it always did in the past and that is the pretense of Trump playing grand pubbah over not much as usual.  Fully explained I doubt we will ever know to do so, but England will weather the storm mostly because they are already practicing austerity by forcing local government in England and Wales and Scotland to find money to run themselves which is the first time since the second world war.   As an aside, here in the United States, local governments run themselves and tax independently of the US Treasury.  The US is much more secure than most countries mostly because of that.  In France I am not sure where you get the money to run local governments at all.

In any case we are in for a bad blow and let us hope we can get out without a 2008 style deep recession as we are not fully recovered from that one yet either.  K/"

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = "Ron lost SERARA this morning over trials of liberty to speak anymore since the entire matter of Magisterial Sons and Missions is now so far off the table we are not sure if Urantia will ever get such a Mission at all.  Ron finds that deeply depressing and wonders why the remedy they propose cannot be applied while we have an economy on Urantia at all.  

"The sad fact is that Ron and all who support this world reformation have once again been  slapped with an Infinite Spirit tax on using ME or Salvington to run their affairs at all.  Ron runs his affairs by working on the idea of an SER and it is secure for that use, but Serena arrived this morning and bashed him good and he is furious he has to deal with that Order that is so outside of the purpose of using all of you he wonders what evil lurks again in the Supreme as they are the Supreme in the case of Uversa and Urantia all the time.

"God the Supreme survives on Urantia as the Residual Supreme.  That is nothing but a death knell to Ron and to the rest of you, yet you Clency revill in the idea that all gold is worth a sizeable amount of dollars all the time and prefer to deal in it rather than a paper currency.  Fair enough, but you forget that gold has no intrinsic value except what is assigned to it by a world currency controller such as the United States, Great Britain, and lately, China and Formosa of all things.  Let those place alone in your thinking as the are useless soon due to the fact of overwhelming debt crisis coming to the fore to all of Urantia.  I doubt there are enough words to detail to you just how bad the crisis is until all of you get hit with a depression so deep you will all wonder if you can get out of it at all.

"Finally, as an aside to these remarks, let me assure you Ron and Clency and Amethyst and about six others of you on this web site, you are not thrown under the bus again by the Infinite Spirit, but by another agency we seldom hear from and that is not the Assigned Sentinels Ron, but from their neighbors, the Adam and Eves of trial and error somewhat.  They have determined that Ron leaves them cold and silly over issues they consider germain to their defense of  the realm wherever they enter and to use them as adjuncts to the Supreme revelation of an epochal revelation like the SER.  Ron considers them as teachers and feels they need to establish the protocols to best study and apply the SER.  They fully agree but Serena rebuked t hem all with the statement that anything Ron wanted was an anathema to Serena and therefore the Infinite Spirit.  Ron says he believes somebody is so off the saddle on these ideals he refuses to cow tow to the entire idea that Serena should have any influence ever again.  We concur with that view, but until Serena is removed and Ron restored to a health plan it is curtains for all on Urantia who cared about remediation of debt and a way to find good and dependable government.

"Clency:  You and Ron are the only two who care about these subjects yet you are both widely read when you do make remarks about the supply of gold and the idea of recession entering the picture just in the time when full recover from the 2008 recession-depression is about to be made.  Trump has precipitated a huge depression by ordering a war against the Japanese Yen to the point the Bank of Japan has little to do but defend itself against the Federal Reserve's wish to use the Yen as a reserve currency to take pressure off the dollar and that makes Ron frown greatly as why do such a thing to a good ally?   The answer lies in Trump himself and his wish to reveal himself as a democrat, small d, aristocracy much as a time lord in Dr. Who once said, we are Time Lords, but we hardly rule the universe itself.  That is the truth for you to ponder too, all of you, as that which rules the universe is present in Serena and Ron dislikes her very much.  She is unkind and crude in applications of heart or soul yet insists She is the Supreme too.  We sincerely doubt that is the full truth anymore but Ron now must bit another bullet and run out of sight of this Order of care they say, but really a brutal dictatorship by spirit over lands of such poor quality we doubt they can exist long on Urantia at all.

"Israel is pushing its final stay on Urantia before it is crushed with financial gloom so harsh it cannot survive as a country in a democracy without having to throw everyone out of Israel that is not truly Jewish.  The fact is that the Jews in Israel see nothing but gloom already and they are trying to force the central government into a bankrupt position of staying out of world affairs until they get the corruption in government under control.  Netanyahu is no more guilty of such than Golda Meir but is hit with the infamous right so hard he cannot form a unity government and must bow to the others to form one.  They will but it is weak and will collapse at the first sign of trouble.  In any case we remind Americans they are in deep trouble too when the entire matter of debt and  the crisis hits for good and gold will not save anyone this time, I am afraid to report.  Your gold reserves Clency, whatever they may be, are hard to horde when this thing hits very hard.  We speak now to another problem in a following post next.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON."

Post by: Ron Besser on October 24, 2019, 12:54:27 pm
i asked MICHAEL OF NEBADON  to place this topic under a separate post in this topic.  I happen to believe that gold is so over rated it cannot hold back the ravages of what we have to deal with as a nation or as a world. 

SERARA = "Finally I have the protection needed to speak my piece and that is to bring about a consensus on Urantia, that dependence on gold is useless.  Over all the world has nearly eighty trillion dollars in debt to work off.  That is monetary value already used up by the people who are born on Urantia, and what they pay in credit to purchase goods and services.  Debt of that nature is intrinsic on any planet with humans on it; however, in the case of Urantia, that debt is never worked off because those who supply goods and services, hat to borrow money in the first place to make those goods and services available.  K"

THE DEITY ABSOLUTE. "Ron did what I hoped he would do and asked what is debt but an imaginary accounting that in reality has no plus or minus sign on it except withing a monetary system invented by man?  He is absolutely right, and you Clency see it that way too and wonder when push came to shove, debt is not real because you cannot squeeze paybacks out of a turnip when it has no blood left in it, to mix our metaphors.  In truth, you and Ron are right and the central banks forget they can clear the board and refuse to pay debts imaginary or real at will.  The Bank of Japan did this after WWI, as a defeated nation they broke all the rules and stopped paying for goods and services delivered to Japan until 1953 or so.  Until then each man and woman in Japan had to finance their own households through a barter system still in place in Japan particularly.  Japan will survive much better than the rest of the world entirely in a deep depression we also feel is coming.

"Therefore, we remind SERARA, that Ron and Clency can afford to wait out a deep depression barely because they have both been wisely counseled to stay in liquid assets and Ron insists that US Treasuries are worthless soon enough due to the fact they are an imaginary accounting system that has the idea of a monetary unit worth a given amount of goods and services from other humans, and that is subjective and not objectively well reasoned at all.  Man determines how much something is worth in a currency, not God, and God sees no intrinsic value in a laborer or a prince working to produce a widget every day except that the widget is useful for the moment to another in the community somewhere.

"It is for that reason Ron and Clency both reason they should stay liquid and forget 401 K's and  the like and let the world balance itself on its own ledger sheets and the spend that accounting as they must but no more trusting the instruments of debt as just promissory.  For that reason both Ron and Clency have chosen the right solution to advise others they are never going to play the game of bonds or other instruments of debt national or corporate.  That makes us wonder why the rest of the world does not adopt this policy too, but most people fail to understand money at all.  Ron;s brother has a fortune in gold backed securities but probably loses it all if this thing hits.  It will in some form says SERARA, but it may be a glancing blow in one nation and a dire circumstance in another nation too.  Be assured the timing of recession or depression is a lark and cannot be pinpointed that easily.

"The 2008 deep recession was caused by Japan asking the US for gold and the US saying no because it deflated the currency too much in  the United States not but in Japan and they already were being paid in gold reserves by many other countries and had plenty.  That hurt the US and Japan relationship but they survived it.  Now we understand Japan wishes the US to pay in gold again and has refused again as well.  The point is that man in the US is playing a tricky game and not ready to become happy debtors to Japan or anyone else.  Ron paid cash for his car three years ago unheard of and started a riot of jokes over his use of paper money up here.  But then we looked at it and saw that Ron wished no debt to harass him or heirs and said no, I am not going to play that game at all, and paid it off immediately.  The substantial sum was amortized by the dealer to buys six new vehicles to put on their lot and he is still considered the monk of delivery of goodness to that dealer forever. 

"This just gives you the idea that debt is a roulette.  It truly is and you are never going to hear why that is so without paying attention Ron and nobody is at the door now.  Good.  I am SERARA and you Ron make this easy when I am hearing you clearly.  In any case the idea of debt is ludicrous because it is artificial and the mobs and hit men all paid with their lives for nothing over debt so often we lost count in the resurrection halls just what we lost because of that.  Now this:

"I am SERARA and the last chance we have to chat for a long time is now Ron, so we need to lay a few things on line for you.

1 -  The Magisterial Sons have given in to the height of folly on Urantia and quit the idea of reform entirely.  No more reasons to speak except as friends as you like to call it;

2 -  The Magisterial Sons favor your review for the SER immensely but care nothing about the SERENA style bossing and she is likely to leave shortly due to a new order coming out of Paradise you are to be left unhampered to complete your work period.  This is in respect to the idea that nothing matters to you except to get the SER out and read,  We fully agree with that and support it if we could be there;

3 -  The loss of the Magisterial Missions hits you hard Ron, as you fully believed they were a Renaissance for Urantia, and they would have been, but MICHAEL OF NEBADON cannot afford to be out of the fairness of a Paradise FATHER who sees to all needs he cannot bring about Himself.  That is fair and equitable but stop the capitalization when I speak.  Be assured that is the old fashion idea Machiventa Melchizedek insists upon now.  That Renaissance will come by man alone and that is far, far, far away from what we could have done.  Be assured there is a Jesus component to this which will help a little but that is far away right now.

4 - We are sure you know the rules and regulations of taxes and you are not under the gun yet but be careful Ron on how you handle large sums of money for the Magisterial Foundation and let your accountant know what you are doing so they can help you avoid the problems that will erupt when the US government starts to lose so much income it must declare bankruptcy at the national level and go after any money due it legally.  You so far have followed the prudent course in all matters and that stands well as you are one of the few the IRS trusts to fess up if there is a question about expenditures.  So are this year you are well under what you spent other years over issues of State we had much to do with.  SN the accountant is worth the price but you were outraged by their avarice and decided to do the work on your own where you could and let the rest to a ma and pa shop.  That is not prudent but fair enough for now.  And this:

5 -  The Magisterial Foundation which issues the SER is in need of a transfer of more funds to the account Ron, but you do not have them.  That is the usual fare anyhow and that is how and why a group like this is valuable, but they do not have the necessary funds either.  As a result of that the Michael government at Salvington, must make amends and does so quickly and immediately for you  Those funds are necessary and prudent but never touch Starbridge Group (SG) at all or ever again and dissipate those funds and keep them low as the State has good reason to eye them as capital unworkable until you move it out and claim near zero in that account.  Buy nothing but make sure you show the income going out for services to the Magisterial Foundation shortly.  We will direct them for you.

6 -  The United Sttes will outlast all other countries for good behavior in a financial crisis but the time is coming that the Federal Reserve will end its exculpatory needs for funding others it must keep going like Great Britain truly and likely France.  You are truly outside of your purview but listen we are ready to come back in and stuff this entire regal business of God the Supreme back into place and allow you some peace again Ron.  In any case we assign the US a place to remake the world if it will just lie down and prepared a peace plan it can afford and prepare its true allies France and Great Britain a place in the sun with it.  It has got to amalgamate national governments into the idea of world government with obligatory principles and tie economic well being to its multiple needs to bring the US into the world notice as a super power without harm.  That is its main job for the future and we leave  this alone for now.  Thank you. SERARA and MONJORONSON,  The MAGISTERIAL SONS OF RECORD TO URANTIA no longer. K"

Post by: Ron Besser on October 24, 2019, 01:36:12 pm
I now must turn to a part of this thread I find so difficult I rather not get into it.  Money is not my favorite subject ever.  I have never had a lot of it and it gets poorer and poorer as time moves on thanks to an insatiable school district and State government that allows no one to escape taxation ever even if one is over one hundred.  There is never relief.  In any case I am telling all of you I cannot carry the needs of this site forever.  Right now today, I can.  But the time is coming there is no more income to support the rather frail attempt we make to stay on line on this site as long as we can.

I took down the DONATION button when I was told to do so as the funding was not to be made and I did not have worry about where the money was coming from.  Now I see we are not being funded at all in the next months due to a fight over funds from Paradise itself.  Serena has declared Ron Besser useless.  Michael has declared Serena useless. Now we have a battle I had to join this morning when Serena made it clear  to me I was not going to be used by the Infinite Spirit ever due to a false impression I would rather decapitate Serena first before I did anything.  That is trued as she has been nothing but pain and suffering and I declare her null and void.  However,the Infinite Spirit is making a claim I must adhere to his decisions using that Order of Sonship or face death and perjury charges by Paradise itself.  I see not point in that kind of inflation of meaning of myself to anyone but I do understand that Serena is being purged even now and that I have to wait this thing out again.

A few of you have been tremendously generous in the past, and you must understand every penny counts to do this site.  Now I am faced with the idea of a State government wanting to know why I sue so little money for outreach when they never think of me spending all of that money for this web site and Tmarchives and so on.  I also must pay a pricey accountant to report these corporations to the federal governement and the outlandish requirement to pay the Commonwealth of PA one hundred dollars a year for a certificate to raise funds in Pennsylvania, which I never do except for myself to donate to these costs all the time.

Finally, Michael of Nebadon informs me no money is due  me whatsoever for salary or otherwise unless I desist in taking money for Starbridge Group.  Those donations run this web site and pay for accounting and hosting and maintenance and a printer one time.  However, they relent to tell me I get some recompense by selling ORIGINS to the highest bidder no longer as they want ot publish that themselves and so on.  Okay, so I am beat over nothing and everything.  BUT:

There is a trial to all of them I do not have to fight myself.  I can die and leave them all to their petty ways as I detest the lot of them for being so dead in their thinking they have no idea anything exists outside of their own mediocre interests.  It is this:  I have been invited to join a small group on the mansion worlds to broadcast news to the Urantia contingent on mansion worlds five, six, and seven.  They are advanced enough to hear what I routine report to you on this web site.  I let the names alone for now but the are happy to learn I am available to report things this way even if I fail to be able to carry this web site when everything fails to produce an income to carry it in the future.  No one is expected to donate to SG anymore as I have more or less closed that issue because of jerking me around by false promises of funding when they never intended to do so.  I have claimed independence from that connection for good and they understand I will not listen to them anymore.  However I will not turn my self aside if one or several of you have a good pot to share to keep us going.  We can figure out how if that is what you could or might do.

I close with this soliloquy to advise all of you we are now fighting yet another incursion of well done Orders of faith and challenge, none other than a large contingency of MIDSONITERS.  I capitalize that so all of you can see it good.  They are here to see to me and you and others who have faithfully pledged your hearts and souls to the ideals of a Magisterial Mission we all sorely miss the idea of ever happening.

RAYSON, the Magisterial Son of record who was to be our SCIENCE OFFICER as part of the Magisterial Mission, is joining us incarnated soon.  He insisted as best he could to see to the ORIGINS BOOK and I have completed it fully.  France is no longer in the running for anything with us in these departments as it has refused to even consider looking at the manuscript and Ron is convinced it needs to be self published now as we do but the era is heating up against such books ever again and that is Macron in particular who has no real heart for anything but his own power base.  That said we let it all lie for now. 

In any case I report that Michael has taken the unusual precaution to let me be on my own merits until this Serena is done admonishing anything lives on Urantia to stay away from Trump until the election is over and to force me out of business with either my own death or the receipt of an excuse to operate as i am bid by the Salvington interests.  The mansion world news contingency walks carefully here too and we must keep this under our own lid for m the most part since I am a fierce and independent voice for Urantia to be attended to instead of being beat up by outside policies that do not understand we do offer a lot if we can get a value instruction on how to do things better down here. 

I close this extra post to let you all know they stopped working on my health again and that is Serena caring not to stop my improvements due to my total lack of sympathy of her work on Urantia at all.  I consider her appearance as nothing but big trouble for me as she is not designed to understand but to do depending on how the wind may be blowing on Uversa that day.  I am solidly for Urantia and the Salvington desire to do good and refuse to cow tow to a Uversa Order that has little to offer those plans.  K.  Ron

MICHAEL OF NEBADON -  "i helped Ron say some of these things.  the Macron government will fall soon enough Ron, but they are unusually vehement over ORIGINS  due to an established pharmaceutical firm being his main support and he dare not cross those lines so easily and therefore you got it in the neck.  Macron is not aware of its import at all.

"Fully explained, you have received yet another set back and your friend is now gun shy and wishes to stand neutral for now.  Care should be exercised there as well as the shock is total as it is for you and he will do well to let it lie for now too.  However the last time we spoke with his soul that soul was totally opposed to your view that God can do this and that you are making this up as you go along and that is simply not the truth.  But there are elements to your view Ron that forces many to believe you have no good reason to be truthful since you are working the side of religion that has nothing to do with mainstream Christianity and other concerns as well and that is yours to favor more and more as you come into the factual report hat money no longer flows to you but out of you and you must guard it carefully.

"I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON and this means of communication should end soon because they are hitting Me and you and others hard over using a good example of cooperation andt hat is not to end, but the problem is now that France and the United Kingdom are against the idea of ORIGINS ever criculating there and are making plans not to do anything about it.  Your are sure it is worthy as we are but the world is a strange place at times when favored views are tempered into something different which you do in ORIGINS.   Let them rant now and let your summary stand as they all see it and are fully aware that the details are succulent but harsh on their view what AIDS is.  You look at it as passing as I do but wait it out.  Good day."

Post by: Ron Besser on October 24, 2019, 02:43:51 pm
One more and we are don with posting.

I am informed that the entire idea of a Magisterial Mission has been cut out and is as dead as door nail for Urantia.

For that I am very sad to hear and get myself covered over with the dark colors of depression and faults I dare not recount as I am guilty of so many of them.  But I also understand that SERARA and MONJORONSON consider Nebadon in deep need for transformation for all that has happened to it.

Therefore I am saying for all of you to hear this:  Do not be concerned unnecessarily over what your own minds report to you that the entire matter is being wrapped up and destroy the entire idea of a good restart to Urantia ever again.  Michael says to me unofficially we need to put the wagons around to protect ourselves.  But we also need to understand there is little precious concerns dealing with my interests in the AIDS and Altzheimers factors and they must be addressed shortly  through self publication.  That is yet another post for another day.  However, be assured this entire matter will be corrected and I am no longer beholden to God the Supreme as most of you are and must suffer the feelings of regret and desirability of your views forgotten.  You are both going to keep the desire to see things better done through God and His Missions, and you are quite right but it is going to take a serious fight to show why.

I have written almost a small book this morning and far from done except this is my last post for now.  We are to become united through a process not of the usual material reality of belief and storm the heretics, but to storm the idea that man is useless in his work for God.  That is their main complaint against me, and I refuse to lie down and accept that at least for our vigor to defend the cross if you will.  But I am also practical and wait out the high tide of the nihilist whom I despise to their deaths.  The nihilist holds that nothing happens after we die and has been an important part of earth philosophy since the end of the 18th century and pervades thinks of music rock groups to this day with their skulls and the red hair of hell.

However, be assured, we are no longer of that ilk ever to start with but I am declaring war on those who cannot see one inch in front of them due to the fact they have no brain power left with the overuse of antibodies ingested from plants with no medicinal value whatsoever.  Be assured I have spent my life avoiding any of that it pays of in spiritual reclamation faster than if you partake of those pleasures at all.  It is incumbent to recognize that the nihilists pervade government and the universities now.  The nihilists have no real idea what they are part of, but the trouble is they are in ascendancy again and are the real root of mass shootings not but close enough the nihilists play right into mass murder and suicide. 

Fully funded, the nihilists care nothing for humanity but mostly for themselves to grab and get what they want before they die.  You see it in the American leadership and even in Europe and the Middle East.  Asia has such a different philosophy they prevail without the need of question their own reason to exist.  Confucius once said, "to know thyself, be your self."  I apparaphrase him though. 

We end this post to report that the SER, the Sixth Epochal Revelation, is completed and ready for distribution on high.  I have not seen one shadow of material existence the books is around me yet, but Mantutia insists it is and I believe him.

However, Michael, the king of books like this, insists it must be handled by a Melchizedek now and not by Ron but Ron wonders what they are talking about but says Mantutia is by his side to direct him where we required to distribute the SER.  I feel we are caught in the trap of semantics but am open enough to follow what they want as I do wish to be part of this one action that has been left standing for Urantia to enjoin if it has the quality left to do it.  Nihilists might make a run at it but the favor it not for the most part.

In closing this last post for awhile. I want it to be known that our work on high stands out well and ready for development when we as a group start leaving for our mansion world experiences.  That alone should cheer most of you and I know that Nightstarsaphire and TrinityLove are all in favor of doing that now, but wait a little while okay?  I am very slow these days due to illness but I am not dumb enough to expect God to change things like the born again group does, but I do expect that the continuous battle with Paradise Orders stationed on Uversa, will cease and we can be about our own business again on Urantia.

I feel the entire matter of the Supreme collapsing, and the Uversa regime over doing Urantia policies, and the Time Lords, and you name it, settle down and maybe out of our speeches.  Maybe so maybe not, but I am sure you all need to know this which just came down from Paradise early this mornings;  I quote:

"to MICHAEL OF NEBADON,. your wish to be heard on Paradise is not rescinded, but we hear well enough through those who support you on Urantia, and that is Ron and thousands of others not known to him, and that we hear the strong wording:  "Do not forget us at your peril."  Let it be known Michael of Nebadon, you are fully aware of them and support them as best you can, but it must cease to be an argument between Uversa, Serena, Jill, and Sabatha, as ministers to worlds above Urantia, they have no part on Urantia in spite of orders from the residual Supreme to do so.  It must cease and Serena in particular must be remanded back to Uversa for her own work for the Father shortly.  That is what we must arrive on Urantia with ME as the Supernaphim of Choice TO LEAVE RON TO HIS DEVICES and to his own worth as we must support a remaking of Urantia with his help as we go along, as there is no other voice speaking so clearly to reform and move on.  Be assured now the new Urantia Book has a real purpose and readers should not just lie down after getting what it says but have a real agenda to make work for the improvement of mankind on Urantia entirely at the disposal of man himself.  [end of message and unquote.]

Ron here again:  I have little more than I can do as most of my resources are spent and we give no more to this  than I can this morning but I assure you so long as I have a breath left I am not going to allow the mediocrity of Urantia views prevail once we have the philosophical power in writing in t he SER to stand with us.  These posts this morning is not me getting my health back but a true complaint over how I am treated, how you are treated, and how some Melchizedeks are being treated, so poorly there ought to be a Symposium on high to thrash some of this out before the universe of universes too.  So be it, but for now we let the heated tongs to stir these flames alone for the moment.

Remember we have had a scant ten years or so  together on this forum.  Yet it seems a very long time due to the huge numbers of changes and even mistakes made to overcome the slow progress of Missions to Urantia at all.  Best wishes to a good day for all you.  Ron.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "You Ron are a pleasure to hear all of this but let me remind you the Serena is a Son of God and such not disport this way but she is a real problem because of you and me and others she considers in her way, but also because you are adamantly insisting her day is done on Urantia anyhow, and that infuriates her no end and she is super harsh on you and your health.  That ends abruptly as the INFINITE SPIRIT declares this personal war over before it really begins as you Ron never win against such power, and you know it, but you are feisty beyond words when wrong doing is present.  Therefore the INFINITE SPIRIT takes great but egregious use of HIS power to remove the unnecessary debate that arises between those two at all.  You are free Ron to pursue your worth again and shortly with Michael's help.  We close now admonishing Ron's Thought Adjuster sounding a big yawn over this an quit with this admonition to all of you:

"Be assured that the time to work hard is now because we are never going to reassure anyone what to do anymore.  Be sure there is nothing coming that soon to realize a windfall for anyone except something for you Ron over all this mess you wind up in the middle of for things not your doing at all. Serena someday will realize you took the least easy path and said so to all and worked it hard and were successful fully but now we are not going a route strickly as you saw it and that is catching everyone by surprise.  The SER is here and ready for work.   Machiventa Melchizedek is staying on Urantia as is Mantutia and Mandovent and a fe more you do not know but they are fans of yours truly and will work closely to see to the end of the privation you suffered for over a decade because of this.  Take downthefact that the SER is here and ready for distribution and your garage Ron will be a storage place for sure at least for awhile. 

"Lastly, all of you be assured we are not abandoning Urantia but its work to re-indemnify its future use is hard and grueling and you will start it dear generation, but cannot last long enough to end it.  We leave these posts for now and quite the scene briefly in order that you all might understand that Ron is leaving truly for good in a hundred to five hundred years when we straighten out his purveyor Serena as to why she hates him so much.  She laughs with him too but for God sakes Ron let her be as she is overpowered by love and wants peace again in her accrued ways.  Let LinEl alone Ron!  Anyhow we close at last and wish all a good day."  MICHAEL OF NEBADON.

Post by: LarryG on October 24, 2019, 03:37:15 pm
Ron, I will gladly and with heart resume my bi monthly donations.    Do I donate just as I used to?.....using the same pay pal site?      I will coordinate my donations with my bimonthly pay check.
Let us know........LarryG
Post by: Ron Besser on October 24, 2019, 04:06:00 pm
Larry, you have been so loyal and giving always I thank you for your substantial help.  However, I am not sure just what to do about any of this and I am being completely honest about my, not confusion, my misapprehension as to just what I am supposed to do.

It is this:  If I continue to let Starbridge Group operate I have a bunch of IRS and Commonwealth reporting I frankly find absolutely useless to them and to me.  That said, everybody does it and so get on the turnip truck with them and go the tax man.  BUT I also have a problem somewhere along the line that Starbridge Group starts to operate outside of its purposes.  Let me explain that:

When you sign up to form a non profit, you better state clearly why the money should be exempt from taxes.  You write that on the form, and Starbridge wrote "to proved the fifth epochal revelation dissemination through web sites and other published types of distribution, and to provide people the wherewithal to do certain projects helping this to be done.  That is not exactly what I wrote but close enough.

Now what is happening, so far we are providing the money to keep web sites going, this one and Tmarchives, but soon I have to spend money to keep the Magisterial Foundation going withe money into its accounts.  That is the sixth epochal revelation and it is to fund an office and it is to buy products that have nothing to do with the FER and dissemination.  That will happen to the point the State and the IRS come down with one eye right on my ledger asking what the check I am doing?

The argument now becomes, should we let the Magisterial Foundation fund these side issues instead of Starbridge Group?  The problem i have is with Pennsylvania as they were ready to sue me three years back over me spending money to protect the property from vandals as part of t he protection of  the means to distribute the FER and so on.  Like you, they might not have bought that but we convinced the Governor of the state to look at it our way and he did and he let it pass by ordering that department to shut up.  They did but they are back at it again and I am wondering if I should just dump the SG things and start fresh with the MF.  But then I have a problem of choosing how much money there is for any of this operation.  That is because the MF requires many times more to operated than SG and yata yata yata.

This crazy, but what would really be nice is to have a group of all of you pay the maintenance of hosting invoices every year.  That amount to just about $2,000 per year but about $4,000 year in other incidental expenses like accounting and reporting for all of this legal stuff.  We are not well organized enough for the loyal group on this web site to come together and form and informa kitty of money to self maintain the site much less me not make changes you would have to be informed about to make it run with close cooperation with the Salvington wishes.

If you as a group of people who use the site formed a group to pay those yearly bills it probably would be the first time in the history of discussion forums such a thing were to be done, but it is doable so long as you have a good organizer at the  top and who could gather your contributions, no set amount, to the kitty to pay for all of this.  That would free me to use the Magisterial Foundation alone and to ditch Starbridge Group.  Is any one interested in coming together to keep our site running when the bills come due?   I will receive the bills here but email the invoices to any such center if it comes to happen.  This is kind of unheard of but it could work well.

I also suggest that who ever writes the checks in such a group organization, that we have a backup leader who can do the same thing and prevent missing payments due to email going down or something else not working as it should.

Several of you have been very generous and you need a kitty of about $3,000 to start and the ability to pay either by check (or English spelling "Cheque") to our suppliers mostly that is an accountant and the host of our web sites.  Accountant costs exceed that amount but I will figure something else out to help with those costs. 

That is what I really need Larry, and to all of you. . .  ideas?

Thank you
Post by: DaCandyMan on October 24, 2019, 04:45:34 pm
im happy to continue donating after been stoped before and we should all work together to contribute, the amount of value we get from here is invaluable and a reasonable amount of donation is advised. maybe we should all share how much we are willing to donate and try to reach that target together? any ideas?
Post by: newstarsaphire on October 24, 2019, 05:30:53 pm

This makes me wonder how individuals from around the world are currently able to come together to form support groups for specific projects, and what the financial logistics of that might entail.  I'm guessing since the physical work is taking place in the US, and specifically Pennsylvania, it would fall under the jurisdiction of their financial policies and reporting procedures.  Since it is really a not for profit venture and basic operating and promotional costs that must be covered, I’m guessing a specific mandate has to be outlined as to goals and objectives that must be stipulated and routinely proven to be supported and accomplished.   I would think that clearly outlined goals and objectives defined at the outset would be traceable and provable to the concerned authorities.  

Do you think it is possible to seek a revision of the goals with Starbridge group you outlined originally for the FER with the explanation that it is being replaced by an updated version known as the SER, with previous financials being presented as foundational projected expenses on behalf of the SER?   Basically seeking a revision of Starbridge Group, giving it a Board of Directors perhaps who are in no way salaried, only administratively involved.

Just trying to find a kicking off point here.

P.S.  I meant to mention as well that a Board could give you the ability to have multiple signatures required for payment or approval of expenses; example 3 approved signators with a minimum of two approvals for expenses type of idea, this covers any time period required if a member needs to be replaced at any time. 

Just putting some thoughts out there.
Post by: Ron Besser on October 24, 2019, 11:02:54 pm
Thank you Dingxin and Newstarsaphire.  Let me clarify something for you.

You do not need as a support group a corporation to do it.  Just join together and pledge to an account someone keeps to help pay or pay the yearly expenses to keep these sites up and running.  Starbridge Group is a corporate charity and is formally organized with a Board of Directors.  In actual fact I do not use that board to pay costs as they are predictable and regular and it is considerably easy for me to get the invoice and pay it from the account that is ipened under the charity corporation. 

What I am asking about and suggesting is to avoid making a corporation work at all.  But to have a group of you come together and pledge the cost of hosting and maintenance and accounting cost if that is viable at all to report these corporations to the taxing authorities which are keeping tabs on their approval not to tax any income derived.  However, we do not have to report anything or get permission from anyone to pay the bills when due by an ad hoc group that comes to the aide of what we have here.

Let me make up an example.  One of you from the States says I will open a bank account for this aid.  You the group on this web site who support this enough to help out, send me your donations into the bank account, and when I receive an invoice from Ron he got to host and maintain the sites, I will write a check from that voluntary account to pay it.  No reporting no accounting other than to debit or add to the account in this aid.

I suggest the person who opens the account in the example be from the United States to keep the currency in USD since the bill is in USD, that's all.   This is to take the pressure off me and the complications of running a charity to pay off our hosting and maintenance costs.  I also can be rid of a corporation that drives me crazy with bean counters at the Pennsylvania tax office and the US Treasury.  They require a yearly accounting and frankly I wish to be done with it.  It is a question I am asking:  Is there enough support for us to do that?

The big drawback is those in the United States do not tax credit for donating.  It helps a little in tax season but unless your are donating large sums you might save fifteen or twenty dollars off your US tax bill and maybe State tax bill too if you pay State income tax.  If you use Pay Pal to exchange funds to the account it automatically converts incoming c urrencies to the country where the account is.  Pay Pal always extracts a fee.  If one sent ten dollars to the ad hoc help the forum account. 

I also ask this: do any of you have a better idea?  I am suggesting the idea of an ad hoc group to pay costs to keep this going and reduce the pressure on me and costs on me.  In Pay Pal they charge me 88 cents for per 20.00 donation.  They take it off when they report the donation to you and you get in the bank $19.12 as deposit.  That is linking your pay pal account to the bank account.  A $100 donation through pay pal costs us  $100 costs you $3.20,  If there is a donation from outside of the country the exchange rate kicks in with a conversion cost and a 100 dollar donation from Australia costs $5.34.  You get the idea.For large sums I suggest one send a check to the person who owns the account since a thousand dollar donation from a foreign country is a fee of $44.30.  From the US and 1,000 it is about $29.00
No one is expected to do this unless you want to take this operation on without really wanting to.  And there are more informal ways of doing it.

But Newstarsaphire no corporation is required and no Board is required although whoever runs the account for everyone should let them know you paid a bill and how much and what is left in the kitty.  No need to do it further than that but I suggest Pay Pal because of the automatic conversion of  currency function. 
My next billing cycle is probably December 30th and that runs about $990.00 USD.  And the next after that is June and so on every 6 months as set up.  Accounting can be variable due to the time it takes to report income and so on by the accounting office.  Plus sending our tax authority the IRS forms to say we are here and doing this way or that way.  I quite the last firm because they hit me with a huge bill to report something that cost them 50 dollars to send a post card.  That bill totaled last year about $4,500 and not again as I can get those services for a lot less.  But when I do find that service that bill should be sent to this account for payment if it is possible.  At the least pay the hosting and maintenance which is a big help by itself.

I hope this clarifies for you Dingxin and Larry and Newstarsaphire.  It can be set up informally probably in several ways too.

Thank you for looking at this with me.

Post by: newstarsaphire on October 24, 2019, 11:33:25 pm
Hi Ron,

If there is no issue with issuing charitable donation receipts then I could see it being much less complicated as you have just suggested.  

Also interac-email transfer is another option I know is available now other than PayPal, and depending on your bank account there may be no send/receive fees involved.   I know of at least two Canadian banks who have been offering no-fee international email transfers to customers just in the last few months, so that can cut out a lot of the PayPal fees.  At one time no one else offered that type of service but banks now do and that must be for most major countries because they have been promoting the international email transfer.

Post by: Clency on October 25, 2019, 02:53:12 am
The Email Money Transfer (EMT) seems to be very friendly usable, but in France I am not sure that all online banks have an EMT service free of charge. I am not very conversant with this kind of money transfer, but it can be an alternative as long as there is not an internet disruption. Anyway, as I understand it, the online banking is affiliated to and supported by a physical bank of good standing, so there is no fear of being taxed of money laundering. Domtia
Post by: Raz on October 25, 2019, 01:48:34 pm
I am happy to contribute financially in the way you suggest. It seems that it would make most sense for someone else in close proximity to York, PA to do the coordination of it, in the event power & communication goes out. At least that makes it easier for that person & Ron to communicate.
Post by: occerpa on October 26, 2019, 12:08:04 am
In relation to contributions, it would be much more practical for me to send contributions directly to a personal Ron account because I don't have an active credit card anymore, and instead, I can make a transfer from my account to his account. Very good also that there is a person to whom that transfer can be made. Here the bank requires me Name and address of the recipient; name of the bank and account number, finally for international transfers the SWIFT CODE. I have always thought that the administration of the site is very cmplex and expensive, so any contribution would help a little. I think that a contribution every six months is much more comfortable. Thank you

Post by: amethyst on October 26, 2019, 01:44:54 pm
I have been racking my brain try to figure out how to help you Ron with the payment for the website.  I do not feel that it is a good idea for any of us to individually handle it ourself as that can pose a lot of problems.  What if we get too much money?  What if there is not enough?  I think it could become problematic if we try to receive currencies from many different countries into our personal accounts.  

I did some research on something call silver bills.  It is an online company that pays bills for seniors and checks them for accuracy and fraud etc.  They have a  A+ rating with the BBB.  The downside is that it costs about $60.00 per month, (I think) but that may not be as bad as it seems.  If only ten people participated, it would only be an extra $6.00 each, and I think a lot more that 10 would participate.  Also you could use this service to pay your other bills as well.  

I have included a link  from Forbes magazine about it as well as their official website.  You may want to check out this option and I am sure that the added cost could easily be absorbed by the forum members.

https://www.forbes.com/.../2016/08/17/how-a-bill-paying-service-could-help-your-parent (https://www.forbes.com/.../2016/08/17/how-a-bill-paying-service-could-help-your-parent)

https://www.silverbills.com (https://www.silverbills.com)
Post by: Ron Besser on October 26, 2019, 04:15:38 pm
Without discrimination to any suggestions so far, let me just say, when we make it difficult to occupy a simple solution to do something, we must shy away from doing it at all.  I know darn well we have the capacity to do maintenance of this nature easily if we were sitting in the cafeteria chawing away at lunch and just talking.  

I am in a transition of my own ways and trying to relieve pressures I normally do not mind, but lately the need to meet expenses and do what I do seems so extra hard.  Those who fully appreciate finding others of their own love of God in the form of almost me a psychic of some sorts to help with the news and changes above us, are truly able and capable of taking some of this on to help me relieve the pressures a little.  However, when we get to talking about how to gather the riches needs to keep us going, through organizational means, it becomes a logistical pill I do not want to place on any of you. 

Now just to remind you:  I want to dissolve Starbridge Group.  That is the charity you donate to for money to run this site.  I use PayPal because they convert foreign currency to domestic USD's when you use them and charge a 2.9% fee, give or take depending on how much and what country it is from. Starbridge pays that fee and the donor does not.  But Starbridge Group has won the day and a number of battles with the tax man, but the tax man never stops showing up and wants to know everything and I am tired of him.  Let us be in peace and I will put the button back up on the site to accept donations through PayPal  and continue that until the corporation no longer exists.  We can continue that arrangement since the money you donate goes directly to that account whether I call it SG or a kitty for the discussion form as I will keep  that money always separate from any personal business I do including the Magisterial Foundation.

Second, I still like the idea of all who want to that you have a direct hand in supporting this your site with what you wish to, and to have someone take on those cost upkeep responsibilities.  But you or someone has to take it on and be the cookie jar to keep our egg money in it, ad pay out regularly when these bills come in.  With five, ten or thirty of you, that is not a hard burden to share, but it must never become a burden.  For that reason I will indemnify that person with my version of a bank and stand behind you if for some reason we fall short paying out of the cookie jar whether it is a charity corporation or I just get rid of that headache over the tax man over not. 

Someone needs to step forward and organize it, make it real, and how to donate to it without difficulties to the donor. I rather not be in the mix at all except to say I will indemnify the person who takes on this organization and payment to maintain us here.  Tat means, when you tell me not enough is available to pay the bill.  I will make up the difference.  The account should start with about two to three thousand dollars in it, and that allows a little room in case we fall short sometimes in maintaining a donation level to meet every contingency.  This is not unlike establishing a group help fund for a sick friend, or something like that, and keep it simple and direct and figure out in what way donations can be received without getting snarled up with currencies and taxes.  The organizer needs to understand it is a burden but how lightly it may be to you is entirely up to you.  Being thanked hardly ever happens either but the donation itself is a big thank you to the organizer; remember that. 

I will let this stop now and thank you for talking and thinking about all of this to keep us group well done and needful to have something like this going.  Thank you!  Ron