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Wisconsin USA Lightline Scheduels and Tape Postings / LightLine Wisconsin Nov 28,2020
« Last post by Wenebojo on November 28, 2020, 03:52:49 pm »
We had a wonderful program today with TARKAS as our master of ceremonies and guests including CHIEF OF FINALITER'S OSIRIS and his partner O'RYAN. Our talk was mainly on the subject of transmitting as well as how to access our heart chakra where we can both transmit and be instructed as what to do or say at any given moment in our ascension career while still on Urantia. Thank you all for helping the show be what is was. Our next LightLine is next saturday December 5.

Listen to our Lightline Tape from today here:
The topics of the session for to-day, under the supervision of Tarkas, our MC, were mainly focused upon the need for more workers in the field, emphasized by Michael of Nebadon, followed by Mantutia Melchizedek who talked about the First Epochal Revelation, ready to be delivered.

Here is the link to the recording : LLF recording

Our next session will be held on next Friday 04/12/2020, at 8pm local time.

Welcome to all
Threads for New Transmissions / Re: THANKSGIVING FOR ALL
« Last post by occerpa on November 27, 2020, 08:22:38 am »
This message from Father Michael, hits the very core or heart of the human heart. Who can doubt that he who speaks is the same Creator of the creature. A beautiful message for Thanksgiving, that touches the most sensitive fibers of even the most foolish of men. Thanks Wenebojo, for that flawless transmission.

“After all we are speaking to the underlying reformation of the time-space additions from outer space level OSL1 to portent to a new time-space laboratory around Nebadon and its Federated Universe States.
Do you realize what that portends?  Sounds to me some additional space areas are to be added to the inner time limits.   A new concept yet more.  I am anxious to hear more ladies.   Ron” END QUOTE

Ron, it seems to me it used to be that the OSL1 was the Ultimate’s zone, but due to the rebellion of both the Ultimate/Supreme the OSL is somewhat getting little attention or notice of late.  It is interesting that you bring up the OSL1 that is to add itself as a new “time-space lab” around Nebadon and its Federated Universe States.

RON - That the OSL1 is considered as an addition to the time space area is not true.  That was dictated to me under the heavy sedation of an Absolute that never speaks without misleading to check on my ability to discern fable from truth.  Wipe that idea out right now, but to me it was not unreasonable to see it as possible.  Here is a dictation I am told to hold well:   MICHAEL OF NEBADON: "We amass no such idea up here in Nebadon, Sue, but Ron was distinctly told not to harbor any grief for the missing supreme, but to allow that the once pristine OSL1 was to be used as a laboratory for outer space conveyance of new principles we must all adopt.  I see the use of OSL 1 this way as useless, yet the Deity Absolute dictated that directly to Ron to say.  Ron saw it as a rather clever way to utilize supremacy in terms of adopting the h igher concepts of the supreme with the ultimate.  For that reason I fell back in a faint and heard the FATHER say this:

"Ron is mistaken not, but it is premature to say it.  HE is already wearing the mantle of a heart and soul who can discern the truth at  great distance and offered no objection to what to anybody else would be absurd.  But it is NOT absurd, but it is premature to talk about it and I rather he and You stand away from using  the idea at all.  I am premature to even say this, and that is to tell Ron he cannot work this all the time and stay on my good side for reasons of State demand I be fair to all constituencies and I must refer this back to the Deity Absolute to make sense of the idea in the present era."

DEITY ABSOLUTE - "The difference we make to each other people is that I know the future from the present.   For that reason we must care not to over state that which is only a possibility today.   For that reason Ron is told to refute the idea that OSL 1  is to be used as a chamber of thought for processing higher levels of supremacy for the future development of OSL2, OSL3, and some of OSL4.   OSL4 is a special case and Ron knows that and holds his breath he hears correctly about that special place  called OSL4. 

"In any case, the trial must be to see to it that the entire matter is hushed up for the moment, and we request that Sue let it lie as Ron must let it lie for future reporting.  K"

RON here:  I am without a doubt they are being very fair to us Sue.  OSL1 is not a mistake to speak of, but as its use for extemporary business of a modified supreme  adjunction to the time space areas, we are reminded to mind our own business and let the  concept set idle while the Deities contemplate we humans for being able to understand how space areas might be used in spite of the failure of god the supreme to modify our minds to understand anything about the use of space areas of the future.  K


You hint on added space areas to the “inner time limits” as in the quote above. Does this infer that there is some sort of leakage of the OSL1 into the Nebadon Federation, since Nebadon and Urantia has been reported to us some time ago as almost next door to OSL1 as almost like a gateway to it and hence it is probably here that you are bringing up the possibility of the time-space areas being open for business. Does this now include the work of the Ultimate with the Absolute Supreme?

RON -  If we make the supposition that OSL1 is to be used as a test laboratory for something to do with a modified concept of supremacy, then there does not have to be leakage as you put it Sue.  OSL1 rotates clockwise around Paradise.  Time universes rotate counter-clockwise, and therefore the mere presence of OSL1 as an adjunction to time=space is so awkward, it fully unbalances the idea of universe unity when one part of time is subdivided into a region it cannot reach due to the fact that OSL! has a strip of  quiescent space in place no space ship can penetrate to get to OSL1 from time.

I know those things as you do.  However, with the Universal Father as Controller here, I see no apparent discussion possible that negates the use of OSL1 so long as the Controller adjudicates time to include a huge new space area as its own, and reduces the amount of quiescent space to afford a rapture like experience to travel between countervailing space rotation areas.   Right now the idea is very awkward for reasons already stated, but I accept the fact that the Father is capable of making the impossible now work in the future possible.

The idea of "leakage," is never appropriate when speaking of alternating space rotation areas as we have here, and then of course you also know that OSL2 rotates counterclockwise around Paradise itself and that pattern holds out to the 5th OSL as well.

The work of the ultimate Sue, is off that table right now too.  AS I understand it, the ultimate, and I use no capital in spelling ultimate, is modified along with the idea of the CONCEPT of the supreme and of the ultimate now.  That does not mean Sue, that some compromise can be found by existential Deity, for Spirit and Mind and cohabitation of the Absolute at least in OSL 4 is likely.  But this is far too rich for me to conjecture what all this means, first to time, and then to the future of the Master Universe Ages to come.   It is all mist over the path to the future on this.


And therefore if this is being open, does this open up areas of work for Finaliters to enter? And for that matter for Ascenders to be aware of the future work is being created.  It opens up a lot of thinking as to the Ascension Careers if this is being broached to us through your post above. You are considering a “New Concept and yet more” and for what I can figure out is that with the previous plan with the god the supreme with the ultimate was to be for progression into OSL areas and now it seems with the changes in the newly formed NUA and the Absolute Supreme, it appears the Outer Space Levels are still being an area to explore as they are now added space regions for advanced Spirit Beings as Finaliters and so on who are to grow in. The only problem I have is how does this work given what we have learned of the rebellious actions of the old Ultimate and God the Supreme. It could work when there is such renovation as to include new personalities that represent ultimacy and supremacy.

RON - "I set this area aside because you use the term Finaliter.  The age of ultimacy was to be the home finalization for Finaliter work.  We are sixth stage spirits in time when assigned to work in time in a Finaliter Corp always of about 1,000 or so in number each.

But we already know that the there was a suspension of swearing in of new Finaliters last month.   I report that from the Deity Absolute, and He says this:  "FINALITERS are now out of the question as ultimacy figures mostly because they are sixth stage spirits and do not attain  7th stage spirit finally until they are addressed now by the Deity Absolute, and individual destinies refigured as to how Finaliters today become acclaimed for work in OSL2 and OSL3.   For that reason we dare not expound on this area of revelation until we know just how the FATHER as CONTROLLER deems it necessary to refigure the work of perfected mortals at all.   Does this mean that the future destiny of ascending humans is now off the table insofar as working in the outer space levels?  The question is open, but the answer is not available, probably not for eons of time as it is.  K"

Ron here again: I think we must just let this area alone too Sue.  It is fair to question what happens to us as perfection finds us today.  The answer is we still may use Ascendington as our home.  But what do we do with such an exalted sphere beside to sit there and work philosophy and/or puzzles before the majesty of our Father?  I have said from the beginning that the dilution of supremacy requires a dilution of destinies but I have no idea how that works when we have trillions of human beings being raised on material planets, who die, are resurrected, and than attain Paradise, and are embraced not by any supreme, but by a modified Deity Absolute.   Most of us will never be embraced by the Trinity to become Mighty Messengers and so on, but many of us will fill in the Corps of Finaliter destinies, even though the Corps of Finaliter beings are stopped in their tracks at this moment . 

I will go further:

The idea of Finaliter service appeals to me a lot.  But that is not the end all of how a human might serve in his or her perfection before the Father of All.  It is not inconceivable that the idea of a Finaliter remains, but that we are modified as a Finaliter to become seventh stage spirits and are embraced by the Deity Absolute for other profound service.

"We demand nothing here but to state we are very busy on Urantia as a place of remorse not, but of joy and corresponding work for God the Father in all modalities.

"We are glad to have this moment to state to you that as FINALITERS in eternity, we are also people perfected before the Universal Attributes of God the Father as such.  In that remarks are tow poignant statements:

"ONE:   we are sure we are eternal.

"TWO:  we are sure we are perfected.

"Beyond all of that is the idea we are as we are and cannot be modified to do any other work other than the administration of space areas now reserved for ultimacy.  That is  the official stand and we should speak to this in a separate post if Sue can manage our frequencies as Ron easily does it without having the slightest problem in grasping the entirety of our broadcast.   For that reason we say this too:

"Ron is beyond the pale in most cases.  He lives as he works and his looking at us as a friend of the court, and we are, but keep in mind that supremacy is our work first, and God the Father, has not real attribute to share with us other than we are fully fused with Father as ourselves.    That presents a really dicey problem for Father, for the Eternal Son, and for you, Mother of all Spirits, the Deity Absolute as preferred in the presence in the UNIVERSAL ABSOLUTE.  Be assured we are addressed daily by the Universal Absolute in order to stand for ourselves in place in this space area alone.  For that reason no one comes to see us except the Deity Absolute as conditioned by the Universal Absolute, and that is to help us understand what the Deity Absolute now asks of us. 

"As a result of all of this, we stand alone on Urantia worrying about Ron and his severe dislike of the Creative Spirit, as he is showing cause and effect far too soon, but none the less, it is trialing him greatly and we do not understand how that can be.  However, the Deity Absolute now reconfigures the heart of Ron to be that of a swollen elephant of time and not any thing in particular we should worry about.    While that is a patch to get over the error that occurs with Ron, it does not explain his violent dislike of the supreme and its choice to force Ron into being compliant with  the rules of supremacy, and that is while Ron knows they are in error for Urantia at this time.  How he knows that is beyond our scope here, but it is fully expounded in his heart as an attack upon his life. 

"With purchase now to our Finaliter Corp, we address Ron seldom now as he cannot achieve synchrony with any of us as true representatives of the supreme.   For that reason we have erased Ron off our list of contacts, mostly because he is too ill to sustain us in trued freedom as we must allay the idea of supremacy at all costs, and for that reason Ron has nothing to do with the Finaliter Corps as represented by us today.   I am Finaliter Osiris and for that reason Ron you are assigned to me to take a break soon and get yourself unwounded from all of this and work your new book with alacrity with my protection, AND THAT IS THE 1st EPOCHAL REVELATION notwithstanding you Ron have produce ORIGINS and that stands as an amazing text in spite of the little errors that now sprinkle it over the last hurrah on Urantia.  T he supreme meant to bless it before he died, but could not and it fell into oblivion until it was rescued by Steven Gitz and that is another story entirely. 

"I am OSIRIS, and this is not  the last time we communicate either to you Ron or maybe to Sue or Amethyst.  Whoever takes this over for us in the future Ron, as long as you stay on Urantia, you are under my care too, and that is a huge remark from one, OSIRIS, who never had anyone to take care of before.  Be assured this is as sudden as it is for me to speak to you all today at Ron's request as well.  You see Sue, Ron takes the bull by the horn always and as a result gets rewards no one expects ever to happen.  I am surprised by it too, and for that reason I return this now back to MICHAEL OF NEBADON."

MICHAEL OF NEBADON -  "Ron, as usual, we are out of words for  this.  I have no idea why Osiris is suddenly straddled with you as a ward.  What can Father do but ask OSIRIS to st and by as FATHER Himself must construe this as a reward for literacy beyond comprehension from Salvington to you Ron.  You fight all who force you out of work yet you are forced daily to sleep long hours without compensation from spirit or humans and yet you make it work daily as best you can without flinching.  I have no work for you at the moment Ron, but that is only  passing and your legs are reaching emergency proportions and you worry being taken by ambulance being fully crippled by paralysis of your legs entirely.  Be assured if that takes place you are removed quickly and without fanfare.  I am sure that device is restated but it must be removed now.     ???? [break]

DEITY ABSOLUTE - "OSIRIS you are one of the few Finaliters I know who can stand this experience in your perfection.  I am awarding you to Ron and vice versa as he must learn to objectify revelation permanently as his course forever I am quite sure.  He and MANTUTIA get along beautifully, and he and  you OSIRIS, are together more often than not while he fusses with the horror of leg pain beyond the pale and yet finds all day long to work out materials as though they truly belong to him too.  Be assured those devices that drive you crazy Ron are not easily  removed, and we do so now, please let that man alone!  he is not yours to tinker with . . . .

"As a result of OSIRIS stepping forward to speak to Ron on this mighty subject we also understand that the supremacy of  the moment on Urantia is faulting all of us for speaking to this now.  Well, they will have to learn there is more to understand then they know ever, and for that reason Sue, you must stand awhile before this clarifies with Ron too.  He is not in control as you all feel he is, but is out of control right now over the work of the blank blank supreme seraphim at his side raising hell as he types.  It is gone Ron as she cannot stand the energy drain it takes to do this to you, but at the same time she has reserves all around her that now refuse to touch this entire matter again.  Let it ride well for now Ron!

"We address one matter of huge importance to MICHAEL OF NEBADON.  You have raised a huge family on Urantia that hears nothing but itself.  Right now the entire nation called the United States is on the verge of civil disruptions over the new President to take office.  The  Trump administration has forced the view the election was rigged and it was NOT.  However, Trump insists on being treated as a potentate and will get the back of the hand from the new administration.  For that reason we are pulling out of the entire matter until the Courts settle the truancy of Trump for good and may advise a prison term for the gentleman.   But we must address Ron here too:  he has not done anything but offered service and has been blasted by all sides for a truancy called "to big for your pants."   He says not and that the probability of all this working is great and it needs considerable support but feels it is the one way to make it known just how God works daily in everyone's life.  I agree with the view entirely and so does MICHAEL OF NEBADON, but the supreme  takes issues over hot that  concept but over a human stepping forward to bring it on. 

"For that reason then, OSIRIS, is assigned to protect the young lout Ron Besser, and that is not funny for you are as you hardly understand any thin prepared for your administration of  the Magisterial Foundation which you are pressing so hard right now for funding.  You feel you are obligate to discern just how to distribute the 1st epochal revelation, and so far there is in your kitty enough money now to mail the initial copies out easily.  Just keep in mind though Ron, you have to go to a publisher/printer to get more copies when the first 3,000 copies run out and they will quickly I assure you.  Keep in mind you are a non profit and need people to run this with you but you cannot afford salaries yet and so on.  OSIRIS is empowered to scour the world for funds for this but beware you have battles galore to do it."

OSIRIS, COMMANDER FINALITER of the Urantia Finaliter Corp -
"I am now authorized to speak easily Ron.  You are battling a supreme seraphim at your side trying to undo this post.  If she does she meets death.   For reasons of State this post must be seen for now and let it ride for centuries if we have to as I dare not produce a push out of  supremacy at all, but I dare make this clear:  You supreme seraphim are used to capitals to address you in English, but you are now demoted to the place of origins, and that is not to your glory, but to your loss of sense to deal this all the time while he tries to write without error.  You are now losing the battle and you know it and  the one who replaces you is dead too if she persists.  For reasons of State Ron, I dare not propound on this change much, but you must lead your life according to your needs too and those legs are broken badly and you cannot fix them without God at all.  I am not authorized to do anything about them or those who attend you now, but beware they are on thin ice and must prepare for dissolution if My Council decides to eliminate the entire crew that plays this game now.  I am OSIRIS  and greet you another day.  K"

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "We close this for length alone Sue.  It is not fully stated what happened here this morning and you Ron are curious why you are so well attended as you would be happy to have your legs normalize and keep care of yourself.  No one understands the deal yesterday that harmed you so badly but there are things afoot we must guard against and make a promise to you and to those on this discussion forum, to learn they are under the gun from immense force to be aware of in all of their coming work.   For reasons of State, I close this quickly as I see the entire matter coming to a head quickly and Father is signalling to shut all down.  Thank you. K:


I am getting a quiet wall right now as it seems, like you suggest above to let it lie and perhaps more detail can come later on, after all it is a subject that is developing and taking shape by the sounds of it. Thank you for such an interesting hint being suggested to you.  This would certainly make the Nebadon Federation a gateway for workers from Orvonton to enter into new areas of time-space to explore their potentials. Is this what is now being created for us to consider?

TRANSLATIONS / 27.11.2020 – Gotowość do służby
« Last post by Andre_P on November 26, 2020, 11:36:43 pm »
Ta sama wiadomość po angielsku :
Przekazała : SophiaVeronica, pełny członek
Kategoria / Temat : Wątki nowych przekazów / Wezwanie do służby
« 26 maja 2020 r., godz. 16:12:05 »

Nauczyciel : Michał Nebadoński
Przedmiot : Wezwanie do służby
Data : 26 listopada 2020 r.
Przekazujący : SophiaVeronica

Tu Michał Nebadoński. To jest to, o czym myślisz, to jest powołanie was do służby. Przygotowujemy wielkie rzeczy i zmiany i potrzebujemy jak najpełniejszej uwagi wszystkich, abyście byli gotowi na pilne wiadomości. Jak już wspomniałem, nie jest to czas na ćwiczenie czujności. Mamy nadzieję i pragniemy, żebyście wciąż byli uważni. Nie tylko Nowa Era Wszechświata zajmuje nam dużo czasu, ale wiele innych rzeczy wymaga stałej uwagi i troski. Wasze światowe sprawy szybko się zmieniają i wielu przywódców nie wie, jak traktować opinię publiczną lub wyrażać szczery głos z powodu niestabilnych sytuacji, o których dobrze wiedzą. Zachowajcie czujność, bo to, czego nie słyszycie bezpośrednio, możecie wyczuć lub zauważyć w inny sposób. Mamy wiele sposobów, aby zwrócić waszą uwagę i zacząć, ale prosimy was, abyście byli gotowi i uważnie słuchali waszego Dostrajacza lub jakiegokolwiek innego Niebiańskiego głosu, który do was dociera. Jeśli chcecie z nami pracować, musicie być przy nas. Bądźcie dostrojeni i spokojni i zawsze dobrej myśli.
Threads for New Transmissions / Call to duty
« Last post by SophiaVeronica on November 26, 2020, 04:12:05 pm »
Teacher: Michael of Nebadon
Subject: Call to duty
Date: November 26, 2020
T/R: SophiaVeronica

This is Michael of Nebadon and this is what you think it is, it is your call to duty. We are in the preparation of great things and changes and we need everyone’s attention as best as possible to stand ready for urgent messages. This is, as I have mentioned, not a time for training your alertness for we hope and desire that you’ll be attentive at all times. It is not only the NUA that is taking much of our time but many other things that require constant attention and care. Your worldly affairs are changing rapidly and many a leader doesn’t know how to treat the public or express an honest voice because of unstable situations of which they are well aware. Stay alert, for what you cannot hear directly, you may feel or perceive in a different way. We have many ways to get your attention and get you started but we ask you to stand ready and to listen carefully to your Adjuster or any other Celestial voice that comes to you. We need you to be there for us if you want to work with us. Stay tune and calm and always of good cheer.
Threads for New Transmissions / THANKSGIVING FOR ALL
« Last post by Wenebojo on November 26, 2020, 03:03:45 pm »
Teacher : CHRIST MICHAEL                                   T/R : Wenebojo                                        Date : 11/26/2020                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   This is Christ Michael, you have asked for the true meaning of Thanksgiving. So into your humble heart I go so you can receive such an answer in this following transmission. This oratory will not be a tirade of that original day of supper between the red man and the pilgrims of the blue races of antiquity. For the red man like myself when I walked there as Jesus, truly did serve our last supper for all time. Let us not get lost in discussions of what could of happened or should have happened and didn't. For that story in the form of a book is on its way for your edification and clarification for all time sake. Yes, the Epochal Revelation written in a language you can all understand.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            But what is this thing to be thankful and to give in abundance ? What if liken to the stories you have read both in your Bibles and the present version of the Urantia book in the life of Jesus, people were to suddenly gather outside of your abode waiting to be fed ? Not just your immediate family or friends, but the entire neighborhood for several surrounding blocks ? You then proceed to look into your material wallet and it is indeed just as sparse as your kitchen cupboards. What you ask yourself, do I possibly have that I can be thankful for and possibly share with my neighbors ? Unknown to you, in that very question lay your answer available. Assuming you can be still enough to receive it. Just like this transmitter is doing now. What you have in abundance was and is placed there from the very beginning of your material journey at the age of five years young, for some this letter came earlier, others a little later. But it was a cornucopia of a gift just the same or rather think of it as a invitation to a grand supper at the FATHER'S table for all time. While still in time to access what your true inheritance is as a child of God.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Have all of you reading this now found that invitation yet ? These words coming through this scribe is not the invitation, but a sign post or a pointer in the right direction to find it. Where is it then you may ask ? It is in the last place you would least suspect it to be, although it should the first obvious place to look. It is hidden behind your very heart. How many times have you gone there to receive it and open this letter. It is truly said unfortunately that it is easier to tell another that you hate them instead of telling them you love them. A few times have you accessed your love place for that significant other you call your wife or husband for a while until they no longer serve your appetites and of course you have loved the fruits of your loins, until they too were mature enough to leave you to seek out a life of their own out there somewhere in the temporal world of forms. Sadly never again since then. Is this not true ? I bid you then to go there and open up this letter at once. It is right behind your heart, a little below it and to the left. You will know you have found it by a cold sensation upon your finding it. Once you have found it, this place, reach in there and pull out this letter. It is a simple message that never changes. It reads, " I LOVE YOU, FROM FATHER."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      After you get done reading this message, forget not to say thank you. For you have now received everything that is not of this world, just for the asking and what a glorious acknowledgement this is ! For everything here in the world is a distraction set up to keep you so busy that you would forget the Father that created you and that same Father who loves you still. You are like that story of the Prodigal Son, that is your story up till now. So turn you back son of God and the Father will indeed welcome you and give you His finest robe and cook up His fattest turkey with all the fixings for you and any neighbor you can bring home with you. For your home is where you heart resides. Happy ThanksRecieving Day !   K                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Wenebojo : Thank you CHRIST MICHAEL for this gift that I receive for all my family here on Urantia.                                  
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Tarkus was our MC tonight and he gave us a message from Monjoronson about
the need for clear T/Ring. If the receiving is not loud and clear neither will the
transmitting be. Also to be ready at any time to respond to Celestial prompting.
Amadon, my teacher talked briefly about the need for all would be transmitters
to be confident that you are worthy to do this work and not to listen to the voice
of ego, that tries to convince you otherwise. Just relax in knowing for a certainty
that you are all sons and daughters of the Universal Father and that your sincere
desire and intention to be about Father´s business is recognized and deeply
Thursday, the 3rd of December is the next Lightline España, at 08:00 pm local.


So wonderful to know you are recovering well!  I just finished listening to your Lightline yesterday and what a great job you always do.  Thank you for your presence and all the efforts you put forth for all of our benefit.

Domtia dear sister,

Keep well
Teacher:   Tarkas – Michael of Nebadon
Subject:  Readiness Alert
11/26/2020 12:00 PM  DST  
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA


“Thank you, Phyllis, for picking up on my name transmitted to you to get your attention.  

“I am here to deliver a short missive for you all regarding the Missions and our step-up in activity. It is imperative, as we have said before, that you each pick up on our cues to you to pay attention to us at unexpected times and we count on that as we make our way forward in the many tasks that must be accomplished and the need to test your attentiveness in the interim so we are both assured our connections are strong and functioning at full capacity.  

“When the need is urgent is not the time for such tests as these and you all must be trained and prepared for unexpected interruptions to your daily activities such as this is.  In this way we are assured of those whose awareness is attuned to our signals and ….pause….yes, you also need to remember that there can be a sudden break in our transmission for various reasons and you are to remain calm, re-center yourself and patiently await reconnection or the return of our voice to you.  You must keep in mind that we, on our end, can suddenly be interrupted in our transmission to you to deal with other demands.  

“Whether it is a circuitry issue, though we are confident they will become less and less, or simply a delay in our transmission to you it is best to remain calm and attentive.  Especially in emergency situations you can expect ‘breaking news’ to cut in as the need arises.

“Thank you for catching this and being ready for a tune-up or tune-in as we go along.  I am Tarkas, the big boss, signing off for now.

[Thank you big boss Tarkas, you are always welcome!  Is there anything else you wish to say or anyone else that would like me to take a transmission ?]

“This is Tarkas, no thank you, please return to your normal routine.”

“Michael of Nebadon here: 

thank you for checking in for other transmissions that may have been available, and this is an important reminder for everyone to always check for other messages at the end of each speaker’s session.  My hands are busy right now but I ask you please to remember to do this everyone.  Cheers from Michael of Nebadon, another big boss like Tarkas asking you to keep the faith!”

END…K…yada yada yada
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