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Links to todays Lightline calls 2 tapes.

LLUSA TUES 29 SEPT - Tape 1 of 2

LLUSA TUES 29 SEPT - Tape 2 of 2

You will want to take notes from these tapes as a lot of new important information is given.

Link for today's Lightline USA  SUNDAY 27 SEPT - including Q & A

Below is the link for Lightline USA TUE 22 SEPT - plus Q & A

Here is the link for todays audio tape and a quick rundown of what was received.

Lightline USA SUNDAY 20 SEPT - includes Q & A

Machiventa - New deities withdrawn from Urantia as their presence tended to block Thought Adjuster influence to their mortals.

Michael of Nebadon - Bulletin 19 is to be released after some revisions and the preceding “tease” will be released prior to that, possibly by end of upcoming week.

Jesus – many on Urantia (especially hosts of Lightline) on addendum of Magisterial Foundation and Missions for reasons of state.  Magisterial Missions are reinstated with Monjoronson, Serara and Sierra but not Rayson.  Rayson seeks permission of Magisterial Son Council to arrive prior to Magisterial Missions to start the Rayson Corporation functions, such as power generation.

Jesus – You will see me before the end of this year!

Consortium of Light Beings -  35 Secondary Supernaphim introduced to us.  Here doing research on behalf of Paradise of the Lightline Hosts, etc.   They question 'How is it possible you are able to transmit with or without our help?  Why is this possible for you?'  Originally were going to be visible to us a light, but now they are to conduct their research from Uversa via transmissions, listen for them.

Tarkas and Jack returning in the Bestowal Commission.

Q & A:
Larry:  Q – what happened to the experiences that the former supreme being contained?
           A – Father retrieved them and has just re-assigned them to the 2 new deities.

Rene:  Q – Another Lightline referred to those with health problems with high bacteria levels would receive remediation, how will they be helped with this issue?
           A – The proposed remediation is now under question by Rayson and the Deity Absolute.  Persons must deal with this, for now, as best they can and may want to consult with their physicians on this issue.

Lemuel – Q – are the 2 new deities experiential or existential ?
                 A – they are experiential

Lemuel -  Q – were these two new deities created by Father or by the Trinity ?
                 A – Deity Absolute recommended the creation of these two new deities by Father himself and as such Father has full control over these new deities(no longer is there a Trinity of Trinities).

Lightline USA TUE 15 SEPT - HISTORICAL - includes Q & A

This tape is just over 2 hours and you'll want to take notes from this one folks here is the link:

  • Michael of Nebadon has transitioned to Jesus here on Urantia but needs time to stabilize/acclimatize to and take the temperature of Urantia before he chooses to become visible. 
  • Michael of Nebadon to become Omnibudsman for the Grand Universe.
  • Some members here being considered as a new order whose future would be to assist in preparation of planets for Magisterial Sons and 7th Bestowals. Currently Ron plus 5 or 6 others being considered as they have determined their destiny by believing they can help God in material ways and show people he does not ignore mortals.
  • Jesus asks Ron to rewrite the tease he will use as his announcement and to prepare to release Bulletin 19.
  • Gabriel will announce the First Epochal Revelation, (a complete rewrite with title still under consideration) and the First Dispensation.
  • Memory storage in the personality and brain stem explained, including the influence of our Adjusters on memory.
  • Ark of the the Covenant information.
  • Mantutia mentions Ron and a couple of others who make this work their priority will also pass through as Melchizedeks.
  • Jesus this time as Son of the Trinity as well as Son of God.
  • Magisterial Sons currently do not have go ahead from Father yet to begin Missions.  Expect Magisterial Missions to appear first just before Jesus Return in flesh and announcement.  Melchizedeks have a lot of things they need to prepare for this to happen.
...and much more

Hi Everyone Lightline USA 13 SEPT tapes 1 and 2 of 2 (tape 2 also has short Q & A)

LLUSA SUNDAY 13 SEPT - Tape 1 of 2

LLUSA SUNDAY 13 SEPT - Tape 2 of 2

Here is the link for today's Lightline USA which includes a Q & A session.

Thank you to Michael of Nebadon, Machiventa (note change back to Planetary Prince and not Manager), and introduction to Sierra, a new Magisterial Son who states his involvement in the 2nd Return of Jesus and more.  
  • Thought Adjuster changes and their working with us.Thought Adjusters no longer placed in super-consciousness but in frontal lobes.
  • The new universe age NUA, is now officially onboard with Nebadon.   A new ambassador has been sent to Uversa to replace our former ambassador that was killed in the Uversa explosion, [Our sincere condolences to Nebadon and all those who also mourn this regrettable loss].
  • Nebadon outpost now on Urantia.
  • The United States will have a Regency. 
  • Human help to run the Missions is not negated.
  • Now a Planetary Government on Urantia, all Melchizedeks with Machiventa as Planetary Prince.
  • Upcoming Bulletin 19.   
  • October 2nd proposed return date for Second Return and will probably be visible only via announcements for now.
  • Entire matter of the re-personalization of Jesus dependent on the Universal Father to provide means to Urantia to planetize the deity Jesus has become as he is pure deity of the transcendental nature.  A way must be found for him to enter this lower planetary space.
  • Life carriers in attendance to Ron's health issues.
Thank you to all who attended via call in and live streaming.

Lightline USA is next scheduled for 2pm York time Sunday, September 13.

Hello Everyone,

We thank Machiventa, Michael of Nebadon and Jesus who basically address the context of what we all are facing in our attempt to comprehend what a new universe age means to our future and how we are to patiently carry on in our daily lives and continue to trust in and be aware of guidance and information available to us as things progress.

Van the Steadfast reminds us of the value of his associate Amadon who, despite being of mortal origin on Urantia, remained by Van's side and was invaluable in his contribution to furtherance of the will of the Fathers manifestation during the millennia of rebellion they worked through on Urantia.  When even Van's comrades fell under the influence of rebellion Amadon remained faithful in thought and deed.

I apologize for the length of time it took to get this link to you for, although I kept checking the site, the recording for today just became available a short time ago.  I did notice that the internet seemed especially slow.  Thank you for your interest and for your patience.


Hi folks!

Todays Lightline USA audio tape link - includes Q & A session.  Enjoy!

Lightline USA SUNDAY 30 AUGUST - includes Q & A

Thanks to all our speakers and attendees.  Don't forget Tuesday @ 2pm and all the other Lightline conference calls coming up.

Lightline USA TUE 25 AUG  - Michael Missions

Thank you to Tarkas, Machiventa (Father) Melchizedek, Michael of Nebadon and Monjoronson

Disclosure 22 AUG - New Universe Age  - transmission tape link

Todays audio link for Lightline USA TUE 18 AUG - New Revelations plus Q & A

some topic highlights:
  • Machiventa Melchizedek - as Father Melchizedek now producing more Melchizedeks
  • Michael of Nebadon advises Solitary Messengers - firstborn of Infinite Spirit down from 4B to 5,300; keep disappearing and doesn't know where they go.
  • Father - advises Solitary Messengers that disappear have become Finaliters for the new universe age
  • Urantia still has no Planetary gov't and Father asking Solitary Messengers to appear on Urantia to advise Magisterial Sons of what is going on on Urantia and help take care of you 
  • Father gave immediate authorization for His Temple on Urantia
  • Gravity Messengers deal with secrets of divine missions;  2 Finaliter groups on Urantia now
  • Gravity Messenger revealed that they are Ron Besser's "back channel" he sometimes uses and they work with the Deity Absolute
  • revealed that the highest ranking Thought Adjusters can become Gravity Messengers
  • New Order of Seraphim (having nothing to do with the old supreme) as a direct creation of the Infinite Spirit and answering only to him;  will also work and co-operate with desires and plans of the Creator Son Michael of Nebadon and our Magisterial Sons Monjoronson and Serara;  they also have their own speciality not yet revealed; likened to yet different from Melchizedeks and will be successful in bringing about desired and necessary changes on Urantia;  will serve for eternity in Superuniverse #7

Everyone, todays audio tape link for Lightline USA 16 AUG 2020

Q & A will be addressed on TUE 18 AUG Lightline USA

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