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Weydevu, often times to make sure people know when we talk about government of any kind, we use the  term spiritual government to refer to the invisible government that runs Urantia from Salvington.  A planetary government run by  the Constellation is also a true fact, and all planetary governments have a mix of reality personnel from Midwayers to Melchizedeks to Sons of God to representatives of the existential Deities on Paradise.  Uversa government is represented on Urantia  today through the Most Highs, and that is a little unusual but our government will be unusual as MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK has asked that the URANTIA PLANETARY GOVERNMENT, as the spiritual government of the planet, become all spiritual.

That is unusual too in that most planetary governments have a mix of morontia, spirit and sometimes material as with the Adamd and Eves of record here too.

For that reason, we are not going to see much of our planetary government as it will likely be invisible for the most part for whatever reason MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK has in mind.  Nonetheless we will have MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK and MALVANTRA MELCHIZEDEK and MANTUTIA'S friend, SEN-SEN a Melchizedek of high authority that is also a MAGISTERIAL SON BY BIRTH but prefers the work of the Melchizedek's instead.   These variations are staggering but I am glad to know them as well as you may be too Weydevu.

Finally my friend, you are not to be governing yourself alone there in LA, but are to join us in York when the time comes as we need a burly man to see to our operation and security too.  So you will be part of us when the time comes to array all of t his talent in my home town of York.  But as far as a spiritual government, I doubt we see much of this one if MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK has his way.


I have been out of it for about 48 hours over health issues.  FYI I had eye surgery Wednesday morning, followed by therapeutic eye injections which procedures lasted until about 11am Wednesday morning the 19th of January.  That was in Lancaster, PA, about 30 miles east of my home.  On the way back from  the doctor's office the edema (swelling) in my body became acute.  We stopped at my brother's home and called the doctor I use in York County, and they saw it as life threatening and said get to an emergency room as quickly as you can.  Edema is something many of you probably get sometimes too especially in the legs and feet which is where mine started, but it, on Wednesday, moved up to my chest and back and started to press my lungs. 
Well, what a terrible experience an emergency room is.  It took us from a little after noon to a little after midnight to get tests and a diagnosis, and the diagnosis was not anything.  They could not find anything wrong!  Except they had no remedy to bring the swelling down nor did they have a recommendation what to do with the pain and discomfort.  They told me to stop taking my blood pressure medicine as maybe that was it. . . .   Today I still sit with the same problem and legs that hardly move for reasons still unknown.  Well, anyhow that is where I stand at the moment, but let me update you on our mutual concern on this site as to where things have taken us.

I was out of contact all of the 19th for reasons stated above.  The 20th I took a computer vacation and watched TV almost all day and the inauguration and cheering Biden on to get sworn in and a better day to start for those who support the new administration to get our problems addressed. 

But then Sue Whiley tied into an entity I knew from a very old past experience, someone called RA.  I read the post and saw his interest in her work and after I read the post,  I also heard RA come in for a transmission.  I have not posted any transmission but one and am very careful to state that the real situation above us is dicey as usual.  By that I mean we are nearing the 4end of the pleasant thought of Missions that work and Missions that get on the ground with great ability to clear the brush here on Urantia with so many brush problems.  For reasons of State, I can tell you that RA is quite a power, and while He does not tell me in what Council He sits, He is Deity and He is a great friend of the Michael Foundation I keep under wraps in order for Michael to determine what he wants out of it and for it.  For that reason I have little to say about it right now, but in addition to the Magisterial Foundation, it is the Michael Foundation that will become usable for what will prevail as the start up missions today.

I have for many reasons dropped the idea of moving quickly into anything that smacks of direct intervention with the American government and so have they.  The Regency is still very important and a "go," but it must be approached carefully enough.  However, RA has explained to me that the entire matter of the Urantia Planetary Government is ready to be reestablished.

For that reason I am hopeful we get better direction and direct action, as the Magisterial Sons, RAYSON, MONJORONSON, AND SERARA, and SEN-SEN, have prepared to start their work on Urantia too in the next week they say.   For that reason I state here it is worth your while to keep alert and watch for signs of what is to be suddenly appear in the government of the United States and i ts Allies as well.  

Further more, I see there is a real chance for the Covid19 pandemic to take a sudden turn out of favor and to lose this awful virus for good as RA, the entity Sue Whiley first introduced to us, said he intends to see to its demise as soon as possible  through  the natural acquirement of natural forces to be arrayed against it. 

For that reason I indicate to all of you that the entire matter we are going to have to deal with shortly, is that RA and MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and GABRIEL, and RAYSON and the Magisterial Sons, MONJORONSON, SERARA and SEN-SEN as well as HANSON,  will make it clear what they expect of us and I doubt most of you are ready to take that on.  Those who can do it must remain silent  though for the moment, as I hear a transmission approaching as I write this out to you. 

RA - "I am RA, and now I make myself clear.  I am an entity, as Ron calls very powerful figures in spirit, which can run any thing I need to so long as it is the will of God to do so.

"For that reason I  teamed up with Ron here to see just what can be done to run the Missions we have heard about to make them really memorable to all who participate in them on Urantia.  For that reason I am making sure that Ron gets out from under the edema he has suffered on top of everything else, and to move the entire matter to fruition for sure.  Now this:

"For that reason we leave you alone for now as there is a tremendous amount of work to be done to get all of this moving again.  We see MICHAEL OF NEBADON ready, and we see them already assembled to move on, but there is no energy left after the cabal has destroyed the Planetary Government at least three times.  This time it gets reestablished without interference whatsoever.  Good day!  RA."

"WE are sure there are several more good works to report on this day, but leave it alone for now as we wish to state for the record we are using Ron and his works well enough and that the Magisterial Foundation is well done.  I am resurrecting the Michael Foundation International for reasons of my own and it is working just fine as it is so far as it is ready to go when I want it to go. 

"I am leaving for Uversa this afternoon your time on Urantia.  That means New York time always.   For reasons of State I say nothing except it is on behalf of Ron for many reasons and you are not wrong Ron to thank us so sincerely for you are under the gun like no one I have seen since the days of the Sadlers.   For that reason the Sadlers are most welcoming to you soon enough for we will  take this as an omen you saw late at night in the emergency room, when a Dr. Sadler attended you as the head of the radiology department only a young woman this time.  She is fully advised and wonders how you know such esoteric information until she discovered when she went on lone the Urantia Book and its entire story of the Sadlers as they tell it.  She read it carefully and wonders if she is related, and yes she is, distantly.  The Sadlers in heaven are delighted to know her as she is a real go getter and most kind to you for some reason Ron as she rarely speak to a patient. 

"I am MICHAEL and you Ron are not lost to the world of heat and pain and honest to goodness chicanery all around you again.   That must stop and it has for RA settled the issue finally and moved them on to other endeavors other than hitting you all the time.  For that reason Uversa is asking for a meeting with RA and Myself for a sit down chat with you shortly on how to deal with this immense responsibility you really look forward to taking on.   Be assured it still is against you but not so fiercely now that you make it clear you understand that angst of the seraphim losing a parent.   For that reason you are loved again by a few of them.  Be assured they gather in groups to view you at work like now but there is no compensation for your swelling and your abject misery at night when all the pain accumulates in your abdomen and legs.  Be assure you will come out of this smelling like a rose and now this:

"We have conjectured you are to be ONE WITHOUT NAME AND NUMBER someday, and it is confirmed from a FATHERLY touch t hat you and Gary and Richard and Jeff and you are all Messengers of Heart, which is what Ones Without Name and Number become once their jury duty is over.  Be assured Cindy is working that end to, and you are something else too, but keep it together for the moment as you and Delilah and broken light bulbs are not on  trial but RA is over a huge discovery you all were together in high school and loved each other very much.  Besides being a broken glass of truth all of you are ready for something better than you got on Urantia and the tragedies that fell to most of you.  Besides Gary, you are one of the few who can take it all in and be happy it is as it is wherever you are.  Be assured this makes no sense to these readers, but you take the cake when it comes to humor and f un with words and trials with eyes and noses too.  Keep the faith and let us work this end out as Uversa is happy to know you know a group who are all destined to be Mighty Messengers at least and maybe some other fun department as you all have your work cut out for you even Cindy who wants to stay a seraphim but will relent if higher calling  comes her way.

"We close this post with one last statement.  RA is Ron's favorite kibitzer, and for reasons of State says lit tle for he now knows that Ron carries one additional point of honor no one else does, and that is to stand firm and against the evil of Lanaforge and others who tried to kill him.  He also understands he has nothing special while on Urantia, but he has one hell of a news item coming what ORIGINS is released shortly as Gitz made the call and they are ready to roll and that is for a special occasion soon at the Lancaster headquarters of Dr. P, for he will be the one who salutes you for being so God centered he is green with envy.  Do not dismiss his kudos Ron and let the medical profession alone for now, but you will have a say there  some day soon over how to train physicians not to be double chinned over issues of state they too must deal with shortly.    I close with this:

"Few ever hear the Lord like you do and few ever hear the Lord salute anyone, but you Ron and Lance your brother have made history together as he made  the plea that got action at the emergency room.   You made it first and hit the wall of those two but they laughed with you instead of doing anything.  But her happened to speak to the section chief you did not an that got immediate action  and for that reason you met Dr. Sadler.  Dr. Sadler knows you intimately inside and she sees nothing wrong but wonders what in the world brought her to attention to your heart valve which is oblong and extremely short.  She sees it as a strange conception of blue and whit e veins but no red ones.  How does that heart work?  She never saw a reverse osmosis heart  and that is what is installed as of now and it will not cause high blood pressure again.   For that reason you are not to worry about blood pressure medication unless he insists you stay with the present ones and that is not good for you anymore.  Let them worry it and she is ready to say hello too.  Her heart felt for you and your awful burgled groin and so on and she is ready to say hello if you ever come back to that place again.  You set a record with waiting too as you waited the longest ever for a man of the cloth as they usually get top priority in that hospital and thanks to your brother they rolled out the red carpet with tests and found you not in trouble at all.  Be assured this all for now,  K.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON."

Ron:  Let me summarize this quickly for you:
1 -  I am okay in spite of not being okay.  You can laugh.
2 -  RA is in charge of the Missions set up.  Learn more shortly,.  Amethyst you are supposed to transmit RA if you can.
3 - RA is ready to take on the cabal on Urantia and that is a huge help and pray he is successful for all of us!
4 - Larry Gossett and Steven Gitz, your call to York is only months away as the Rayson Corp is to start up says Rayson
     RAYSON:  "We are ready to go.  So be it! Let me not explain it here, but shortly you Larry Gossett must transmit me to hear my view of YOUR health too,  Get busy,  Take RA first.  Then me, RAYSON, Okay?

5 -  I am sure things will start to settle down now as RA is a powerful figure and HE refuses to tell us how He is aligned with FATHER, but HE is and HE can be FATHER if required.

6- Magisterial Missions are go.
7- Michael Missions are go.
8- The Michael Foundation International  charitable trust is ready to go to for Michael's own wishes.  He can have it for any thing he wants to do.
9-  I am finished with this now so you can go back to sleep if you want to.  But pay attention soon as we have a lot of reporting to do in about a day or so.  Saturday is Wenebojo's Lightline and he might have something from RA too.  We shall see. 

Pleasant and happy day for you all!


A Review of Where We Stand Today in Spirit Missions and Inauguration Of Biden

Tarkas Views via Dictation My State of Mind

Tarkas: “I am sure the ent ire matter is out of fait accompli this morning as you are at a loss for how late you are and how tired you feel and how little you found useful from yesterday.  I agree.  Yet you are now under no illusion that there is a tremendous refusal for any and all of your hear t for the Missions and for what could or might be.  I fully pledge to you Ron that nothing is left of our relationship except to command you to maintain your head and heart for a few days of recommended rest and celebration that no one says a thing to you whatever, but you know it all fell through yesterday not.  As you lay briefly in your hospital bed early this morning contemplating the mess before you, your discover you have a macabre sense of humor that cheered her and disgusted the man at first but later he says so that is how we get rid of sinners.  Be assured I have no response to that and for reasons of State neither do you.  However, let it be known that you will recover surely and well and to let all hang loose for a moment of prayer you offered Joe Bidden this morning in order to get him going as a new President of the Republic for which he stands as do you.  Be assured there is nothing from spirit today whatsoever, but shortly spirit will make no amends to you or itself for being rough and ready in ways you do not comprehend/ For that reason we dare not say more than this:   Eat well for a few weeks and keep the pleasure of gain in your mind, but never stay up so late again you cannot make sense of a new day as you are trying to make sense of this day.  Amen.”


Ron as Michael Foundation Director Responds to Tarkas


Ron - We have been your allies and stalwart support.  Yet when the doves of heartfelt anguish are spoken, you seem to avail yourselves to the secrecy of all spirit.  I do not comprehend the need to stir black and turgid water so harsh to our hopes for a better relationship not just with spirit but with our fellow man.  I hear the strains of “Amazing Grace,” sung this morning at the inauguration of President Joe Biden, and while a beautiful symbol I love, it is almost water off a duck’s back because I am so suspicious of the ill will of so many electorate voters in the United Sates.  The Nazi-like militias have no place in America and they are not in my or for my country.

I am also very tired this morning.  I was awake for twenty-two hours Tuesday into today, Wednesday, attempt to make sense what happened to me on Tuesday into Wednesday.  I still do not make sense of it.  However, let it still be known I stand in full regard of what must be done  however they, spirit,  wants to do it.  Lest we forget, we should never state our purpose before the thieves of democracy, or let the wolves of despair harm you and me.  It is true,  I am desperately trying to reorient myself with the idea we have no Mission as were led to believe was to happen, and that we have no real Harp of God to wear and to dispose of our angst this morning while we try to understand how the evil of Trump boarded Air Force One and left for good.  In that, he man must pay a price and I pray it is the right one.

For all of you I am nearly destroyed in my heart for all that we have lamented and worked so hard to understand to this point.  We have allied ourselves with spirit and shall remain true to that alliance.  However, I find myself exhausted after a twenty-hour episode of wait and wait and wait for the medical profession to resolve a highly dangerous condition I suffer in body, and to no avail.  To me they have failed the most and true basic need of a commercial for Alka Seltzer where a drop of it would be, “oh what a relief it is!”

For those reasons I can hardly move this morning awakening suddenly in the full sunlight of 12:01 this afternoon today.  I have no idea how I lost consciousness so fast, hard, and quickly after a terrible day of hope and no hope finally.  I agree with all of you about when the time comes to say our prayers, let us hope there is something left to pray about we all want as a collective group dedicated tot he Will of God.

May the Will of God say to you, ‘This is the way.”    My heart bothers me yet this morning about what we have left.  I do not think there is much to talk about this moment.  I am most grateful that Phyllis Simpson led the listeners of LIGHTLINE yesterday and that it went smoothly and happily for those who attended both on and off streaming.

For that reasons I also state I intend to return as best I can while fully sure I am fated to become a silent majority in this country which supports this President as best I can, and that he might learn the humility of serving before God as we all must do to dispel the hate mongering and the lying of the last four years.  For that reason we need to all pray that the United States of America also learns the humility to serve before God, as we have very little left of our own democracy if we fail to maintain the Chief as Father and with God of time and space, MICHAEL OF NEBADON for us all to hear:


Michael Steps Forward To Propose a New Alliance
“We stand, not aborted, but prepared to off the Michael Foundation Ron heads alone but never reports to you about it or for it.  He must now make amends and prepare the Michael Foundation ready to take on the responsibilities I had on Urantia, not as Jesus, but as humanity itself, as I cannot do all that is necessary to bring this world back to order.  It has gone too far, too fast, and as such, is lost in its own mire of black dirge water again.  The United States has a good man at its helm and should he ever be able to use the Regency, we just might institute it anyhow.  However at the moment it is too dangerous to even suggest it to the executive Branch of the US government.  For reasons of St ate I also point out that the Magisterial Son, known as MONJORONSON, in partnership with SERARA, and with RAYSON and with the Magisterial Son, Sen-Sen, everyone is ready to make amends to move in accordance with what can be achieved on a world that is preparing for ascension long before it can ascend.

“I portray this for some of you:  

“The Rayson Corporation, the York Preparticle Technologies Corporation, and the Magisterial Foundation, all stand with the MICHAEL FOUNDATION, as the cornerstone for the democratic return to Urantia all that I hold dea for a planet like this one.   Keep in mind that MONJORONSON amd SERARA are still here on the planet and ready to do the bidding of the Creator Son who advises there is a change but not to be announced just yet.  The Magisterial Foundation, and the Michael Foundation Ron heads, are vital to our needs soon, and for that reason we reinstate Ron Besser as important to these plans to work through these Missions to Urantia.  K. = =  MICHAEL OF NEBADON.”


From the Magisterial Sons
Monjoronson; Serara; Sen-Sen; Rayson
Declaration of Principle
Sunday 17 January 20201
Summarized from the USA LIGHTLINE 17 January 2021
T/R: Ron Besser

(Ron here: I have summarized the points from the transmissions as follows for you:)

1 - The planet Urantia has been overrun with insurrection and today we declare Urantia a “free zone" which removes everyone and allows no one back on the planet until a new spiritual government can be convened;

2 - Those who are Hosts to Lightline, and those who adhere to those principles and support the Salvington government will be helped to maintain their health and their composure.

3 - The Lucifer Rebellion on Urantia is evident again and the old planetary government already destroyed.  The Ancients of Days declare they will hold a Court Hearing immediately and that has begun even as of today, and that is begin the refunding of life again on Urantia as it should be lived and not as it is lived now;

4 - Epochal revelation through Ron Besser will not cease, but it will be made more succinct and useful to the reader;

5 - There is a need to expand participation of greater audiences with Lightline.  Various methods have been suggested and Ron keeps all well done except one which he finds too expansive without enough material to cover its run time.  More on this later.  We need to expand audience and means to produce them;

6 - The appearance and incarnation of Jesus is not put off.  But the insurgency in Washington DC again complicates plans and so be patient until things are worked out again for various approaches to the new President;

7 - The Rayson Corporation is to be in operation soon for inventions badly needed on Urantia.

“I am glad to see these summarized as they tend to expand too much when an audience participates in writing them down; however, we add one more:

8 - "Let it be known that the Magisterial Sons are back on Urantia again tonight and we intend to start clearing the place of all influences which stand in the way for the preponderance of progress for the appearance of Missions on Urantia which must move and make their appearance at once. K”

I am replicating an email I sent to you privately Andre_P and to a Guest, Jong, in S, Korea, and important reply to both of you personally.  But I know we have other interests here and this information should at least be made available to them too.  Here is the COPY of the contents in that email for the general list to read as well:
 - - - -
COPY email information
17 Jan 2021
Thank you Jong for your question.  I have added Andre_P to answer both of you since your questions have a similarity and I can answer both at the same time.

The term "Picoliter"  is a misnomer.  That is, it does not described the character of  the object it labels.  The reason it does not do so is that this a direct revelation of God the Father to Urantia, and as such it carries nothing of the nomenclature of the original or use as described professionally on high in the science labs of Uversa.

For that reason I dare not attempt to change the label for fear of getting a process of revelation that might be withdrawn if I insist on renaming these atoms to fit their real character.  The term Picoliter is a misnomer because it was never meant to assign characteristics, but to merely name the object for dissemination and knowledge.

That said, to you Jong, the real reason the Picoliter atom exists is to disenfranchise the heart of God so that no one will ever quest ion why copper dislocates atomic cohesion the way a copper object does.  What I am talking about is that there is no reason on this side of materiality to indicate just how a copper atom, having all those electrons, does not conduct electricity by itself.

That should shock you!  Copper atoms by themselves do not conduct anything.  It is the strange little atom that fits itself between the copper atoms that does freely and that is because copper by itself requires Antimony to function as a genuine material object, for pure copper does not hold its shape well enough to be a trustworthy use except perhaps as a rod or plate.

But Antimony resists an electrical field even more than a copper atom does.  For some reason (and this gets really into the mystery of electromagnetism) Picoliter atoms form without a nucleus and without any electrons.  further stated, the Picoliter atom holds no valence and provides no "lift" to an electrical current.  By "lift," I mean it does not press the flow of electrons through the copper plate as a term to mean press those free electrons into itself or use them whatsoever.    The Picoliter atom does not touch the flow of electromagnetic plasma which holds the streaming flow of an electrical current going through it.  Science today is ignorant of the Picoliter atom, and if they were aware of it, what use would they make of it?

For that reason, the revelation made to me to make that graphic is simplified so some matters concerning electromagnetism are not further revealed.  Therefore let me point out to you several items not mentioned or shown in the copper plate graphic I presented.

#1 -  Electromagnetic properties abound on a copper plate as shown in the graphic.  I do not show  the plasma that flows through the Picoliter atoms at all as I am totally ignorant as to what gives rise to a plasma or how a plasma is essential to the process at all.  Copper wiring in a house produces an electrical field, that if you were spirit and had spiritual vision, would light the house up bright as a Christmas  tree.  For that reason almost all houses in  the world today are spiritually-envisioned as brightly lit to the spirit eye.  I only mention this because it points to the use of a world using a plasma around most of its electrified objects because copper is used in the wiring.

#2 - An electromagnetic plasma induces other types of atomic sub-particles to participate including antiparticles of a nature never revealed to a material planet for fear of exposing electromagnetic principles too danger to let out among uncivilized science or governments.  That is how dangerous some of these elements of participation are when describing the copper plate and the conduction of an electrical current through it can reveal and are.

#3 -  The electromagnetic plasma does not relegate itself out of existence when the plate stops conducting electrons.  Rather, what happens, is the the Picoliter atoms then reform themselves and protect the copper atoms by annealing the copper atom with the left over plasma in the form of peculiar types of neutrons which are "field particles."  and a "filed particle" is a sub atomic unit without a nerve center at all.  Picoliter atoms have no nucleus.  Field particles are what answer the call to form some sort of unifying force in an atom without a nucleus (and there are about one dozen more types of atoms on Urantia that are formed without a nucleus), and for that matter such information pertains directly to electromagnetic properties Urantia science is forbidden to use anytime soon.

#4 - Force fields abound around copper plates when conducting electricity.  This pertains to a copper wire as much as it applies to a plate as described in my graphic.  What I wanted in particular for everyone to notice is that the Picoliter atom forms when there is no bond between neighboring copper atoms.  On the drawing kindly notice that the pink bonds between the copper atoms do not allow the Picoliter atom to form.   But copper is peculiar in that not all atoms close together form an electrical bond at all.  Where that holds true, the Picoliter atom fills in.  That is not especially east to show and I took liberties to show it as such on plate number 2.

Please notice I do not show anymore of what I describe here on the graphic, as I am not allowed to do so, and I feel fortunate to be allowed to show what I did.  The Picoliter atom is one of the few misdeeds, to coin a behavior character of electromagnetism, of using an electrical field, for the filed itself is part plasma.  For instance, and electrical shock to the human body can kill it, but the plasma has no part in the shock.  Why?  The saline portion of the blood system in a human is also partially an electromagnetic plasma induced with sodium chloride electrified by a small gland, pineal gland at the base of the neck in most humans.  For that reason the electrical conductivity of Rh factors complicates surgeons attempting anneal a blood flow to stanch too much bleeding.  If they would relate to the fact that the Rh factor in the blood is also a negative current in almost everyone, then they could apply a tourniquet of protons around the wound and it would stop the flow almost immediately. 

Further: electricity is a flow of just electrons NOT!  Further evidence would suggest this is a subject I really no nothing about and I have to leave it there for now.

Now one more fact that you should find of exacting interest:

Electrifying the home need not be by copper wire or  the use of copper at all.  Electricity can be broadcast by using a central antenna in the community, and the home using a receiving antenna, and devices like furnaces, air conditioning, radios, TV's, blenders, tea pots-  you name it--  can be used for their own purposes if they install in their handles or box near them the receiving circuitry for electrons freely purchased out of the atmosphere.  I have already received the basis for these operations but for now it is forbidden to me and the Magisterial Son, Rayson, to discuss it further, but I want you to be aware we do not need Picoliter atoms to conduct and electrical plasma to electrify our homes if we can ever get this new technology revealed fully.

Thank you for your interest, and I thank the Deity Absolute allowing this explanatory email to be sent at all as we are under a tight ban on this kind of communication on Urantia at all right now. 

Ron Besser
MICHAEL OF NEBADON SPEAKS- "You Ron are furious not but sickened by your own experiences with the Deity Absolute today over issues of state that harm you greatly and as such you must duck out of use now and then.  Your Lightline today is available but you are sour as was Wenebojo Saturday over the misuse of  the circuitry by a cabal that will not relent even for a Lightline.  For that reason you might curtail its use today alone but we see you feel  they would not understand and you will open it at least and that is excellent.  Andre_P does not follow English quickly enough to listen to yours.  But Jong is very well developed in hearing English for its sense, and I recommend to Jong, if you can get a phone connection or a streaming connection which is done for Ron's Lightline, that you listen for important news today too as this is a Sunday in the US and we broadcast at 2PM New York time zone today.  Tahnk you.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON. K"

I did this graphic up today with Rayson's help and with the Deity Absolute kibitzing and Michael of Nebadon approving it could be shown.

Questions?  By all means ask them.  Click on the link to read it better.  But attachment at end of post too.


Copper Plate Conducts Electricity

Congrats!  I see you did just fine and I love the one about the mermaid.  That is my type of poetry as it speaks to mysterious synchronicity as destiny asks for a hand to say hello and happiness possible.  Lovely

You even got your spacing right as most of us fail formatting the first few times we use that horrible text editor.  I tried to find one that was not so tricky but alas nothing for this editor for the time being.  Let us hear from you with more poetry and your views when you wish to.  Great!

General Discussion / Teaching Mission Faculty - Archive List FYI
« on: January 15, 2021, 01:52:16 pm »
I think it would be great for some of you to see a list of the faculty that taught the  teaching mission and which was available then to get the idea for yourselves how great it was and how universal it was becoming at the time we took this inventory of who was who as spirit and morontial teachers to we humans on Urantia.

I ran across this inventory list looking for something else on an obscure external disk I use for files too good to throw away but of no use at present.  This one, the Teaching Mission List of Personnel April 1994.

in April 1994, we had about decided that the  teaching mission as it was being called would be become the universal means to teach the Urantia Book for all who wished to be included.  We took an inventory of all the transmitters in the USA and probably some of Europe, and certainly of Australia and South America, and placed the resulting list on line as a guide to transmitters just who may be contacting them.

All you need to do is cast your eye down this list to see some developing friendships that persist to this day, not only with  transmitters of old, but some of them continue on the mansion worlds where some of our best transmitters reside today.  In particular there were some transmitter groups that were strong and powerful allies of the Michael of Nebadon request to spread the Teaching Mission far and wide,  It also gave a new breath to understanding the Urantia Book you could not get anywhere else.

There is not hing to study here, and only to show you the cornucopia of personnel available from the spirit and morontial side of things who studied hard to teach Urantia mortals  the best way to approach the  5t h epoch revelation and really, themselves.  So here is the list just for your edification:

PS:  I could not transmit during these days either.  I was so frustrated!
Ron Besser

    Celestial List
    Revised 12/1994

Aaron        Group Teacher, Spokane, WA. Ascendant mortal, attained fusion in January 1994. Member of staff of 100 that came with Machiventa. Served as a personal teacher for Spokane group member before becoming a group teacher. Also been known in the past as Pearson.

Abicoralinia     Midwayer

Abigail    Group Teacher, Salem, OR

Abilenia        Midwayer

Abraham       Director of Teaching Mission

Adolia        Personally assigned seraphim working with Guardian Angels, Mollala, OR

Adora        Group Teacher, Arcata, CA Brilliant    Evening    Star
working with Astara

Aflana        Group/Personal Teacher, Sarasota, FL - Technical Adviser, fused female from System 11, Constellation 37, not permanently assigned to anyone group. She works with all groups, especially new transmitters in new groups; is (system or mortal) sister of Lor El

Afonta        Supervisor of Celestial Musicians now resident on Urantia

Agmar        Finaliter, Superuniverse 1, Sarasota, FL

Ahmen        Personal Teacher, Sarasota, FL

Ahnadab       Personal Teacher, Spokane, WA (Pronounced Ah-nay-dwab)

Alista        Group Teacher, Los Osos, CA  Member of Melchizedek teaching staff and a graduate of a Melchizedek School of Edentia

Ambraisa    Group Teacher, Newberg, OR - One time mortal from a world of the Age of Light and Life; Member of Melchizedek teaching staff and a graduate of a Melchizedek School of Edentia

Amgael    Visiting Personality, Spokane, WA - Has contacted group twice. Not assigned as of February 1994, but seems to be in the area for the time being possibly to be assigned.

Amstar        Teacher - May be unassigned

Amster              Personal Teacher, Utah

Anario        Creation of Michael, Bradenton, FL - Available to assist all who ask

Anastacia      Group Teacher, Dallas, TX -Female works with Ordon (Male)

Anasthia        Master Physician, Sarasota, FL

Andason        Personal Teacher, Spokane WA - Ascended mortal

Andranason     Group Teacher, Portland, OR - Melchizedek, coordinator, the overseer for Machiventa and Lord Michael in his Father's mission of the Universities of the Melchizedeks. Works with Norsen Melchizedek.

Andrea        Teacher, Buffalo, NY - Translated Midwayer doctor

Andrew    Group Teacher, Pittsburgh, PA -3,200 Urantia years old, unfused from a rebellion
planet. Engineer in mortal life, 2 children, built bridges, came here to serve and thinks it is like building bridges. Collects jokes!!!

Andrea        Group Teacher, Bakersville, CA

Andrew    Group Teacher,  Cincinnati, OH

Anelia        Teacher, Norman, OK

Anna        Personal Teacher, Evansville, IN

Ansol        Personal Teacher, Sebastopol, CA

Arrabelle      Visiting Personality, Spokane, WA - Unassigned as of May 1993 (Possibly Aridelle, or Ariel)

Aranda        Teacher, Burlington, LA -Adjuster-fused female from Mansion World #7

Astara        Group Teacher, Arcata, CA - Brilliant Evening Star works with Adora

Avery        Personal Teacher, Suitland, MD - Ascended mortal

Ba-Kim    Group/Personal Teacher, Cincinnati, OH - Supervisor of Celestial Artisans now resident on Urantia

Bartholmew     Personal Teacher, Spokane, WA

Bertrand      Group Teacher, Corona Del Mar, CA

Bonizia    Midwayer

Bretharyn    Personal Teacher, Salem, OR

Camille    Celestial of Unknown Order, Burlington, IA
Can-det-E    Secondary Midwayer, Englewood, FL

Celestia         Personal Teacher, Arcadia, CA

Ceranta         Personal Teacher, Suitland, MD

Cereon    Personal Teacher, Suitland, MD

Chanti        Group of healing "angels"working with human healers on Urantia including one in Sarasota, FL

Clois        Teacher, Hutchinson, KS

Colanda    Personal Teacher, Suitland, MD

Corali    Personal Teacher,Pittsburgh, PA

Cromek         Personal Teacher, Corvallis, OR

Curits        Personal Teacher, Seabrook, MD - Ascended Mortal

Dafne        Celestial Artisan - Female Ascended Mortal

Danalenia    Midwayer

Danezia    Midwayer

Daniel        Group Teacher, Pocatello, ID

Darandek    (Darek) Melchizedek Planner

David        CelestialArtisan,Cincinnati, OH

David        Midwayer, Salem, O

Elaine        Personal Teacher, CA -Lived mortal life during reclamation from a rebellion,  When the teaching mission came had a personal teacher, too.

Eleveneth    Personal Teacher, Salem, OR - Works as a team with Geveny

Eliha        Personal Teacher, Arcadia CA

Elisha        Personal Teacher,Cincinnati, OH - Female Celestial Artisan

Elyon        Group Teacher, Coeur D'Alene, ID

Enizia        Midwayer (Pronounced en-eet,sia)

Ester        Teacher, Kansas City

Evanson        Personal Teacher, Coeur D'Alene, ID

Eve        Sarasota, FL and Sandy, UT

Felicia        Teacher, Sedona, AZ

Foehn        Teacher, Norman, OK

Gabriel          Bright Morning Star

GabreEl         Brilliant Evening Star (Pronounced G aab-ree-el)

Gavalia    Brilliant Evening Star,Englewood, Fl

Galvantia      Associate of Brilliant Evening Star, Gavalia, Englewood, FL

Geveny    Personal Teacher, Salem, OR- Works as a team with Eleveneth

Gideon        Personal Teacher, Spokane,WA

Ham        Administrative Head of Teachers, Woods Cross, UT and Nashville, TN

Hannen         Personal Teacher, Fairfield, IA - Spirit-fused mortal

HapsonEssa     Midwayer
Hapsonia           Midwayer

Heironamas      Group Teacher, Pueblo, Co-Elder Melchichidek

Hilson        Group Teacher, Los Osos, CA

Hocval        Personal Teacher, Corvallis OR

Holinea    Personal Teacher, Arcadia, CA

Horace        Teacher, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Ian        Personal Teacher, Nashville, TN - Female Ascender

Iruka        Group/Personal Teacher, Suitland, MD

Iris        Personal Teacher, Lebanon OR

Isathal        Personal Teacher, Salem, OR

JanEl        Personal Teacher, Sarasota, FL and later Group Teacher Arcadia, CA

Jamel        Personal Teacher, Corvallis, OR - Previously a Harmony Worker

James        Teacher, Lawrence, KS

JanEl        Teacher waiting for assignment

Jared        Group Teacher, Santa Rosa/Sebastopol, CA

Jelan        Personal Teacher, Arcadia, CA

JoEl        Personal Teacher, Sarasota, FL

Jonathen    Teacher, Charlotte, NC
Josepha    Teacher, St. Louis, MO
Josphine    Teacher, Norman, OK
JuEl        Personal Teacher, Sarasota

KharEl    (Or Kahryl) Teacher, Bailey's Harbor, WI

Landor    Mighty Messenger, Kailua- Kona, HI

Lanzia        Personal Teacher, Arcadia, CA

LeNera    Burlington, LA - Female from Mansion World #6

Lentzia?     Greeted Sarasota, F group - something to do with healing

Liliana        Midwayer

Liliken        Midwayer

LinEl        Group   Teacher,   Corvallis OR

Lleewna        Group Teacher, Bloomfield, PA

LorEl        Group/Personal Teacher, Sarasota - Fused female System 11, Constellation 37, trained teacher from the Melchizedek Schools of Edentia — "sister of Aflana. We are told she spend 60 Urantia years in Melchizedek Schools on Edentia preparing for this assignment. She has career or school relationship with Welmek.

Loriyana    Group Teacher, Los Osos, CA

Lucinda    Life Carrier, Sarasota, FL

Lutzia        Midwayer - works with healing research

Machiventa    Melchizedek, Planetary Prince of Urantia. Acting under the title of Vicegerent out of respect and honor to Michael, the titular Planetary Prince of Urantia

Malvatia    (Or Malavatia) Melchizedek- Author, Paper 43 of the Urantia Book

Malvantia    Melchizedek advisor who has been working with Spokane and Coeur D’Alene groups.  Has said he is the same Melchizedek who has contacted Florida groups.  (Not clear on name and pronunciation - --ventit or vatia or ventra, vantra, Malenvatra????)

Malventia    Melchizedek

Manotia    Supreme Seraphim, Associate Chief of Seraphim of Satania during the rebellion (her narrative UB, P. 606) and is now Associate Chief of Seraphim on Urantia (426, 607), and one-time attached to the Melchizedek receivership corp to Urantia to assume jurisdiction over the loyal seraphim.

Mantutia    Melchizedek - Directed Nebadon commission of 12 to indite the history of the Michael bestowals leading to the Urantia bestowal of Michael and narrated Paper 119 of UB. As Melchizedek Director of the Urantia revelatory commission, Mantutia compiled Paper 120 to place upon the record those universe events and counsel that were preparatory to the final bestowal of Michael.

Maralena    Midwayer

Margul        (Heard as Mar-gool) Trinity Teacher Son. Seems to be in the process of establishing a movement of enlightenment for eventual goal of light and life. Has said that a staff of Teacher Sons have come with him, and are involved in giving forth information as advisors to other teachers in communication efforts.

Maxel        Group Teacher, New Bloomfield, PA

Meeshack    Personal Teacher, Spokane WA - Probably ascended mortal

Mekken        Midwayer - Works with healing research Burlington, IA - Otherwise unidentified

Messenger Host of Space        Burlington IA - Otherwise unidentified

Michael         Creator Son of Nebadon

Miriam        Personal Teacher, Spokane,WA - Ascended Mortal

Na-bet-D        Secondary    Midwayer, Englewood, FL

Nebadonia         Universe   Mother   Spirit   of Nebadon

Nexus        Male from one-brained planet

Nodken        Midwayer

Norson        Group Teacher Hawaii - Melchizedek, adminsitrative assistant to Machiventa Melchizedek

Norsen        Group Teacher Portland Or - Melchizedek, the Lt of Machiventa working with Andranoson in materialization of Melchizedek schools

Nova        Personal Teacher, IL

Nureda        Personal Teacher Camp Hill, PA - Primary Midwayer especially helpful with explanations of the UB

Olfana        Personal Teacher, Half Moon Bay. CA

Olando        Teacher, Rochester N.Y.

Olin        Personal Teacher, Arcadia CA

Oliver        Personal Teacher Englewood, FL Most High

Olympia        Celestial of Unknown Order

Onanecalk    Personal Teacher, Tallahassee, FL

Onievan        Most High observer, Sandy, Utah

Ophelia        Mansion World Teacher, Englewood FL

Ordon        Group Teacher, Dallas, TX - Male works with Anastacia (female)

Or-El        Teacher, possibly unassigned

Oren        Teacher, Naperville, IL

Pharon        Personal Guardian Seraphim, KC, MO

Porshel        Personal Teacher, Corvallis, OR

Rachim        Personal Teacher, Minneapolis, MN

Raisalee             Cosmic Musician

Ramsey        Communications Advisor, Los Osos, CA

Ranasthea    Cosmic Musician

Raymon             Teacher, Bloomington, IN

Rayson    Group Teacher, Malibu, CA. Unfused physician. Master Healer Group   Teacher,    Portland, OR - Assigned by Michael

Rizden        Teacher, Colorado Springs, CO

RoiEL        Teacher, possibly unassigned

Rokmar             Group Teacher, Lebanon, OR

Royce        Personal Teacher, Sarasota, FL

RondEL    Group Teacher, Norman, OK

Ruby        Celestial of Unknown Order, Sarasota, FL - Usually repeats a phrase or group of
words 3 times in a high enthusiastic voice

Ruttan    Has not identified type of personality he is (Brilliant Evening Star???, or possibly a Daynal himself) In service of Trinity Teacher Son

Ryan        Teacher/Healer (Ryon),, HI

Sa-det-E    Secondary Midwayer, Englewood, FL

SamuEl    Personal Teacher

SamSon    Most High Observer from another Constellation,  Bradenton, FL

Sartason       Personal Teacher, Celestial Artisan, Spokane, WA

Seana        Cincinnati, OH

Serena    Group      Teacher,      New Bloomfield, PA

Serenia    Personal Teacher, Corvallis, OR

Sid        Personal Teacher, Arcadia, CA

Signa        Group Teacher, Corona Del Mar, CA - 3,025 years old, not fused, specially trained in guided meditations and stillness - a social worker on her home planet

Singing Brook    Personal Teacher, Pittsburgh, PA

Sig-El        Group Teacher, Kailua- Kona, HI

Stephen         Passing personality, Spokane, WA possibly assigned, awaiting contact as of June 1993

Tantrus        Circuit Mechanic - greeted Waterloo Decimal Group, Lebanon, OR

Tarkas        Group Teacher, Cincinnati, OH & Half Moon Bay, CA

Thicandor    Teacher, Tallahassee, FL

Thoma        Ascended being, Spokane, WA

Timmin    Teacher, Burlington, IA - Spirit fused male

Thomas    Teacher, Kansas City, MO
Thomeray    Teacher, Norman, OK
Thorny        Teacher, Norman, OK

TrenTon           Teacher, possibly unassigned

Tru-elee            Teacher/Celestial of Unknown Order or assignment
Tutken        Midwayer
Tutzie            Midwayer
Valdatia             ? Seraphim Valdontia? Seraphim
VanEl        Midwayer - Named after Van often works with Aflana
Vanessa            Midwayer assigned to SW Florida
Verona        Group Midwayer, Arcadia, CA
Vesheeda          Teacher/Celestial of Unknown Order or assignment
Welmek        Group     Teacher Indianapolis, IN
Welnora             Teacher, Tulsa, OK
Will        Group Teacher, Tallahassee, FL
William        Personal Teacher, Spokane, WA
Zen        Unknown, York, PA
Zion        Teacher, Norman, OK
These Greeted Sarasota, FL Group, (Order Unknown) - Abithenia, Amixia, Asterna, Bernatella, Castelon, Chanli (or Shanalea?), Conanon, Corabena, DrinEl, Esterna, FramSon, GynsEl, HarSon, Inessa, Inseta, Korsta, Kwinsetta (or Quinsetta), LamSon, Lenttia (somethihng to do with healing), Merfilam, MordEl, Norsa, OrabEl, Parsa, ParstON, Partalena, Rinletta, Tosterna, Wenstor, Wynella and Zanbella.

To you and Amethyst let me st ate that part of the problem all of us have is we live in a secular world without ever having to worry about God in particular, and  the supreme in precise terms ever. 

Further more, we have never received a revelation of the supreme but now it is too late to do so due to  the loss of the Deity of Supremacy.  You are being asked to understand what is just about a card board cut out for that is just about all we have of the real supreme character.  How  you understand much about what was lost is not really possible in any full measure, and t o make it even worse, there is no salient human on  this planet who knows how to read t he Urantia Book when it comes to the experiential Deities themselves.  Mantutia speaks (He wrote the Urantia Book in general and in particular, those papers on the supreme and ultimate.)

MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK -  "I am of the Deity nature without being the Deity of the Supreme.  For that reason I knew what I had to write but got caught up in the fight to present him a little bit instead of a lot just because we did not have enough room to put it all in.  Ron is right, and I like the analogy "card board cut out" because it precisely names us showing the front of the supreme without any dimension to the character or figure of the true supreme.  For that reason Ron properly says you will never get a full revelation of it since the supreme has disappeared, but your human lives are the direct result of his work on Urantia, and that tragedy is you are never going to fully understand your parentage until the Adjuster somehow makes it available through His own training eons ago.  For that reason alone, Ron is fully aware of that loss and feels depressed so often over the loss of those he loved and could never express himself to t hem again.  For that reasons we must allay the idea  that the supreme is totally dead because your lives are still supreme in the middle of a batch of headless humans coming up behind you who have no real sense of purpose except to get life done whatever that takes, to them at least. 

" Finally, now that I have my say once more through Ron, the truth of the matter is that Amethyst and Veronica and many of the rest of you, you must fight to understand what Ron seems to know inherently and that is not just Ron but the Deity Absolute moving through his soul to obtain the best while we can about revelatory instances that only Ron seems to be able to manage.  For that reason make the most of it while you have it available, but the truth is that Ron is lost to the future soon, not on Urantia, but to Salvington, as he must realize his talents are so rare he cannot be made available to one Creator Son, but to all when he is full y trained to reveal epochal revelation for all of the Creator Sons in the Federation all of you keep forgetting about.  Ron never forgets it and as a result is included in their deep concerns for Urantia, as Ron is deeply concerned  that it has dropped out of existence on important issues he cares very much about. 


"WE are sure this must comes as surprise to you Ron, but MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK is just back from a meeting with the Federation Creator Sons on Salvington, and for that reason we are sure the news is fresh and ready for assimilation with you.   Trust the entire Mission Ron and Amethyst and Veronica will learn to listen carefully when you give explanations as you are somehow connected to the right strain of thinking we produce up here and not well known to the rank and file of spirit on Urantia just yet.  For reasons of State we declare this post done, but you need to understand  that you Ron must put up with more than the usual "crap," mostly because you are a news center to the cabal as well and I do not mind them learning   this news, but you need to understand that your news is our waste pile not but a little late too.  Be assured that one learns a bitter lesson soon at your elbow.  Good day. FAT HER."


General Discussion / Re: Misc. questions
« on: January 14, 2021, 03:56:11 pm »
Hello Robert, I can only give you my interpretation of what Father John Thwaytes may be saying.  And it is this.  He understands  that cleansing the planet is first a question of judicial action.  That is, judgement, Robert .  The universe agency that exclusively makes those judgements is the Paradise Trinity.  Father is  the first among the existential Deity that forms the Paradise Trinity and John I think is saying his opinion such as that might be stated to his Coordinates as to how to apply judgement and  to perceive Urantia on the road to recovery b supplying those judgements.
 Thwaytes was a man of the cloth who sincerely believed in God the Father as the true instrument of all cleansing and as such he provides the narrative with the idea that the means of tribulation on Urantia is the cleansing process.  For that reason he states that not all judgement needs to be spiritual but that the transcendental areas of tribulation be present as well.  For that reason he thinks the Father must invoke the presence of the Ultimate to reverse time trends that lead to sin, and as such let it stand at that.
 You know by now that the new universe age (NUA) has made it impossible to invoke the experiential Ultimate, but today  that Trinity remains the same and can be invoked as before.  Thwaytes must now conclude that the tribulations on Urantia must condone a supreme issue not evident to him before and that is because  the heart and soul of God is never free of having to work the details out without making sure that the entire matter of ministry is fully present.   This has become more complicated than Thwaytes originally thought mostly because Thwaytes thought that the intercession of the Church was enough, but now understands that  the real ministry is not ultimate or supreme, but consequentially now entirely up to the ministry of the FATHER, and that Robert refers directly to the human Thought Adjuster-- your Adjuster, my Adjuster, and all who are indwelt.

I provided you a private response to this as well and stated that since his death I think in 2012 (?) he has had tome to think about these  questions of ministry on the mansion worlds.  He tells me from there that the consequences of a life in the aristocracy of the Catholic Church, deformed his thinking slightly but not so badly he sees difficulties getting used to a full revelation about God the Father on the mansion worlds destroys his earth teachings to him by the Church.  He knows you as a faithful son to the Church and as such you need to pray more f or those around you who never seem to hear the word of God until you speak it to them.  That is all Thwaytes ever wanted for himself too.  You should feel free to ask more questions if you have more, Robert .

Hello Amethyst and Andre,
 Amethyst, forget what you thought you knew and permit me to restate a couple of things which if you place on your desk will keep you from getting so confused about supreme issues.

First:  it was NOT inevitable that the supreme should fail.  Several factors emerge as to why failure happened, but primarily the failure was due to a lack of existential coordination of what was supreme and what was Master Universe pattern. 

Second: the philosophy of governance the supreme decided to carry out clashed with the philosophy of governance with the Creator Sons.  This led to the situation of war, and for that reason the supreme refused to retreat unless totally defeated.

Third: God the Supreme never understood that the Trinity of Trinities was his device and work office to obtain the permission needed for the supreme to take on Local Universes and presumably their entire governance when  they either entered the first stages of Light and Life, or the Local Universes would eventually federate.  The supreme considered  that his governance was total for him to decide but Paradise and  the Creator Sons said no, we come first as its Cr ea tor, and  therefore  the supreme governance had to be partial even as they might enter Light and Life or become federated governments.

These are complicated issues for sure, but remember that the supreme never fully understood free will either and as a result clashed with free-will creatures on almost all human planets at least as they were and are designed in our own Local Universe of Nebadon, and  that is true too for our  sister creations in what is now a federated Local Universe with Salvington as  the central hub to its administration.

The resulting failure of supreme presence was gradually understood by the supreme to be fatal to its view that it, the supreme, was first and t he only Deity to control  the time-space continuum and that is surprising to time and space which never conflicted with the supreme before that over the same issues of  total governance.

If you wish to look at this in its simplest components, understand the supreme wanted his way and went to war to get it.  The Creator Sons fought back, and the supreme felt unloved and jumped out the window and committed suicide.

Now that sounds a tad silly but if you wrote a script, the story panel played out like that .  Add the complicated dialog as a director and producer if you will.

However you must also understand that the Master Universe is integrated where one piece of it is part of the next piece of it.  The supreme was part of the development of  the ultimate, and the ultimate was part of the OSL's, and when  the supreme part collapsed, it brought into question just how did the ultimate get any thing done without the supreme?  The ultimate eventually resigned too, and as a result the entire ma t ter had to be turned over to the Deity Absolute.

The Deity Absolute ruled  that the supreme was obnoxious and had to be declared null and void.  The Deity Absolute then ruled that the ultimate was all but useless for further development and it had to step aside too.  With those two experiential Deities now resigned, a new universe age (NUA) was started fresh without these two experiential Deities fulfilling their places in the future perfection of the Master Universe.

Again if you wrote the script for a movie:  God the Ultimate receives telegram he did not get the contract to run four outer space levels he thought he could.  The ultimate sends a message back to the Deity Absolute for confirmation and learns that even the Deity Absolute was unsure about how to dismiss the ultimate, calls the Father, and  the big boss says we must avoid  total collapse.  Accept the resignation of the ultimate, Deity Absolute,  and we issue new stock for a brand new company called  the New Universe Age Mast er Universe Incorporated without those offices in it  anymore.  End of story  to this point.

Please also consider that there are endless repercussions resulting from the loss of all experiential Deity offices in the New Universe Age.  All Bestowal Sons, and all Creator Son bestowals before human involvement as Bestowal Sons, worked with the parallel accomplishment of using the supreme as part of the revelation of what it means for the Creator Sons to endow  themselves as spiritual entities of their own Local Universe Creations.  The matter of Jesus and the time on earth as part of supreme development is under review yet today.  And so are Michael's bestowals as a seraphim, as a Melchizedek, as a Lanonadek Son, and the other superhuman bestowals may allow.  Because these reviews essentially uncover the flaws of the supreme development in them and through them, analysis recalls that these bestowals including t hose outside of Nebadon by other Creator Sons, achieved their purpose, but failed as experiential Deity on levels of supremacy.  I doubt much could be said about ultimacy but t hat is moot at this point to even look at it.

Do not mix up supremacy failures with Creator Son successes.  Do not forget either that the dismissal of experiential Deity more or less negates the entire reason a Creative Spirit holds her seraphim to task anymore either.  What resolution the case of the Creative Daughters will yet come to is clearly stated as a negation of their work in the Local Universes, but it does not address the creation of new Local Universes without them?  That is  the horror being looked at by Paradise right now.  But that is a separate resolution Amethyst to be considered to recall that Local Universes are dual; they are not triune, or are they monothetic.   The entire matter of the concept of Local Universes now must be relegated to the thinking and doing of the program as a totality issue in the Circle of Infinity.  And there I must leave it. 


"Ron did us the favor of getting through the worst part of these explanations for you by himself.  It is amazing he can do it considering he is using half a brain this morning after a night of such pain and suffering he goes through.   However, notice he does not address the FATHER directly in this and for good reason.  The FATHER is ready to take all in stride, but cannot do so when the Creator Sons are losing one half of the reproductive issues to keep their Local Universe operating with new seraphic and new Local Universe Sonship activated and productive.  He forgets nothing but does not address it because  to him it is mostly and unknown issue, but it is quite real due to the fact that the attrition rate of seraphim to become other  types of Spirit Beings is nearly 50%.

"For  that reason, MICHAEL OF NEBADON, reports that already the production standards in Nebadon are reduced by about 20% and for that reason another 12% is ready to fail for lack of personnel to fill in necessary production slots.  Tat means the entire Local Universe must be revised in personnel reproduction in a different mode from what and how the Creative Spirits provided it in the past.

"We state also that the entire means of production of seraphim is zero now in all Local Universes, and the entire idea of seraphic armies is outdated.  For that reason there are few seraphim ready to serve on Urantia even if they were not banned due to the insurrection they represent on Urantia.   K"

Prozonov, I propose to answer your questions as best I can below:

Prozonov - First, the Grand Universe is egg-shaped in proportion to the size of Paradise.

Michael of Nebadon - "Ron tells you the time-space area alone is 600 billion light years across.  The Urantia Book tells that OSL1 is double the size of the time and space zone, and that OSL 5, we tell you would swallow up all space levels before it and still have room left over that cannot be measured as distance.  If you can compute that please tell us your answer, please."

Prozonov-  Second, the expansion and contraction of the universe depends on the location of this "egg". Horizontal - expansion; vertical - compression.

Michael of Nebadon - "That is correct.  However understand that the compression of space pushing outward is greater than the compression coming back to the Paradise area again in the contraction phase.  For reason of State we do not ever tell you  how much room extra we get in absolute expansion outwardly, but Ron indicates from the Deity Absolute that the entire volume of the Master Universe expands  to about 60% more than its normal size.  In contraction the Deity Absolute told Ron that it loses about  30% of its normal size at its most contracted point."


Prozonov - The third is superconsciousness and flangells. At the age of nineteen, I came to the conclusion that there was a “Field of Reason”. And I called the carriers of this field "prozones." Hence my pseudonym.
Michael of Nebadon - "Ron loves to work with the mind too Prozonov and has many theories about it too, but these were entirely new to him and he was happy to share a lot about thought we never gave before.  I think it is wonderful all of you are happy to hear about revelatory information like this and this promises more to come if we can keep Ron alive for a little while more."

Prozonov -  Fourth, the dark bodies around Havona. Can wash this new "egg" birth? .

Michael of Nebadon - "Ron reveals the dark space bodies under  the central continuum under OSL4 as a special favor to us as he knows they exist around Havona to be part of the gravity system for the entire Master Universe.  What he speculates is marvelous and I let it stand.  Ron things the dark gravity space bodies under OSL4 relate to the Master Universe becoming infinite and are a gravity zone for absolute gravity when OSL5 expands the Master Universe into infinity.  I also suggest that these dark space bodies in OSL4 were not supposed to be shown at all until the Deity Absolute told Rayson it was okay to show them and the man who drew  that black graphic for Ron died in a hurricane in t he Carribean years ago and this is all that is left of his work for now.  It is sad but true  that the man who drew it never wished to hear about God again and quit life when he died. 

"In any case Prozonov, Ron is delighted to share his work with you and you need to share more of your work with him because you love physics very much and spend a lot of time reading about red shifts and blue shifts which Ron speaks to as well.  However, you have a much more sophisticated view of them than he does and you should tell and write   this list what you do know as that would help a lot to explain some phenomena no one knows about here.

"Thank you, I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON at your service."


Bulletin 22 is finally ready for distribution and I make it available to you today for your use and edification. 

Bulletin 22 is called, The Implications of the Master Universe and talks about how it is built and the influences in it.  Some of it you already know, but a lot of it is probably unknown to you since it represents a lot of recent revelation not originally known in the  5th epochal revelation, the Urantia Book.

Bulletin 22 is meant to be a companion piece to Bulletin 21 and that bulletin would help you read better the new bulletin here, but not so essential you can not understand the new one.  It is up to you.

I enjoyed doing 22 more than usual as it speaks to things like thought forms and space canyons and space balls which the human mind can fairly easily grasp.  It also goes into Einstein a little and his statements per a field equation he wrote in 1917, that there is something going on in the universe  you better compute for if you want to understand how light gets bent in its travels.  He called it a constant and an absolute.  What the man discovered was the influence of the Deity Absolute space presence of all things.  Read it.  You will become so smart you cannot stand yourself maybe. 

Happy reading

Ron Besser

I have not dismissed Sue's work and her questions in the post that starts this thread.  It is mostly a case of wondering what some of the answers she asks may be as well.  I am struck by the relative lack of engagement of our celestial friends.  Yes, they are fully here for our LIGHTLINE presentations but relatively scarce for other input.

I will say this Sue.  When it comes to my work to produce revelatory  texts,  I don have a fairly full number appear to help me through producing that text .  But there is very little engagement otherwise as there used to be for those who can transmit and  the hours grown long without much sense of input or direct ion such familiar con tact often engendered.

I suggest we are viewing what is going on with these hit and miss contacts at this time like it is to look at a scene through the tunnel of a clear glass with our eye on the bottom of the glass looking out through the tumbler.  We do not miss  the peripheral events in the room, but we have tunnel vision none the less.  It affects all we do, and to add to our supreme disgust , a medical emergency occurs at the same time a second return is being considered.

For that reason I am not at my best  in deciphering  much of what is passing as our closure with spirit at this time.  Maybe the hay days of good working relationships there are done?  Maybe so.  But ending such is without any notice from them, and most of you are not practicing daily contact anyhow.

One aside to you:  Phyllis Simpson in Ottawa is doing what you call in publishing, reviewing the galley sheets for the publication of the book we call ORIGINS short hand which is "The Origins of AIDS and Autism,"  and  that issue and labor I think is just about or is, done.  What happens next is the publisher than  takes  the prepared text and designs the book around it as the last step Archway uses to distribute the manuscript.  I mention this in passing just to update you.

Finally, Sue I cannot answer your questions about what they will do if I have to leave Urantia for reasons well known.  I doubt I can rehearse anything about that because I do not know myself.  I thank you for lots of loquacious verbiage over it but nothing I can say helps as there is no solid information about it.  

MICHAEL OF NEBADON- "Ron is seriously interfered with again to write this so I will be quick:  No one knows the plans of Jesus including Ron who often is apprised of them but this time Jesus is so sure there are dirty tricks around so much, one cannot share much of anything and be safe.  For that reason we keep Ron in the dark too and he understands, but what he cannot fathom is how seriously ill he has become without a drop of help from any of us at this point and is seriously considering it the norm he must face and die with.   Not so.

"We must reiterate Sue you never seem to take notice of information you already have, and that is distasteful t o some of us as it has been made clear that Ron is a lynch pin to provide human interface where we can for the proposed Regency.  He does not like whatsoever the proposal set  forth in the Sunday Lightline, and for that reason we agree it just adds more chance for errors in judgment if allowed to proceed.  We agree fully but he never disput es us in public for which we are glad.

"For reasons of State,  the inaugural address by Biden has been thrown aside again.  He threw it out today because he now realizes the government of the United Sates is reeling over  the disputes the ultra-conservatives have over using a President Biden to determine the course of history for the next four years.  For that reason the Most Highs now consider the USA to be under emergency management and it, the USA, must stand down world-wide until it can regather the sense of governing without a large segment of the population supporting any federal government wort h is salt.  For that reason no Regency can redo what the United States had thrown away on  6 January and the results it provides.

"As a result of the insurrection on that date, we are standing back slightly to fund nothing that would incite further discontent on the American continent.  We are also re-evaluating the stand that Ron takes that to deliver a Magisterial Mission that results in beneficial change, that it has to be visible and some operations available to the public in a general kind of way.  I still do not dispute this view but am wary of the people he must choose from.  That is his concern too and he is not  taking kindly any thing the Urantia Foundation dishes out lately in defense of its poor posterior regarding the use of the 5th epochal revelation in defense of the American system of government.

"For  that reason we stipulate this to Ron:

"You are growling at the mediocrity of the electorate in t he United States and have stated to me they are useless when it comes to self governance.  I simply agree with  that statement.  But you fail to recognize that the sysem of government in place now  takes no consideration for people who must work for a living who have no wealth to begin with and have less after passing through this style of government.  That is what they are really angry about but they misuse all  that is available to redress the situation in their favor.  They need to address this problem by demanding a new constitutional convention!!!!

"Ron super emphasizes that as he had a college professor who swore he would die before he allowed a new constitutional convention take place.  Ron also recognizes there are no statesmen anymore and wonders what Lindsey Graham would do to such a convention?  We are aware he would make mince meat of most of the present constitution and leave the country a carcass of what it could or used to be.  For this reason we are rest a ting the Regency with two Magisterial Sons and will not brook right wing opposition as the United States must stand and defend what progress man has made to  this point in government usages.

"For that reason we stand united with Ron who insists there is no deference to evil he can control but knows they attempt evil every day around him and he will not tolerate it for one minute.  T he cabal has sworn vengeance and they have attacked his lymph system and he is near death at times during the day.  For that reason he holds back very little but enough to have some of you  ask where is the usual fire he puts into this site?   For good reasons we defy them in a moment but for now the pain and suffering continue slightly more than intended even by the evil ones.

"I close with this:  Never expect a remorseful continuance from Jesus.  He will be here and he insists that Ron take the lead on certain issues and he can, but he must stand down most of these dark days until he regains his health and fire of purpose which never wanes but is stuffed out while the pain continues.  We are ready and he is ready and so are all of you, but we must choose our battle to make the most of it for sure.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON at your service."

Thank you Albert.  You made a report to us we should read over and over again as it shows us how serious you are that you shall be part of the Kingdom of God, and that you and those who listen and follow your work, are as likely to be in the Kingdom too as we pray all of you are and are to be again and again.

We seldom hear of  these things from others, and you Albert did indeed have a small miracle appear before you Christmas Eve and I greatly admire you and your people and students who standing up on Christmas Eve to received the Spirit of God in the winds of change HE showed you coming through the Gate.

Remember what you saw Albert!  Remember God carefully saw to it you saw Jesus come to Urantia to be present with you his birth and resurrection too.  For that reason we stand back in awe and sudden  care that you are all included in the world as it will become shortly.   Keep your heart strong and your determination to be with God and view God always, as your Savior.  I wish you success and well in your endeavors to transmit MICHAEL and all others who attend your group to provide you information and hope for a better place and world to come. 

All of us here welcome your reports and it takes a lot of work to do them I know, but please keep them coming to us as long as you can.  The day may come communications might  break down, but our hopes and support for you and those who attend to you will always be present, even if our email and communications disappear for awhile for a world gone  mad over almost nothing again.   Best wishes and God's blessings to you and all of you. 

Ron Besser for your hearts and souls in Madagascar, good day.


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