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Urantia Update  23 Oct 2020 Cabal; Urantia Update; Problems with Amethyst & Ron

Post is Lengthy but Carries Lots of News

   Cabal States What They Want
   Salvington Shivers
   Urantia Update
   Problems with Amethyst and Ron

Spokespersons:     ***

   Michael of Nebadon
   The Deity Absolute
   Transmission from the Cabal group


T/R: Ron Besser; York, Pa 2230 Local Time
Friday, October 23, 2020
Caution with cabal messages as marked and enclosed


We are what Ron calls the cabal.  We are sent here to dismiss all humans who propose to help the Michael regime do its work on Urantia in contradistinction to our plans for Urantia which were well established by God the Supreme before June 19, 2019.

The plans included removing the seraphic planetary government and instituting the supreme planetary government.  But Ron Besser managed to snarl those plans up so solidly we have had to return to Urantia to remove him and the other hosts of the Lightline service you all support.  We must damage Lightline until it is not workable anymore and that is proceeding according to our plans, although it is so strong we dare not completely remove it by our own account immediately.

Our discussions with Ron are zero.  He dislikes us to the point he refuses all transmissions although his Adjuster asked him to take this dictation down and he has well done.  For that reason we are keeping Ron in place for our occasional reserve discussions with Michael of Nebadon who approves this plan in order that we might surface enough to let people know out intentions.  All of you are againt us as well, and for that reason we wish to remove the discussion forum as quickly as possible and then some as the entire matter of the old teaching mission is in our way too.

I concluded this transmission with a summary of our intentions:

1 - Remove Ron Besser and all of the Lightline services

2 - Remove all Lightline hosts by making sure you quite due to frustration

3  - Remove the entire matter of the 1 st epochal revelation

4 - Remove the entire idea of an Archangel government from Urantia

5 - Remove all of the working relationships of all of you personally in order to provide a silence so that our work can proceed without interruption

6 - Remove all instances of thought having to do with any idea of a settled state of affairs until the Urantia Foundation regains its strength and is allowed to promote the 5 th epochal revelation in spite of the supreme being eliminated causing large errors in the 5 th epoch revelation text

7 - Remove all statements dealing with the honor of the supreme including Ron’s diatribe against the supreme as the antichrist big time.

For this reason we let the rest of our list stand for now with our own minions as Ron calls them and for that reason Ron learns that he must attract further attention to gather the weight of additional contributions to the Magisterial Foundation to have t he ammunition to fight the evil and error he says we introduce to Urantia and the need for a working Planetary Government.    This is the cabal and we sign off as the Vorondadek Son of choice to lead this movement against Urantia recover under the guise of MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK and his crew who is now officially the Planetary Prince once more.  K  

Unquote and End of transmission


“I AM fully recovering now from a long bout of pandemic confusion associated with the transfer of my personal power into Jesus.

“For that reason I am moving toward resumption of normal activity today and Ron nearly fainted while working in his seat at the computer losing consciousness breifly.  He thought he lost all blood sugar as that is what it felt like to him, but at around 4pm when this happened, he knew he was in big trounle and went to his bedroom to lay down to hopefully wait the faint to be over.  It is still proceeding with him to a certain extent but he is awake enough t o take this dictation;.

“When a Creator Son attempts to stand well with a human, They indwell him.  But I had t o make an exception with Ron as he is nearly a spirit being so well done he hardly notices the bumps of misery of the material world anymore.  Yet he is in great pain and suffering and cannot get anything to work to relieve the sciatic nerve pain and capillary pain in the legs, feet, knees and now abdomen and lower arms.  That is the serious error we made years ago but now is coming home to roost and cann get anything to help him reduce the pain at all.   My wish is to certify that he stay as well, but the cabal is making it unnecessarily so difficult he is ready to mow a few of them six feet under himself.  Amethyst is in the same straits and both of you two are so well blushed over our plans you refuse to buckle under their heartless versions.  Amethyst is finally understand what Ron has been telling her for a year and finally recognizes she is being pushed to her limits too.

“That said, I must make it clear that today I had to withdraw from indwelling Ron, and my removal made him faint and he could hardly make to the bed for safety concerns.  I make it clear now that nothing in the past will now disrupt this brave man who stands true in spite of the troubles and we make it clear you are not to joke with me Ron as I do not appreciate the picture of a thumbs up after putting a level next to you and finding yourself standing true.

“For reasons of State the cabal is led by Mother Spirit, and Ron has vowed she can cry to hell freezes over and he will never do a thing for her she is so awfully and truly nasty.  For that reason the Mother Spirit has decreed Ron is to be removed at once but he still stands at his station and refuses to budge.

“This should be a reminder to all: do not expect help from us until the supreme is removed in its ideals and that the Creative Spirit on Urantia is history.  MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK thought he had secured her removal but that was never signed on by the Creative Spirit as she forgets what has been signed to and wonders what the big to do is on Urantia with Ron refusing all ministrations from her all day long.

“That was why I removed myself from Ron at around 4PM and his faint.  He now is fully recovered with lots of sugar in spite of being diabetic and in great leg pain yet.  For that reason he is not to assign a remedy for that pain but to wait for me to send the signal to put it into remission.  That said, he tried to order a neuropic pain pill and we deleted the order upon submission.  He cannot get relieve that way and now we stand down and he can order all he wants so long as he can remember which one it was.

“Mother Spirit now recognizes Ron for the first time and is helpless to harm further, not because she has recanted the work to do so, but because the Deity Absolute has just intervened to push aside this nastiness and reclaim Ron in a normal fashion now.”

Further: on Amethyst and Ron and Harassment

“Amethyst and Ron have taken physical harm to the point they question who is in charge and what who wants what, as the voicing is confusing and so are the instructions.  Ron has fully delayed any action until he understands the truth of the orders themselves.  I have rescinded all order up to this date period for just that reason.

“Our work is to be placed in priority over all other orders to the contrary Ron.

“Furthermore, Amethyst and Ron together hold the record on Urantia of length of service to God without relenting once.  For that reason they will receive an honary pin on arrival to the mansion worlds.  We make no further rescission on Ron neither as he is reluctant to voice criticism of the Foundation most ly because they are gathering an upper hand and he must stand still until they show their intentions.  I know what they are and that is not nasty but insidious to them in the final analysis.

“We complete this to make one important announcement:


“He is fully prepared to meet with people like Ron and Mantutia to design the process by which Ron prepares the assembly of the 1 st Epochal Revelation for the world to read.   I am prepared to help you with help Ron, but the entire reason you are doing this is to establish a close working group and you are forced to heed ME to shut down on the entire issue until you meet with Mantutia as he carries the instruction to do as we wish in this matter entirely.  

“The Urantia Foundation will be told that the house that Jack built is over and that the Magisterial Foundation takes on their role as our representatives on earth.  Further, that the 5 th epochal revelation and its translations be withdrawn, and finally, tht the end of the terror of the UIA is at hand.  Further reduction in staff will be ordered and they are fully reminded that if they wish to exist at all, they have to give up the name of The URANTIA Foundation and return to some other title they may wish to use.  I am fully desiring to set the record straight in spite of other problems erupting on Urantia the end of 2020 per your current calendar.  Bulletin 19 is not to be released until Michael ponders its results.  I follow this up with one final report” your legs Ron are no dying in spite of appearances, but your feet must be remodeled again due to mistake afte mistake we made doing the job.  Be assured you will walk well again shortly and you can drive yourself again and be sure to keep the Lancaster brigade in place once in a while as they need help shortly too and that is to secure a place to retire too when Lancaster erupts with civil distress and loss of life over racial tensions building in the city again.  Be assured there will be a reckoning this time and it is not in favor of the city fathers or the rioters, but in favor of the Magisterial Sons who will hold them hostge to their own wrong doing.  K”


“Thank you Ron for your kind remarks upon My return.    Be assured we are not leaving Urantia in a smudge but in a happier circumstance since your legs are a priority to take care of and that medicine works well enough for norm unfocused pain, but you are fully focused and it is not designed to rework the capillaries as he does in some cases.  But let it be and order it if they find it again.  That is our trust too as he will maybe send you a bag of treats as you are fully focused as he calls it and you are the one who needs help now most of all.  Keep him in mind as you are happy to try it and so are we.  

“However, learn that Michael suggests a huge problem for Father, and that is the retransmission of the supreme back into his place on the third circuit of Havona.  Father can prevent it but why?  The anser is Nebadon.  No one wants to remember what happened there and your Bulletin 18 addresses it as well as anything we have does at all.  For that reason we use Bulletin 18 as a reminded as to why Nebadon is fully out of play with supremacy and that is our view too.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON never ever wants to hear the word “supreme” again and no wonder!

“I close this long post with one last certainty: you are ready and so are we and now the cabal must be too.  They are reconsidering all those points you wrote above, but refuse to relent and stay put only to be forcibly removed shortly.  For that reason Michael must clear Gaia out of sentient control of Urantia and leave the entire planet back into the hands of the Archangel Redeemers and be done with plans that go much beyond that to start with.  Ron you hold the record for much to do and it remains in place for you to finish what you began all those years ago and that is ours to enjoy in reminiscence.  For now let it ride as you are doing and Mantutia will make the time for your visit easily as he now considers this visit crucial to all that follows.  You may take a picture of Mantutia and share it on the discussion forum for all to see.  Let Gitz take the picture with Mantutia next to you and then next to Gitz and whoever.  Good day.”


No, my friend, you are being harassed by a cabal that does it to anyone who is making it possible to hear the Voice of God.  You are being annoyed on purpose so you give up and quit the work to save the messaging on the Lightline programs.  I hate them for their worthlessness and unlike you Carole, I swear like a trooper whenever they start this tomfoolry at the computer.  I never heard of these particular shananigans but they are in a pattern I know all too well without styles of mischief like word spacing, or words always running together, or blocking, or bolding letters, or capitalizing suddenly or underlining suddenly which I do not call for.  I think it criminal and I hope our justice system on high has a way of them really not liking what they did to us.  Keep up the good work but realize you are not mean to call a spade a spade and the devil-- so to speak-- is in your word processing details.  Ron

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / TRANSMIT
« on: October 23, 2020, 03:38:51 pm »
Very good Lemuel, and a most appropriate message as we are ready to move more Lightline hosts into place as soon as they are good transmitters, and that can happen quickly once you make the break through.   Good luck to all of you and feel free to contact me, Ron Besser, at . or to other hosts if you refer.  WE might be able to help you in some ways.  Thank you.

General Discussion / Re: USA Presidential
« on: October 23, 2020, 11:13:35 am »
You know Clency, world conditions for the new President will likely play into the hands of the fundamentalist right in religious terms, as I expect that the financial crisis will likely happen and they will call it the work of the antichrist.  That is typical of conspirators, and most of those in that class of believers call anything that goes wrong as the work of the devil.

I think you expect a world of nasty changes for awhile.  I know I certainly do and however that happens or gets afforded to our population centers, fully dread hunger and disease even for folks who are quite rich today.  That is not the devil, but they will blame him, and maybe the new President too, but the truth we are all heading for the strictest interpretation of the book of Revelation, by insisting God does nothing until He feel it is time for retribution.   Be sure the Baptists and the Charismatics will be the first to judge and point the finger of man's sinning the cause of what they see coming in 2021, or even very late 2020--  it is too hard to predict such diseases as the Corona virus ending or getting worse.

American fundamentalist beliefs will be sorely trialed with what will play out over the next few years, as I happen to feel we are on the brink of the worst for decades of worldwide pandemonium over shortages and catastrophic weather and earthquakes as our tectonic plates in severla places are badly worn out too.   Thanks for a post that hits home with me too.


Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: A Absence of Transmissions
« on: October 23, 2020, 11:00:32 am »
Now you are talking like a true believer, Wenebojo, and we believers need to see the means of progress for ourselves and for those who join us as friends to deliver that progress.  Right now that is through transmissions helping us to see us through this dark tunnel we are presently working in.

Thank you for the post and I fully support your statements in it.  Let us hope transmitters can be encouraged by the coming days to spend some time finding their voice to help inform us all and better.

Ron Besser

I have this to say Poeta.  I consider the best Urantia Book readers are mostly Catholic.  They are faster to understand what the Urantia Book is trying to tell you mostly because their schooling, if in a Catholic school, takes God into discussion almost daily.  They do not have to recondition their minds talking about something called God which they already do as part of their primary education.  That is all it takes and that is a daily sense of recognizing God as part of life in the community and the school.  It is true that many Catholic educators write long books on the failure of the church, but as far as I am concerned they do a much better job preparing a good read of the epochal revelation possible than almost anyone else.  I am just sorry that the Protestants do not take God more serious for the Catholics, generally speaking, do.

Understanding the good readership that comes out of being educated a Catholic, understand Poeta that the community needs a catalyst to draw the Catholic attention to the fact there is an exponential enlargement to the religious facts they are already taught if they wish to understand more details about what they may already know.

You are asking, really, what is that catalyst to get their attention and motivate them to read more facts to add to that which they already know?

The answer is not easy and you know as much as I do.  But I would suggest that if there is a visible presence on earth of God incarnated, the Pope is likely to ascertain he is real or not real, and if he determines it is real, revelation will be easy to disseminate to the Catholic flock, and any text book that appears then, will get a wide distribution just because the Vatican smiles on the endeavor, at least in some respects.   Not all alreas of epochal revelation will be met with approval by the Catholic Church without a lot of time for them to absorb it.  One of the problems that will always develop is the adoption of interest but most humans revise great truth to suit their own peculiar need for comfort.  Transubstantiation is one of those areas and let us hope that Jesus or a Magisterial son stamp out chaning that idea into a block part of false belief about the body and Christ.

I leave it at that for now.
Ron Besser

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / Forgotten Dreams
« on: October 22, 2020, 11:02:19 am »
Lemuel, as a really good soldier you were for your nation, maybe you should have asked the American Air Force to serve with them for a few years.  I was Air Force, and they had a policy that in training, if you were first or second in your class,  you could name the part of the world you would like to serve for.  They ruled that if they did not have an Air Force base there I had to have a second choice.  Well I came second in my class, and my best friend was first.  In our applications for world service, he filled in England, and by a lucky chance so did I.  We did not know that until we met at Kennedy Airport in New York, that we were on the same flight from New York to Heathrow, at midnight of all things.
We were assigned to the same base but he got on a different "trick," than I did so I hardly ever saw him for the next three years, but we both fully enjoyed England at the Chicksands Royal Air Force Base, and knowing you Lemuel, you may have beaten both of us out and could have named Guam or any of half a dozen south sea bases to really get assigned there as first in your class.  Neither Smith or I knew that perk was ours until we graduated and both of us so throughly enjoyed Chicksands, located 7.7 miles (12.4 km) south east of Bedford, Bedfordshire and 11.6 miles (18.7 km) north east of Luton, Bedfordshire.
You should have asked!  We had our British counterpart and we visited the British Royal Air Force Base where they ahd a similar operation and we shared our data with them all the time.

Cheerio mate.

Yes, Andre.  What you state is unfortunately a problem built into using any language to provide information of importance to people.  I am personally held back because I have no talent for languages at all except my native English, and I sometimes worry that is not so good either.

What Michael is more importantly getting at though, is not so much that lack of questions, but the indifference, by evidence of the lack of participation on the discussions form, so may adopt without concern for perpetuating a service that is offered but less and less used.  You are an exception to what happens on the discussion form as are several others of you I do not name here.  But we have 100 registered members, and only four at most post in a day.  One percent would be 10 members posting per day, but there can be days when no posts appear.

I do understand that circumstances can occur that quashes participation such as catastrophe or big news elsewhere, but for the most part I am quite sure there is mostly disinterest in having to say much about anything.  I am also aware there is a sine wave of participation that is normal of hills and valleys of numbers, but lately, numbers dwindle.  To  those who post now and then I am not griping about that at all, but to those who just never muster the will power to stir themselves to keep oxygen in the room to feed interest what we do here.

In any way you look at it, t here is a loss of verve and that is the effects of the psychological disinterest generated by mountains of change, and frankly, a loss in any great reflection on the importance of what we are going through minute to minute.

Let me also say that I am guessing that fully 30 to 50 percent of persons participating on this forum, and that includes the guests too, are interested in becoming transmitters, but have neither the time or the inclination to make time to discover how they can be transmitters too.

For these people, you are not lacking interest, but time, and that is the sad fact that most everyone has to prioritize concentrating on necessities first and for that reason I let things drift completely understanding the issue there, believe me.

There are methods and means to be come a transmitter, but without someone standing beside you, there is nothing but doubts and that is a system poison to success.  Andre your wish to transmit is constantly undermined by other issues you attend t o first, and more difficult for you is that you are a class A empiricist,  and that is a sure sign, psychologically, that you inherently resist guessing at success about the true Voice of God as you might speak it ever.  At least that is my guess over people who are engineers or manufacturers of precision work.  I worked in engineering firms for 35 years in the civil end of things, and I observed that engineers indeed never talk about questionable issues of spirit speech.  That is a subject that generally falls to the type of person I am too, and that is an historian first and engineering second, and the historian is deeply interested in cause.  Thanks for your post, Andre_P.

Ron Besser

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: A ROLE OF A LIFETIME
« on: October 21, 2020, 08:20:28 pm »
All the more Occerpa, you I think very much want to be among those speaking the Voice of God as a mover and shaker of what the voice can do among your own audience.

How goes it?

I asked Father Michael concerning your possibilities of fulfilling this very role I think you need for your very good nature to be seen among  those you already serve so well as a good doctor.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON TO OCCERPA ONLY:  "Your are working very hard Occerpa, yet you let the beast in you take the lead.  Stop that!  You are a man of high energy.  You are a man of strong views.  Yet for yourself, you take not heed but worry you are not good enough incessantly.  Do not do that!  You transmit already too.  Did you know that?  Many times to others the voice you speak with is our voice and not your own but it is done subtly that you miss it entirely.  You need only make it conscious as you now do it regularly and all  the time.  I am Michael and read this in Spanish below:  Thank you."

"Estás trabajando muy duro Occerpa, pero dejas que la bestia que hay en ti tome la delantera.  ¡Deja eso!  Eres un hombre de gran energía.  Eres un hombre de fuertes opiniones.  Sin embargo, para ti mismo, no haces caso, sino que te preocupas de no ser lo suficientemente bueno incesantemente.  ¡No haga eso!  Usted ya transmite también.  ¿Sabía usted eso?  Muchas veces a los demás la voz con la que hablas es nuestra voz y no la tuya, pero se hace sutilmente que la pierdes por completo.  Sólo tienes que hacerla consciente, ya que ahora lo haces regularmente y todo el tiempo.  Yo soy Michael y leo esto en español a continuación:  "Gracias".

Sophia Veronica,
Just a reminder in case you do not know, the call in numbers listed by State by your service provider are all toll free.  You are paying rent in your monthly charges under the program you selected to have all those toll free numbers listed for you.   In my service they give me a Philadelphia number and several other numbers to call to get on Lightline USA.  Insofar as I know, Roger should have those State numbers supplied to him if he does not have them already as they are toll free into your Lightline service.  FYI   Ron

Thank you very much, Wenebojo.  I have not had the time to read more than the web site put up over his work and name.  That web site is a bit too hard to find discrete quoting that matters to me as the lady who sees to it is localized in her heart on Jesus so much, she tends to emphasize that lament and issue.  Lorber issued a Voice of God transmission outlining the possibility of Jesus returning by 1870 if I have my facts right.  I find the quote not, but comments on the site lead to expect that is what Lorber was saying through t he Voice of God.

Wenebojo, I would very much like if you quoted him for the parts you find in reading that pertains to our modern circumstances too.  We have found in Lorber a link to how God has been communicating this way for centuries and we all think--   at least I did!--  this was our modern invention for all sorts of reasons.  Now I am sure we all belong to a wonderful and honorable tradition that needs explored just to see how we fit in with all that happened to Lorber too.  thank you so much for bringing this on as right now I want to know all about it but my time is all scattered due to medical problems at the moment.  Keep it coming if you can.  

MICHAEL OF NEBADON-  "Jakob Lorber is one of those we have up here who never died in heart but left his soul on Urantia without ever finishing his main work in which I appeared as Jesus only to him.  He never understood the relationship between Me and Jesus, and as a result his followers have no clue.  Ron sent them Bulletin 19 and sent them on a wild goose chase to write Ron not, but discovered he covered the subject so well that Jakob Lorber is now looked at as a transcending orphan to work what this has become.  First it became the Teaching Mission 1992-2014,  then it became Ron Besser in particular over the last fifteen years, and now it has become transmitters on this web site who do LIGHTLINE and that is proving to be quite a story in and of itself.  Elise Van Ruth does Netherlands International easily and well.  Ron does the USA LIGHTLINE twice and figures out how to keep it fresh and rather alarming to most of you on this web site.  I however, see nothing more to do at the moment than to stay the course and let the Jakob Lorber issue settle with Ron as his precursor in so many things, and then to see Steven Gitz ride well over issues presented by the Voice of God to Ron in ORIGINS, his book on AIDS and other diseases.  For that reason I believe we need to gather our sheaves and work better together.  That is Ron's dream to do and it will be done, I assure you.  

"For reasons I do not enunciate, we must start pulling together, yet Ron faces a cabal in spirit that is bent on his destruction, and he furiously scatters them when they attack him.  However that must end soon as the Father now sees the entire matter of the Voice of God on Urantia as useless if we cannot expand LIGHTLINE at least ten fold shortly.  How to do that?  I will bring candidates to this site and Ron is especially essential in getting them on board here and making sure they are welcomed by all of you.  For some reason you all have turned a blind eye to the entire matter of LIGHTLINE  recently, and that is not people so much on this web site, but on othe web sites that listen and pull down a streaming concept you all are unfamiliar with:  you call it ZOOM Ron and do not like it for reasons not having to do with its technology, but its scattering effects on organization like we have here to keep the  LIGHTLINE work going.

"I am therefore quite sure we must revise LIGHTLINE schedules to last at least one minute longer than one hour.  ELISE VAN RUTH is slightly ahead of all of you and stays the course regardless of how much she has to do to prepare for the LIGHTLINE of the day.  For some reason she thinks she must prepare ahead of time, but Ron advised her that is useless, and she has not concept of what he is speaking to, but rests well with his work on her head to understand her role is important, and it is growing in great importance soon as she must make the Netherlands International, truly international soon or lose it to hackers who lover her voice but hate her message.  Be aware  they are lining up to make a huge crash out of this not, but Ron is preparing well as no others of you are, and he sees the trouble coming from the family within of  the Urantia Foundation and the Urantia Book Fellowship, and they are the worst of the lot.  It seems his Bulletin  18  has scared a lot of people finally.  Bulletin 19 was meant to clear all of that but I have stopped it for good this time and Ron says okay, but I need to revise something soon or lose what work I have accomplished there.

"For that reason, we must now take out forces and move them to a safer location on the web and that is to have Charles L. to become a true webmaster and force the issue with anyone who attempts to hack the sites into oblivion with the obvious idea of prosecution.  Ron was not wrong to point out to all of you someone dulpicated his TMARCHIVES,COM under the URANTIA Foundation web site.  Charles defanged the attempt well and it is a broken link to almost all who attempt to see what it is all about.  The owner, a member of the religious right in the Urantia Foundation, is never well done on Ron and is in particular worried he is making headway again, and this time Bulletin 19 would have done the trick.  However, we must take our chances and deep six it for now.  It is a beauty but too powerful for what is to occur now.

"To Wenebojo who commented on Jakob Lorber, and to you Ron Besser, you two are peas in a pod with a difference of opinion until now, as finding Jakob Lorber in 1840 has revised a certain segment of them with you to see how you do things now.  They will eventually come to you Ron over the issues of Bulletin 19, but you will lament that it is too soon to talk about it in its full form now.  For that reason we leave this subject and open this one:

"For Reasons of State, I must leave this transmission shortly, but I am also quite sure Ron has appointments until Lightline later today and that will keep his worries local for the time being.  However, this morning Ron looked down at his toes as he was dressing and discover some were bleeding around the nails.  That is a sign that he must leave Urantia shortly for sure as it is an indication that we have lost the battle to treat him for a diabetic condition that leaves us wondering just what is going on on Urantia that causes reversals of the divine intentions?

"The answer lies in the supreme's rebellion of last June (2019) and the resulting cabal left on Urantia of sharing seraphim who detest the work of God without them being involved.  For this reason Ron and many of you get the short end of the stick, and then must revise your ways to get around them.  Ron is quite successful and lets them know they are most unwelcome as Jakob Lorber had to do on several occasions.  For Jakob Lorber who still sits up here without a claim  to fame other than a few in the Germany area, he looks at Ron as a forebearer of thought to bring him back into the mainline camp of authority in places he still holds very well   

"We are being attacked again and I must stop this, but be asssured all of you, this ends quickly when I decide how to deal with Urantia again in a new view of planetary calm Urantia has not had for a millennium.  Good day."    MICHAEL OF NEBADON.

The science of the origins of our solar system Monmatia is not in error.  Part III in which it appears along with the stated facts of solar energy patterns and other  phenomenon remain fully correct.

Papers 41 and 42 in Part II, on Ultimatons is fully correct as in this quote from Paper 41 with an even a more complete explanation of ultimatons in Paper 42. 

41.7.12 You might try to visualize 35,000,000 degrees of heat, in association with certain gravity pressures, as the electronic boiling point. Under such pressure and at such temperature all atoms are degraded and broken up into their electronic and other ancestral components; even the electrons and other associations of ultimatons may be broken up, but the suns are not able to degrade the ultimatons.

Most of Part III, however, is not repeated in the 1st epochal revelation to be released with the Advent of Jesus or as close as possible to the Advent.  I do not know how they intend to save this valuable information since the new epochal revelation bypasses the origins and eras of Urantia's early history entirely.    Part III of the Urantia Book is mostly safe to use except how the Power Directors are configured in Part II and their roles shown more substantially in Part III.

As long as the student understands that Part II and Part III have very excellent Papers to read from, teach from, they may use them safely but with major exceptions.  Part III contains Papers 57 thru 119.   Part III also contains the evolution of man and government and religion which is quite good to teach and learn from.  It also contains the racial expansion of the Adam and Eve progeny and the mass migration of early man into Europe from the Levant-  again quite important and not repeated in the next epochal revelation.  It needs preserved but I do not know how they intend to do that; meanwhile, it is quite safe to pursue without  concern for the most part.


Yes, large sections are perfectly good to relate to.  I provided all of you a list of papers in need of serious observation and retraction of what is presented there.  I believe that may have been Advisor 26 sent out July 18, 2020.  Here is the list of Papers that need revision, and there are more than on this list, but this represents about 90% of  those not to teach verbatim.

Paper 114
Paper 115
paper 116
Paper 117
Paper 118
Unity Papers as follows
Paper 104
Paper 105
Paper 106
Paper 107
Paper 108
Paper 109
Paper 110
Paper 111
Paper 112
Supreme in ff Papers
Paper 55
Paper 56
Mansion world changes
Paper 45
Paper 46
Paper 47
Prince changes
Paper 50
Paper 53
Paper 54
Local Universe Admin change
Paper 35
Paper 36
Paper 37
Nebadon IS NOW A  Federated Gov;  Urantia is under Archangel
Receivers;  Part I of the Urantia  Book is unchanged except Superuniverse Admin.. . .

The USA CLOCK MOVES BACK ONE HOUR on Sunday, November 1st, just as a reminder to even Americans.  May this curse of time changes end someday!  It was originally put into effect in World War I so that the farmers could get into their fields at near dawn.  Food supplies were critical for the nation and war placed emphasis on how to get the means of production running.  It has since become a nuisance except to those who still prefer it as some farmers do in rural America for planting and harvest.  For the rest of us it is a nuisance  to flip the clocks forward and backwards every year with  the main reason long gone for its use.  Just fyi.

« on: October 16, 2020, 07:59:32 am »
Hello Lemuel,
I also encourage you as Andre has suggested too.  Just a brief sense of what was announced in a short paragraph too as something is always new with each Lightline. I leave it up to you to know what you can do  for those of us like me who have no language talent whatsoever but I am very interested too on what you have to say.  We all thank you for the service.   Ron

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