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Title: Disclosure 22 AUG - New Universe Age
Post by: newstarsaphire on August 22, 2020, 02:12:10 pm
Disclosure 22 AUG - New Universe Age  - transmission tape link

https://app.box.com/s/v960r34mwth839vq2xlaoj59i8kjtv8x (https://app.box.com/s/v960r34mwth839vq2xlaoj59i8kjtv8x)
Title: Re: Disclosure 22 AUG - New Universe Age
Post by: SophiaVeronica on August 22, 2020, 05:56:35 pm
Ron and Phyllis,  I want to thank you both for recording and posting this most valuable and special news. It is a lot to take in. A Universe Age change is something so incomprehensible and comprehensive, I am sure I will be up a great deal of the night to think about this and let it sink in. 

My heartfelt thanks go to:
Our Universal Father, Michael of Nebadon, Father Machiventa Melchizedek, Margul and Mantutia Melchizedek for the way They keep us, humans, informed. Their love, care and concern for all and everything is beyond comprehension.

The transmission from Father through Phyllis felt as if it was spoken to all in a personal way, I could feel the Father’s love flowing through me when you, Phyllis, were saying His words, so precious, it will stay with me forever, I am very much moved by it.

I will take the oath tonight in all seriousness and conviction.
I have no more words to say for the moment. SophiaVeronica
Title: Re: Disclosure 22 AUG - New Universe Age
Post by: Wenebojo on August 22, 2020, 06:23:05 pm
This is Wenebojo I too have just taken the oath. Let us all now be about our FATHER'S business. To finally have Him and to hold Him, not in sickness but health. The opportunity of a life time has arisen. Lets be about it by the grace of GOD. Amen 
Title: Re: Disclosure 22 AUG - New Universe Age
Post by: amethyst on August 23, 2020, 12:29:43 am
I was very moved and heartened when listening to this tape.  I took the oath.  I thank Our Dear, Precious UNIVERSAL FATHER for HIS LOVE and KINDNESS to us all.  I feel that we will receive a great sense of renewal as the old passeth away and all things become new again.
For the past 48 hours I have been put in a state of extreme fatigue and sleep, but not understanding why.  I though I was really ill.  Now I see it as a way to keep my conscious mind in hibernation so that when I awoke I would discover a new world and age is upon us as we all begin anew.  I have great hope we have finally reached that turning point we have all been so eager to experience.  Thank you FATHER, MARGUL, MICHAEL, AND FATHER MELCHIZEDEK.
Title: Re: Disclosure 22 AUG - New Universe Age
Post by: Clency on August 23, 2020, 03:37:42 am
The following is a written transcription of “The Oath of Service” for our foreign members and guests who must have a hard time listening to the tape and who wish to be of service to GOD. Feel free to use the google translation in your own mother tongue.

The Oath of Service 

Stand up, raise your right hand and repeat the following words : “ I am the child of God and I pray for the existence of the UNIVERSAL FATHER to attend to all my woes and my heartfelt desire to stand before GOD as His liege and forever, so help me GOD.”


Prière de serment pour le service 

Mettez-vous en position debout, en levant la main droite et répétez la phrase suivante : “ En tant qu’enfant de DIEU, je prie le PÈRE UNIVERSEL de me soutenir dans les moments difficiles, car j’ai un ardent désir de me présenter à DIEU comme un serviteur dévoué à tout jamais. Aidez-moi, oh mon DIEU !
Title: Re: Disclosure 22 AUG - New Universe Age
Post by: LarryG on August 23, 2020, 08:32:00 am
Ron and Phylllis,  This tape of your conversations and the realizations of the ending of the Age of Supremacy and the beginnings of a new Universe Age has been enthralling to listen to and  as  htis tape ends with the taking of this oath, which we all share together and  saying this prayer has been quite the emotional experience.  To witness and share our dear Phyllis as she so touchingly is overwhelmed by the energies of the Love ,Devotion and Intimate Presence of the Father goes well beyond just the familiar "spirit blush" that Ron has so often talked about and that we have all, on occasion, felt and experienced, lifts and inspires us in ways sometimes beyond our abilities to explain to others.   These times of supreme exaltation are never forgotten and are indeed beloved and cherished treasures  that are everlasting and  are absolutely profound as moments to our experience.
This ending age is called the Age of Supremacy.   What will this  newly developing age be referred to?.
I am so grateful and extend my gratitude to Ron and Phyllis for this recorded conversation and to our Father those in Spirit who bring this information to us.

I stand with all of you as we individually follow and in our love and faith are given this Oath of Service and Intent:

Title: Re: Disclosure 22 AUG - New Universe Age
Post by: occerpa on August 23, 2020, 08:55:08 am
Good Clency, thank you very much on my behalf and that of all of us who do not speak English. I was waiting for this translation to make the Oath, which I have formally made. Again thank you very much for this much needed attention.
Title: Re: Disclosure 22 AUG - New Universe Age
Post by: occerpa on August 23, 2020, 09:39:31 am
Regarding that revolutionary audio by Ron and Phillis, on the announcement of the new era of the Universe, to me, as I see that everyone, has left a deep impression on me, despite, I must say, that my ability to understand English spoken is not satisfactory. I feel so lucky, I have to repeat it, to be able to be part of this magisterial forum as a member. This news about the inauguration of a new era of the Universe, must be why Phillis's transmission of the Universal Father impacts, as Ron said, the most extraordinary event of all that have happened. I await the written version of this audio so that I can read it with all the attention it deserves.
I was looking for Phillis' email to address her and ask her if what she felt at that peak moment of her dialogue with the Father is perhaps what is known as Divine Ecstasy. I wish I could get that answer. Thank you Father Melchizedek, Father Michael, Margul, and natural, thank very much to the Universal Father Himself for so much love. What would this group be without Ron? Thanks
Title: Re: Disclosure 22 AUG - New Universe Age
Post by: SonsofGod on September 18, 2020, 03:13:16 pm
When I came to check recent posts on September 15th your message came on the top for me. I did not even realize that it was posted three weeks ago until I wanted to post my response and I had to search to find it. In any event, sorry about the twice delayed response, due to access and password denied to my account again for a few days, then its strangely repairs itself. This happened twice, only after I reboot my computer.

Thank you, Larry and Michael of Nebadon for this meaningful message, it was tailored for me just on time. I am sure we all feel that we had our share of trials and tribulations in the past and it’s still counting. Father just allowed me to go through a very unique and taxing experience, beginning in June, that is now must come to an end I pray. A few times I thought my situation will now get better, but it only got worse and worse, until it consumed all my time, energy and mental capacity. Through it all I learned the most valuable lesson that I want to share with you all. I hope this is the wisdom Michael wanted to impart unto me through the experience. Thank you, Father Michael!

This I learned afresh through the experience:

Trust God for ALL solutions in ALL situations, and do not rely on men!  That does not mean Father would not move mountains to send someone to help and support, it only means that He is leading us through the muddy waters and fiery situations step by step to come out victorious, but without Him, we would get completely lost. Father is all goodness, hope and peace when life just does not make sense. He is making the connections and turns the hearts of the kings on our behalf. He is giving us needed wisdom and understanding to solve problems, and spiritual charge and life energy to able to endure and persevere till the end. He provides for us all that is needed to succeed. When we are going to have to face difficult situations, He will always be there. 

We all know these things, but it is an other to experience it in despair. It can get exhilarating. I also thank my Thought Adjuster and Celestials for helping me through. I am not so ready as I am eager to face the New Day with new challenges knowing that Father is ready for me. I began to practice transmission again about a week ago. Machiventa Melchizedek came to talk to me twice and I could not be happier for that. He has imparted new information, but I still sought confirmation that I did not just make it up. 

The biggest hindrance for me is feeling that I already knew what I receive, thus assuming it is my subconscious speaking. Then insecurity arises towards hearing the speaker or imagining self. I will not let that stop me. I thought if I so perform, at least my Thought Adjuster is able to bring to the forefront what He has imparted unto me over the years. Before I met Jesus, I could not have such thoughts. I’ll keep practicing until practice makes not perfect but acceptable towards perfection. I pray and trust that Father would lead all of us into our purposes with great precision, as the time of waiting and wondering is over. Praise the Lord for all. Thank you for these edifying messages, we really need them.

Bless you all, 
sons of God
Title: Re: Disclosure 22 AUG - New Universe Age
Post by: SonsofGod on September 18, 2020, 03:23:36 pm
When I came to check recent posts on September 15th your message came on the top for me. 

I meant to say this to Larry G, for his message  of August 18, titled:  A New Dawn, A New Opportunity (#post_msg88929).
I pushed the reply button above his article, directing it to someone else. Sorry about it. Thank you  for mercy.

sons of God