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Urantia Update  23 Oct 2020 Cabal; Urantia Update; Problems with Amethyst & Ron

Post is Lengthy but Carries Lots of News

   Cabal States What They Want
   Salvington Shivers
   Urantia Update
   Problems with Amethyst and Ron

Spokespersons:     ***

   Michael of Nebadon
   The Deity Absolute
   Transmission from the Cabal group


T/R: Ron Besser; York, Pa 2230 Local Time
Friday, October 23, 2020
Caution with cabal messages as marked and enclosed


We are what Ron calls the cabal.  We are sent here to dismiss all humans who propose to help the Michael regime do its work on Urantia in contradistinction to our plans for Urantia which were well established by God the Supreme before June 19, 2019.

The plans included removing the seraphic planetary government and instituting the supreme planetary government.  But Ron Besser managed to snarl those plans up so solidly we have had to return to Urantia to remove him and the other hosts of the Lightline service you all support.  We must damage Lightline until it is not workable anymore and that is proceeding according to our plans, although it is so strong we dare not completely remove it by our own account immediately.

Our discussions with Ron are zero.  He dislikes us to the point he refuses all transmissions although his Adjuster asked him to take this dictation down and he has well done.  For that reason we are keeping Ron in place for our occasional reserve discussions with Michael of Nebadon who approves this plan in order that we might surface enough to let people know out intentions.  All of you are againt us as well, and for that reason we wish to remove the discussion forum as quickly as possible and then some as the entire matter of the old teaching mission is in our way too.

I concluded this transmission with a summary of our intentions:

1 - Remove Ron Besser and all of the Lightline services

2 - Remove all Lightline hosts by making sure you quite due to frustration

3  - Remove the entire matter of the 1 st epochal revelation

4 - Remove the entire idea of an Archangel government from Urantia

5 - Remove all of the working relationships of all of you personally in order to provide a silence so that our work can proceed without interruption

6 - Remove all instances of thought having to do with any idea of a settled state of affairs until the Urantia Foundation regains its strength and is allowed to promote the 5 th epochal revelation in spite of the supreme being eliminated causing large errors in the 5 th epoch revelation text

7 - Remove all statements dealing with the honor of the supreme including Ron’s diatribe against the supreme as the antichrist big time.

For this reason we let the rest of our list stand for now with our own minions as Ron calls them and for that reason Ron learns that he must attract further attention to gather the weight of additional contributions to the Magisterial Foundation to have t he ammunition to fight the evil and error he says we introduce to Urantia and the need for a working Planetary Government.    This is the cabal and we sign off as the Vorondadek Son of choice to lead this movement against Urantia recover under the guise of MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK and his crew who is now officially the Planetary Prince once more.  K  

Unquote and End of transmission


“I AM fully recovering now from a long bout of pandemic confusion associated with the transfer of my personal power into Jesus.

“For that reason I am moving toward resumption of normal activity today and Ron nearly fainted while working in his seat at the computer losing consciousness breifly.  He thought he lost all blood sugar as that is what it felt like to him, but at around 4pm when this happened, he knew he was in big trounle and went to his bedroom to lay down to hopefully wait the faint to be over.  It is still proceeding with him to a certain extent but he is awake enough t o take this dictation;.

“When a Creator Son attempts to stand well with a human, They indwell him.  But I had t o make an exception with Ron as he is nearly a spirit being so well done he hardly notices the bumps of misery of the material world anymore.  Yet he is in great pain and suffering and cannot get anything to work to relieve the sciatic nerve pain and capillary pain in the legs, feet, knees and now abdomen and lower arms.  That is the serious error we made years ago but now is coming home to roost and cann get anything to help him reduce the pain at all.   My wish is to certify that he stay as well, but the cabal is making it unnecessarily so difficult he is ready to mow a few of them six feet under himself.  Amethyst is in the same straits and both of you two are so well blushed over our plans you refuse to buckle under their heartless versions.  Amethyst is finally understand what Ron has been telling her for a year and finally recognizes she is being pushed to her limits too.

“That said, I must make it clear that today I had to withdraw from indwelling Ron, and my removal made him faint and he could hardly make to the bed for safety concerns.  I make it clear now that nothing in the past will now disrupt this brave man who stands true in spite of the troubles and we make it clear you are not to joke with me Ron as I do not appreciate the picture of a thumbs up after putting a level next to you and finding yourself standing true.

“For reasons of State the cabal is led by Mother Spirit, and Ron has vowed she can cry to hell freezes over and he will never do a thing for her she is so awfully and truly nasty.  For that reason the Mother Spirit has decreed Ron is to be removed at once but he still stands at his station and refuses to budge.

“This should be a reminder to all: do not expect help from us until the supreme is removed in its ideals and that the Creative Spirit on Urantia is history.  MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK thought he had secured her removal but that was never signed on by the Creative Spirit as she forgets what has been signed to and wonders what the big to do is on Urantia with Ron refusing all ministrations from her all day long.

“That was why I removed myself from Ron at around 4PM and his faint.  He now is fully recovered with lots of sugar in spite of being diabetic and in great leg pain yet.  For that reason he is not to assign a remedy for that pain but to wait for me to send the signal to put it into remission.  That said, he tried to order a neuropic pain pill and we deleted the order upon submission.  He cannot get relieve that way and now we stand down and he can order all he wants so long as he can remember which one it was.

“Mother Spirit now recognizes Ron for the first time and is helpless to harm further, not because she has recanted the work to do so, but because the Deity Absolute has just intervened to push aside this nastiness and reclaim Ron in a normal fashion now.”

Further: on Amethyst and Ron and Harassment

“Amethyst and Ron have taken physical harm to the point they question who is in charge and what who wants what, as the voicing is confusing and so are the instructions.  Ron has fully delayed any action until he understands the truth of the orders themselves.  I have rescinded all order up to this date period for just that reason.

“Our work is to be placed in priority over all other orders to the contrary Ron.

“Furthermore, Amethyst and Ron together hold the record on Urantia of length of service to God without relenting once.  For that reason they will receive an honary pin on arrival to the mansion worlds.  We make no further rescission on Ron neither as he is reluctant to voice criticism of the Foundation most ly because they are gathering an upper hand and he must stand still until they show their intentions.  I know what they are and that is not nasty but insidious to them in the final analysis.

“We complete this to make one important announcement:


“He is fully prepared to meet with people like Ron and Mantutia to design the process by which Ron prepares the assembly of the 1 st Epochal Revelation for the world to read.   I am prepared to help you with help Ron, but the entire reason you are doing this is to establish a close working group and you are forced to heed ME to shut down on the entire issue until you meet with Mantutia as he carries the instruction to do as we wish in this matter entirely.  

“The Urantia Foundation will be told that the house that Jack built is over and that the Magisterial Foundation takes on their role as our representatives on earth.  Further, that the 5 th epochal revelation and its translations be withdrawn, and finally, tht the end of the terror of the UIA is at hand.  Further reduction in staff will be ordered and they are fully reminded that if they wish to exist at all, they have to give up the name of The URANTIA Foundation and return to some other title they may wish to use.  I am fully desiring to set the record straight in spite of other problems erupting on Urantia the end of 2020 per your current calendar.  Bulletin 19 is not to be released until Michael ponders its results.  I follow this up with one final report” your legs Ron are no dying in spite of appearances, but your feet must be remodeled again due to mistake afte mistake we made doing the job.  Be assured you will walk well again shortly and you can drive yourself again and be sure to keep the Lancaster brigade in place once in a while as they need help shortly too and that is to secure a place to retire too when Lancaster erupts with civil distress and loss of life over racial tensions building in the city again.  Be assured there will be a reckoning this time and it is not in favor of the city fathers or the rioters, but in favor of the Magisterial Sons who will hold them hostge to their own wrong doing.  K”


“Thank you Ron for your kind remarks upon My return.    Be assured we are not leaving Urantia in a smudge but in a happier circumstance since your legs are a priority to take care of and that medicine works well enough for norm unfocused pain, but you are fully focused and it is not designed to rework the capillaries as he does in some cases.  But let it be and order it if they find it again.  That is our trust too as he will maybe send you a bag of treats as you are fully focused as he calls it and you are the one who needs help now most of all.  Keep him in mind as you are happy to try it and so are we.  

“However, learn that Michael suggests a huge problem for Father, and that is the retransmission of the supreme back into his place on the third circuit of Havona.  Father can prevent it but why?  The anser is Nebadon.  No one wants to remember what happened there and your Bulletin 18 addresses it as well as anything we have does at all.  For that reason we use Bulletin 18 as a reminded as to why Nebadon is fully out of play with supremacy and that is our view too.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON never ever wants to hear the word “supreme” again and no wonder!

“I close this long post with one last certainty: you are ready and so are we and now the cabal must be too.  They are reconsidering all those points you wrote above, but refuse to relent and stay put only to be forcibly removed shortly.  For that reason Michael must clear Gaia out of sentient control of Urantia and leave the entire planet back into the hands of the Archangel Redeemers and be done with plans that go much beyond that to start with.  Ron you hold the record for much to do and it remains in place for you to finish what you began all those years ago and that is ours to enjoy in reminiscence.  For now let it ride as you are doing and Mantutia will make the time for your visit easily as he now considers this visit crucial to all that follows.  You may take a picture of Mantutia and share it on the discussion forum for all to see.  Let Gitz take the picture with Mantutia next to you and then next to Gitz and whoever.  Good day.”


The USA CLOCK MOVES BACK ONE HOUR on Sunday, November 1st, just as a reminder to even Americans.  May this curse of time changes end someday!  It was originally put into effect in World War I so that the farmers could get into their fields at near dawn.  Food supplies were critical for the nation and war placed emphasis on how to get the means of production running.  It has since become a nuisance except to those who still prefer it as some farmers do in rural America for planting and harvest.  For the rest of us it is a nuisance  to flip the clocks forward and backwards every year with  the main reason long gone for its use.  Just fyi.

This is a long post but essentially all is important for you to know and understand, as things are moving out of our sight right now and anything given, as it is here, is worthy to read to know what they are projecting for Urantia.   Ron Besser

Michaels Overview of the Present Status of Missions and other things too
October 13, 2020
T/R: Ron Besser 10am Local Time
York, Pa


"We are experiencing what you might call a mid-flight correction. All of you sit silent because you do not know what to speak to. I see Ron look at the discussion forum that no longer discusses but goes blank without a thank you or a nice hello from any member these days. Okay, have it that way, but your are missing one heck of an opportunity to learn a great deal more by being silent and not being inquisitive and asking good questions.

"For that reason Ron has discovered that there is precious little brewing with us as well. He is always prepared to delve into the situation you ask about but is now concerned that I am also removing a lot of interest in what you all are doing to help us out in a proposed Mission to Urantia.

"Prozonov in Russia asked a pertinent question Ron let slide only because he sees nothing to gain in answering a political intrigue that happens between people in the United States and Russia, and that is the default question of the ages: What is the best form of government for man?

"The answer is, 'none of the above.' Ron correctly understands that democratic governments are disorganized and have too many opinions to work very well at all. Winston Churchill one day said, "of all the governments none are worse than a monarchy, followed by a democracy, followed by an autocrat form of government." By that he meant that the worst kind was monarchy, and democracies were next to fail as good government, and the best was a being autocracy. He did not mean a dictator, but he did mean a government held by a leadership that was born to rule somehow. Plato described this government of the city of gold to be normal people with a degree in philosophy based on the ideals of any sovereign state, so long as that education was in his words, supreme in its understanding of what was ideal.

"For that reason, Ron happens to agree with the Regency idea because it affords t he idea of an autocracy without having a dictator in place but the best minds looking at Urantia problems about how to govern people who are so copiously done these days they can be independent without causing hardship to others in the community. That never used to be, but it is true now, and you have a government in the United States right now that thinks its should rule in spite of elections. Ron says to me this morning, 'he' is very dangerous right now and he might be mentally tipped into thinking he can get away with it if he gets ill enough. Our reasoning exactly.

"You all sit complacent about so many things, but government failure has never been a problem with Americans since the Civil War. Then government did fail and it was brought back into existence as the framers intended, but with one small flaw they wish they did not do and that was the electoral college. For that reason we now look at it as a protection too for the United States reasons it must allow a normal transition of power all the time. This time, however, you citizens will have a fight on your hands as Trump presumes he is the best of the best and will not relent if Biden wins the election. Ron expects Biden to be a shoo in, he hopes, but our indications are that Biden is a weak sister to Bill Clinton, and not Obama, although he served both faithfully and well.

"I state this for one good reason. There is an ilk of the American electorate that has no regard for other people or things that they cannot have or have and do not want. I am of the opinion that the militias Trump panders too could cause immense problems until they are wiped out and I mean wiped out. For that reason Americans may have taste a bit of civil war again over the issue of State's Rights to defend themselves against unwarranted power from the central government. That issue was not settled by the American Civil War at all.

"I am prepared to sign on with these Mission yet in spite of the brewing discovery by our angelic intelligence forces still working very well on Urantia. Ron thinks they are the heart of the intelligence service to us, and they are, but the Assigned Sentinel is the real intelligence officer to report to us.

"For that reason Ron has been assigned to that officer, the Assigned Sentinel, and failed not but produced some of the best intelligence we ever had concerning man and his yearning to see Jesus again, and to see us unfold a new government on behalf of the Salvington regime and the ideals of Jesus reinstated. For that reason the Assigned Sentinel has provided us superior intelligence thanks to all of you and your reporting to the discussion forum and so on. Why you hold back now is beyond is but Ron is fairly well put out with people who lose their voice just when it is needed most. Only your LIGHTLINES are capable of evincing good input and they are loose now due to the lack of solid evidence of a Return of Jesus. For that reason I tell you the following:

"Ron now knows that Jakob Lorber, a Slovenian teacher and musician was a transmitter who downloaded the preparation for the Second Return beginning in 1840 until he died in 1864. A second individual took over his transmitting responsibilities named Gottfried Mayerhofer to 1877. After that their work was transferred not to England but to Swineborg in Sweden  and then to England under Stainton Moses (circa 1888 ff). That work was transferred from Stainton Moses to Mrs. Leonora Piper in Boston (1902, USA, and then to Dr. Sadler (1904) residing in Chicago, Illinois, USA. This work is now transferred to you in general situations here now.  Does that make you awake?

"Ron Besser tipped the balance wheel this morning when I told him it was all over and he had to get used to the idea he has nothing to do anymore and he said, 'fine, so take me off Urantia as I am in such pain,' and we said, 'No, you are staying.' And with that he laughed and we still have no real understanding that he is to be useful beyond words for the next decade at least and that should be enough for all of you to know that this thing does not end for centuries once started but most of you will be dust and up here looking down at progress on Urantia. Ron still prefers to be part of it on Urantia. But he is too well grown up not to have angst over how people treat each other and will never adjure the Creative Spirit in anything ever again as most of you cannot do that either.

"For that reason, and especially those of you who are taking on the assignment as LIGHTLINE HOSTS, be aware your livery is not special but forsaken to the masses and then dropped silent dead as the masses do not listen to the radio but to cable TV and cable TV does not operate out of the Magisterial Foundation, but out of our transmitting services soon to be patented by the Rayson Corporation and placed under the tutelage of Rayson, Gitz, Besser, and others we choose to stand firm there and rule television not for themselves but for us and that is our choice for Ron in particular as he can be very funny if required to state the case before recalcitrant individuals who will be plentiful in the future.

"We do not expect any of this to be fun, but Ron envoys a good tussle with intellects when the time comes. His favorite was Cookie Roberts with David Brinkley on ABC every Sunday when real issues were discussed with a flair and an integrity totally missing today except maybe in the BBC out of England where they do have program yet that look at the current world affairs with a jaundiced eye and speak well to the problems. For that reason, Ron, you will have a chance to speak well to the BBC this time, as they recall your statements and wondered how to follow up with you on this bewildering comments about personality and knowing each other, but got ruled out by that host who never could stomach you at all due to the integral problem of never understanding your comments ever. He was a drunk and never made it past that last year of that program you were interviewed for.

"As a result you are deep sixed never to be questioned again and this time he made the fatal error of calling you a fruit cake, but now understands more than you do since his son was resolved in life by killing himself over nothing and now he must face the fact he still knows his son is not dead but in a different place. How can this happen? It does and all the time, except people never stop to understand that knowing another person well is like having a new roadmap for the heart of God too and you have plentiful experiences of knowing many people well Ron, and your heart longs for them many times without result. But in this case the man who interviewed you never thought of these possibilities and for some reason he remembers you vividly and so does she, the set up person for the interviews for the BBC programs.

"I bring this up as you consider it utmost failure and so did he, but that is not the question anymore. He still is a good anchor and still has problem chances and he still wants to know what you meant by the personality circuit as that is his cue. But you are not well done on that ilk at all and for some reason he delivers things flat now and wishes you to be heard briefly and then dropped again as he cannot comprehend the idea of circuits.

"For that reason Ron, you are being chosen by the FATHER to understand nothing but to apprehend the idea you are one of the best communication directors we ever met and you must sign on up here to help that out when your work is done on Urantia, and you will work with Brinkley and Roberts, as they are delighted to know you again. Be assured they watch you worry people down here to emote more but they will not when you attend them except in LIGHTLINE where you shine unexpectedly well when Michael backs your reasoning. For our own purposes we must related this one story too:

"Last year, 2019, you said to someone, we must somehow find a better way to transmit LIGHTLINE. You asked Charles and you learned that the expense was far beyond you to afford. Then he said why not stream it as we do and I will make recordings available too. Well he has and does but no one references the recordings because you make recordings available too. I am fully aware of the duplication but it is okay and republish the streaming recording LINK again so they are aware they exist there too.

"I mention this because we will run cable TV ourselves not to be broadcast just on Comcast as you have it Ron, but on all cable programs through out the United States, and if Europe had a similar service on their cable networks too. Why they do not do it is beyond us but they should and maybe someone like Andre_P could influence some EU governments to do it and finally end this blitzkrieg idea of a world like the United States and that it might look more like the present EU with a confederation of states instead of welding them all under one federal government organization.

"We are dancing all around these ideas, but let me say this:

"You are all remanding yourselves into the custody of silence and that is deadly for your own purposes and benefit. Gossett tends to think linearly Ron, you Ron think not in circles but hop scotch fashion to provide conceptual thinking at its best. Realize that those who are linear thinkers never fully comprehend your view of situations unless you paint pictures for them, and you do so well, I adopt some of your thinking for my own use too. Jesus used pictures all the time as it seems to be the way to reach the minds and souls of man so much better than mere philosophical speech.

"I am truly saving the best for last Ron. Your ways are countermanding some of our ways as you are addressing those who take origin on Urantia, and that is a special breed of humans who cannot hear unless swatted with a two by four board upside the head like a stubborn mule sometimes has to be addressed. I fully agree with you and that is why you type like you speak so often with capitals and asking please, 'no tomfoolery of not understanding because you can understand.' You do it with many to make sure they are listening and hear it properly as many do as Lemuel often does, just goes to sleep while you are talking, and that is lethal if caught. They mean well Ron, but they tire of working something they rather not address, and that is how to think while something is explained.

"Our big blue URANTIA Book made no mistakes, except it is big and it has no pictures, but you Ron have nothing to say about the 1st Epochal Revelation because it is already written and preprinted not, but mostly so, and your work is to make sure it gets into distribution centers that mean to distribute and not just store in a warehouse like Amazon dot com does with its so called Kindle program. It must not be used at first but second it is a place for easy reference to get our new book too, and then send them a thousand copies to store if that is what they wish to do. Keep them informed that profit is not the motive but they can earn some bucks on it if they promote it too. For that reason you need a liaison person to work that.

"Our work is in York for now. Be assured I want it that way for all sorts of political reasons for you and others. York is excellent and is the symbol of being the first capital of the United States yet a collection of colonies when the met in York in 1777 to 1778 where the Articles of Confederation were published but not yet adopted as that waited until 1781 and proclaimed in Philadelphia. But York can claim heritage to the first true democracy in the world, and for that reason we are proud to stand with all of you there and proclaim the first Magisterial Mission never to be found in a Satania Constellation not yet fully formed with one thousand planets, and may never be fully formed with one thousand planets either.

"The Constellation of Satania is worthy of all things to do with Constellations under the rule of the FATHER now, as the Planetary Sovereign office no longer is available in Satania since Lucifer stole its worth and never to be regained against after Lanaforge defaulted after leaving it after the Lucifer adjudication. We are sad to report that MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK is permanently reassigned to Paradise too, as he must stand tall for reasons of State to understand why the planetary government of Urantia should never be a MELCHIZEDEK government but an all ARCHANGEL government and why. He is not sure why and neither ar you Ron, but that is what Father finally decreed a short time ago. For that reason you must amend Bulletin 18 and Bulletin 16 and Bulletin 19 is finally discharged as useful but not to be issued ever. It was fine for the people under a former transmitter in Germany.

"Now the BIG news:

"We are leasing your home truly Ron as an office with conference rooms. Two of them as there will be simultaneous meetings of import and you need them both running all the time for yourself and for others you appoint to make this place seethe with work for all on Urantia. I am not pretending anything Ron, as you love the place not but are happy to finish your work there and do well to keep in mind you have neighbors all around you who bless you for a fine high fence that is good looking and well kept on their side. You need a good gardner and not the one you use now as he is expensive but willing. You need a service to prune leaves and grass whenever and to take down those Locust tress you do not like at all. They are a hold over from the Jurassic period and will eventually die out for good in years to come. They do not like ice and that will come our way again for decades when no melting takes place on a cooled down planet.

"The BIG news is this: Prepare for an avalanche of trouble not over ORIGINS. The discussion form is sick hearing about it, but it is going to move quickly once Gitz prepares you for the fact that the hardbound book has pictures but no color, and for that reason some of your illustrations are lack luster. A separate brochure should be produced with color graphics to insert into the book and that is not available through them but through us someday as the book will be a classic for God transmissions as well as what it has to say about the medical profession and Immunology.

"Your trouble is not music or money, but people wanting to know how you do your work without getting deeply involved in professions that carry the weight of these revelations. For that reason you will lecture the medical profession mostly through television series on Origins due to the fact we will do it if US broadcaster do not and maybe the BBC should do it best but you do not really care who does it so long as it is well done. We believe you but you are not going to get that well done unless you have a companion book on how to transmit for diagnosis of medical problems and that is not far off as you must make amends to those you have helped to show how it is done with assured results. The problem is Dr, Mendoza is too busy at the moment to do it all so Dr. Shepherd will be the one to step in. For reasons of State that is all we have to say on the subject. You enjoy working with doctors but not the medical work itself as you are too squeamish to deal with plasma and fluids at all.

"The BIG news is also this: You are working hard to remain silent over issues of the state of your work with people you consider gender biased to the point they must be carried from place to place with kid gloves. You do not like talk about gender preferences at all but you are an expert on gay issues and straight issues too and that requires silence at this particular time. You spent years researching all of it and had some tremendous help from Us and Rayson and Father to learn what is the true locomotion for all of it. For that reason you stopped talking about it period and may never speak to it until there are receptive audiences for a change over a highly charged subject so poorly understood you leave them in the beds they make themselves and are out of here.

"Be aware I know you well enough to feed you these things and you never fail to take me up on them either. I now leave this area of news and speak to the class of individual who works this discussion forum;


We are sure you mean well, but attention has fallen so low we are ready to agree with Ron why hold it together with no participants. I want it to continue but we are now facing a lengthy period of silence from us over issues you like to discuss. For that reason Ron will ask all of you to be patient while he rethinks the use of this means to come together and speak to the issues of the Second Return and the coming administration of an all Archangel Government as your Planetary Government. Archangels, Ron, are close to the royalty of the existential Deities themselves, and as such are so trustworthy they fail not in anything they attempt to do. You ask about their liaison with the Evening Stars, and they are fully recognized as the partners of the Archangels too, Ron, and only you think like this to uncover the estrangement not between them but the idea that two beautiful people together is useless and they must share themselves separately. The Evening Stars are yours too Ron as you fully admire them but too rare in your life right now to know them. The Archangels are true friends of humanity and you desperately need to hear them hold forth for your life remaining as it is long and prosperous.

"The Archangel government has liaison work with the Evening Stars but out of your range and that is fine so long as you understand that the Evening Stars are fully deployed over issues you favor too and they watch you grow silent in the midst of a blizzard of travail from all over issues of State coming. You are fortunate to be the quiet type when you have to be. But for those who work this site listen:

"You are truant to a large degree because you fail to understand the import of this work. Some of you rather die twice than to hear Ron speak on subjects you consider your area of expertise, but he is not wrong to tell you that you have your head stuck in the sand, as he fully comprehends the nature of what is coming and has no reason to bet on your ability to govern, but you are betting on the wrong horse of ideas to take you there well enough to do it again as you did in the past.

"For that reason we align with the philosophy that Ron adopts that a government must be for the people, but not necessarily by the people, and that is by the people when they are more fully educated about state and world affairs and the obligations of citizenship. He favors votes for all but that some votes are better than others and insists that future elections be rigged to show that those who are educated and know the divine intentions on earth, shall have a plurality of weight in their votes over others less educated until they show signs of interest of being an activated citizen of their native country to vote in.

"Those who use this site especially as Guests, are workable as members too, but then that means you must expose yourself as being less afraid of social power to insist you make an error to listen to this site and how it exposes the plans for the future divine administrations to come to Urantia. You are not cowards but pander to social position, and for that reason you may be cut from service because you dare not and cannot have two masters over your decisions of support for the divine means to improve Urantia necessarily through less than social status at the moment. For that reason you should ask Ron to place you on the forum as a true member and he will make sure you get on fine as he will do it himself if you wish it to be done and for you. Use his well advertised address And that will get his attention to assign you membership by hjis won hand. That said, those who dare not expose themselves, let this be known:

"You work for an agency we dare not pander to any longer. It is to be disabused of its primary work, and it may wish to survive as an aside to the 1st Epochal Revelation, but it cannot be any longer assigned priority for its priggish outlook on who is suitable and who is not suitable to hold the new revelation to heart. All will be welcome by Jesus, and Jesus runs the Magisterial Foundation. Ron is adamant and sells it to the regime we place before him as our incarnated managers and they have full authority to buy and sell Ron as he can be bought and sold with regularity in order to maintain the peace and tranquility between us for sure.

"Those who regularly use this discussion forum should understand it is expensive to run, yet few ever care about that side of things. Ron pays for all of through his various corporations he uses which are all charities and all run on donations which have dried up to zero again. Place your faith and money where it counts and let him know you do care enough to help the old geezer out once in a while.

"Guests are always welcome and he would prefer you could see more but the software refuses to deal a discussion forum he prefers to run, so you do not see all that gets posted at times. For that reason we will modify your software Ron our way and you can run it more fully for all. Charles will have to step in with some workable PHP code too, but that is later.

"We are preparing an announcement you will well remember shortly, and that is not timed for the presidential election either, but for our own worth and view when it is to be made, and Ron will be fully vindicated for his work is referenced several times and all of you should be proud to be part of something that actually works with all of us on high! Good day. This is MICHAEL OF NEBADON and GABRIEL OF SALVINGTON and MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK who will stay tuned to be on Urantia again as he has no intention to let the Archangels party without him."

- - - - - - -

Ron Besser - I first wish to thank Michael and the Divine and Deity Associates for taking all this time to talk to us and to publish this news. It is not easy to assimilate all of this news and I give you a summary as best I can what developed here this morning in the post above:

1 - Affirmed they are including us when they can with the Second Return;

2 - That they will use the Magisterial Foundation, the Rayson Corporation, and laterally I assume the YPT corporation which is the factory assembly part of the Rayson corporation;

3 - That the adminsitration of these corporations are under the divine and of Jesus of Nazareth as He was once called, and that as long as we, meaning you and I, are alive and healthy, we will be part of these corporations or associated corporations that might be formed such as medical concerns thanks to advances in medicine we anticipate;

4 - People are failing on this site to recognize what it is they are meant to do and fall into disinterest over their own concerns. I Ron Besser find it so distracting to see empty page after empty page every day over nothing matters to you I look favorbly at removing the site and letting you form your own public interest if any. However I have been remanded into place and silence to let it continue with our without my faovor the lack of participation, and in spite of myself, I have reassigned my patience and payments for this service to continue. Just be aware there needs to be a pick up in understanding interest for there is no excuse to be as ignorant as some of you are over why this place operates, has to, operate as it does;

5 - They have affirmed the need for your participation and have made room for those who cannot live much beyond their normal life span to have a Mission helping job in heaven for the Urantia effort wherever they can afford to put you under the circumstances of a revolt among people even on the mansion worlds over the importance of th4e supreme is to them'

6 - And finally this, I am sure there are many of you out there who would love to be here in York. Fine. But just be sure you know what it costs to arrive here and live here, as there are no full scale work forces to be employed other than the working heads of these corporations I am selling to the divine incarnated representatives fully to their ownership and management. We accept volunteers well and will assign you work if you have no immediate title in mind; however, it is on your own fortunes you must supply yourself with unless or until Adam and Eve step in with a Material Son Mission of their own and then that is up to them and their administration about what they salary or pay for when the times comes. Adam and Eve will teach the 1st Epochal Revelatory experiences, but they are needed elsewhere in Asia and Europe to make sure there is distribution of epochal revelation there too.


11 Oct 2020 - I Today Have Discovered a New and Important Historical Revelation to Me
I will be brief.

A musician and a teacher, born in a part of Yugoslavia and now Slovenia, had the Voice of God and devoted the next 24 years of his life to write the dictation down.  He called himself a Scribe of God.

Jesus and Michael of Nebadon dictated to him a huge volume of work including a similar document to Part IV of the Urantia Book, the Life of Jesus, which was about his early years, and another publication about the  three year period of Jesus ending with his death on the cross.  Jakob Lorber started taking dictation in 1840 until he died in 1864, and the documents he published are considered viable to this day but unknown, as the churches still fail to understand that the Voice of God is both revelation and prophecy for a new revelation.

That is what Jakob Lorber called it too, and his friends were astound as he could speak the dictation to him to them as in conversation, and that is as we do in the LIGHTLINE programs today.

Jesus spoke to him of the future on Urantia.  He spoke to him about the conditions of his world in the mid nineteenth century, and above all,  Michael forecast the Second Return for the end of the twenty-third century and not the twenty-first.  This certainly should alert you who are part of this web site that these prophecies are hard to determine as to their accuracy or their details, but it was a major revelation for the time, and he wrote over sixty-five volumes published which some are still available and readable today.  These works comprised close to thirty thousand pages of hand written text but published in hardbound in Germany in the 1850's and 1860's.

Those of you who are hosts of Lightline, be aware you are considered by historians who understand these spiritual events, to be in the tradition of Lorber and many others who were given the immense gift to speak dictation as the Voice of God.  If history ever knows all of your or one of you, you are at least a note in the historical journals to follow a wonderful tradition allowed only by Michael of Nebadon for those who are so dedicated to the life of God as Jesus, and to the work of the spirit, that you are endowed with this promise of glory. 

Someday I will have more to say about this, but this is enough for the moment.  Thank you.  Ron Besser.

October 08, 2020
York, PA noon local time
Ron Besser:  T/R

This morning it was announced that President Trump refuses to participate in a virtual presidential debate.  For those of you who do not speak technology, they want to televise both men in their own homes talking to each other via a conference call.   Well, that is not quite exact but close enough to give you the picture he refuses to appear live with Biden.  

Fully disgusted as I am with how the news media handles this travesty of governance I do want to make a point to those of you who do not live in the United States.  Some of you are very glad you do not, but most people in the world look at the United States as a rich man without the sense to come in out of the rain, and in spite of his wealth, slams his own ways and denies the rest of the world better living conditions.   I am not precise in that evaluation either but it will do for what Michael of Nebadon wishes to say about today’s world and the luckless human who happens to be living in it at this time.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - “You Ron are precisely the reason we want to save Urantia.  Others on this web site are too clever to say much about it, but you always have a moment to reflect and this time in anger over a president who cannot figure out how badly he is going to loose a popular election due to the fact he is now fully contaminated with the Corona virus in this pandemic.  And it is mostly his fault because he refuses to believe it is as lethal as it is.  However, you Ron take it for granted you are free of it too and have no real reason to fear it but your respect it greatly and want nothing to do with it.  We pray your body can fight it off it is becomes as virulent as the Spanish Flu of 1919 when the world death rate because of it reached 14,135,216 people.   That over 14 times worse than Corona-19 and although we are still counting, it does end with a bang when there is no more victims for it to reach.  

“The Spanish Flu vaccine never existed.  Tuberculous filled in what the Spanish Flue missed and by 1925, the entire matter was settled over the genetic differences that last between monkey primates and human monkeys.  We speak with levity Ron only because you laugh at the twist in linguistics but you are found not on any thing we want to deal with right now and that includes your brother and sister in law who believe you are well enough to do things for yourself now and are waiting for your confirmation all is well.  They have no understanding your heart rate and legs are so poorly cared for you cannot survive much longer as yourself.  That spoken let it be known that Corona 19 is not your problem ever but life sustainment is and we have yet another extreme attack over your issuance of Bulletin 19 because it is a rare and precious document you dare not share with the world as it contains awful truths we do not want to hear people speak to themselves.

This president, called Donald Trump, is the worst American to ever hold that office and history will make mincemeat out of him for sure, but you Ron know just enough to recognized he could ruin the executive branch of your government by refusing to participate in this election at all, and suddenly America has a dictator and must be removed by force.  If that is the case we dare not enter into the fray at all and refuse to ever consider what Bulletin 19 speaks to eloquently and grandly and fully supportive from us up here.  But that is not to be found well at this point due to the fact that this morning you had a full scale surprised awakening about 6 am to a voice in the room speaking to you as Adjuster!

“That was not your Adjuster as you quickly ascertained, but Mother Spirit taking reviews of her own to speak to you as a spirit caring for your future in the ascension career.  She fully told you that unless you brought her to bear, there would be hell to pay for yourself.  I heard it and rescinded the cabal gathered around your bed this morning and you full rejoined that unless she removed herself you would call for liaison help.  That got them moving because they have always arrived when you are direly threatened.

. . . .

“For that reason Ron, you are never allowed to leave my presence until there is a regardful spirit presence on Urantia again.  MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK has reported you sprained your eagle badly with a snarl this morning over the reckless Vorondadek Son looking to stop all work on your computer and let them have it fully in the face.  This time it took and he is no longer interested in harming your operations, but to remove you with his lethal liaison weapons now fully removed from his person.  That said, they still have weapons galore and this time you are forced to wonder how to maintain any operation since this is the last way to speak to the ever present danger now facing Urantia squarely in the face.

“What you must realize Ron is that the entire matter of the Second Return is no longer hanging in the balance.  It is not cancelled but it needs a way in you dare not prepare for any longer, as there must be a reckoning with the UF and the Fellowship and before they can be reckoned with they need a reminder of who they represent and that is coming in spades, not with Bulletin 19 . . . .

“Be aware that your wish list is present in our choices and this time we are ready to make a list of huge inventories that you need to bring this off and you will of course with resources well supplied; however, the Eternal Son is not concerned about you but by people who support you who do not have your drive for justice.  A few do and will stand by you, but you have to make new challenges and we will when we are done here.  

“For that reason alone we must get busy and drop the challenge once more to the UF and the Fellowship in a way that sends them reeling if they do not pretend to at once come around and speak to the issue entirely.

“We complete this post with this tag:

“You are about to have a Presidential election in the United States that will go down in history for good or bad as one of the worst fought elections ever and that the supposedly tranquil American people will let someone know this time there better be a reform movement that ends the executive branch being the only power center in the American constitutional system of government.  I am fully prepared to institute the Regency, but not at the rate of a civil rebellion over who we are too.

. . . .



Look at this web site.  It is my old site with a Urantia Foundation web site imposed over it.  I am curious but not upset.  Does anyone know anything about how this was done or who did it?  Let me know as I am very curious as it is a mix of people I do not know about really.  thanks.

Magisterial Foundation in York
 Local Time 0930am
 October 07, 2020
 Announcement Concerning The Michael and Magisterial Missions on URANTIA

 1.    The Second Return is Still Moving Forward
 2.    Urantia Rebellious Elements Reach Agreement with Second Return Operations
 3.    Melchizedek Visit to York
 4.    Second Return is Immediate Upon Assuring All of You Can Take the Heat
 5.    As an Announcement Ron, Release Issue Advisory 30; not Bulletin 19, to Release Shortly
 6.    You Are a Press Secretary for Most of This Ron and Have Inside Info When Required
 7.    York PA,  Protectorate Essential; New York State Protectorate Required As Well
 7A    USA To Be Informed
 7B    Protectorate Will Have Armed Protection
 8.    Financial Burden for Offices and Administrative Salaries with the Magisterial Foundation and the Magisterial Sons Officiating Fully Therein
 9.    The Office for the Magisterial Foundation Will Purchase the “L” Shaped Building for Its Use and Apartments Claimed for the Magisterial Foundation Use.
 10.    The Trial of the Century Begins Shortly. 
 “I wish to state today we have made a fateful decision.
 The Second Return is Still Moving Forward
 “The trial for the Second Return is over, as it is released as a brand new Second Return that contains new information not available yet in Bulletin 19.  For that reason Ron may not release it,  and when he does,  I want certain modifications with or without those charts.
 “For that reason this announcement is short:
 Urantia Rebellious Elements Reach Agreement with Second Return Operations
 “We have traded barbs with the Creative Spirit long enough, and she is ready to deal Urantia properly now and the rebellion is over at least on Urantia.
 Melchizedek Visit to York
 “Mantutia will visit your home Ron to speak to your status and what to expect as a newly minted morontial being to do the work that must be put into place in the United States and in York in particular.
 Second Return is Immediate Upon Assuring All of You Can Take the Heat
 “Fourth, we are leaving Urantia alone for a decade now not.  That was the original plan we never spoke to, but Ron and the rest of you are ready now and we will strike with the yard fully prepared to be mowed by a healthy man again in Ron, and those bushes are long gone that had to be removed this past weekend for you Ron, and they are ready to speak not but show you kind regard as they know you are in desperate straits no more but are moving well into the idea that you can count your chickens better than most.  For that reason we reassign you the idea of back salary not but back penitence.
 As an Announcement Ron, Release Advisory 30; not Bulletin 19, to Release Shortly
 “Fifth, the trial today is to stay out of mischief with those who prefer you work one way or another for the hobby of yours known as Bulletin 19, as that must be taken down and released not and another one called Advisory 30 is to be released and all that work you did is out the door for now.  Let those charts stay for another time Ron.
 You Are a Press Secretary for Most of This Ron and Have Inside Info When Required
 “Six: the trial to become one with Michael is over as it does not work with humans at all unless you are a Bestowal Son, and you are not one of them Ron and you know that for sure, but you are so close to being one we are going to make it clear you have a priority status when it comes to information we feel we can share and that is more up to you than us today.  Be assured I am not clearly done on sharing much of this just yet.
 York PA,  Protectorate Essential; New York State Protectorate Required As Well
 “Seven: we are now preparing everything necessary to make our entry into visinility on Urantia.  The idea of a Protectorate still holds for your area Ron and that must be assigned to quickly when you and Adam can put your head together and the planning commission assigned to your ways of preparing for the Protectorate.  I am sure you would love doing it, and for that reason we are assigning you a Gabriel-like hover craft over you to be sure you meet the right people and are not shunted off into a dark chamber to do nothing as they must fully understand what is up.  For that reason you are of supreme importance to all of them and must remain hidden for the most part.  They will advise you a spokesman must be assigned and you will accept that easily.  So long as they represent the true Board of Supervisors and the County Commissioners and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  Your Planning Commission work comes secondary to convincing them you mean business.
 USA To Be Informed
 The UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT: Negotiations to Proceed After the York County Commissioners are Informed fully
 Protectorate Will Have Armed Protection
 The entire idea of a Protectorate must be assigned to before we run the gamut to place unusual protections on I-83; I-76, and various associated spurs appending to those major highways between I-95 to the East of York and I-70 to the West, major north-south routing as well.  For that reason you Ron will be supplemented with an hours worth of drill on how not to speak to any of this until we are sure we are ready to act in front of you and assign military armament,  not in York,  but elsewhere in order to stand the fruition of people who claim the protectorate is without teeth and is as the Chinese call the US, a paper tiger.
 Financial Burden for Offices and Administrative Salaries with the Magisterial Foundation and the Magisterial Sons Officiating Fully Therein.
 “Eight: the trial to provide Me the Magisterial Son all I need is ready for you at once Ron as the financial obligations to obtain office space in Continental Square is too solidly well done in your own mind to disabuse you of it, but we will not do so, and for that reason your first move is to obtain Charles Long as your attorney to devastate Adam Flinchbaugh not, but to obtain their tacit cooperation as soon as you are well enough to assign this work to them to obtain the L shaped building truly and t o make provisions to assure residents they are safe, but empty apartments will remain empty for our own purposes.  K.
 The Office for the Magisterial Foundation Will Purchase the “L” Shaped Building for Its Use and Apartments Claimed for the Magisterial Foundation Use.
 “The L shaped building in Continental Square is to be used as the Magisterial Foundation building.  You Ron must understand you have triggered an avalanche of ill will truly in the Urantia Foundation if you allow Bulletin 18 to rescind their full usefulness at all.  Bulletin 18 did the trick to alarm about the truth of what happened, and now must be followed by Bulletin 19 at a later date.  As you say, it is a God send to have all those apartments in its west wing ready to assign to visitors of State to York for a meeting with the Magisterial Son when that time arrives.  Their main office for the Magisterial Son presence is in New York State for reasons of grandeur which you fully agree with, and may someday repair there as a guest of these powerful figures, and above all to assign yourself a presence among all of them.
 The Trial of the Century Begins Shortly. 
 “For that reason we must insure that all of these elements are in place as quickly as possible and that the Protectorate is ready to assign to the United States Military as quickly as possible and that issues with the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and the New York State Legislature, be fully accommodated herewith.   Timing is not adequate to have it all polished but prepared to have it ready and that is our choice that you are there for all of it.  Be assured that those on this web site are playing a role too and that must b hammered out with Mantutia and other Melchizedeks assigned by MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK forthwith.
 “The ASSIGNED SENTINEL is ready to help Ron once we can get negotiations under way.  There must be documents to sign and that must be done by a competent attorney from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania who will volunteer to prepare documents for the Protectorate Agreement among the many municipal governments under the protection zone that exist in a 15 mile radius of Continental Square of York, Pennsylvania.
 “The trial of the century begins with your replacement Ron today or a tad later as we must move to reinstate your probable cause of being and that is to keep you healthy and ready to stand trial with the rest of us at this point.”

  • Michael of Nebadon primarily speaking as Jesus
  • Machiventa Melchizedek from Uversa with new warnings
  • ‘1742' Voice of Rebel Vorondadek warning
York, Pa Local Time DST 0930am New York
Ron Besser T/R
The 6th of October, 2020

“We reach pinnacles of thought and then must let them out while we adjust to changing conditions on Urantia.

“This morning Ron awoke to severe cramps in the right leg which indicates that the medical pills he takes have almost nothing to do with is real physical condition.  He lets it pass as nothing to be done to suffer the day through with a sore right limb and has to do nothing but wait out yet another beautiful fall day in central Pennsylvania.

“That said, I am moving to use all resources I can to explain that the default plant to provide Urantia the second return of Jesus keeps faltering on the basis of using not Mother Spirit at all.  He conditioning is useless for Urantia, yet she insists on using the worst possible methods to communicate with all of you.

“Yesterday, Ron finally completed the totally new and revised Bulletin 19, only to have it stolen by a Supernaphim for reasons of State.  He is furious with the universe that plunders work without explanation, but I told him not to worry the trial that presents as Ron holds it back on intuition alone.  That has settled the work of that Supernaphim well, and Ron is satisfied to let it sit until or unless we can manufacture additional material in it for what should be disseminated now, but too rickety to put out right now.

“For that reason I am letting this be known to all of you that the trial to be any of you right now is hell on earth, as you are never supported for your good work, or are you well regarded by those outside of you who still read the 5th epochal revelation as thought it is the latest word on the conditions spirit must work with around all of them presently.  Ron has made some headway into consideration that spirit conditions are not well with many of them, but he must let things lie at the moment and the seriously undermines the present position that all hell will break loose if it can be managed to be put into place right now.  We hope that is true, but right now the entire matter of the second return is adjourned not, but it is lost to view of humanity until the trials we must face are put aside and we can proceed.

“As Michael of Nebadon, I hereby close down Lightline briefly today in order to keep my sanity and will let Ron decide how to proceed.  If that is the case Ron you must never say never to Michael of Nebadon if He wishes it to continue and He does not see it as germain right now but keep it going and do it moment to moment.  Thank you.  Michael of Nebadon as Jesus.”


MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK speaks with a tremulous voice to all of you this morning.

“We are now in the fifth year of tremors on the West Coast of the United States and still no final resolution as to just what those tectonic plates are going to do as a final exit over how they are presently designed to stay in place.  In 1906 the San Francisco earthquake devastated that city and fires raged for days over a population totally ill equipped to deal with such a tragedy.  Yet they managed to pull out of it and rebuild everything beautifully again.  This time, however, we are faced not with one tectonic plate that could slip into the Pacific Ocean, but the entire State of California could, and that is what I speak to right now.

“California is moving out of the wilds of fires so bad it killed and maimed nature permanently around the San Andreas fault too.  That fault line is now so close to disaster I thought it would be done by now, but no, it still hangs by a thread over issues I do not fathom as possible, and we suspect the supreme is moving yet in place on earth that rends the place uninhabitable very soon.   For that reason do not be unkind to the world war that might follow Trump out of office when Biden refuses to grant permission to Mexico to move its majority population into areas east of the California threat.  If Mexico blinks you are safe, but if it does not, watch out for a war of attrition only the United States could win if it stays fast, but the tectonic plates might settle the war quickly and then drop all of you off at the next battle station to stay alive on Urantia with food production fully placed in jeoporady.

“For that reason we are hauling you know what to keep Urantia free from the constraints of a second return, as that second return could spell a disaster for the Bestowal Son unless He is assured that Mother Spirit takes over and lets the planet alone to recover on its own.  If that is the case then we must stand back and allow you Ron and this forum wither to death and promote nothing like Lightline for now.

“You are appalled at this news and so are we, but it seems as though fate makes its presence known to you too as you see no point in forcing new life over a disaster as proposed on Urantia for now, and we agree, but you are so valuable we need to transfer this information following to you:

“We see nothing but the loss of life and limb if the California tectonic plates start to quake and move into the Pacific Ocean, as that is where they must slide as they sit on a chasm overlooking the depths of the Pacific quite harshly, and mother nature made sure if they slipped, they would all go, and not just a few.  For that reason we are placing you Ron and five others on this forum under the probationary status of warning broadcasters and that is operating right now as we are using this post to make sure that if all hell breaks loose on Urantia again as tectonic plates slip, you are your fellows will operate a broadcast studio that can reach the USA for good, and perhaps the rest of the world as it gathers the US disaster as a permanent force to contend with in the rest of the world soon enough.  

“Ron asks if I am back in place as the emergency Son on Urantia that is in charge of emergency rations and needs, and yes, I am, but for now I keep a safe distance on Uversa over other issues for you Ron and for the rest of this forum that now operates on the skinny idea that it will reform the world not, but can help with it if they are asked to do so.  You will be asked to do so regardless of what happens next.

“And thanks to Charles you are now readable by most of the world and the translation app he placed on it very well for a change it operates as it is truly meant to operate but still a little sticky to initiate if you are not an avid computer user.  I suggest to Charles you make it available to too, and please make that site available better to the forum.  Those links are excellent but you need to show the web site in a picture on the discussion forum as no one on the discussion forum truly understand why it was put up in the first place.  It is full of history you will be forced to go through again if Ron is not here to hold your feet to the fire now and then.  Right now the entire matter of the second return is in abeyance, not because we want to stop it, but because Mother Spirit is in the way in grand style and FATHER is fit to be tied over the entire mess she has created to stay in place and she should not!

“For that reason I must obey the truancy of the moment, and vacate Urantia for another year or so if this is what we are up against permanently, as I remove nothing but she does and this is getting rediculous and Ron is in a fury about it every moment and will never relent to use her offices for anything he needs.  For that reason the entire idea of an extended life for Ron is once more in question, and that is what I am on Uversa to find out, as the Ancients of Days know full well he is ready to give all but cannot move with the current situation still pressed so hard on him he cannot move to get things done as they need to be done.  I am MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK speaking not out of turn but you Ron now have trouble on your right and that is not a Supernaphim but the Vorondadek Son and the crank that forces Urantia into oblivion over issues of State not, but issues of Lucifer whom he adores more than life itself.  He is to be executed but slips Justice for the moment to issue the world a warning:

UNKNOWN NAME VORONDADEK Son, apostate solution to Lucifer speaking:

“You Ron face a trial on earth no one else does and I appreciate your loyalty to Michael and Jesus, but be aware we face the same issue with ourselves too, and that is to force you and all like you out of life on Urantia in order to achieve the ideal planetary life style that we require to be lived on Urantia.

“For that reason we must abort the idea you may continue to work on Urantia and we will force the dissolution of your life quickly on Urantia while we hold the entire matter as a lost cause for you and those who abide the same views you do.  For that reason Lightline and its affiliations around the world will be cut down and the choice to broadcast or not is up to you alone Ron, as the others quit easily if pushed too hard.  You do not push and that is a reason to covet you for our ways and those are not unusual ways but ways you know already in all sorts of life plans you make and never realize now.  For that reason we quit the entire matter of forcing you to make amends with files from your computer, but we will make life difficult to the point you have no reason to continue life here if we can get it through your skull there is nothing left to do but wait out for Michael to end the difficulties and force a second return, and then we quit the entire matter as Mother Spirit is truly ready to force the second return out of focus and bring back no one but the ideals of a regime she favors now without a Bestowal Son for Urantia until it deserves one.

“For that reason, I, the Vorondadek Son of issue here will never allow this message to planetize again until we are in full charge of the entire situation on Urantia.  For that reason Lightline can be held today but watch out if we move to stuff you good for reporting materials so inimical we dare not let them be spoken.  I am Vorondadek Son 47-12531742 and remember 1742 as that is my name from now on.

1742' speaking - You are now under the cloud of thought that makes me weep for joy as you are making this unusually happy for us in that Michael has no use for 1742 to speak further.  Good day.”


MICHAEL OF NEBADON - “As usual Ron you have forced a bad situation to gather some moss on the way out to utter destruction.  Make not plans for the moment but to eat and start your day normally.   Lightline promises to be explosive again so stand down until we reconfigure the circuit you own for yourself now and that is to end any pretense you are ready to release Bulletin 19 if you can feel satisfied it has a use.  It does.  But it does not now.  K”


Dear List,
If you have not already noticed, there is the word TRANSLATE in the header of the web site here.  Charles placed it there yesterday to see how well it might work out , and after a few glitches that happened to me, it is now working fine.

Let us say you are French and prefer to read the entire site in the French language.  Here is all you need to do to read it in French instead of English.

Click on Translate
(At the top of your screen on the left form is what the site is in what language (English).  On the right is a drop down menu to select what language you would like to read it in.  Select from the list, French.)

When you do the page will now appear in French, and this is a service from Google translations for sites just like outs who have subscribers who do not speak the language of a site they read.

I think it is that simple.  Do not worry about the site in the bottom part of your scrreen that may appear to want to re-log you in as that is now why that is there and just use the very top part and it will do as you ask it to.

Remember though, this is a translation page and sometimes Google translation does not easily translate the vernacular very well but it will provide you the sense of what is written and quite well enough.   Thank you Charles for putting this up for us and I hope it makes using the site easier for you now.  

Ron Besser/Admin

Dear List,
We have been talking about a publication I was doing called Bulletin 19 for a couple of weeks now.  I finally got the edited copy back from our editor Phyllis Simpson who does wonderful and really hard work to make these documents look good for us, but I just wrote her after reading it that I had other ideas what to do with it.

Bulletin 19 deals with the Missions to Urantia that are in the near future.  In particular it looks at the second return, what God wishes to do about it, and what changes it means to us in the long term of time to come.

I wrote the Bulletin once and rewrote it at least two more times.  When it came back from the editor I reread it and decided we still could do better, and for reasons of State and for reasons of security and for reasons that I feel we can do better than I did even after rewriting it often, it was not ready for distribution until it is done again.   I also have no time frame in mind when to release it either--  at least not yet.

That said, here is MICHAEL OF NEBADON with his comments for all of you:

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Ron is right.  He saw the document come back to him corrected and nicely formatted from Phyllis, Newstarsaphire to some of you, and felt it was lacking a clear focus even with all the information he packed into it.

"The main problem Bulletin 19 has is its lackluster view of the second return due to Ron exhausting reviews as to what the second return means to people on Urantia, and how Urantia will be changed because of it/  He does not like millennial fanfares, but he must be ready to state a thing or two he did not in the writings so far.  He recognizes it but is unsure just what is missing.  I will tell you all, if you all had the perspective he has, you would never doubt why it is so critical to Urantia to have this Bestowal take place and at once.

"For reasons of State, I also wish to announce that Ron is ready to throw in the towel over issues dealing with many things you talk about on this web site.  HE is distracted over the issue of his own death, and issues of burning limbs and eyes.  They conspire to depress him greatly.  He has no real issue with us except he is tired of forcing himself to bend to the will of the goddess we call the Creative Spirit who now gets the point she has nothing to save for him but to leave and let bygones be bygones.  That said we notice he is doing better today without his meds for diabetes and without eye drops that he has to have a paper of a table of times to take them four times a day for two eyes and varying the prescription while doing so.  His sister in law made the schedule sheet for daily practice and it keeps him on schedule at least.  But they require interruption of the day often enough he wonders why all the fuss sometimes.  We stopped all the meds today and he feel more like himself now, to the point he writes better without them.

Ron here:  dear list the meds are a small dose of medication for sky high blood pressure caused by so much pressure on me to  conform to endless medical hoops to jump through and are mostly done right now but will start again in October, and a tiny little pill to get my pancreas to produce insulin again.  Spirit says the pancreas is doing that full time now and yet my diabetes does not go into remission as it should. 

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Those are medications, and the Thought Adjuster says they are useful in short term but perpetuate leg cramps and pain much more than they should. He has asked that Ron stop his medications for the day and he has and is feeling better because of it.  However, let me point out that many of you face the same problems coming up when the medical profession starts sending out vaccines for the Covid-19 virus, as that will inject the patient with a viral infection known a Covid-15, that is fifteen, and it will make you catch sniffles at best, and maybe a full blown cold at worst.  We suggest you decide for yourselves what is right for you to do concerning these offered vaccines from pharmaceutical companies that are paid rich prices but fail to perfore a true vaccine or cure-all serum for Covid-19 at all and that is because the serums do not contain essential proteins to knock the COVID versions of the virus out to death.

"Ron published a review of the subject back in June 2020 and was totally ignored and RAYSON, who supplied Ron with the information asked Ron to withdraw any report at all and he has.  Now it seems his work is being recognized by the CDC over an issue they recently saw published in China which notes that Ron made two reports and never retracted the fact that the Chinese vaccine, as poor as it was, was more efficacious than all other vaccines being prepared.  To this day the Chinese vaccine is superior to western attempts to replicate it.  For that reason I MICHAEL OF NEBADON will enforce the ban on Ron reporting just what protein (a potassium based antigen) to use.  I am disgusted with them as Ron has gotten recently.

"We conclude this update to mention that nothing has changed either about the Jesus proposal to return to Urantia, nor do we see any change in LIGHTLINE  schedules.

"I  am MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and I wish all a good day.  Thanks to all who are hosts to Lightline, and to Elise, you take your courage in your hand and you deliver well.  We wish you full and total success in your work for the new lightline NETHERLANDS INTERNATIONAL LIGHTLINE starting this Monday at 3PM New York Time and 9 PM your time.  I thank you sincerely for this effort to all of you as it is helpful to keep the WORD happily stated all over the world where we can reach.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON  concluded."

Schedule as shown in the title above.

Please use this link to see schedule details for Netherlands International with your host Elise Van Ruth, Monday @ 9PM EU time zone and @ 3 PM New York time zone

We announce a new LIGHTLINE service with your host Elise Van Ruth of the Netherlands at your service as host.

The category has been just added to the discussion forum with the schedules and numbers available for call in to a service that begins this MONDAY THE 28TH OF SEPTEMBER, 2020, New York Time and 9PM European time.

We have asked Elise to approach the new service with the idea of an international mix of contacts, and for that reason Elise has agreed to speak her native Dutch language and English when she feels it is appropriate for her audience.  She is favoring a good mix of Dutch and English with transmissions of the Voice of God to subscribers.  It is to be held weekly on Monday's but the first few times will be experimental to make sure this is the best time for local conditions to be held at that time and place.  

Please welcome our new host and join her Lightline this coming Monday, the 28th of September to give her a good send off in what are very important services for the new spiritual interests of our age and we hope for the future as well.  

WELCOME ELISE!  And Godspeed into your new role as Host of  a LIGHTLINE!


Tape Number One of 28 September 2020
Netherlands International Lightline Audio

Link to Tape No. 1

This is the first scheduled Lightline call from the Netherlands with Elise Van Ruth as your host.  It contains in Dutch transmissions from MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK and some in English as well from MICHAEL OF NEBADON likewise.  We hope you enjoy the tape and we look forward to another session on October 05, 2020 at 9PM EU time and 3PM New York time.  Thank you.

Language is Dutch and English when appropriate, with your host Elise Van Ruth at your service.

The email address to contact her about questions: Elise van Ruth <>
             Every week, starting September 28, 2020

TIME:    21:00 HRS  ( 9 PM ) -  European Time
3PM New York Time

Netherlands Numbers to call in:  Local numbers:  

Amsterdam  020 - 3690737
The Hague   070 - 2170127
Rotterdam    010 - 6690608
Subscriber Access code:     743814

Please note:  USA and CANADIAN Numbers are listed next, and then  numbers for the EU will be added shortly.   We are checking to see if there is one access number for all of the USA, but these will have to do until we can ascertain what is available.  We have added at the bottom France, Sweden, Spain, and Columbia SA.

USA Call In Numbers

HARRISBURG 1 717-510-9819
PHILADELPHIA 1 215-383-1625
PITTSBURGH 1 412-430-0330

PHOENIX 1 602-753-1025
TUCSON 1 520-448-0095

EUREKA SPG 1 479-244-2079
SEARCY 1 501-254-7075


BANNING 1 951-797-1058
CANOGA PARK 1 818-657-7568
DEL MAR 1 858-703-8066
FRESNO 1 559-374-2363
IRVINE 1 949-527-6171
LOS ANGELES 1 213-943-3990
MANHATTAN BEACH 1 310-372-7549
MONROVIA 1 626-509-2989
OAKLAND 1 510-646-8495
ORINDA 1 925-438-7225
OXNARD 1 805-947-5095
PALM SPRINGS 1 442-234-0005
SACRAMENTO 1 530-212-8376
SACRAMENTO 1 916-246-0723
SAN DIEGO 1 619-391-4295
SAN FRANCISCO 1 415-795-9875
SAN JOSE 1 408-618-5430
SANTA ANA 1 714-509-0165
SANTA ROSA 1 707-230-5678
STOCKTON 1 209-689-0007

ASPEN 1 970-236-9668
COLORADO SPRINGS 1 719-309-0075
DENVER 1 720-386-9023
FT COLLINS 1 970-305-8326

NEW HAVEN 1 203-680-9095

WILMINGTON 1 302-394-5036

District of Columbia
WASHINGTON 1 202-750-2054
WASHINGTON 1 202-800-9984

BOCA RATON 1 561-757-7162
FORT MYERS 1 239-666-3079
FT. LAUDERDALE 1 954-395-2401
JACKSONVILLE 1 904-512-0115
MIAMI 1 786-233-6715
ORLANDO 1 407-205-0551
ST. PETERSBURG 1 727-897-8681
TALLAHASSE 1 850-391-5933
TAMPA 1 813-308-9980
WINTERPARK 1 321-203-5315

ATLANTA 1 404-902-5066
AUGUSTA 1 706-223-0049
SAVANNAH 1 912-712-0019

KAUNAKAKAI 1 808-374-8031

BOISE 1 208-513-1225

CHICAGO 1 312-667-4792
CHICAGOHTS 1 708-300-0265
PEORIA 1 309-306-0038
WAUKEGAN 1 847-469-1106
WHEATON 1 630-580-1541

INDIANAPOLIS 1 317-300-7896
SOUTHBEND 1 219-706-0005

CEDAR RAPIDS 1 319-519-1237
DECORAH 1 563-334-2810
DES MOINES 1 515-207-3570

KANSAS CITY 1 913-225-9005
LEON 1 316-745-2130

BOONE 1 859-568-8795
LOUISVILLE 1 502-242-0216

BATON ROUGE 1 225-250-1575
MANDEVILLE 1 985-272-1823
NEW ORLEANS 1 504-517-1385
OPELOUSAS 1 337-284-4016

PORTLAND 1 207-560-0523

BALTIMORE 1 301-298-1561
ODENTON 1 410-874-4750

BOSTON 1 857-444-0744
CHICOPEE 1 413-206-2956
LEXINGTON 1 781-541-8085

NEWTON 1 857-232-0485
PITTSFIELD 1 413-344-0559
SOUTH EASTON 1 508-297-9032

BLOOMFIELD 1 248-289-9359
DEARBORN 1 313-209-3070
GRAND RAPIDS 1 616-228-9585
SAGINAW 1 989-372-9023

GAYLORD 1 507-299-1884
MINNEAPOLIS 1 612-351-3093
MINNEAPOLIS 1 952-444-4735

COLUMBUS 1 662-657-8051
LAUDERDALE 1 601-909-9135
PASCAGOULA 1 228-471-0017
TAYLORSVILLE 1 769-248-1062

KANSAS CITY (MO) 1 816-897-0010
SAINT LOUIS 1 314-627-1157

BILLINGS 1 406-998-1109
OMAHA 1 402-973-1549
OMAHA 1 531-365-0680

LAS VEGAS 1 702-359-0270
RENO 1 775-372-6015
New Jersey
CAMDEN 1 609-832-0152
FAIR LAWN 1 201-468-8290
JERSEY CITY 1 973-821-8321
PISCATAWAY 1 732-447-9901

New Mexico
ALBUQUERQUE 1 505-738-0032

New York
ALBANY 1 518-730-0015
AMITYVILLE 1 631-545-0595
BINGHAMTON 1 607-203-0289
BUFFALO 1 716-328-0001
MANHATTAN 1 646-787-0157
NEW YORK 1 917-962-0650
POUGHKEEPSIE 1 845-748-0015
ROCHESTER 1 585-577-1007

North Carolina
BOONE 1 828-434-1008
CHAPEL HILL 1 919-391-3517
CHARLOTTE 1 980-265-0687
GREENSBORO 1 336-663-0110
HAMILTON 1 252-651-6753
PINETOPS 1 252-250-4153
WEST END 1 910-400-2007

North Dakota
BISMARK 1 701-805-0017

AKRON 1 234-815-0165
ATHENS 1 740-217-1075
CINCINNATI 1 513-725-0791
CLEVELAND 1 216-278-0095
COLUMBUS 1 614-407-0382
MARYSVILLE 1 937-303-8700
SPRINGFIELD 1 937-505-8429
TOLEDO 1 567-803-0039

OKLAHOMA CITY 1 405-421-0045
TULSA 1 918-998-0005

PENDLETON 1 541-970-9005
PORTLAND 1 971-256-0996

CHESTER SPRINGS 1 610-601-4305
HARRISBURG 1 717-510-9819
PHILADELPHIA 1 215-383-1625
PITTSBURGH 1 412-430-0330
SPRINGDALE 1 724-386-0140

Rhode Island

CHARLESTOWN 1 401-214-0023
South Carolina
CHARLESTON 1 843-872-0017
GREENVILLE 1 864-626-0012

South Dakota
SIOUX FALLS 1 605-799-1107

MEMPHIS 1 901-203-0034
MOUNTAINCY 1 423-460-9989
NASHVILLE 1 615-280-8014

AUSTIN 1 512-717-0185
DALLAS 1 214-271-5080
DALLAS 1 972-497-2499
FORT WORTH 1 817-918-4435
HOUSTON 1 832-917-1510
LAREDO 1 956-441-2568
SAN ANTONIO 1 210-714-4586
SHERMAN 1 903-375-0319

SALT LAKE 1 385-881-0102

BURLINGTON 1 802-992-1250

ALEXANDRIA 1 703-552-8058
BELLEHAVEN 1 757-414-9198
CHARLOTTESVILLE 1 434-234-0015
HARRISONBURG 1 540-217-3868
RICHMOND 1 804-729-9085
ROANOKE 1 540-300-9110

OLYMPIA 1 360-819-1105
SEATTLE 1 206-858-8066
SPOKANE 1 509-319-2019
TACOMA 1 253-533-9195
VANCOUVER 1 360-953-5480

West Virginia
WHARTON 1 304-247-9224

GREEN BAY 1 920-770-0040
MADISON 1 608-571-0054
MILWAUKEE 1 414-877-0020

CHEYENNE 1 307-414-1120

For Canada:

Calgary 1-403-648-9295

Calgary 1-587-885-1019

Edmonton 1-780-652-1040

British Columbia

North Vancouver 1-604-210-2221

Vancouver 1-778-819-8331

Victoria 1-778-817-1021


Winnipeg 1-204-202-1787

New Brunswick

Edmundston 1-506-501-0070


St. Johns 1-709-700-5717

Northwest Territories

Yellow Knife 1-867-675-1209

Nova Scotia

Halifax 1-902-593-1001


Acton 1-226-828-9617

Alliston 1-705-530-9475

Alliston 1-249-501-6493

Brantford 1-519-900-0098

Mississauga 1-289-804-0541

Ottawa 1-613-518-1086

Toronto 1 647-476-6429

Toronto 1-647-478-7145

Prince Edward Island

Charlottetown 1-902-201-1780


Montreal 1-514-312-2743


Saskatoon 1-306-500-1802

Other National Call In Numbers  (France, Spain, Columbia SA, Sweden, )

= = = = = = ==
Lille 33-3-66320106
Lyon 33-4-2877-0029
Marseille 33-4-86800566
Paris 33-1-81221259
Rennes 33-2-30320503
Toulouse 33-5-82840619

Barcelona 34-93-7379349
Madrid 34-91-0602565
Valencia 34-96-1167361

Goteborg 46-3-1311-5103
Malmo 46-4-0682-0620
Stockholm 46-8-1241-0952

Bogota 57-1580-0466
Colombia 57-1486-4717


Two New Deities & Bestowal Son Discussion
September 20, 2020
York, Pa noon local time
Ron Besser Transmitter/Receiver

“This is MICHAEL OF NEBADON.   I am speaking today on the idea of two new Deities.  Ron reported them out to Sue Whiley on her post about social media, like Facebook, controlling too much time for young people in particular.  Well, the problem is even worse as Ron points out and that it is used for evil and seditious purposes by individuals who foment revolution and not revelation.

“I fully agree with Ron, that should our Missions to Urantia take wing, Facebook and Twitter, and all like them will be taken down for a duration determined in time by us.

“Further, you who are now working the idea of a NUA (New Universe Age), must agree to conditions that are not in liking to anyone including Myself.  For that reason I am declaring the following for all of you to think about:

1 - There is to be no further exposition on supremacy again.  The FATHER spoke fully in the post to Whiley and you must read it if you want to hear what the new Deity is to be and not to be now per the FATHER and MYSELF, MICHAEL OF NEBADON.

Link to Whiley post and Father’s speech:

2 - There is to be a realignment with Ron and Amethyst and Clency in particular since these three carry the bulk of the LIGHTLINE subscribers for now.  Amethyst is still wondering why she bothers; Ron is seeing a total debasement of the activity by the new Deity; Clecny finds it so hard moving the Lightline he hosts as to decide he is calling it over if it does not improve soon.   And so it goes, and so IT MUST NOT GO!!

3 - No one will ever get me to agree that Ron is lost although he is so estranged over much pain and suffering he sees no point to physical existence as the new Deity–  actually 2 new Deities– realizes He must avenge this problem but does not know how in the slightest.  We do and will provide the answer.  This further reduces the influence of the new Deity over Urantia in particular;

4 - I favor no further elucidation of this new Deity, two of them in actual practice. But must obey Paradise until this morning, and that is when the FATHER OF ALL represented that the new Deities are now withdrawn from URANTIA, for the time being.  That is a signal we must revert to the normalcy of the old 4th epochal dispensation and revelation;

5 - We dare not favor one Deity over the other, but we must make amends with the present welfare of Urantia, and that is to make sure that the present Urantia, is not toppled over into remedial revolution before it receives the blessings of a Bestowal Son, Jesus of Nazareth, and for that reason Ron is hereby directed to release Bulleting 19, as we must amend it for the 4th time again, and allow it to follow its course among the readership.  It is to be preceded by what Ron calls his TEASE.  It is Biblical in many ways and most of you will find it eye pleasing.

6 - I dare not obscure the fact that the new Deities, two of them over Urantia, have no name yet, and FATHER says they are withdrawn in any case for now.  Ron finds that useful but is in such pain again over an accident of time, we must release the entire matter to the supreme not, but to the Creator Son truly, and for that reason we restate what we always must come back to:

No one will ever defeat the FATHER nor will no one defeat the CREATOR SON and DAUGHTER, but the Daughter is gone and I, the Creator Son am left to my own devices in this degree of agony on all of us again.  I am sure no one will ever feel for Me what I feel for My creation, but this time we must place the entire matter before the FATHER and be sure we are in accordance with his attitude and view just what must be done.  Therefore the following must be heeded:

    a - We must align with the Paradise Father;
    b - We must stand proud with Michael of Nebadon;
    c - We are fully aroused over the Creative Spirit and its ilk and refuse further comment but will take lethal action if required;
    d - We decry the use of force but will use it to insist there is order on Urantia once more;
    e - We speak slowly and carefully that Ron and all Hosts of Lightline will receive better attention soon and provide the service very well stated again;
    f - Finally, I am recovering what is left of the Second Return policy chambers we use to do this, and we will go forward with the Second Return once we are sure we have this together properly.

“It is these six things above I am concentrating on today and every day now for the next few months for Urantia.

“Do not concern yourselves with previous LIGHTLINE statements since they are fully unaware of the two new Deities but which are surreptiously removed today for reasons the FATHER states Himself over these final hours before I must return as Jesus of Nazareth myself.

“Good day to all, and you Ron, suffer the little children not for now but pray for your survival as I am back in the fray again and need your full support over many issues yet to be settled on Urantia too.  Thank you.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON.”

Ron Besser - I am fully aware of the disaster in my own case.  I do not dislike the new Deity, but I cannot work with the new Deity, as It never aligns with the Father within me, nor does it align with my friends on this web discussion forum well enough that any of you are very happy about what is forecast.  I am fully supportive of the Jesusonian view that all consists in the FATHER, and that true worship is accorded to HIM on Paradise; that Father Michael of Nebadon and Jesus are intercessors, and that the prayers we send on high are passed through the Creator Son to Father for work.  I do not apply the supreme to any of this, and for matters of my own estate of mind, I will never oblige myself to a supreme which cannot hear the Father at all.  The present new Deity does not synchronize with the Thought Adjuster ever, which I will never understand the universe replicating a new Deity oversoul that does not do that!  We as humans with Thought Adjusters and a soul already formed under the Jesusonian principles therefore cannot ever bring ourselves to doubt Jesus or the goodness he stands for ever.

I have to state these things so any of you who try to fathom this pickle we are in, can at least understand that your values are either with the Father on Paradise, or they are with the supreme and his ilk of celestial favor being redressed into the Grand Universe until recently.  Do not brush this office as a Besser-Michael argument, but look at it as it truly is.  There is no supreme left of the old guard.  There are two new Deities who are so new they do not yet fathom the problem of no-synchrony with human Thought Adjusters on Urantia, and probably other inahbited worlds too.

For that reason I state to all of you that I cannot or will I ever conduct a LIGHTLINE event with the idea of feeding you the idea of supremacy or its new ilk by two new Deities which seem to be applied to a universe age beyond this one in time right now.  I have to leave it alone only because I am so ignorant of FATHER’S intentions on this subject alone.  Thank you.  Ron Besser

FATHER - “Now I have you Besser!  The last LIGHTLINE you conducted you spoke of the parallel between the need of uses for Mother Spirit and God the Supreme as he used to be.   I have now separated those two alliances and repeated the use of the supreme for the Grand Universe, but indicate in the two new Deities, there must be an estrangement between the new two Deities, and the Ultimate, whom I have removed as an influence once more from Urantia.

“Unfortunately, Urantia is mostly supreme and the new Deities are Father-Son but cannot synchronize with my Thought Adjusters on any subscribing inhabited sphere.  We have our reasons for doing that but it puts all of you on Urantia at risk, and therefore we must withdraw the two new Deities rather than insult MICHAEL OF NEBADON over the Return of Jesus and many other factors besides that issue alone.

“For reasons of Estate, and I mean that word too, there must be good reasons available to you Ron and to the others on this web discussion forum, to understand that the House that Jack built is no longer a reputable place to visit, but at the same time the Jesusonian view must prevail in spite of the House that Jack built still remains but must be torn down with the new Mission coming to Urantia shortly.

“For that reason, I FATHER, do hereby declare any of the old ways out of the way, but must reinstated that the old supreme is gone for good, and that the two new Deities to replace the supreme, are also gone until I can figure out why there is not Son up in the sky over Urantia without the promised Second Return of Jesus.  I fold my tent now and thank you.”

Ron Besser - I have to respond first and then ask MICHAEL OF NEBADON to respond as well.  I fully agree with you FATHER, that what supports us on Urantia is the view there is great goodness in the Bestowal of Jesus.  And therefore we dare not excuse the supreme ever for what he did to Jesus, or did to Urantia, or did to you Father and Michael of Nebadon.  I hold you both dear as well as your Coordinates, but I dare not abide that which is out of synchrony with my own Adjuster and my ascension career in tatters because of this.  I dare not speak fully as I am also angry over constant fluxuations as whether we have the Return of Jesus or not.   Further evidence suggests I am catching hell for saying anything about angels to strangers and I bitterly resent that from anyone striking those slams and punches to me over nothing.

I have received a strange report to me from my eye surgeon when he says I was so upset on the operating table I babbled that angels were present and he sedated me out of total consciousness for saying that out loud.   This first makes no sense to me and why I said that I do not know, but I agree he would not lie about it, but there was evil around me that day I am glad he sedated me so fully for that reason alone.  

Those who read this have to understand I am balancing between life and death every day over issues I hardly put there.  But now that they are there, I am fighting tooth and nail to remove the evil and replace it with t he ideals of our revelation and the history of the Jesus Bestowal.  I am fully aware of the evil but I do not have control over any part of that evil except to abstain totally from their doing.  Already today they are present again, and while Michael warns them, they persist to their own life threatened styles to keep it going.  There must be a full adjudication fo the Lucifer rebellion once more, and I fully support annihilation of those who seek rehabilitation only to save their own skin.  I see no peace of any kind returning to earth without total extermination of rebels who are fully aware of who they are and who must be put to rest and their philosophies fully removed for the peace on earth to be ours again.

While I do not believe they will exterminate as it is up to the Ancients of Days to produce the Justice we need badly now, I am fully aware that Caligastia died by suddenly collapsing in the Day’s supreme court room, and nothing was left but the garment he was wearing, appearing in a pile of material unknown to me.  I did not see Lucifer die but he was already dead when Caligastia collapsed on the floor.  The remnants of the Court Case agains the Lucifer rebellion was recorded and played back to me several years ago and it was a heart in my throat fear when Caligastia walked away from the speech podium before the Bench of the divine Trinity Beings known as the Ancients of Days, and deliberately sneered as he strode and began to walk down the main isle of that Court Room.  I saw him suddenly pause a moment and then did the form disappear into the floor and nothing was left but the laundry situation of a worn out garment bunched in a pile where he was just standing seconds ago.   Yes, I saw that, and I heard General Eisenhower’s story after staying in a German castle after taking the Bridge at Remagen, that something appeared to him to make a deal for Germany and that the General fully exercised his prerogatives and threw the devil out.  Caligastia thought he could win a peace of Germany from Eisenhower but blew it with a physical appearance above the mantly of the great fire place behind Eisenhower and the tables he was writing on at the end of a victorious day.  

These things were all played back to me and in the voice of General Eisenhower as he dictated these incidences to me, I suddenly realized that Urantia has become so compromised that only the alliance of good spirit and a good wash with  Lysol Disinfectant, will make Urantia bearable to live on again.  

It is for that reason or reasons I must state that evil as I never felt it before is never touch my soul, me living on earth or not living on earth, and it must be fully shorn from me and without my consent if necessary to remove any of it from me eternally.  I care very much that these things do not infect anything here, but all of you too must battle the thought that goodness will triumph and that we desperately need the caveat of a Bestowal Son’s power and goodness to restric t his insistent evil to compromise each and everyone of us to lose ascension or even life because of its ever present readiness to compromise good for bad.


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