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Title: Sixth Epoch Revelation Made Flesh
Post by: Wenebojo on November 05, 2019, 09:23:32 am
I wanted to throw this question out to all of you. How we are going to share the information in this important book once it is out and in our very hands ? Originally it was said that a Melchizedek teacher when they are ready, would literally knock on each of our doors and instruct us. Since then that idea has been rescinded. I have already been testing the waters with friends and co-workers and most if not all believe that we are the only inhabited life planet anywhere. When I attempt to explain otherwise, I quickly lose their attention. I trust that we will all make a valiant effort to tell all even if they think we're crazy. What say you then ?   
Title: Re: Sixth Epoch Revelation Made Flesh
Post by: Clency on November 05, 2019, 10:25:51 am
Hi Wenebojo ! Since the publication of MEMO IV, with all its astounding revelations, that will be part of the SER, I have also been pondering how to go about it. The whole thing is so awesome that it can scare people to death to know that there are multiple humanoid species living in a local universe alone. Urantians are not yet prepared to receive such informations, they will either reject or they will be sceptical. I once raised the question in a post here : ‘Is the simple fact of knowing that we are not alone in the universe can change our way of looking to each other ?’ I think it can create fear. This kind of informations can be the main focus in the next epochal revelation when the Urantia civilization is more advanced spiritually. There is a long way to go. Domtia
Title: Re: Sixth Epoch Revelation Made Flesh
Post by: 7inOcean on November 05, 2019, 12:57:31 pm
Wenebojo, Clency I like your posts, good thinking, and I agree there is a long way to go, yet I do believe that we tend to underestimate the people who may even be quite ready to accept the possibility of extra-terrestrial life. The movie makers such as ET, Star Trek, Star Wars, Independence Day and the Marvel Movies all point to prepare us for this awakening to a bigger reality.

I also point out too, some time ago in the media outlets, I remember seeing an article that tells us a survey was conducted in the USA on whether people accept the fact of the existence of UFOs and the result was astoundingly over fifty percent of the American population believe overwhelmingly in this fact. This is an encouraging sign, that people are quite receptive to otherworldly visitation or presentation. There is mounting evidence from past historical accounts now being released to the public that points to these galactic ship visitations. There is one compelling story told quite abundantly to give us the sense of intelligence we may encounter, namely, the Iarga story(see link below).

In all, how we present the SER is to do so like any new book presentation. We do need to keep our powder dry though and keep things to ourselves as people can get rather defensive, dogmatic and at worse, objectionable. The past few years has been my worse nightmare from my own family members who rather shun me on my evangelism on the TUB. These are Bible adherent Christians, and this makes it doubly tricky. It is difficult to persuade those who are very narrow-minded in scriptural doctrine, they fail to see the bigger picture of God, and for that matter the Multi-verse reality.

I think the work of scientists and space exploration and space probes will unlock these realities of the manifold swirling galaxies that is already astounding researchers to the big reality that exist out there in deep space.  If that is shocking enough, then the SER is going to be a bombshell! And I really do think people are ready now to accept this sort of material. It is almost as if all the preparation, UFO visits and space findings have awoken us to many more possibilities and the SER will fill the gap of knowledge so badly needed in this time of our human evolution. We require explanations, we require answers and we require destiny.

As such, we here need to tread carefully with the new book when it is released. It is revelation, unlike anything we have been given so far and it will certainly knock our socks off! I believe it to be so, because it contains so much more than what was revealed in the FER (The Urantia Book), and even the FER is profound in its beauty of language and intelligence! It is so impressionable and moving to say the least.  It is truly life-changing both in mind and wisdom.

I think it wise to wait and see how Michael of Nebadon and team wish to go about it as it is such an unusual book to present and it requires better handling than what was done for the FER. Let us wait and see and follow the guidance of our esteemed friends on high.  For now keep your powder dry and stay safe. I like how Ron is presenting the newspaper style snippets from the SER. It prepares us for the content in the book in a manner that gives us time to absorb new information. When we do get the book in materialised form, we will be speechless for some time, remember how long it took to read The Urantia Book from cover to cover?

IARGA Link: https://www.galactic-server.com/RUNE/iarga.html

Title: Re: Sixth Epoch Revelation Made Flesh
Post by: occerpa on November 05, 2019, 03:06:48 pm
Let us assume that the sixth revelation is already in the bookstores, but in my opinion it will take many years and the result will be similar to what happened with the fifth revelation. I want to say that the number of readers will always be very limited due to the large volume of the material, discouraging the masses because particularly in this age of social networks, few are those who care about reading in general and less a bulky book that challenges the established tradition and belief for so long. I do not see it possible except through a heavenly or divine help that generates a phenomenon as it would be, to make the dissemination what I call the Bible of the man of the third millennium through Ron Besser from the Vatican and the UN, the Urantia book. My humble opinion
Title: Re: Sixth Epoch Revelation Made Flesh
Post by: LarryG on November 05, 2019, 04:21:52 pm
Occerpa, I Have similar views and think you have made some very valuable points. Getting the book out digitally and timely seems very important, assuming that there will still be a reliable global internet.It is a much different world from what was available when FER was finally published in 1955.  I have no doubt that every creative means will be taken into consideration.     Thanks for your post Occerpa..... LarryG
Title: Re: Sixth Epoch Revelation Made Flesh
Post by: Ron Besser on November 05, 2019, 09:46:28 pm
Occerpa and all here:  Assuming I am the person who will take the bit in his mouth and pull this wagon called the sixth epochal revelation to being with, let me tell you my guiding attitude toward what must be done with it, the SER, when it is in book form you can page through.

First, I am going to be directed by Machiventa Melchizedek to tell me what I can do and what I cannot do.

Second, Michael of Nebadon is looking real hard at me today for some reason, and so is the Trinity driven Tarkas.  What that is all about other than the SER is I have no idea but they have been peeking in all day.

Third, another person looking is astounding for me to learn they look at all and that is the Creator Son of Avalon.  Does that have anything to do with how we are going to handle the SER when book becomes heavy to lift but fun to read?  Avalon says "hi" by the way to the forum.

Fourth, my intention unless otherwise directed is to make a big loud noise about SER and I will use Madison Avenue and some video clips and audio tapes to advertise the SER right in the face of Pledge wax and Bayer aspirin and custom pillows from Wisconsin we see so often in the east coast TV ads these days.  That means I aim to  create controversy folks.  Hopefully "nice" controversy, but my intention is to never let the SER rest not being heard of at all.  Newspaper ads are also included half page and full page as to the availability of a new book that is a MUST READ.  I have not upset Michael of Nebadon yet, or have I heard negatives from Paradise or the DEITY ABSOLUTE either, so maybe that is helpful to know.  Occerpa, the days of a quiet word in your neighbor's ear about something you read is over.  None of that is to start with quiet words about anything in the Magisterial Foundation board room.

I hope this helps you to maybe understand that if I get my credentials just what all of you SER fans are in for to see it spread because they cannot help but hear about it.  Thank you!  RON

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "HEAR HEAR! Good stuff cheap my be Ollie's to advertise about, but  I am right behind Ron on his intention to create controversy and nobody, and I mean NOBODY will be unaware of the SER being sold or just what it is.  Ron has already done a mini storyboard for a tape advertisement and many more to come I think.  He will employ a graphic artists and animators and so on and we will chip in with speech behind the pictures and those ads will run on the major networks too.  Our money is free and cheap and the SER is dear and precious but it must be heard well and loud to get the attention of those who never listen to anything but what they can grab for themselves.

"Fully understood, we must take the bull by the horns and run this thing hard for months and I walked in on Ron during  the newscast this evening and he was almost DOA.  I never saw such bad conditions in a human body that must whip the SER into place, but it is up to me and Avalon to bring it about if we can move at all.  Urantia is in bad straits due to an edict ordered by the ETERNA SON that ron is fast deploying materials t hat work and suddenly we must face the music up here about what to do with what he scares out of rabbit holes.

"Those news paper productions are being taken back and I asked that Ron start The  FLURRY  again and he reformatted one today on SS10,  Space Section 10, that blew up in our face when the Supreme pushed it too hard and it nearly cracked in half and oozed Ultimaton juice so danger we had to evacuate Salvington!

"You do not know these things and Ron is catching up, but we also let him know he is in such bad shape we do not know how to change the reaction he has to Tarkas who laughed at first but Ron is seriously ill again thanks to inattention of Uversa and everyone else.  We tell him we are there to fix things and he never sees anything of us at all.  So it goes and Avalon says they have enough personnel on hand to do it quickly if Nebadon allows it and that is fine with us but Father demurs only because it is cross Local Universe actions and that is not to supposed to occur this universe age before Light and Life. But something must be done because the weakness is now in his heart and brain stem too.  Who knows why but even the heart of God weeps inside him at times.  Be assured it gets looked at.  

AVALON HERE: "I am the CREATOR SON of AVALON, and as such we need to bring to the attention of Nebadon, that Ron is hearty when working but has no vitality when forced to just sit and eat a meal.  He is trying to keep things well with some recommended supplements and they hep a little, but the real help must be applied with our personnel who have dealt with these problems before.  Be assured it is doable since AVALON is almost identical to the purposes of NEBADON.  For reasons of State I am told we capitalize some words now and then . . . "

[Ron: Nebadon archives these messages and indexes according to what is capitalized in these dictations,  I capitalize by instruction and make sure they stay capitalized when you all read them as they also archive your reactions.]

AVALON CREATOR SON continues - "We are sure that Ron has a big part to play with SER if we can make him well but he is slowly decapitating that possibility due to low level anger over harassment from the Ultimate and sometimes the residual Supreme.  We have it here in Avalon but not like Ron gets it against him doing things they move in to block. He is quite sure there is nothing for him at this rate and we tend to agree with him on that view but he will receive and upgrade to heart and soul and heating of his body which gets quite chilled due to the lack of circulation caused by a sluggish movement to keep awake.  He is ready and we are too so now we need permission to act at once!  That is my choice Ron.  That is Michael and we hear Father demure no more and say yes and do it and finish it at once it you can Avalon.  You being made well is not like water off a ducks back on Urantia since we have to do it from the perspective of Avalon, and AVALON carries ten times more potency than Nebadon does because we have twice the planets in Light and Life than Nebadon does.  

"We assign a certain risk to you Ron and you are under the gun all the time, but that must stop as everybody thinks you are fair game and you are not and that is going to cost a few some serious misgivings about what they do as servants of God.  Those are off planet midwayers fooling around now and it is entirely inappropriate I assure you.  Now this:

"As MICHAEL OF NEBADON, i SPEAK loudly now:  Do not get yourselves upset Ron, as we must clear the air up here too, and that requires removal of some long time workers on Salvington who openly mock the entire idea of Urantia ever being released back to normal conditions.  This is to assure you on Urantia that you have waited through years of patient gathering ideals for a Mission and MONJORONSON  will attend this Mission, and so will SERARA, but we must be sure they are well advised to clean up Urantia with this harassment unrelenting to you even as we speak now.  it is ours to do at once normally, but I am under restraint from any more knock outs of celestial life that misbehaves so consistently and hostilely to you Ron an a few others on Urantia.  K:"

Title: Re: Sixth Epoch Revelation Made Flesh
Post by: Andre_P on November 06, 2019, 12:23:35 am
It is difficult for me to assess how the people on Urantia will change, but looking at the current state and probably for the next few years, I see this present world as a pagan world that has come to some kind of acquaintance with the universe through new religions for at least hundreds of years. I would compare the current state of civilization to stubborn paganism difficult to overcome for millennia.

It is difficult to say how much time it will take for the world to reach the primitive foundations of knowledge relative to what will be written in SER. I suggest that in the first commercials of SER use quotes from SER because we can have people on Urantia for a long time, all of whose knowledge about the world and the universe will come from television, movies and at most from yutube, and in this state will end their lives on this planet. You can even add sermons at a nearby church. I see the main possibility of accelerating changes by the normal, daily viewing in the media of beings who will be known to have not been born on this planet.

Title: Re: Sixth Epoch Revelation Made Flesh
Post by: prozonov on November 06, 2019, 03:35:48 am
Everything will depend only on leaders of states and religious denominations. If they do not support the spread of revelation, if they anathematize it, there will be no result. Moreover, the Talmudists, who own all the world media, will clearly be against it.
Все будет зависеть только от руководителей государств и религиозных конфессий. Если они не поддержат распространения откровения, если предадут его анафеме, результата не будет. Тем более талмудисты, которым принадлежать все мировые СМИ, явно будут против.
Title: Re: Sixth Epoch Revelation Made Flesh
Post by: LarryG on November 06, 2019, 07:47:57 am
Ron and all, as I was rereading this, I started thinking again about that troublesome subject of “funding” for the distribution and dissemination of the new Urania Book and the exorbitant cost of any and all types of advertising.   Will Machiventa Melchizedek provide and supply the initial funding to the Magisterial Foundation to take on all that will required to get this going?

Title: Re: Sixth Epoch Revelation Made Flesh
Post by: Ron Besser on November 06, 2019, 11:34:04 am
Larry, there are two essentials that have to appear and they are so basic that if only one does, we can guarantee another failure.

ONE:  We get the SER as a book and hold it and read it;

TWO: We receive millions of dollars in funding. 

I do not doubt the essence of the SER is real and ready to go.   They do agree that the size of the funding has to be in the million of dollars.  If these two potentials are actualized it is a go and we begin our work with some success immediately.

I hear Andre and Prozonov well, and as Occerpa speaks it, and some others of you agree with them, including the waffling Wenebojo.  The trick will be to flood the market with copies.  That might be a THIRD item we need to include that if we do not have enough copies we cannot supply interest and fail all approval after that.

However, if we have the serendipity of luck while supplying the essential ingredients, you will not have the same world as it exists now with the fifth epochal revelation. 

What needs to occur that makes it a serendipitous moment is a material trigger.  The gun is cocked and such a trigger is moving into place with a financial melt down in all probability.  The prospect of China-USA truce in the trad war has blown the top off financial markets and we set record highs in the United States on the S&P, the NASDAQ, and approaching it again on the DOW.  These are the indices of huge financial reserves the US seems always to employ to bulldoze its way into prosperity.  However the bond yields are slipping and that is usually a sign of recession, but unusual prosperity hits when people get crazy over some future success for a back to normal world trade situation.

SERARA - "I am  the financial expert Ron loves to quote in these matters, and I tell you all this:  The truth of the matter is that the United States has not overdone the news with China, but it will not get the prosperity it thinks it will at all.  Ron seems to think that people turn to their god when harmed or some severe dislocation comes into their lives.  He feels it is a trigger as he calls it for people to go inward to find strength to survive.  That may well be true, but in the 1930's Great Depression, man turned to mass media to suffer together, and that is what pulled them through.

"Ron is proposing we use mass media and combine that with a financial disaster, he says we can make success possible.  I am sure he is right!  BUT: Let it be known that the financial crisis is only one such trigger and that the world collapses its major land masses and continents themselves shrink under hundreds or thousands of feet of water on top of them too.

"It is for that reason, we examine the need for continuous funding of the SER once the initial propagation of the SER is established with Ron's advertising and sufficiency of copies to feed the public condemnation or acceptance of the SER in all of its glory on television and print ads.  We are sure that Ron is feeling a slipping of the circuit and says so . . . .

"Reestablished now . . .  We are sure the Supreme is reacting on Urantia in horror at all of this but the Supreme is RESIDUAL at best on Urantia, and Urantia is ready for a new day in all matter, but we also see the last of Ron appear very soon as he cannot overcome the residual Supreme that easily and battles it daily.  I would say none of you will ever understand what he has to face to overcome that situation but he is relieved soon we hope and that is another matter for later.  If we lose Ron Urantia loses the SER.  There is no one to take on the mass advertising it would take as ONE OF THE ESSENTIAL ingredients noted at the top of this post.

"As a result SERARA and I [TARKAS NOW SPEAKS], are forcing the Supreme to the mat to preserve Ron.  Last night we held that Ron could be approached by Avalon or Alvoring to try their hand at resuming the life vitality of Ron, but that failed at once and this morning Ron was advised there was no way to revive him for this duty.

"Now however, [Ron here: new voicing came in and Tarkas pressed back, and it is the DEITY ABSOLUTE I believe ..  .{

"Now however, we are living a life prosperity soon with Ron to get him closed out in that ridiculous body form so he can operate normally and not be afraid of the day as he is now.  That work you did yesterday Ron is indicating your heart is alive and well but you stumble so badly we saw how useless it is to keep that body around.  It is relieved of duty even as you work this .

"NOW: let this be known, I AM MICHAEL OF NEBADON.  As such I must relent not and cut you off SERARA and DEITY ABSOLUTE to preserve some idea of mystery for all of you.  Ron is the usual disaster this morning and he tries to tell Steven Gitz but that man is so full of broken promises to him too he can hardly see himself clear to run anything business wise or SER wise and all that goes with it.  That Bulletin III is creating a sensation and it better be brought back just a tad to stay out of the world of advertising briefly until it is assimilated.  The URANTIA FOUNDATION is now ready to discuss terms for the SER and that is a huge movement forward I never predicted and Ron has completed Bulletin V on SS10 which will again knock your ears back because he talks a little bit about how to cloak a space ship and how SS 10 is in near orbit to Uversa with a magnificent space picture to give you and idea of scale and scope of the monumental task it takes to do all of these things.

"I am a Creator Son, and Ron is a pathetic human so ill he can hardly move.  Yesterday was an election day in Pennsylvania, and for the first time in twenty five years Ron did not vote because he could not see to get there.  In any case, the mess of body parts Ron represents is done and will let him live better shortly as the entire matter is resolved better than he thinks it could be. 

"For the matter of the SER:

"The SER is ready for appearance and Ron gets his copy and takes pictures of it for distribution.  BUT: we make it clear nothing is to be done in advertisement until Ron receives a chit to go to such and such a place to take charge of all the copies he will ever need to start his view of how to get this thing known and viewed.  He needs a blitz and a blitz he will have and let us see Prozonov if even little ol' Russia is not included in this interest too.  True, the SER is only in English now and we prevent translations too, but for now let us say the old Urantia Book is out of business for good as the Urantia Foundation will petition us to distribute and that is okay with the Magisterial Foundation but no money will go to the coffers of the Urantia Foundation for now.  It will be decided later just what to do with the UF at some point.

:We conclude this with a small lecture from TARKAS.  Tarkas represents the PARADISE TRINITY now and we use him in place of MARGUL who must briefly reede to take on other problems at the Trinity bed side.  Here is Tarkas:"

TARKAS - "i am not a Trinity Teacher Son, but an unrevealed Trinity Origin Being with no credentials to share. Be assured Ron you are just fine in all of this. . .

"We now must take to trust that you Ron can see better slightly this AM and we are wondering why the capitalization?"

[Ron here: the angels who attend these transmissions ask for capitalization every time they tell me to capitalize a word.  The archive of these transmissions are made on Salvington to be sure they understand officially what was told to all of you, the members of this site, what was said.  The capitalized words are INDEXING triggers and that makes the message easy to archive as it can be split into each index category.  There is no full, replete, transcript made and then archive it by itself,  These narratives are broken into indexed characters all can read individually or separately upstairs.]

TARKAS = "WE now turn to the fact that you Ron and a few others are being renewed today soon to the extent you can walk a little and see better at least a little. [Ron, I am getting temporary surges of sight contrast to tune in words being typed much better, then lose it, then al ittle better, and lose it, so something is going on I cheer,]

"Be assured I am telling the truth then, and he is wonder if he can keep it.  He can and that is better than I knew as the Adjuster is making it apparent he sees instantly better now and then and back out and that has to be stabilized. But this:

"We need to make it clear that all of you are members of a forum that must be kept alive and Ron has cut off registration to it by new people.  Write this in all caps Ron:

TO BECOME A MEMBER OF THIS SITE WRITE RON AT ARONOLAC@COMCAST.NET.  Request to become a member.  He will register you if approved.  You need to tell him if he registers you GIVE HIM YOUR USERNAME AND THE PASSWORD TO USE, once registered you can change your password using your PROFILE  to do it.

"We now bow out without speaking further, and give you the DEITY ABSOLUTE:

"We reach a summit of relationships with Ron today as he was accosted this morning with a very real dream of what seemed like his long departed sister appearing by his bed and crying softly.  Ron felt the bed clothes crinkle as she sat down on the bottom of the bed and was softly crying.  Suddenly she gave him a big glass of milk!  He drank it!  Whaaaa????

"Frankly we do not know "whaaa" but know the milk changed his insides just enough he got out of bed later feeling terrible but he could walk a little without the cane.  How absurd he exclaimed  and then to the computer to write this up. That milk was from God the Supreme to kill him off, I kid you not!  Ron took the full glass, burped a tad, and then tried to go back to sleep, but the angel who attended him, Lucy, insisted on being heard, and Ron listened and lamented she was crying so sad, but told her she had to influence on hims if she was from the Supreme to do mischief.  That upset her so bad she let it be known to him in actual transmission that his life was over and he had to die.  That was his understanding long before she appeared this morning.  BUT: 

"Ron now knows  there are fluctuations in eyesight clarity and hopes he gets some improvement to get through the day again today and he will and that is all he needs to know.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON is ecstatic and so are we that Father relented and gave him a start to prosperity in body at least. Here is Michael:

MICHAEL OF NEBADON- "I close this narrative now and let all of you know that Ron will carry the water like Aquarius does in your lore and force no one to believe a thing, but there are somethings he must get off his chest he does know and you do not and that makes all the difference in the world to him, and then maybe to you.  Later."

MOTHER SPIRIT - "I conclude this with a warning to you Ron and others:  God the Supreme is up to no good with transmissions.  Try transmissions, but if it gets unbelievable in smearing yourself or God the Father or any part of God, stop what you are doing and ask it to be removed.  Usually the Supreme removes these truancies if  the residual Supreme cannot make progress to spoil your day.  Otherwise, enjoy these transmissions when clear and they will be fine in a few days we think.  Mother Spirit."