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Moses to you first and then to Sue here:

I find you both troubling me not.  You do grasp what I think I understand too, but it makes little rational sense to include Deity higher than Lucifer condoning what they otherwise would speak as heretical and unworthy of existence.

I think the fact is that both the supreme and the creative spirits had ulterior motives and were bed fellows with Lucifer to see to it that he  (Lucifer) fully state and exhaust the devil's point of view that the creation was far too poor to leave it to the worst entities ever produced (humans), to have a say on anything about what happens to time in the Master Universe.  If I read any of this correctly, I think Lucifer and his Lieutenants (Caligastia, Satan and a host more) considered themselves saviors of a universe they preferred that it remain autocratic; that is, top down orders with no say for lower orders particularly the sequestration of all human orders especially on Urantia.

So that places the situation perhaps this way:  Both the supreme and the creative spirits and the supreme angelic corps beneath them, allowed Lucifer to proceed without their interference.  Lucifer was doing their dirty work so to speak and why should they get their hands dirty when Lucifer is the scape goat eventually?  

The problem with that is that both the supreme and the creative spirits became implicated in sedition.  Sedition is a word that means to undermine the authority of the established central government, which in this case was not only the Local Universe of Nebadon, but also Paradise itself.  The focus of the police was the doings of Lucifer and not on the supreme or the creative spirit which supported the supreme's view that too much power lay in the evolutionary use of free will particularly on Urantia in the outcome of a Creator Son's Bestowal Sonship to the Father on high.

To get a Lucifer here, you first have to understand that Lucifer was in a sense duped too.  Understand that the supreme carried the day insofar as Lucifer was concerned and that the Ancients of Days were supplying justice, not through the supreme, but through the Paradise Trinity.  For that reason the Master Universe time-space areas were governing through two versions of Justice.  Father and Paradise did not question the supreme and did not look at the supreme's failure to adjust to the Trinity view that all things consist in the Father.  Rather the supreme said "all things consist in me in time."  That was never clearly stated as the supreme did not  care to tip his hand but let Lucifer question the use of Ancients of Days Justice at all as Lucifer clearly did calling them "foreign potentates."

Sue I think we must be careful to draw some lines here and guess that is better than conferring sedition as entirely Lucifer's to use against the Creator Son of Nebadon, and then by implication, against the time use of the Trinity as the arbitrator of what is right to do and wrong to do assert in the time universes everywhere.  Lucifer was a handy instrument to dig at what could not be directly stated by the supreme to existential Deity, and that was, as far as time is concerned, the Father may be Controller, but the supreme was the best agent to see to the control of time and not the Father or the Paradise Trinity.  How right I am on that I am not entirely sure but stating it that way is the best theorem we have I think to get at why Lucifer could be so successful for so long.

The line we draw is this Sue (by this theorem).  The supreme saw no use for the Trinity or the standard use of Justice against thinking outside of the box when the supreme had to establish, (his version of what time had to do) hegemony over time and not the Ancients of Days.  To you and I and the rest here, that is rebellion against the established order, but the supreme says, 'it is not wrong to challenge the established order when they cannot effectively rule time; only I, the supreme can do that.  What now follows is tacit support for the Lucifer trial and experiment to pull authority out of the Ancients of Days rule and replace it with the supreme once the Lucifer experiment was successful.  That implicates in the view of the Trinity, the support for seditious acts against Paradise and time as well.  The brought Ron Besser to declare that while Lucifer may be dead at the hands of the Ancients of Days, the supreme itself acted to destroy Jesus indirectly by supporting the Lucifer experiment to get at the removal of the Trinity permanently in time rules.  Ron Besser also fully declared the Jesus refusal to employ the supreme at all as PROOF that the supreme was the true ANTICHRIST, and that simple scripture named the culprit perfectly well nearly two thousand years ago.  The problem is always interpretation as to where the ANTICHRIST is philosophically positioned in the power structure, and we missed naming it for millennia.

A lot more can be said here as I have not fully felt that I should develop this theorem this way without knowing what is likely a great deal more to understand in this supreme plot to overrule Paradise in reactionary concern to threats to the supreme's own power to act fully and easily without criticism from Paradise any longer.  For now I leave it here as stated above.   Thank you for a wonderful exercise of thinking both to you Moses and to you too Sue.  I do like dealing with thinking people.


MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Ron you did not approach me at all in your theory, only because you sought to identify the ulterior motives of God the Supreme at the time, and his spirit support in time, the Creative Spirits of the Local Universe founded in time.

"For that I forgive you, and you chuckle because this part of or side that you know the least about and are super careful not to overrule any actions I sought to take in this matter of ulterior purposes that allowed Lucifer to flourish much against my view that Mother Spirit is safe so long as you does not ply politics.  BUT SHE DID!  And for that reason Sue, in particular interest to your view that nothing was routinely spoken between Lucifer and the supreme, and nothing at all of import was spoken between the creative spirit of Nebadon and Lucifer as she fully supported the idea that God the Supreme had to hold the power, and not the Paradise authorities.  How this happened to develop is still shrouded in the secrecy of  the Father Himself and may never be fully exposed to the light of truth.

"Nonetheless let this not be the last word, as Ron has fully truncated any further idea that Lucifer holds anything worthy to experiment with further, as Ron fully believes as I do, that when the Master Universe becomes Absolute of even Infinite, no vestige of alternate power control can exist in Infinity.  That has to and would destroy the Supreme anyway.  Did the Supreme realize this too and destroy himself?  Such a Master Universe is destined to use Infinity as its totality, but at the same time, the power to rule it is in the hands of a Master Consummator, which is another title the Father holds so well and completely with colleagues of a nature that support HIM with counsel, but have no role in the Master Universe rulership.  

"For that reason Ron has been allowed to develop a thesis on INFINITY that will knock the socks off the theorists still existing on URANTIA, that Infinity is wrongly and foolishly thought on URANTIA to be an unending series of objects without replication and that is all it is.  Even all of you who read this now know that is not true, but Rayson who is the center of Ron's attention on this development, has been so thoroughly discharged from teaching about  elements of Infinity at the moment.  RAYSON is reading the riot act not to Ron but to Me, the Creator Son, over the idea that  to allows so much out about Infinity is not to  punish the educating teacher (RAYSON) an forcing Him to stop is so unlike the spiritual need to know entirely.   RAYSON thought that was ME who stopped Him, the Creator Son, but not so.  I did not do that, but it seems to fall on Me, not because of the impudence of Ron, but because the story is so vast it decries history to be replaced by the sheer exercise of faith to not conceal the difficulties of presenting the subject entirely.   Ron fully agrees but says God never gets anywhere by denying knowledge that can be assimilated, and the URANTIA thought is worse than childish and deserves to be removed if not punished for such stupidity  by people who can fly to the moon but yet cannot remove human waster properly in a space ship.

"I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and Ron has proved to be the most fascinating of all individuals to emerge from a pack of elephants I never thought would amount to anything due to the 5th epochal revelation.  He actually led nearly 80 of you to understand the nature of Missions that have not been mired in their own problems, but in the problems of more sedition than we can shake a stick at.  For that reason Ron still matures over the obstacles of the Lucifer rebellion now full adjudicated totally, but has latent takers yet that must also be fully eliminated.  For that reason he is attacked by normal so-called seraphim who fully misunderstand the nature of Ron or Myself totally and for that reason must be pulled back fully or fail to become useful in any further application for Master Universe use.  For now Sue, you stand well addressed, and for you Moses, stand still and listen better, as you are not fully achieving what Ron is trying to explain to you:  LUCIFER WAS A PLOY the supreme did not stop as LUCIFER was doing the dirty work for the supreme and he wanted Lucifer to succeed to establish an alternate power control center so he, the supreme, could knock Lucifer off his perch and take over for him in time.  That is how it shapes up here too, and the creative spirit by my side is no longer useful as a co-ruler of a vast Local Universe whose power is diminished not, but fully under the control of the Paradise Father through the Paradise Trinity.  Amen. MICHAEL of  NEBADON.  K"

    "Ron has so fully explained a heartless matter I wonder what I should do.  I will do this:  he is forever removed from life on Urantia not, but must stand still while we fiddle with the proprieties of another adjustment to his head, and that must not fail to take place today, as he must do a LIGHTLINE of his choosing and then replace all he has done with one last gasp of brilliance, and that is to finally fall down and worship the King of All, the Universal Father, as he does all that but never accedes he is worthy enough to stand with us.  His friend Gary, now a third stage spirit in the Minor Sector of Ensa, is with him to  comfort him that Ron has broken through to the immense wealth of a first stage spirit in mind, but must wait for a change to the morontial to gain access to his accomplishment.  For that reason Gary is wonder who is teaching who but Gary reminds Ron of their friendship so long ago in high school where Ron devoted his attention to Gary, and Gary devoted his attention to Judy, and it all fell apart with the tragic death of his friend when crushed to death with a vehicle on top of him.    Yet Gary never felt the love for Ron his friend felt for him and perished without a moment's thought as to why the love of Ron for his friend persisted.  It is simple to Ron:  Gary spoke the truth and never doubted it so often that Ron believed Gary knew the lord very well even at that tender age.   Both were more than children even then and they loved their associated cares.  Whatever the case may be, Gary has now reviewed the entire episode and now understands that Ron took him seriously and fully and never doubted Gary or others when they professed as they do and did.  For all of you who read this, Ron has pains and aches no one should experience and is fully recovering not so well but well enough to be the leader of a group of men and women who will dedicate their last full measure of life to the will of God.

General Discussion / Re: The devil can come as an angel of light
« on: May 31, 2021, 10:50:57 pm »
DaCandyMan, What, you ask, what is Lucifer trying to achieve.  I think the answer to your question is: "That I Lucifer am still right!"  but then DaCandyMan, what is Lucifer still right about by his own determination to continue support the Lucifer rebellion that was finally quashed by the Ancients of Days so thoroughly by their announcement that it had done so this past Sunday on our Lightline program, is this:

MICHAEL OF NEBADON: "Ron is right, I need to answer this one too:  Lucifer feels the Lightlines are detrimental to his affairs in the hidden cabal he had secreted away by the grace of God over thirty-five years ago.  Ron fully recalls it because he was allowed to view a video in the mind just what went on in the court room of the Ancients of Days.  He saw Caligastia collapse and saw Caligastia gone from the room but had not opened the door to leave.  Lucifer did the same thing but Ron was not allowed to see that happen.  The truth is there is nothing much more to say other than both Lucifer and Caligastia, and to a certain extent Satan, all knew nothing more than God the supreme was actively ushering in the details of insurrection to Urantia wholesale,  and making it clear to Jesus he had no real trust to give the supreme or Lucifer as to end the rebellion and cast Caligastia aside as the Prince of Urantia.

"For that reason Lucifer felt there was no point to continue the rebellion in the presence of Jesus on the planet.  But he did decide to rule that Caligastia was justified in removing the entire idea of the Jesus resurrection in spite of the demand made by the FATHER, that Jesus appear in the morontial well after his death to prove there is life after natural death on Urantia.  For some reason the FATHER was able to provide the morontial resurrection well enough that Jesus fully disclosed what was to be said to the world population along with the writers of the Gospels too, that life persists in spite of cessation within any particular body form.

"Caligastia contested the actions by the FATHER and asked that a tribunal be established to question why the Bestowal of Jesus was allowed to hold forth after the mortal death of Jesus took place.  The  FATHER  ruled no such morontial appearances were difficult to provide for and that Caligastia had no right to challenge what to FATHER is a normal procedure then if he truly allowed it completely.  For that reason Caligastia ruled no such appearances were allowed on Urantia in any case, but they proceeded anyhow.  That so angered Caligastia he asked for an immediate cessation of the appearances, but that also was thrown back in his face and they proceeded until Jesus had no further need of them to use.  For that reason, God the FATHER now insists that Jesus wait another month before incarnating in order to clear Lucifer projections and Lucifer deprivation of character was formally and totally declared null and void by the Ancients of Days, which was accomplished this past Sunday by their announcement at 2:30 PM on 30 May, 2021, New York DST, that it had been finally and fully completed.

"Now we must content with the tribunals set in motion by Caligastia still operating in Nebadon at last reporting.  For that measure of work to be completed they must make a published finding.  They still have not done so, yet the entire matter hangs in balance in Nebadon like a spear of fire burning above our heads waiting until it falls in our midst to harm us or exonerate us,  No one knows how those votes will fall, yet we are waiting with baited breath to get on with the promised incarnations of the MELCHIZEDEKS and the LAVAGE Commission Ron knows nothing about and I hardly know why it exists either.  For that reason LUCIFER is waiting NOT, but the entire projection that was Lucifer's is no longer in existence any way and the Lavage Commission is only an honary statement at this point anymore.

"I am now fully convinced that what Lucifer really wanted to accomplish almost came to pass, and that is to establish a cabal on Urantia that ruled the planet, and that he, Lucifer, was able to charge it with whatever he felt was essentially his to decree.  HE cared very little for the 36 other apostate planets he took control of as a Lucifer rebellion chief.  However, all 37 apostate planets are now receiving Magisterial Missions and Magisterial Sons to rectify their tardiness in being refolded back into the standard universe circuitry once more. K"  MICHAEL OF NEBADON with assistance of Immanuel, the Trinity Son Ambassador to Salvington andstil leffectively "ruling the work of the Local Universe of Nebadon in my absence."  K.

IMMANUEL, TRINITY SON #31721757.   "I AM TRINITY, and as a result I carry a huge badge of say so to any Local Universe Government.  And for that reason we state the following:

"WE, the PARADISE TRINITY do hereby declare the entire matter of the Trinity rule of Urantia to remain in place until the planet is fully cleared and essentially free of any cabal, insurrection, or rebellion tending or finished at this point.  Ron just experienced a big yawn from the insurrectionists and that was a fatal hubris move that now has cost them any full hearing before Me at this time.  WE are also quite sure Ron is surrounded by the Lucifer rebellion ready to strike but that is no longer possible as Ron has been removed from citizenship of Urantia permanently and is now a resident of the first circle state of Ascension, and for that we declare him null and void of any Urantia published list of victIms or anything otherwise.  MONJORONSON will never give Ron up and He does not have to in order to prove the MAGISTERIAL MISSION as in default or not in default depending on what side the assailant may be on.

"For reasons of State, Ron who considers himself a transmitter only, is found not wanting in various crimes of serious misdemeanors of any kind and as such must stand before the tribunals every time he changes status as he is fully clothed and not making any serious attempt to suborn or remove the truth from himself, and finds no reason to be upset by anything whatsoever.  We concur with this thinking and wish him well in these measures of need for him personally.  K"  IMMANUEL TRINITY AMBASSADOR TO THE LOCAL UNIVERSE OF NEBADON, and the TRINITY AMBASSADOR TO THE DOMINION FEDERATION AS WELL.  K"

MICHAEL OF NEBADON -  "I did not expect this report and am slightly flushed I did not know it was even coming, but now that is open warfare between Ron and Mother Spirit, we amend one bothersome issue:  Ron openly declared today he has no intention to make amends with a Creative Spirit that wished him ill and even tried to force him to bleed to death on two occasions, and reasonably so in our view.  FATHER  attended the statement and made it clear Ron has no obligation to listen the Deity of the supreme ever, and that Ron should be removed from the citizenry of URANTIA forever more and to decline all invitations to fulfill his obligations to the Lanaforge wing of the domestic angelic parties, and holds them a truant in extreme.  For that reason we stand abridged no more and fully support Ron in his choices to avoid more confusion over his states and wishes to retire elsewhere for the momentary review of his classification as a Bridgeport Delegate to their home planet of Ascension.  The Bridgeport Order is a made up name as MANTUTIA  MELCHIZEDEK is not sure just how or what that means to the Local Universe of Nebadon, and frankly, neither does the EVENING STARS whom Ron asked for them in particular to judge his case before the Magistrate convened recently to decree Ron ready to serve and how that may be done.  Ron has never ever offered objections to the request by MICHAEL OF NEBADON that Ron should stand before them as a final judgement as to his competency.  Be assured he is fully reviewed and deemed competent to handle the work of the next epochal revelation without further cause as to the number of Commissioners or the number of Translators in Spirit who work with him to see to the Hispanic version now so necessary, thanks mainly to Rene Duran and Lemuel, both who hold SPANISH-SPEAKING  LIGHTLINES weekly.

"As for the remainder of those who transmit, not of SERA LIGHTLINE  considerations, but everywhere else including Colorado and Utah, they are now truncated and may join the Serara Forum Lightline Network hosted mainly by six hosts of natural training to do this work, and for that reason must be accorded full honors for their contribution to the safety and welfare of URANTIA during the interim of its waiting for a full MAGISTERIAL MISSION to being.  That has now been accomplished and we now wait for the SECOND RETURN to develop further. K"  MICHAEL OF NEBADON.

"We conclude this as the DEITY ABSOLUTE how, and that is to tell you all we have no further discussions about these matters for the coming next few days alone.  After June 5th, we are ready to enter dialog on most subjects including what the EVENING STARS foretell for Ron and his future work on URANTIA AND ASCENSION.  Be advised there are major changes coming for all of you including how Ascension is going to enter your lives even now.  Be also assured Ron this harassment is now ending permanently and be glad it is me telling you and not MICHAEL OF NEBADON, as He is ready to bring down the law on all of them and no wonder as you have backtracked in typing three hundred times in less than twenty minutes.  K  THE DEITY ABSOLUTE"


I met this morning, Memorial Day here in the United States, and the famous day that starts the play-land called summer in the Untied States, with a full quote of numerous paragraphs from the evil one entirely.  The speech gloats at our loss of faith, and here is what Lucifer said.  Michael's views and mine follow the nefarious words:


To me, Ron:  “You are full of the beans of help and not concerned about effect, yet we feed all of you the effects of the times and not of the truth and for that reason we make statements we need not worry about to perform as it is too easy to do those things ourselves without effect on the population itself.  For that reason we are standing off to the side on all effects again and for that reason you Ron are fully discharged from ever making us well again over issues that have no range in your mind but seem to pop up with regularity and keep us all in suspense.  Machiventa Melchizedek saw it develop and warned you to stay close to your Adjuster as best you could.  You did.  Yet there is this endless prevarication you discharge only because we force it too.  I see no real good reason to entertain you, or others, for now.  Good day. K a Luciferian Being at your service.

“Fully done now we are and fully complete is your work today already.  Be assured we find it amusing that you are looking at the whole idea of the cross being the subject again by those who refute it.  I am not Lucifer but what is left of him, and for that reason I rejoice in the heart of God that nothing done so far means one wit of anything to come as what is to come is still dangerously close to the best Christianity has to offer, and that is a sentimental view of life that has no reality to it except it carries the heat of another day beyond our ability to state as truthful ever either.

“No cross ever carries the sadness we all feel for you and for your types.  They ruin the real work of Lucifer and they should be proud the real power works with you and not me.  However, let it be known that the death on the cross is no misnomer, but the sad case of man doing unto man the worst that can be imagined even by the power of thought of God Himself.

“Be on trial again Ron, and be on your best behavior for the entire matter of those you impress is now torn asunder by the mere over production of fact and solid evidence lacking of any such change to the world after yet another adjudication of the past over me or over you or over all of us for one reason or another.  Be assured you type well and assuredly, but you are fully disgusted with the last of the hope being trampled by well wishing public executioners of your style of heart and soul and may I say, you did me great favor by listening to all we wanted to be heard.  Be assured this and these words ring hollow to the great ones as I feel we have made the day for us again and this time you are ready to fold the entire matter as a quip and not a laugh which you can do so well.  Be assured I am ready for dimensions not, as this voice is done.  Yet I stand ready to make a mess of all your plans as I stand well enough done yet in other projections I have entered easily once the way was shown to me by those higher appearing than I.  Take heed to all as I am surely ready to claim your lives too and this time I eat a cheery morning for all of you.  Good day, for I am Lucifer at your service once more.”

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - “You all are putting the best face on a debacle once more meant to place you all scattered and asunder.  Ron you feel like the usual ten foot tall fool on the hill of thought and you should feel the day is young but not youthful as you once saw all days.  Now we turn down the flame not, but burn each of you with the full thought that transmissions these days are full of controversial meanings and for that reason, they should be annealed to the last man standing in a LIGHTLINE or a sermon on the mount.  I declare the entire episode faulty too but see no particular reason to quit the course, but to maintain the best you can that all is proceeding according the plans of the good guys and that is us in spite of the manevolence of Lucifer and his gang of thugs still parading a smirk at what they achieve daily against all of you and the lives of billions on Urantia.  I quit this scenario too and look forward to yet more Lightlines that do speak to the truth fully without all of the gimcrackery of the past.   Good day to all of you and we wait for a true sunrise that will present a picture for you, but not this morning.  K” Michael of Nebadon at your service.

RON - Remember this everyone: The misbehavior of the evil one and his minions is real.  So was that dear wren introduced to my view early Saturday AM as I readied for bed very tired.  Be approached if you can with the refreshment that in all of this evil doing, there is progress being made at Lucifer’s expense.  I dare not speculate at the real truth behind all of this chicanery of words and missions gone asunder a dozen at a time sometimes every day; however, understand I dare not look back over so much gone in depth with word after word of changing help, only to find so much still in place that I detest the place for its availability to hold them all.

I cannot claim the high ground as I usually do, but I know a dupe when I am handed one and this time we were not duped, but reminded that the folly we all feel is to be led by voicing that is honest to the point it can be, but it is also subject to the wiles of evil at its strongest, and it WAS at its strongest around us in spite of every precaution I take to make sure we are not introducing yet another failed coup against the sovereignty of a Creator Son, who is also sorry we got the back end tail lash of a dying Lucifer forgone millennia ago when Jesus said, “Get you behind me!”  

I am very tired of it as you should be, but there is victory for the evil ones if you take your notebooks and through them in the ditch at the side of the Road to Damascus.  Those things are real too, as was my beautiful unafraid wren who could be led to the outdoors back to where he belonged Sunday morning, as I struggled to figure out why the wren was introduced to my view at all.  Listen and hear this too: tired as I am and as asleep as I seem to be so much these days, they never get a thing I can hold back, and I hold back all they want forever.  ‘Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!’ comes from our civil war in 1864,when the union sought to end the war in Mobile Bay, and broke through.  They did not end that war, and we did not end this war either so fully as the Sunday Lightline claims, but the war in heaven and Lucifer took it in the face and they are genuinely gone except for some speeches dictated to me this morning and for you to read in its disgust for us and for God the Father.  

I am fully aware we took it in the chest and I am not looking to breathe more of it anymore than I have to in order to press myself out of the prison of deceit , yet be aware we have no reason to hide anymore to all of you.  The reason we have ourselves left to produce a better world yet by staying the course is real enough to stay that way for good.  As usual I am sure this day is sober without the cross anyhow, but let it reside with your own views, God changes not, but the degree of evil against Him does enough that the Will of God remains truly the last bastion to take for ourselves once more.  Enjoy this beautiful day with so much sunshine and breeze as we have here in York this morning too.  I bod you all a good day and let us see what transpires now.   Thank you!  K

[Notice: For you who find this hard to understand, recognize that the entire matter of Lucifer has been destroyed, but the entire voicing has not been done so, as that voicing still finds breath in those who are determined to best the Father at His game of profound love for the creation in spite of the hate the creation finds against Him and we little ones in the flesh on earth.  The voice of Lucifer I quote directly above to start this post is a required lesson, not in humility, but in the hate some feel for creation and Lucifer lives in it quite well and happily until yesterday.  Yes, YESTERDAY'S LIGHTLINE was honored by the already dead Lucifer, minus the insanity of Satan who is quite mad, and the gone murderous Caligastia, our own prince torn apart by the wolves of grave consequences even while stumbling to his death in the court room of the final adjudication again him and Urantia that fateful day of his death as well.  

Our human minds do not grasp the ways of evil well; nor do we grasp the means of Justice either very well, but Justice still prevails and the means we reproduce the words of a gone monarch of murder and iniquity is impossible to our logic, yet there it is this morning directly to me and directly as Lucifer wished to say it.  Like the sudden appearance of large mice all over my house three years ago in similar fashion late one night, they the evil things they are, they produce with the powers they derive from the Creator Father of All, the very real threat of human murder against us.  Take this post as you will, as I do with the profound wonder just what is at stake that it must be fought over with real life loss to what is now millions of celestial beings, for which I now say without candor, those millions of spirit who never made one iota of difference to the grandeur over the need for a prayerful Master Universe, that they too lived no life in vain. ]

General Discussion / Re: Memorial Day
« on: May 29, 2021, 11:59:22 am »
Larry, I am in complete regard to what you say here, and I am so sentimental I still wipe a tear when I here the Civil War slogan, "to all I give my son, but to all he is not yours to keep!"   Death took them from mother and country and it cannot be estimated what sorrow our hearts will ever outgrow for the loss of our beloved Danny Boy, oh how I loved you, come back home to me. . .  he is they symbol of the loss of love for the kindred spirit of heart during a useless war to the graves we send so many to abide in.

Danny Boy, listen to the lyrics sung here:

Our civil war was not entirely unlike the Irish civil strife thirty years later as this song appeared in about 1912-1913 when the words were put to a very old Irish harp played by fiddles in the streets of Dublin by troubadours who strung the melody alone until then.  I make this call only to let you know I think this song sings for every mom and dad who lost their son, or today, maybe their daughter too in combat.  Memorial Day is our tribute to our lads and daughters who tread above us but they are always by our sides by our loving memory of them.  I salute them too Larry and wish them a wonderful ascension to our Father on high.


May 29, 2021
The Trials To Come
T/R: R. Besser
York, PA 1030am Local Time

“This is the UNIVERSAL FATHER, and I beg to report you all need reminding that the trials for your planet are already at work.  For this reason we state the following:

“No one who understands this need apply, but if you are the usual person on this planet, you pay no attention to the sky signs any longer.  That is mostly thanks to your empirical views of your so-called up to date sciences, which need a sound thrashing to bring back the normal interest of the average person in the search for universal and mechanical truth in My universe.

“For that reason I state the following for all of you to ponder:

“We are now into the middle of the year shortly, that being June of the year 2021.  For that reason we state that the entire matter of timing with your needs to live and have faith that what we do is for the general well being of your planet, that such well being is now placed in secure rapport to be had again, but for a brief period, starting shortly, the entire matter of safety with the crustal condition on Urantia is fraught with upsets rarely ever experienced by mankind for this planet alone.

“The transmitter has been warned by the highest authority to brace for terroristic changes to the crust in the Indo-Pacific regions.  Other regions with exploding crustal movements are the usual candidates for the Pacific ring-of-fire and so on.  However, we must add another cautionary statement, and that is to remind you that in the United States there lies a tectonic plate situation which underlies the entire Mississippi valley, and it is now sheered and broken ever since the mammoth earth quakes of the early 1800's.  The earthquake which shook the lower Mississippi in 1811, which was ten times stronger than the 1906 San Francisco earthquake which in itself raised that city to the ground burning what did not fall.  

(Read the  huge damage caused by the 1811 Madrid Earthquake: )

“For this reason, we suggest to those who read this plainly, to worry where you live if you live near a lake or large river, as distant earthquakes affect streams, ponds, lakes, and rivers thousands of miles away as streams and the like often are associated with the fractures in the earth surface which collect water and it runs through them.

“The earthquake of 1811-1812 known for its ferocity, today would devastate the entire Mississippi basin and would destroy modern New Orleans and even damage Phoenix, Arizona.  The bells in New Hampshire hanging church spires rang and rattled when the1811-12 quakes kept coming.  That is hard to believe but please note in the reference given to you on the Internet above, the trial that was left behind on the Mississippi River in particular, was the loss of life not counted, but we know what it was, and at least four hundred (400) people died on the spot when the earth opened up and swallowed them whole.  

“Consider 400 people as a huge number when the total habitation of the region at the date of the 1811-12 earthquake was only about 3,500 souls farming the region at that time.  For reasons of our own, I remind all of you that the entire matter of disasters in the United States are few and far between, but beginning shortly the Madrid Earthquake might be restated in the same area once again, and that would force the Mississippi over its banks because the New Madrid quake zone now extends clear to Chicago and east to Lake Okeechobee, in Florida, a 37 mile long lake that contains so many fish now it nearly chokes on its own population.

“Lake Okeechobee is without restraint if breached, and could be breached due to the fact that it has a natural erosion factor on its south face, and that is where it is most vulnerable, could overflow with such rapid decrease of it volume it could drown many thousands of Florida residents before anyone could grasp what happened.

“For this reason we warn all of you that the entire region from Florida, westward to the Saint Louis Memorial Bridge, is open to utter confusion and disaster, and this, may I remind you, is in addition to the concomitant dangers of earthquakes on the west coastal areas of the United States, Mexico, and Central America and even northern South America too.  I am the UNIVERSAL FATHER and I must insist this be heard if not heeded, as the time is coming for all well living humans, especially in the United States, understand your normal living habits and means of support will vanish.

“I AM FATHER, and all else matters not, as this entire regime of truth is full of rabbit holes as to how and when such things can or could happen.  This scribe is without good views at the moment either but he keeps himself on the ready by preparing warnings and giving advice to be caring for each other and to each other.  As your FATHER I too stand ready to help where and when I can.  For that reason we state this too:

“No one need count the dead as they will be legion, but the death rate from the Corona virus in Delhi, India, is so prodigious, no one bothers to count those who depart.  Blood is not enough to contain the healing necessary for India now, as the loss of life is prodigious enough to cause Us alarm over how to transfer so many at once.  They are poor and decide very little about their fate for their future work, but many are good and honest people who fail to live long enough to maintain a workable relationship on a mansion world for ascension.  The sad case is many have no residence up here any longer either and we must count the dead as more or less permanent due to the lack of any development in the soul whatsoever.  

“I add this to the danger of earthquakes, as the Corona Virus is now epidemic in places seldom seeing such diseases and we make no amends.  I am the UNIVERSAL FATHER and I have made a genuine attempt to care for all on URANTIA but the natural tendencies of its people make it almost impossible to attend to their needs fully.  Until we speak again, I wish you a good day.  FATHER.”


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The donation page has been updated to 27 May 2021.  Thank you.   Ron Besser

To Thread:

Moses, Tintantium is an alternative style universe as it is without any other creation except humans at the moment.  It is in place by  the fiat of the Father and with the permission of the Eternal Son.  These are very large deviations from the norm of a typical Local Universe until now.  What it suggests is that smaller Local Universes are permitted especially those positioned next to the OSL4.  Otherwise, the time space region is typically arranged around the old style Local Universe such as our own.

The Municipal Universes are unique each and exist not so much as the style of the Master Universe property conditions, but exist to prepare those who lost their lives in unusual circumstances that were never adjudicated.  For that reason life was reestablished for their inhabitants and as such those populations will now be provided universe Justice denied to them before because of circumstances beyond their control or the control of Paradise.

With regard to your comments about the unusual nature of humans and the proposed Second Return on Urantia, please note for your own consideration that the term agondonter is a universe term and is not meant to apply only to Urantia and its populations.  IT is relevant everywhere there are human planets and Nebadon boasts 3.75 million human planets as of today and growing at a phenomenal rate I am told.  Otherwise your views on the proposal to be provided Urantia by Jesus are well taken too.  Thank you.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "We state that Ron is an agondonter.  So are you Moses, and so are most of the people who read and work on this web site.  However, the readership of the Urantia Book seems to think that one becomes an agondonter just by reading the book.  No, that just is not true.  Read the book if you will, but continue to behave as you do, and you are no agondonter. 

"Finally, recognize that Ron has now achieved huge enterprises of mind and can answer almost anything with a doctoral response when he chooses to, as I am amazed at his ability to manipulate facts as well as he does on such short notice.  However, the time is coming Moses all of you will be on your own as this site and the ability to communicate with each other around the world will end shortly I am afraid, as the entire matter of use and concern for communication is likely to fail once the Second Return is upon us.  Overuse of the Internet and under use of thinking will kill the Internet and remove email services easily for decades unless we step in and provide them again.  We shall do that.  But it will take years probably to reinstall what you so easily use now.  Remember that Moses, and use the postal service to write Ron, and that goes for all of you too, because no other means is available for some time if we lose these services as we expect to, and that may be shortly.   I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and wish you well for the day.  K"


Clency, the Regency staff is said to be determined to provide a stable currency to Urantia, and only one currency for all of Urantia at the same time.  Breton Woods more or less determined the world would run on the US dollar at the end of WWII,  However, petty jealousies continue to undermine the idea of a one world currency and I dare say I think the Regency Starr of the Magisterial Son, Monjoronson, and to a certain extent the staff of Serara, have to debate how forcing the world to use one  currency will affect the trade balances of many poor nations.

For that reason the new USD will likely be called a Gold Sovereign, for example, rather than one dollar, and will be pegged at the usual exchange rate of the United States dollar as it is used today.  Remember this too, France and the Philippines are good examples of petty politics when it comes sovereignty, and they rather bite their own nose off than to give into a world usage of anything.  Charles de Gaulle  (1890 - 1970) propositioned the United States for nuclear authority under Kennedy, and was told to keep himself in NATO, and what did he then do?  He declared France the head of Force de Frappe in 1961 and it became the 3rd largest nuclear force in the world after the US and Russia.   The point is that France seems to feel it has better leverage on the world stage by insisting that it be heard first and then be listened to diplomatically; however, France now has to look at its national debt which is enormous to the percentage of its GDP,

For your view, here is the Wikipedia article on French debt ratio to the French GDP
France: National debt in relation to gross domestic product (GDP).
[th]National debt to GDP ratio[/th]

In 2019 the GDP was 2.716 Trillion USD and that equates to a per capita debt of  (2019) of $40,493.93 on a population of slightly over 67 million (2019).  The Regency does not exclude France or Great Britain or Germany either, as they are all exceedingly fraught with mounting debt issues just as France and the United States is.  Whatever the currency is to be called, it is desperately needed to calm the world financial markets which hate the idea of a GDP being held hostage to so-called sovereign debt amounts, which if such debt was recalled by the banks and individuals would bankrupt the world.    For the United States, our GDP is big enough to outweigh almost any debt we can incur, but at the same time the USA debt is now so large it is virtually unable to be paid of in a thousand years at the rate we do pay it off.

For that reason Monjoronson states that without the intervention of universe good will and the application of over seventy-two (72) trillion dollars in value in real gold bullion, the world would and will revert to an ice age where no one can spend a cent without being slammed with debt obligations that are far beyond the means of any nation to finally pay off.

The result of a financial ice age would finish Urantia off as a booming economy ever, and it would force nations like China and the USA and France and Great Britain, and even peculiar Germany, into a financial tail spin where they cannot maintain social services-  health for example or social security for another example--  at any level and the world population would return to the level of life in the early 1900's in rural America.  For that reason the new USD has to work, or call it the new world Gold Sovereign, and it has to be done soon as debt mounts against all nations, including China which will never achieve world financial hegemony in spite of its stockpile of God or other precious metals.

It was an excellent post Clency and allowed the Magisterial Sons to explain their view very well.  Thank you.


Robert the link above your post is Debriefing II, and it now contains 27 pages.  The link shows you the document and read it on your computer by clicking "OPEN"  Read the message for it does say Debriefing II.   R

Robert that is the Lucifer rebellion.  They knocked down my site storage, but I have another one, haha.  

Use this one


Open on your computer without all that other stuff showing  see screen shot.  Click where I show red arrow to open

Today is the start of a brand new week, and also the last week in May of  2021, and it is not a day for a picnic.  In some ways it is typical of Monday around here anyhow, but in particular the battle for lives and means to live are ferocious on our over-populated planet.  This is to set the stage for something some of you may have never experienced weather wise or spirit wise either.  In the United States the States which experience severe storms will post flags at the sea shore, little triangular things which when raised portend a bad storm is on its way and to batten down the hatches (hatches are on a ship).  The spirit hurricane flags are flying today as well, and I have been warned by a friendly Creator Son, not to listen much what comes into my ear today.  I suggest you also become advised to evaluate what you may hear today as the devil himself is loose in the details and they have no love for humanity or for the ideals of a forgotten Bestowal Son not.
As of  today we have three insurrectionist groups.  They are all here and some are gathered around me as I write this to at least put your minds into concern we are not dealing with a normal situation at all.

Yesterday we had a Lightline that was almost a battle to keep it running well, and that is a result of a certain situation developing no one likes to talk about even among the uninformed here on Urantia.

First our Sunday Lightline is okay, but if you listen to the tape you can hear the battle as I had to keep cutting off statements of the worst kind of mischief I have ever had to experience, but we got through it well enough and left the broadcast in the middle of the Q and A period.  We will make that up later, but right now just be sure you understand we are facing with the Michael Administration, the cleansing of a sin-ridden planet with the remnants of the old Lucifer Rebellion loose again, and making it so difficult to speak to it I have little verbiage to deal it right now.

Just be careful with things and speech around you for a little while.  I doubt they (the Lucifer rebels or the insurrectionists) have a lot of time to hit individually, but they can and they will  on  their own choice of revenge.  I am using my own head and reasoning and not receiving dictation as that has been cut back and off at my request as what is coming is pointless jabber and I have that in my own mind from myself enough as it is, and so I am poorly informed from official services just how much   today means in clearing a apostate planet again of its devils.  This storm will last a few days only if we are lucky.  Stay with your routines safely outside of dealing with spirit that has no light left, and I for one will join you.

Elise has a Lightline today and she will likely battle to keep it running as it should and so long as she is safely tucked under the wing of TARKAS and.or MICHAEL OF NEBADON, she will do fine and not to worry.  We all wish he, and the Lightlines coming this week free sailing, but the word is out among the rebels to conduct themselves out of worry and not touch Lightlines for now.  I sincerely hope that is the case for all until the matter is settled in our favor again. 

Thank you for taking the time to read it, and maybe I can sound the all clear and drop the hurricane warnings for today and maybe tomorrow with some good news later on this week.  Meanwhile, have you strong cup of coffee and a fulfilling lunch too!  This is Ron signing out for now.  Thank you.

You as a child are entered into psychic circle seven (7).  If you complete the whole way to one (1) you are a candidate for likely fusion.  No one is removed for being in any of these circles.

However, understand that use of psychic circles is no longer used.  I agree you and I need to approximate what level we are on and these will do until a better measurement becomes available.  Psychic Circles was for supreme acting Adjusters, as we no longer have supreme acting adjusters since there is no supreme anymore.  How they intend to measure your progress is not known to me, and they might not ever use that kind of guidance again.  we will have to wait and see.

Fully attendant to all is the fact the the idea of supremacy has been all but deleted, and what they use to show progress in anything is harder to understand by the old rules of the game we used to be able to use where the Adjuster determined what level and reported it that way.  Now, right now, no one is reporting status and I am not sure what that means, but it may be you do not know your status until you are assigned a mansion world appropriate to your status as is.  We are missing information to help out at the present time.

Your second quote to me is confusing although I recognize it as something I may have reported.  Yes, Urantia is a kindergarten but children do grow up and do reach relative maturity even in spirit if they apply themselves.  What was probably meant by this statement is that with so little effort done by our present population, the planet remains a low grade class of lethargic humans who have no chance to grow up here to a good spirit status without them and the divine making some effort to change that situation. 
Some of us today will go to the mansion worlds in Satania.  Some of us may go right away to Edentia for training, and some of us will go to Ascension, the planet for training humans to work in the outer space levels.  All of this depends not entirely upon the old circle status, but the choice of the Creator Son and the executive branches on Federation capitals who to send where after death in the flesh on a planet like this one. 

Hope that helps somehow.  Thanks

Hello Moses,

You wrote:

The collusion and behind the scenes of goings on against Urantia in particular is unbelievable. Innocent looking entities like Lanaforge could fool others as to their true intentions but thankfully not Father who knows all. Lanaforge escaping from custody twice is intriguing, almost seems like it’s out of the movies as real as it maybe.The power play is like out of the Roman emperor courts of old.

I reply this way:  I had no intention to spill the truth out like this to people of such good will like yourself.  However, the very sad truth is that the insurrection of Lucifer, and the trial of the supreme that ended his presence in the Master Universe in 2019, are all related. 

What seems to be epidemic is the lack of education of a spirit class of entities that have only their work to keep them occupied, and anything else is fair game to maul humans and created Bestowal Son problems which hurt the realm in which the Bestowal is taking place.

This is very hard for a human to grasp, and even harder to place in your own minds for the simple fact of the Star of Bethlehem is so beautiful and reassuring we dare not think it is undermined by the evil of local universe Sons of such ill intention as to make the Three Wise Men useless in their innocence of application to the divine baby in the manger.

Like the crucifixion, I cannot tolerate that evil in my heart so blasphemously done to us and Him.  I will be angry to tear those evil humans and celestial entities to shards if I ever learn to stand well with Father in these hideous doings.  You Moses are a gracious man of intelligence and good will and I insist you are one with us when the time comes to state the business of the Father wherever we can see to you, but for now there is evil afoot again.  This time they have shown themselves as bitter enemies of Justice and are deceivers of their own truthful spirit to stay the course as they still try to on Urantia.

For that reason and other reasons, I refuse to be of the good will that welcomes just their disappearance, for I say to my Judges and  the heart of a righteous God, their deception in th days of Jesus, and in the days of Moses and Ron and all of us, must be responded to by a total refusal to save the hides of such infamy.  Of course it is up to the Justice system and the Trinity and the Ancients of Days to determine that, but I am white hot they shall never cross the beautiful picture of the Star of Bethlehem and any Bestowal Child anywhere near me if I can  get loose to be my own Justice.

It is fully and unmistakably unjust and sin fully that a disagreement must reach the level of murder and the destruction of a Bestowal Son, and by God, those beings who still profess such means to win, will know my undying wrath forever.  You made a good post Moses.  And think some more after your read the Addendum I put up.  I expect to hear from you when you do.

My heartfelt blessings to you for your understanding and worth to our Father.


Amethyst, you use the precise reasoning I used against my attackers and the seraphic foolishness that followed.  Let me correct one thing though before I take this further.  The humans on Urantia are not unique in having personal free will.  Rather in the planetary system of Satania, Urantia is only one of four planets in it that are bestowed with free will personality.  Otherwise, Nebadon has over three million human inhabited planets who do have Father-will and self-will personality installed.  I am quoting a dictation sent to me this early morning and I am sure the insurrectionists are trying to distort that.  Whatever the correct number is, Urantia and free will humans are far from unique in Nebadon.

Second, today and tomorrow and maybe Tuesday, all hell might break loose on Urantia over a war like maneuver by t he old Lucifer rebellion organization still existing in deep space, they thought was well hidden, but not so any longer.  I noticed with great concern today Amethyst you were not yourself and were deep into personal confusion you were not even aware of.  I hoped I stepped in to let you calm somewhat, but Larry Gossett is of the same victimization as you are and they are trying hard to do that to me as well.  I have stated over and over they will never win with me, and I take that to my grave if I have to.  However, be assured that your reasoning especially at the end of your above post is honest and correct, and it is the question you have to ask the rebels.  What are they doing to force a free will client like ourselves into the mode of living under the dictatorship of an incomplete Deity the supreme was and without any credentials on his part to support his contention that he owned us and Urantia and was just defending his rights to ownership with destruction and out right murder.

As you can see it is the worst cause for war I ever heard spoken to,  Even if they won Urantia, they cannot by any force of the Deity of the supreme make black white or vice versa.  We are free will colors and they want to make us something else we cannot change even if we wanted to.  Your reasoning is fully correct, but why are you ringing your hands over it for yourself?  Nothing they do including killing you changes how you are created.  I am the same.  And so is everybody else who reads this.  Yet, they huff and puff over our illusions and have no idea they are the one with bi-polar illusions of  their own minds to see so poorly as to harm their own lives at the end.

Free will personality exists as itself and so do you Amethyst, and all of the rest of you.  Larry Gossett is so self deprecating, I might add, he places himself lying down on the road in front of their stream roller of evil, and is harmed in his own idea of self worth.  Larry please understand you are the dignity of the rest of all of us and they have no right to intimidate your lack of training to stand up to bullies like they have become and are extremely dangerous to your own idea of self worth.  When this passes, and it will, I hope we can all look back and understand we stood in a storm and prevailed.  I might limp yet, but they are not getting anything from any of us ever just by our own resignation to our Father within us who strengthens us to fight this fight.

Amethyst, stay calm when you officiate as all depends on you to handle them attacking the foundations of Father-led will over destroying  t heir very attempt to scare and intimidate.  They come close to it with me but they make me so angry it bursts out of me and they know they get nothing ever now and will have to deal with Urantia and persons like me in their worst nightmares.  Keep the faith and reason well and calm yourself as Lemuel does as Larry does and as I do.  We are in this together in spite of the distance between us.   Blessings to you all.


Debriefing II  

The matter of Debriefing two is temporarily taken off the table.  We have had an insurrection that forces a change to some of the wording and I am in process of reissuing Debriefing II when I can get it fully redrafted.  The information you have already seen in Debriefing II is good, but additions and modifications are coming to this document shortly.  I will repost it as fast as I can.  Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Ron Besser

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