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Last chance to see Comet Neowise for another 7,000 years as it is moving away from earth.  Its name is derived from the fact that this was the observatory that discovered it this past March.

Look at the information at

The last time this comet showed up was over 4,000 years ago which was in the ancient skies likely of Mesopotamia while Adam and Eve descendants were battling out the Sumerians.  

It appeared some 400 years before Machiventa Melchizedek appeared as the Sage of Salem in what is now Jordan to the goat herder of old as he was preparing to eat supper before going to bed.  When Machiventa Melchizedek opened the tent flap of the herder's humble home, the man was bent over his little stove of straw and lamb's wool kindling.  The fare was lamb stew with not potatoes in it but with a mushroom based gravy we would enjoy today.  This comet had no name in the old days because they were not sure just what it was, was it God sending a message or just a sudden light to go away shortly?

Today in the United States it is barely above the northeast horizon at about 650 am.  The blog writer means SUNRISE NOT SUNSET just so you know.  I cannot see it because I have a bunch of pine trees in the way, and in a day or two it will disappear really forever, as it is a comet of little note, and no one has predicted its return to Urantia skies at all, except the fellow who writes this web site I reference to you above.  It is a nice blog and so we have an omen of a comet in the skies really over the end of an American attempt to force China out of a power game in the South China Sea.

Happy Monday to all!

Carole this is most inspirational and I studied it for its soundings very well.  I happen to agree it is most appropriate and yet I never thought of it.  I am very glad you did.

My post about the hackthon is available under another thread somewhere here, and I point out in that post the sheer utter madness we hear daily from those who should know better, but never stop pleading the case for more TARES in their cereal of plenty.

I am fully and rightfully disgusted over the behavior of the hackers and the UAI thinking this is the kind of thing to promote in the midst of a pandemic and a rebellion in spirit that has utterly destroyed the nourishment of the  5th epochal revelation much as the weed in the wheat has done to tribes of Israel and the United States as well.  Thank you for our mortal lesson this day.


What Is Happening on Todays Date if Anything / ADVISORY 25 WARNING
« on: July 16, 2020, 10:43:00 pm »
The following Advisory is to be sent out for distribution to the general email list we maintain for such information.
We have explicitly warned that there is an emergency pending on Urantia which must be addressed by unity and cohesion among all readers of the Urantia Book, the published name of the 5th epochal revelation.  The group called the Light and Life Community is insisting on broadcasting out dated and probably erroneous information concerning the attending Magisterial Mission already in progress.  This Advisory is to tell all who might listen to their intended broadcast they do so at their own risk of poor or offending information concerning the present status of the Magisterial Mission and its choices to operate from the Major Sector of Splandon.  Below is a graphic of Advisory 25 for distribution. Thank you.  The Magisterial Foundation.

Amethyst, I listened to the tape and an most pleased to hear there is some reason to hope that the forum members can at last participate more fully in offering help..  I wanted to be on call today but fell asleep with only minutes to go on your service and just decided not to arrive late but not at all under the circumstances. 

Now, that I have heard the proposal from Michael I have some comments to make.

First, believe me I need support and help, but please make sure I know fully what you propose.  I heard a couple of you speak on the tape this afternoon and Marie, you make things more difficult by not understanding what help is as you are more interested in doing for yourself at this moment.  I suggest you learn to do for your self before we include you in actual mission work.  This situation as Marie is in is typical of several others of you and that must be taken care of yourself  before we can include you in any team work.  Do not that the hard, but do understanding that self interest always trumps team work and it makes team work very hard to do to include people who are not yet caught up in service abilities and obligations for self preservation under the present circumstances.

Second, I am not clear just what we are to do Amethyst, with reviewers, two of them, on board to review suggestions.    As I hear the tape it is  that forum members provide a written instruction on their idea for work for the team to do.  Before you do that though, just what is the TEAM?  I have a fuzzy idea but not a solid idea of its definition.

As the TEAM may exist now that is the collective of present forum members who are willing to work together to produce a result we all need for Michael or the Magisterial Mission to accept as useful.  Some of that of what is useful I can help decide, but that requires me being a review member and Michael prefers two others to do that.  But already that hampers a simple process and makes it a social problem more than it should be.   Back to you Amethyst: What is the team reviewer doing that can leave me out of the loop to present to me what I hear anyhow and see practicalities go out the window because there is no way to apply it without asking for further details or seeking provision for more resources than I can ever put up

This is why I want to say to the people who want to work as a team here that I prefer to tell you the areas I would like help in and you propose along these lines as a priority and not exclusively to forget other ideas that do not fall into these priorities we need to focus upon.


2 more Lightlines.  Team work includes being subscriber presence to get the working.  Hosts are another subject, but this subject is to propose these two new Lightlines approach the working of this outreach differently than we are doing it now and that it requires having no precedence to work with but courage to do.  Give me proposal on this and you ahve my ear.

We need forum members to make contract with run of the mill individual organizations and larger readership organizations to convince them to support a unification meeting to place all of us on the same page to reform the readership into an active machine to provide the energy to ask God for an epochal revelation without the the failures and errors of the present 5th epochal revelation.  Start this work and you are doing what must be done and all else pales besides this work you can do if you stop being shy.

I am open to hearing proposals to maintain communication among us.  We dare not let communications become so impaired the bulk of this group is out of hearing range and we are left with a tattered flag as ourselves to work for a proposed Magisterial Mission.
if you think enough you might see that my priorities are two parts of the same idea with slightly different takes possible on them.  Our usefulness is not apparent without accomplishing most of the work to get a symposium running at York to have delegates from all sectors of the readership to attend it, hear the truth of current epochal motivations for York, and unifying satellite groups to work with us to let the Deities know we are not crazy about any old revelation, but one in which humans can work with it as a team of dedicated humans beside and with whoever becomes the leader of a divine mission on Urantia.

There we can use reviewers and researchers and phone workers and whatever else you might think we can throw into the mix to start making grass roots contact and propose they ask their representative to attend getting together so we are all on the same page to petition God for a proactive Mission this time.

I leave this for now and wait for your reaction.  Thank you.  Ron

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / JUSTICE
« on: July 15, 2020, 10:05:38 am »
This talk from the Ancients of Days co mes at a  moost appropriate time for me too and happily heard the Ancientsof Days are deeply aware of our plight and assure us they are not silent.

Thank you too Lemuel for taking their call and dictating their views.  We desperately need to set the record straight to understand that normalcy will accrue to all of us on Urantia, at least shortly or maybe so bad to say, "some day."  I am in a fury over these abrogations of free will choices on the human level and sincerely doubt they can be calmed into submission by the high courts the Ancients of Days show us from Uversa in hour case.

Thank you Ancients of Days for speaking out and to you Lemuel for taking their call and making it available to all of us.  Ron BEsser

ANCIENTS OF DAYS SPEAK ONCE MORE: "You Ron care exceedingly well and deeply this horror on Urantia comes to an end, and that you can be released to your rest and appropriate place in the hierarchy.  You are very unhappy with man himself and his refusal to learn to cooperate with you or others to help bring God safely back in represenation to Urantia.  You view the group called The Light and Life Committee as truly rude and aberrant and they are and must never be allowed to speak again about the Magisterial Mission.  The one called BB is not ever going to speak well again if he pursues what he announced he will pursue but you duly warned all of them they are making a big mistake to do this without being educated and you are fully aware they could care less about cooperation at all.  You look forward to the day that a normal readership may prevail again but that is a long time in comeing again.  That flashed before your eyes now to remind you that you care tremendously but there is no way to provide the succor that needs to be provided without making many mistakes and you refuse to do that.  Your relief is coming but too slow to make a difference today or the near future.

"We are the Ancients of Days and feel you are being molested as you write and we are sure you are.  Just note please that ORIGINS is being published as we write this and there is no compensation due you or Gitz until it sells a few hundred copies and then the royalties will flow and that is probably going to happen right away.  For your own consideration abide the day and let it flow out of the weir you are at times and hope for the better solution to all of this and that is a compensation that restores you and Phyllis and Amethyst and a few others you do not know too.  We are the Ancients of Days and welcome you into our fold soon enough and welcome you back to a normal life shortly..  Good day."

Ron - Thank you very much high ones on Uversa.  I greatly appreciate your attunement to our problems here on Urantia.  RON

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Lemuel and you Ron are fighting the dregs of high society soon not only over ORIGINS but over LIGHTLINE too as these are panels of subscribers of listeners which are making a huge difference while it can do so.  The year 2020 will be seen as the year GOD awoke and placed URANTIA back on the list to minister to and to provide changes for you can only dream about now.  You are never going to hear from BB or the others because you chastised them well and without rancor but they are stupid enough to believe they can do as they please.  They can not do that and I am making sure that BB is greatly aware of his huge error to write you off as a miscreant and not a savior of sorts.  Be assured BB is out of luck shortly and he will never make sense of your allegation that your are a Contact Commissioner, but wait until the truth comes out and you receive enough materials to make sure you are heard on high and in the councils of the UF.  Be assured this entire matter is seen as part of your education nust how rotten the system has become, and you rightly posted it to the forum and those individuals fail to see the point at all and are working hard to understand what you mean that group is fallacious and produce error  since they are producing the Urantia Book only and not the Magisterial Mission.

"I am furious with you over many of these same issues and you control your temper nicely but are not giving one inch to the rebels or anyone else who dares to abrogate free will in the interest of doing their own thing on Urantia.  You are exhausted and sick and need relief badly but unavailable until Gabriel announces the end of an era and slams the rebels out of control and He can do it.  Be assured this is in the works but takes a moment or two for the United States to heed the call to stand down and let the virus finish its work as you proclaim and your response to Occerpa is so well done no one ver sets up to tell Clency to think a different way again very soon.

"For reasons of State that offer you made on the Arc of Infinity and Infinity and reality as to who keeps it s where, is really off the charts for people to comprehend in Rayson's name and he may ask you take them down not but you are caring to remind yourself it is his web site and not yours and you have desisted further for now.  So long for now."


Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: Coronavirus : a second wave ?
« on: July 15, 2020, 02:35:06 am »
The overpopulation of our species certainly adds to the pressure on evolution to reduce us by disease, natural changes to the planet, and other microbial dangers which are unlike AIDS or Corona 19 just because they do not  address sexual practices but social practices involving our natural biologic processes of the body and mind.
Darwin address overpopulation of a species in the Origin of Species I read, and that he made no particular comment about letting a virus run us into smaller population levels but concedes it can even wipe out a species in spite of t heir reproductive capacities.

Here is a reference for an article on the Darwin statements fyi.

I did not find it especially helpful but maybe it will lead readers to better statements about this subject I do not have time to research back. 

In any case, please consider this argument also about intelligence.  Evolution is a divine spark to move development of a material planet in all of its phases, and is considered too much of a secret to share very much about.  However, it invokes Mother Spirit by forcing the subject of the eradication of species by trialing any species with the development of enough intelligence to recognize suicide by food or infectious processes must be acted upon  to prevent wholesale eradication of a species.

Man has all sides of that effect of mind or poor mind or intelligent mind and the overdraft of population of the human species is clearly showing it knows no limits to sexual pleasure and then incapable of raising their young intelligently enough to teach them to notice what obviously does not work. 

A single individual observing the lack of intelligence much of our over population exhibits cannot be each by themselves determine the trend of evolution enough in individual cases to decree letting the bad ones die, but therefore must make every effort to save life if at all possible.  That is our medical profession and its philosophy today, but I disagree it is wrong to let ignorant populations vote their interests for their fair share of medical treatment all the time.  It is not sustainable but no one individual can be the judge of such a disastrous medical practice not to enter wild areas where AIDS and Corona virus abound.  We are therefore stuck on conflicting moralities, and I therefore tend to favor natural selection in a pandemic over the quarantine of unruly humans and to let them have their parties but intelligent people stay away from those unruly mobs of defiant protesters.

Such a practice though is impossible to legislate and sustain the idea not to treat the idiots who invite infection by defiance of statutes designed to protect them too.  We do not have any mechanism in place to decide those things except by noticing the doctor who agrees with this view and lets the big party goer without an appointment to see him.  Of course that grinds on the conscience and is very ineffective to let a pandemic play out  to die of over feeding itself for reproductive purposes.
The medical profession is cultured to do no harm, but it has no book to tell it what harm it should or should not prevent.  If we read Luther who broke with the Church in the 15th century, read this in a book of his when he learned that Copericus was  "teaching a new astrology."  One can read this by substituting the subject  of the sun to medical treatment dilemmas and treating the change for the medical profession as either wait to see what the changes mean or ignore them.

The specific response one of the most important contemporaries of Copernicus, Martin Luther, is telling. The quote below is actually in response to the publication of the brief Commentariolus, which appeared a decade before De Revolutionibus. It comes from Luther's Tablebook (Tischreden), or record of dinner-table conversations:
"There is talk of a new astrologer who wants to prove that the earth moves and goes around instead of the sky, the sun, the moon, just as if somebody were moving in a carriage or ship might hold that he was sitting still and at rest while the earth and the trees walked and moved. But that is how things are nowadays: when a man wishes to be clever he must needs invent something special, and the way he does it must needs be the best! The fool wants to turn the whole art of astronomy upside-down. However, as Holy Scripture tells us, so did Joshua bid the sun to stand still and not the earth."

Luther suggests tradition is better than making up acceptance of suggested changes to practices held to for millennia.  The medical profession does old ways  frequently, unless it is upended by a practice such as the Salk Vaccine which by indisputable proof of its effectiveness, it adopted the practice of using it.  The same can be said that a Pandemic is radical and needs to either revise the old wives tale about doing no harm to let it die out then, but the church of medical views to accept new practices to work with a pandemic has to either agree there is proof to the old practices, but then has no proof evolution can unfailingly cure a pandemic if  it is allowed to.   So then the doctors should declare like Joshua, anything that pleases them when no evidence supports leaving Pandemics to ride out their stay of execution to die out naturally.  But regardless of thehistory that overpopulation is more harmful than a  pandemic.  No one can offer that proof entirely sure enough for a doctor to prescribe such.  So is the moral dilemma over the entire matter these days.

Thank you.

She is quite alive.
Company: Wivine Smets
Address: Main Street, Harbour Place Placencia 0000 BZ
 Phone: +501.5233519


Her web site I seem to recall was something like mezza verde as she continue to publish her transmissions in Belize.


Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: Coronavirus : a second wave ?
« on: July 14, 2020, 01:09:28 am »
Yes, Sue.  I do not advocate "herd immunity," but to mention it as an alternative that happens anyhow when people decide they do not have to obey social distancing.  But I do point out that there is something about animal nature that cannot easily be studied, and that is mother nature changes the nature of a species when it populates too much too fast.  The lemmings are a good example as they become herd suicidal when populations are not sustainable.
I happen to be one of  those who thinks that man is doing that to himself and not until the populations of man are reduced greatly does man become amenable to better spiritual supervision.  You do not seem to think in this direction at all.  I have asked Clency at least twice now to explain his view via the herd immunity idea. 
Do not forget that man is spiritual until he is hungry.  The virus is man infecting until it cannot reproduce right.  That is why it is converting to a new order of animal the amphibians.  Now just how completely the amphibians become infected is totally unknown even to my guessing brain.  As long as we have truants in the population who are antisocial, nature will cull them in different ways until those genes are eradicated.  I also happen to feel that the virus teaches man better social habits for those humans who still think.  Brain stems are a third smaller now than fifteen years ago.  So are people getting a little taller but less attended with the muscles to maintain upright strength, and that is a yarn from spirit in my ear over this subject they are rapturously interested in.

Watching a little TV today, I was struck by the increasing violent tadpoles we call young people who are insisting that they be included in adult decisions, yet they are so woefully uneducated, that spells more 1960's hippie protests again and frankly I am fed up with what Henry Ford declared a lost generation looking for a place to sleep again.  I also see the herd mentality creeping back in social awareness that is so badly stated I turn the TV off rather than listen to news makers explain why racial problems exist.  Now i hear that the indigo race in America is dieing at a faster rate than whites do with the Pandemic.  Implied is the idea that this is racial discrimination by mother nature I guess.  What does a doctor do about that, treat the indigo race twice as hard?  No offense intended but why report this in the same story that talks about racial bias?  I forgive no newscast organization for their blatant use of sex and race and accidents to sell news programs that ought to talk more about the EU and France and Belgium and immigration still flying the face of sanity from Africa and the Middle East.  We watcj twisted new via overemphasis that our education is so below par there is no hope for much more from a Magisterial Mission, than to learn to read first grade newspapers again.

I also suggest over population and under education will produce so much mediocrity we will be glad to see a new ice age nip the buds of another lost generation.  So be it as they say.   Ron

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: Coronavirus : a second wave ?
« on: July 13, 2020, 09:32:47 pm »

Clency, that was my question to you, and I rhetorically ask it again, what do you think of the apparent activities of many humans who are doing just that and that is opening to infection for one more time the corona virus can infect a human again.  Most who are old enough to remember the polio epidemic will remember being kept inside and not being allowed to go swimming or making contact with a lot of people until they figured out what polio was.  That was the early 1950's and I remember staying inside in boiling summer heat and not allowed to go to my old swimming hole which was a country creek nice and cool and neck deep.  That was an epidemic too and people behaved.  That is not the case now, and the real proposition is people are asking for it and I hope they get it and that just might end the life of this particular virus by exhausting it.  What do you think of having government just stand back and letting people do what they want to and get infected and have the virus die out because of it?   I know the CDC has talked about this but says nothing more.   RON

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: Coronavirus : a second wave ?
« on: July 13, 2020, 11:58:12 am »
I am not sure you are catching my point Clency.  The point I wanted to make is that the Spanish flu ended when it ran out of victims.  Many people are behaving they want to be free in spite of social controls and I am saying to you Clency, what is wrong with letting the Corona 19 virus run without social restriction on the people until it exhausts itself and disappears forever as a disease?  The Spanish flu did just that and does not exist as that virus any longer.

We are behaving in many places we want Corona to kill off enough to kill itself,   Do you think we should try that?


13 JULY 2020

“I AM MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and we are facing a shortage of good will everywhere today and we need to state the following for all of you who seem, as Ron puts it, we invited into you to a room to sit in and then never appear at the head of that room to say why we called you into this room,

Mother spirit is losing a battle to be the Creative Spirit of Nebadon.  Ron and Phyllis in particular are losing their battle to stay on Urantia under grueling circumstances alone.  We start something to help and never finish it.  Ron is right.  Step up to the plate with a bat in our hand and stop dropping the bat and walking off the home plate.  That is a baseball analogy Ron seldom uses as he is no fan of major league baseball anymore.

It is also the way to tell all of you that the entire matter is like you all standing on the bank of a badly flooding river and as Ron pu8ts it there are trees and houses floating in the middle of the flood to their annihilation and we dare not reach out to save any of it.  I fully agree with that picture too.

So what do we do?   Nothing as Ron puts it, nothing.  For that reason he has held back stating a couple of things he feels are true but has no intention of rocking the boat again as he did the lat time when the rebellion raised its horrible and ugly head all around you on Urantia again.  This time you all got caught up in it too and those who do not know what is going on, are now forced to wonder ever more as we have snuffed the idea of making news with it for now.  Here is Machiventa Melchizedek to explain something he could not get to yesterday on the Sunday Lightline with Ron and a part of Phyllis.

“I am sure Ron feels it deeply and most of you do not know what he is talking about either.  He choose not to get into a Q and A session yesterday because Phyllis was in bad shape and so was he and he did not want to perpetuate a group meeting in which the leaders were too ill to say much otherwise.  I saw Ron collapse afterwards for six hours of heat and cold and hearth without a fire in his heart for what he is discovering: no high spirit is asking Urantia to do anything anymore, and it forces the Magisterial Foundation to fall back and default to the normal and freaking Urantia Foundation idea that epochal revelation never changes.  Far from it but they win all the time because they have captured the front row seat as far as the readership is concerned and very few who receive the Bulletins or Advisory know what he is talking about.  It is an insidious situation and it must be broken wide apart and that is not what high spirit looks at right now at all.

“What high spirit is looking at right now is how to deal with the Magisterial Foundation, which has made headway in claiming its place before the readership, and now must face no support again, and this time fail not to make it clear it no longer supports the loss of the Mother spirit of Nebadon so long as She is Mother Spirit, but that is no longer possible for Her to be Mother Spirit any longer either.

“I am MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK and wwe stand firm with you Ron and the Magisterial Foundation, as does MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and GABRIEL and the rest of the group that runs Salvington so efficiently.  For that reason TARKAS AND JACK AND WELMEK have now departed for the rest of their work on Salvington and not on Urantia, and Ron has heard the last of Burt, the Life Carrier, only because Ron fully trusted Him and He could not deliver once scintilla of help just because the Deity Absolute now decrees Ron useless and ready for bed on high.  We fully disagree but the Deity Absolute makes it clear that Ron is ahead of his time by a good century and so what Ron says?  The answer is not easy to fathom but ahead of time means it cannot be assimilated very well even though present and that makes the entire matter so acidic and burning Ron is seriously asking why persist if there is nothing but confrontation now?  We do not disagree with the question and we do agree with the answer Michael keeps insisting to Ron: STAY THE COURSE AND WIN!

“For that reason I stand behind Ron and all he attempts to do in spite of battle after battle everyday to stay out of the mischief of Mother Spirit and the dangerous seraphim around him as they are hell bent on leather to destroy his work and kill his energy as they did with Phyllis yesterday but she persisted and won that work back to her too.

“I am MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK and I am sure we win, but right now the trial is grave and Ron sees no point in fighting a losing battle over every issue he cares about.  This post states succinctly WHY WE FIGHT as Ron recalls the WWII American propaganda film that basic training soldiers all had to hear as most of them were truly morons about why they were drafted and why they had to serve at all.  Funny thing,  Ron sees the same thing wish the readership of the Urantia Book and that useless Foundation if I must say it.  Ron does not want to replace it; he wants to remove it and let the revelation do its real work for a change and we could not sound better than to say that is exactly what needs to be done and to let the LIGHTLINE work not stop as it adds to the mystery and care the FATHER LOVES to engender to the entire population on Urantia.  We leave all alone for now as here is MICHAEL OF NEBADON to say the last words for now:”

“I am sure we have no great speech at the moment, but Ron your ORIGINS is going to start working its way into Europe first and that is not what you want but they have a good point as Europe is much more savvy when it comes to American jurisprudence over matters of high stakes and sees the book soon as a saving grace in the middle of a pandemic of other problems galore.

“For that reason I let Archway do its mischief to you over and over only to discover you cannot be brokered to stand their way since you cannot and they now recognize it and are working it well from their point of view.  You will receive several complimentary copies and that is it and they make no bones about it that you are not going to send them more material until they see how this goes and this is ours to report steadily: you are not going to tolerate an corporation that tends to see its profits first and not bother with humanitarian needs, but they are also gathering you are quite a thing to add to American taste for greatness for you want this material nationalized and distributed freely to those with these horrible conditions to deal with.  That said, Archway has little to report until they see reaction among the establishment in Europe and the funny thing is you are already known in some areas as a savior for ideals they eschew entirely and insist the United States pay attention to it.  For reasons of State Ron you are broken down into the mud of mire and disease and that is not our doing but the doing of high estate over issues you care little about but they do and your are not friend of theirs ever.  Be assured it does not stop ascension but adds to the angst you feel over everything you attempted to do for us and that is not forgotten or forgiven well by high spirit at times, but they also recognize you are not after status but accomplishment and that goes a long way into toleration of estates they never understand if they had to.

“We close this with one statement to the public in general:

“We no longer operate with REFLECTIVITY ever again as it is insidious in that it never facilitates the full truth if the supreme never wanted something truly known., Ron used it for half a month and fully disliked it as we did.  He said it is like power steering that allows you to drive very easily off the road and into the ditch.  We agree with that entirely and stopped it last May and he was much better until the open rebellion occurred and now we are all stuck with no Reflectivity and almos no Mother spirit/

“For that reason we need to state over again why we fight, We fight to regain the normal spirit status on Urantia.  MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK is well done on that idea too, and we are all sure that those who do the Receivership in the Urantia government will be sure to deliver Urantia as we insist it be delivered and that is to acknowledge the work of Jesus and to acknowledge the work of the Foundation not for it has achieved the anti-christian view that no cabal can be trusted to handle revelation either unless it is directly administered by a visible representative of Gon on the planet and that is what the Magisterial Foundation constantly proposes and, by God! We are going to do that ! MICHAEL OF NEBADON.”


Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: Coronavirus : a second wave ?
« on: July 13, 2020, 08:58:54 am »
So it seems Clency.  What that brings to mind is that in spite of all logic, man cannot be disciplined to do what saves his life if he did them.  You know the story about lemmings do you not?  They are polar mice which can over populated their grounds and then congregate to large groups and suddenly run amok including jumping off cliffs and die in huge masses that way.

They suffer a rodent pandemic peculiar to their species.  Man suffers things peculiar to his species and one of them is to fail to desire a tranquil life at all costs.  I want a tranquil life and most of us do when we reach our seventies, but politics make sure we have no such thing unless we withdraw from normal life patterns otherwise.

What I bring to you this morning Clency, is this question:

What is wrong to declare the entire effort of social distancing over?  The stupid idiots who call it a right to misbehave because they can and claim the right to be utterly alone and stupid in their case, should be allowed to congregate as the human lemmings of our era.

What I suggest we do at this point is stop placing restrictions on mortal man and let him be mortal.  What that does to the Corona virus is it forces it to play out completely and die too.  No more victims are left when it ravages all it can and then has no more because it has lost the ability to infect those who already had it and it cannot migrate further.  There is a certain logic to that too.  You can figure that one out and by the way, according to Rayson, Cprona 19 is rapidly converting itself into Corona 12, and that is mostly a virus that infects amphibians.

Should we just ignore social discipline and let this mean virus play out to kill itself with too many infections to sustain itself as a pandemic?  What is your opinion?


Link Test

This Lightline got sidetracked into real on line attacks while the Lightline was being broadcast. 

Life Carrier Burt as he wishes to be called, is joining the work of this Lightline in the future.  Burt was one of the original Life Carriers bringing the life plasm implants on young Urantia.

The other Lightline is in Idaho, not Utah as stated on the tape. 

Thanks to all of you for listening.  

Today, 10 July 2020 there is a new article published on the Rayson web site you might enjoy reading called the ARC of INFINITY. 


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