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This addendum is intended to be part of the first Debriefing document read before this one.  This addendum deals with great detail as to what the Federation government is and its purpose, and contains some almost explosive news concerning the Jesus Second Return and his other Master Universe rolls.

Link to II  Debriefing II  Description and Purpose of the Dominion Federation

To get the full doc on your computer click on the word OPEN upper right hand corner

Happy Reading!


Debriefing Document in PDF Link Below
40 Pages PDF
Link: DOC 22May21.pdf

This is a review of the major issues and problems we have gone through since June of 2019 and is a good document to have handy just to remember it all.

I have not listed everything that happened but the major events are there and a review of the chronology is inside.

There is an Addendum coming to this PDF debriefing strictly describing the FEDERATION and a big surprise for all of you when you get a chance to read it after I get it up.  It runs 20 pages long and has many new facts in it about the Federation and other issues that it appears to be interested in also.  Hopefully I can get that up Saturday sometime for all of you.

Happy reading and thanks for your interest.
Ron Besser

As some of you probably know, this past weekend York was host to a debriefing for individuals who attended from other parts of the country.  That time was spent over three days preparing listeners to understand the true situation we find ourselves in.  They took home their own bound copies of the document which I make available here shortly for all of you to read and keep perhaps as your own reference document as to what has happened in Nebadon and to Urantia, and the plans afoot to correct the situation as best we can.

The ADDENDUM to the Debriefing PDF Document to be posted here is also rather lengthy due to the fact I thoroughly questioned and received answers that reveal the depth of despair inside the Dominion Federation as we now call it.  Dominion is to play a part in the new Urantia Planetary Government because it must do so if it is ever to become a true operating group to bless  the seven Local Universes who are members plus one Municipal Universe (Alsoring).

The ADDENDUM to the Debriefing instructs just how Machiventa Melchizedek plans to use the Dominion Federation to good advantage, and how there is now being formed a representative government with personnel assigned to work with it in a Legislative body and an Executive officer to maintain its operation over and above the needs of our own Local Universe of Nebadon.  Those who take an interest in governments, which I am a primary soul for such, will learn from the ADDENDUM  there are assigned celestial beings to be representatives to the legislature of this Federation, and as such they are lead by each Creator Son of each Local and Municipal Universe attending the Federation as such.  Here is Machiventa Melchizedek for a comment on what is coming today to you I hope:

"You are also now advised that Ron Besser made a very important contribution, along with Steven Gitz, at his home this past weekend.  Ron says three days, well Friday evening counts as a day  to him since the basics of the DEBRIEFING were then given.  For that reason we must allude to the idea that Ron contributed everything he could do to make it work and it did until they got home, and then they reverted to their previous parts mostly uninformed and dismissive of the entire matter.  However, I have intervened again and made it clear this was not to be passed off as a lark of a weekend as Ron fully intends to make this thing work come hell or high water and they need to listen better than this.  For my part the weekend was full of good humor and transmissions by the dozens so Ron could make his point to all of them.

"All of you need only read, but you should be present when this material is presented as it is frightening to hear and worse to wear.  I am sure  they do not understand well enough to be so attentive as Ron may be, but this ADDENDUM is brillian to hear and see as it gives you, finally, a full view of the intention of the FEDERATION to be fully involved with Nebadon and the URANTIA Bestowal Son Jesus.

Heed This:
There is revealed in the ADDENDUM once monster surprise!  It is not set aside but part of the text.  Read it all when you have time, but do read it for one heck of a surprise for all of you!

I am MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, and this too will pass, but for now we must allow no one to say more than necessary about what you learn from this addendum.  Be aware I saw it coming but Ron was flabbergasted to say the least, and so  too will you be we are fairly sure.  Provide the world your use by serving and stop nattering about Midwayers as Ron is up to here in problems again with the cabal and this time we sent them packing to get things done here.  My best to all of you and good day for now.  Machiventa Melchizedek at your service. K"


Midwayers of t he Secondary type are born of woman, born invisible, and meant to be eternal.  The Primary Midwayers are likewise born of woman but they are meant to obtain their lives on high not unlike the angelic version of an entity born in the Local Universe of Nebadon for service.  I am not pretending to know very much about individual lives of the Secondary Midwayers, but they are capable of being seen by mortal eyes by "planetizing," as they have the capacity to make themselves visible to our eyes and sometimes do.

The Urantia Book was planetized--  i.e. made visible by the Midwayers of the Secondary type, as they have the means and capacity to mover between visible forms like we have to invisible forms such as the Primary Midwayers still can do on rare occasions.  Bzhutu my Secondary Midwayer friends, once called ABC22, but now a Mighty Messenger, says the best way to explain any of this is to remember that Secondary Midwayer creatures are indeed creatures, and accidents can and do happen to them but they are undying.  That Midwayer in the Roswell crash was incarnated in order to provide two on-board robots control which were the robots that were the equipment sometimes used to denature the cores of planets which become overheated for lots of reasons such can happen.  The incarnated Midwayer did not die, but the body was left to be buried as a seed shell-like automation.  The so-called chaff of wheat covers the life seed, and that body form was just a cover to be able to manipulate mechanical robots on brad that ship.

Midwayers can be injured in any of their phases of life preparation.  When they are visible as George Barnard often had them appear so,  they are quite capable of looking like normal human beings.  However, when they go to mid-phase which is the morontial and invisible body to humans, they also can be harmed by certain liaison for ces and even catastrophes like explosions and fires that have happened so often on Urantia, as U rantia can be a very nasty planet at times.  But the Secondary Midwayers are not capable of forfeiting their lives and are quickly repaired by agents of the LIFE CARRIERS who arrive immediately if an accdent destroys the original Secondary Midwayer entity called a body for them. 

The Primary Midwayers are a little different.  We see them easily and likewise do they see we the Secondary Midwayers, but our civilizations are very different from each other.  The Primary Midwayers live in spirit in Nebadon as you all will some day yourselves.  For reasons of State we are not allowed to say much more except that Ron and one or two of you are becoming morontialized to the point one of you namely Ron, can work both sides of the isle.  He will never become invisible but he can probably see Secondary Midwayers if we want him to and then easily so.  We are capable as Secondary Midwayers of phasing ourselves into various degrees of visibility and work hard to avoid any of it until we are more sure we will not meet hostility on Urantia these days.

As Bzhutu, ABC22, I am fully prepared to become a Midwayer again but lament I have lost the ability to come into and out of physical visibility to your eyes.  Ron in particular recognizes me as a friend and available to chat or speak if I wish to and often I do as I miss the entire regime of visibility and work on Urantia very much.   For that reason I am granted the privilege of working with people like Ron who have a great need to hear us and while not seeing us, we are quite available to them in their daily routines when we have the time to be so. 

Be assured that the Secondary Midwayers left on Urantia from the original 1111 are not available anymore.  George Barnard could see us due to changes to his lateral brain tissues variations.  Ron has been tempted to use his ability too but is always drawn back by his Adjuster not to avail himself to such as he must stay sane and rooted in his own physical world.  I agree it is better not to be able to see into the invisible but Ron is so competent he never fails to regain his sense of human physicality ever and must be reminded that I cannot do this for as long as I used to as being a Mighty Messenger I have too much energy to reduce it so low as to speak to a physical entity.  Ron is still a physical entity but his life is tortured over transition difficulties I have never witnessed before and for that reason we keep our temperature for discussion very low these days.  He is not bothered in the morontial with contact, but is bothered in the physical with the lack of proteins he needs to see well or do well for anyone at the moment.  I leave this for now and wish all a good day.  I am Bzhutu, once ABC22.  Good day."


Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: Middle-east on fire
« on: May 19, 2021, 10:31:28 am »
Clency, for your information, the western allies in 1946 felt they had to establish a Jewish homeland after Hitler tried to exterminate the race.  Winston Churchill proposed to Franklin Delano Roosevelt they take the then nomad pasture lands around the Dead Sea and Jerusalem to provide them a place to live without being subject to the murderous sentiment that triggered the holocaust in the first place.  Roosevelt really was not that interested since he had no real feelings about what should be done for the Jews and let Churchill know however he wished to set the decision into action for the a homeland he would support it.

The Palestinian people are Jewish too in the sense they are a people with many identities which Jesus called the Gentiles (Goy).  The Gentiles in the days of Jesus were openly happy to receive the  teachings and often made pilgrimages to hear Jesus speak.  However they are now living under the Law of Noah whereas the Jews live under the Law of Moses.  The British ruled this area in general with the British Mandate from 1920 to 1948.  Great Britain turned the entire question over to the United Nations which issued its declaration setting aside portions of Palestine to become the homeland named Israel in the traditions of the ancient Middle East policy to name the nation after the race of people who inhabited it.

In a sense the Palestinians are correct, but they never owned the land they claim now, and for that reason Britain and the United States see Israel as a proper statement of a democratic nation necessary for the Middle East to emulate, and likewise see the Palestinians as non-national herdsmen much as the Bedouins  are yet today.

Hamas started this.  They are encouraged by Iran and act as Iran's representative to undermine any democratic nation in the region.  Iran believes in a theocracy and Hamas has become a dictatorship pushing the Gaza Palestinians into open warfare with the neighboring Israel.  I personally consider that Hamas has shot itself fatally in the foot, as no nation in the western alliance is going to guarantee the borders of a warring nation for Palestine which is still too small and too weak to fully represent an independence it hardly can support by itself.  Yasar Arafat saw to it there would be no peace over Palestine when he declared the Jewish State "incorruptible bigotry and a loss to mankind in shear degrees of political usury."

The Palestinians remind me of the Iraq Kurds who also demand a homeland without prejudice but fall to fighting among themselves all the time over ethnic cleansing and religious differences as do the Palestinians.  Iraq and Palestine share the following ethnic groups and are at war internally most of the time of who of this group is in ascendancy.  Hamas is a tribal program of ethnic suicide as are these groups by themselves without a nations state to hide them from each other:  There are the groups who are never at peace:    

Sunni Arabs · Shiite Arabs · Sunni Kurds · Assyrians · Yazidi Kurds · Turkmen, and Palestinians of the Hebrew persuasion against the Palestinians of the Jordan persuasion, and on and on and on.  

This post could go on and on for volumes but you get the idea it is enough to tell you there is no peace with Palestinians until they lay down the law to Hamas, and their leadership is now mostly dead.  So we see it all again.  


General Discussion / Re: Symptoms related transmitter
« on: May 18, 2021, 12:32:34 pm »
China Pond was right outside my back door and was crystal clear.  I had a canoe and would splash around the perimeter of it and it was full of wildlife including bass and big snapping turtles.  I saw a snapping turtle under my canoe I would not want to run into he was so big and burly.  IT was in the New York forest in upstate New York with one hundred year old hemlocks and a forest full of rare wildflowers which I knew about because we used to go hunting for them and could never fine them.  One is called a "Lady Slipper." which is northern orchid of sorts.  It has a lily like stem and leaves with a long stem for the flower on top with looks like the human heart and is a salmon pink on the bottom with white labials at the top.  There the woods was full of them, and hepatica, and birds foot violets and wild columbine.

Here is a picture of the Lady Slipper.

General Discussion / Re: Symptoms related transmitter
« on: May 18, 2021, 08:41:35 am »
We have been taught by the methods in civilization which insists there is nothing out side of our selves.  The empiricists insist all is calculable and that the natural physical world is all that really works on us forever.  The word empiricist is a good word and teaches us the description that everything is chemical-physical to affect us.  But the problem is that word does not cover all the universe is or may be to some of you.  The sanity of life, our civilization tells us, is to accept that life is made of cause and effect that is chemically directed.  God would not disagree with some of that at all, for He is also an empiricist in the Infinity of the Unqualified Absolute, but he is also a loving parent, and love is not empirical.

So now we come to the point.  Most of you who read this site have no deep concern for those of us who get kicked in the head once in a while over issues having to do with the love of God.  For some reason the laboratory has no reason to investigate what you and I call bumps in the night as it concerns our bodies and minds.   Those of us who have experiences with bumps in the night in our bodies are aware that if you have never experienced this odd world of transition you have absolutely no concept or need to believe something is causing it except an over active imagination.  

The truth of the matter is that in our bodies we have chemical overcontrol of how we feel and how we relate to others.  But the empiricist denies not the chemical over control but anything much else exists to cause problems otherwise.  For many of us today experiencing these non-chemical causes of the effects of the presence of God, we understand you as an empiricist either must strain very hard on your belief system to gather we are telling the truth about cause, or find yourself speculating that we a re making up a mountain where a molehill exists only about the  usual health problems of age or poor nutrition.  

The human mind knows only what it experiences.  Most of you will never experience a transition some of us have to go through.  I caution you not to be believe we are chosen ones--  we are not that ever.  But by our own selection we asked to be extended beyond our normal life time, and that is totally against the empiricist who say man cannot talk to a body of chemistry to do that.  But we are being asked to discard the whole idea that chemical over control is our only choice.  Obviously something now has to be understood by the empirical view that maybe there is a God, but now avoid the idea He is so remote there is no cause to believe there is a God-view possible in a physical lifetime.

That is why what I say next has to be thought about.  Maruchi you in particular are scientifically trained and believe it is essentially the only really workable way to approach life.  Actually Maruchi I do not disagree with your view, as it will keep your feet firmly on the ground and guide you through a sane life of trial and error to find you way to the final days of your earth existence.  However let me tell you something and it is more than words as it is a hard truth:

The Urantia Book pulls some heavy lifting to think about.  Most of us here love it for its honesty and portrayal of supernal life above us.  IT lets the reader know that there are two sides to this universe and they are graphically joined at the hip; that you cannot separate God-life from planet-life.  But to actually experience how that works is not given to most humans on Urantia for reasons our civilizations are empirical.  But I learned what the difference was over thirty-two years ago, and it forced me to blend where I could not even bend and I got harmed briefly because of the collision of two realities existing in me at that time.

Picture yourself standing on the top of the Rocky Mountains in the western United States.  Stand on the peak of the continental divide.  If you look east from this place, all the rain that falls flows to the east.  Turn around and look west.  All the rain that falls on that side flows west.  For one of the few times your mind experiences the dichotomy of life in this universe: God is present as are the mountains.  The flow of life in all directions depends on how high up you view existence.  The difference of life experience depends on your point of view and t hose who never saw that a great divide like the continental divide exists never understand that two experiences of living at the same time is what we all do, but never does the empiricist know both.  That divide for me was the day the Adjuster came roaring out of his super material part of my brain, and established a 24/7 dialog with me.  That is hardly chemical over control and brains cannot make the conversation of rational thought up otherwise.

I say this to you Maruchi.  If your Indwelling Spirit made a century mark in your mind you would know it and be so different you are wordless to explain what no one knows until it happens.  Then it is personal and devoid of explanation.  The empiricist in you leaves room now for a conversation of mind with you that leaves you wondering if you are sane.  You know you are sane, but the empiricist might commit you to a hospital for examination.  Even then they are hapless.  A hospital is all chemical in its analysis and the Voice of God is not schizophrenia or bi-polar acts of desperation, but easily separated from the chaos of mental disassociation.  Again stand on the continental divide where water flows two different directions, east and west, at once.  There is no contradiction to your mind when you do that, but no one understands that unless they too stand on the continental divide.

For that reason several of us--  and I suspect it is more than I know about personally here--  are drawn into physical changes that refuse explanation medically.  They have medical terms, but there first cause is not medical, but the will of God agreeing to be at ease with those it needs to portray new life improvements, just as our bodies are being charged with a vital force that is divine rather than chemical evolution to age us.  That is the best I can do for you when there is no vital experience with the vast force of God in the mind as many have on this forum and we are all without a teaching manual to explain it to us at all.  

Best wishes to all who may experience this soon enough in their lives too.  It all still depends on your approach and attitude toward the Voice of God, and how you or I face the truth:  IN GOD ALL THINGS EXIST, including our point of view.  Blessings to all.

Ron(speaking briefly for the universe at once now:  MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "I speak clearly to all when I say he speaks the deep truth of  the Continental Divide of life.  Two things seem to happen at the same time yet the brain knows  the truth if you stand on the point where two things naturally happen to your view.  That is what we have here and Ron knows it well enough to tell you about it.  Few of you will experience the faint of Paul of Tarsus or the horror of the faint of Ron Besser that day on China Pond where his house faced upon that fateful day.   One has to stand on a high point to see water flow both ways at the same time, otherwise it cannot exist, and otherwise we leave it to those of you who do see it.  My wish for your happy days what is left of a so-called normal world is for you to enjoy.  I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON and may the peace of the Creator be yours.  MICHAEL."


General Discussion / Re: Symptoms related transmitter
« on: May 15, 2021, 08:31:29 am »
Thank you for your research Maruchi.  Taken separately they are medical conditions caused by various things in older people in particular.  However, when taken as numerous experienced elements some of us suffer in common. logic would suggest the cause is about the same:  body transition to some degree of autonomy from the world's dependence on the five senses alone.  I have never quite approached it from this side of cause, but remember that as this group matures with what they have learned regarding the spiritual phenomenon, they and you will experience various contact with spirit issues.  The primary example is the ringing in the ears which is indeed tinnitus and that can sometimes be annoying and a mischief to the idea of inner peace.

Spirit controls mind, mind controls that material world even if used injudiciously.  For that reason alone, when spirit appears consciously in the human mind there will be repercussions.  One of those repercussions is the sense of being upwardly mobile while the body feels deprived of its normal sense of operation.  Ear ringing and scalp tingling is a typical spiritual reaction to the presence of the personality of God within, and for that reason no medical examination will be useful, as cause and effect in the body  this way cannot be transferred to a doctor's prescription to remove it.  

The more precise cause of tinnitus, for example, is that spirit brushes the cells of the brain cortex.  Little known to science just yet is that the cells of the brain resonate with a small frequency that if touched by spirit, they tend to sound a ringing tone we hear in our inner ears too.   Restless legs and mental tiredness are not uncommon when spirit attempts to understand just how your body is put together.  Midwayers and we humans get along just fine and they know us and how we are put together, but higher spirit above the angelic realm is clueless, as spirit does not even see us because we are so completely materialized.  For that reason higher spirit has to make us restless to see how the nerves fire and the body secrete hormones to maintain our own sense of normal operation in the flesh.  I cannot tell you much how all of this is being done today on Urantia   particularly as it refers to many of us who are sensing a wide variety of aches and pain and never firing we never experienced before.  Mostly that is spirit evaluating us for their own knowledge.  Transitions are taking place too, and how this all has to be separated into various spiritual causes is just about impossible to know or even fully understand.

Thank you again Maruchi for your research, for that tells us medical reasons not spiritual reasons, and they are hard to separate at this point in our experience.  


Discuss This Web Site / Re: live streaming
« on: May 12, 2021, 05:55:30 pm »
Whatever else has to be done is not known to me.  Let me state that right up front.  But, I think we have an auto start on it timed wrong and you have to go back in and restart it by hand.  That is doable so long as you make sure you chose the right lightline to highlight and click START.  I have tried to get this straightened out for months now.  Amethyst use the streaming button, click admin, and then find the right line line, click START.  IT should run t hat way until you hang up.  If does not that is the usual Murphy's law we work with around here.  I will check again too.

For the moment it is no doubt a bad start schedule as originally they had the wrong st art time of 2PM when you start at 3PM.  I still think it is set for 2pm and therefore has to be started at 3PM to fun.


Discuss This Web Site / Re: Serara Forum Needs A Place For Prayers
« on: May 11, 2021, 09:55:34 am »
Hello PJammer,
We have always relied on donations to maintain this work and I fill in when donations do not stretch far enough, but lately we have had a steady trickle in and that is enough to cover the basics.  The normal way of receiving donations for a charity which we are, is to put up a PayPal window which takes and distributes to the charity which puts their software on their donation page.

However, what happens is PayPal is of course a business that charges for those services.  i used them up until about three years ago, when I saw what our total cost to PayPal was for what donations were coming in.  The larger the donation of course the percentage they take get rather large.  In 2015, we paid PayPal close to $800 and that is a badly needed amount to keep for ourselves but I had no choice as they take it right off the top.  

What happens also is the larger a donation given there is a larger amount and it discourages a man or woman who feels generous and provides a whopping big gift.  Years ago we had a man in Missouri gives us $25,000 and the PayPal charge was enormous.  That is so rare it has not happened again but we used every penny to get our services and networks built.  I then decided rather than get upset just ask for donations without any middle man and yes it makes you write checks and not use credit cards which most people prefer anyhow.

I may have Charles put the PayPal page up again just because habits are changing and people rely on automatic payments but we have a group of people who are so loyal out west paying donations with money orders.   Every 30 days I send them into the bank by mail and they credit the Magisterial account.  That is another way to do it and that is to use a money order but I admit I never bought one myself and I do not even know where to get them, perhaps the bank or the post office or maybe some stores carry them, I do not know.  In any case they are cash.

I thank you PJammer for thinking of us as we can use every penny.  Covid19 changes things and for a while we went to zero but now we are getting a few hundred every month and that helps.  I will update that page on Donations in a little while because we have gone upward to our goal set on that page.

With regard to the Category you would like to add on prayer I have no real objections and today is a tad busy but maybe a little later this week I can see to it.  I thank you for your many contributions now PJammer and wish you a happy day and blessings to all for their help.


Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Father On Worship
« on: May 10, 2021, 02:19:54 pm »
The Universal Father speaks to the use of Acolytes in the TEMPLE, further explained,

UNIVERSAL FATHER speaks:  "I am betrothed to no one on URANTIA ever.  I must aver to the idea you are anything but good but are essentially a piece of froth unnecessary for my explanation.  Let it be known that your mind is dipped in the silliness of extrovert conditioning you use for all who see to your heart and ways, but let it be for now.  The truth is, Ron, worship on Urantia is a canard, and that is nothing but a trap without release, as it means you must use your minds and not your hearts to FATHER and I always use my Heart for such transactions.

"For that reason be understanding you have no means to Worship as they do on Paradise.  As  those who do Worship before me, understand that the deal to provide me the sustenance of prayer and then Worship, are never entirely sure they can achieve the synchrony with Me as FATHER, since I am never alone with the Worship breakfast before us.  We are always free to receive it and fully admire your trust that it can be taught better than you have it now,  buy you of all people have little regard for deep meditation and for reasons we like, stay away from it now.  You could do it well before but were admonished by your Thought Adjuster to stay away from it because it engendered thought but little pursuit for Me.   You are troubled by thought at times and you like it when you must use it but never bother it when merely awake and working the environment entirely.  IF you did you would never get much done.  Be assured it is your best defense against overuse of thought which you do not do.

"In any case the entire issue of Acolytes before ME is never acceptable.  For that reason Jesus has suggested to me that you and your Brotherhood, need to understand that service in the Temple is not permissible unless you are clothed in morontial forms and not just temperament.   For reasons of State you are morontial but for reasons of actuality, you are flesh and blood and that must remain that way until we shut the Missions down on URANTIA permanently in all respects. 

"Acolytes are useless as servers before me.  They clang the dishes and hold the books and that is fine but in truth none of that is essential, and for that reason you see it now as pointless to have someone standing by.  BUT:

"Reasons abound for you to present at such worshipful sessions, as your spirit and mine are one, and for that reason you stand by with others who do pray and ask for forgiveness at being so objectified, but essentially, you are morontial in mind already and must make amends not to disrupt services of each other in that regard by interjecting speech you consider more appropriate.  That does not occur with us much less with you; however, be assured it is heard when you do interject and is acceptable.  Let this be a lesson to you too:

"Never interrupt Us when you speak directly with us as our circuitry is not designed to hear mortals ever, but for some reason you ar e heard easily bu the Eternal Son and you thank MICHAEL for that and He is the one who made it possible for us to learn from a human the useful means of communication you do make with the universe.  However, lately MICHAEL is distracted and we have less than usual to our detriment.  For that reason I have added a circuit for all of our Adjusters to include the human frailty speeches when they are essentially important to our understanding of human need.

"Let this stand as an important lesson then:

1 - Never approach the FATHER with silliness in mind and you do not;
2 - Bring to Me all you are, and I bring to you all that I AM;

3 - Send no message except adoration and worship is achieved.

"I stand back for the DEITY ABSOLUTE  now:


 "We are ready to speak as assuredly as can be done on URANTIA at this moment.

"The trials for us are not well assigned, but the trials with us are fully and truly clear, and you Ron make the most of it instead of leaving it alone which you cannot do as you cannot move when they do it.  I am recommending they are fully and truly removed instantly to the authorities.

"And as for you Ron, release not that DEBRIEFING only to the Lone-Star Association,but make it fully available to all who can read.  IT fully carries the angst and despair we all feel for what has happened to URANTIA and the MASTER UNIVERSE together.  For that reason I sanctioned your work on high too, as it finally puts to rest why you are as you are, and why we must use you fully and well while we have the opportunity to do so, as the FATHER has fully decreed your health must take charge first, and then your work, and then your worship as fully as you dare in this dangerous place of sedition and heart-felt despair by all who love God. 

"Take this well Ron, never ask for more than you can achieve, but ask for what you feel you can do, and you feel you can do all you have attached so far to this work we do on Urantia.  For those reasons I suggest we start not over, but amend your desire to work on epochal information, but prepare to minister to the thousands who love you already as they see you as the first person to speak with gentle ways as to the ways of God and our means to support this work of reclamation.  

"For reasons of State we must amend on item spoken to by FATHER slightly ahead of your mind at times, and that is he welcomes all attempts at worship, but admonishes those who portray their needs within it.  You remind yourself all the time to stay in your classification to state your are a mammal and nothing more and that is the truth.  However, a mammal of your variety and skill is so rare we wonder why we bother to lecture you, but we must to make an example out of your lust, not for power, but for correct procedures to approach the great God.  Do so only with deference  to Him, and you will be found as always to the nth degree every time where you are and as you are.

"Let this be the standard for all means to worship for now, and let the finer techniques arise as you realize it is insufficient as you do.  That is ours to delay slightly but your idea of the Temple to prepare that for yourselves is essential and ot left to Suprenaphim a million years ahead of you to treat entirely themselves.  Your idea of a Brotherhood to prepare man to honestly enjoin in worship as better enjoined and experience is totally well spoken and I never heard of this before today from anyone but you.

"For that reason I have spoken to FATHER just now for Him to recognize you are offering a service to those who have gone the extra mile to prepare for ascension with a better understanding of how to enjoin before the Deities your needs and rest.  I see it so over overwhelmingly done in you and beseech MICHAEL OF NEBADON to fully entertain that for you when the time comes.  HE is a marvel at such things and knows the results of such rest as purity of thought in high places only.  Be assured we smile with you and for reasons of State you know nothing more than you should.

"Finally understand that no one can be as you are as you are Ron.  There is nothing in you that may be tendered to us further as you have achieved all of your circles, and all the morontial circuits, and even five of the twenty First Stage Spirit circuits.  You are the only one to have done so, yet you bound over the land as though you still owned it.  You do.   Let this stand as a testament to you if no others, as I am the DEITY ABSOLUTE and all must come to understand we stand with you in spite of the cabal next to you and the horror of Luciferites around you further away and so on.  IT is a disaster to you only because you have to fight it mostly alone and without allies as you seek but they are too frail to understand what you are after, much as that story about the lands sequestered secretly away from the world in Ann Raynd's, ATLAS SHRUGGED, as you loved the s tory and read it twice to remember it.

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Father On Worship
« on: May 10, 2021, 12:58:53 pm »
PJammer.  I consider this transmission of yours to be one of the best I have ever read when it comes to the deepest meanings I have trouble rising to myself.  For your information PJammer, I have requested of the Deities--  whoever is in charge of it--  to please help provide Urantia the FATHER'S TEMPLE.  I have two overriding reasons for that request besides many others; and they are this:

1 - For the Temple authorities to teach humans Worship.  

2 - That the Magisterial Foundation may supply the Father' Temple with acolytes -  those humans who are part of the ideals of the Magisterial Foundation to serve in the Temple acceptably before the altar of the majestic Universal Father.

I wish to restore to the heart of URANTIA the idea of BROTHERHOOD, and that we as Brothers (both men and women so use the term brotherhood to mean "in God we Trust all of Us" those who follow God as our love and as our means to ascend for the day of perfection.

Each of us in those days of the  Temple established, serve as we need must, but that we may come together as chosen acolytes before the Father through His authorities, to be trained and trialed as servers to the high and majestic altar before God  the Father as his human facilitators to all others with how to provide service and feel the majesty of worship as it may sometimes be felt in perfection before Him on Paradise.

To do that I ask the FATHER to state his purpose for us now with this kind of service in mind for His Temple to be.

"I am betrothed to no one until now Ron.  You give me the flight of fancy I sometimes miss feeling as you perfectly resign your authority before me and give me the chance to speak my heart.  IT is this:

"For too long I have waited for a declaration of trust and kindness toward your FATHER and for that I am grateful.  But you are determined to make the Brotherhood act with you for those who want it, and that is our recommendation to you and to Us on Paradise today.   I see you look at it as a holy calling and you need it as badly as anyone else.  However, acolytes are never acceptable to the altar except those in high authority, and they admonish nothing like humans at the altar of the FATHERS TEMPLE.  

The Trial therefore must be that those you appoint as acolytes must now be before me up here before I may tell them who you may choose.  For that reason I ask your forebearance for another time to discuss this too.  Thank you.  FATHER.  [Thank you Father and we are glad to be patient until you look at this further.]


Discuss This Web Site / Re: Internet Audio
« on: May 10, 2021, 11:24:07 am »
Thank you very much, Maruchi.  I did not know this service existed.
Here is the web site with a six days ago announcement on the idea.
They are still taking pre orders for $99/month.

The kit with dish and modem is $499.00 plus I guess the subscriber has to set the dish and modem up himself.

Cost plus inexpertise on electronic set ups prevents me from jumping at this, but I get the impression they are not ready to start this service just yet.

Intrestingly, I saw that a number of astrophysicists have complained to the FCC to stop this project because all those satellites get in the way of star/space observations due to so many and so bright.  

This may be the answer for the break down of services on earth for the Internet.  I think we could do it to ourselves even without mother earth causing problems.

I also point out that any shift in earth's axis or rotational alignment will knock out the synchronous satellite placements and have the same effect as a broken internet on the surface of the planet for this service too.

I am most grateful to you Maruchi for making the idea and service known to me.  Many thanks

Discuss This Web Site / Re: Internet Audio
« on: May 10, 2021, 09:37:27 am »
Yes, thank you both.  I just happened to think of something.  Sunday, yesterday, was an American holiday called Mothers Day.  The phones get over used and the Internet is filled to capacity by people sending messages to their mother's by t he tends of millions.  The Internet cannot stand all that traffic without reacting badly, and I am more or less convinced that in other parts of world, that when you wish to access American communication systems which are being over used, all of you are going to have trouble with quality. 

I also say this:  Our communication systems, i.e. the American infrastructure, has been so poorly neglected it is on the verge of failure more and more.  I notice this with my connections to the supplier of my Inaternet and phone more and more, as they do not cope with the heavy traffic they keep adding to these systems in hopes that the poor people have access too.  Well, I have news for everybody, poor people could care less but they will take a gift any day and no one upgrades our communication systems while adding millions and millions of uses and people to it.

Let us do the best we can with what we have.  At some point Maruchi and Moses Korea and Kenya and most of the rest of the world too, including Europe, must contend with vast changes to the earth, its atmosphere, and its land masses, which will totally force changes how we do things, and we will lose, maybe temporarily, t he ability to communicate the way we do now.  I dread that because I am totally dependent on developing support for the divine Missions on the Internet and my telephone.  No one around me supports any of it at all and my connections are to you in the east and the west far away from my home.

If this happens my friends, remember me and I will remember you but we cannot greet each other in a visible message any more.  Keep your faith we are with you but invisible due to a total lack of infrastructure at times and hope we can find each other another day to resume this support for ourselves and for the divine Missions.

Meanwhile, cheers!

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