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So great to hear you are starting to feel better.  I hope you are getting the help you need.  Thanks so much for taking the time to let us hear from you and continue to take care and rest as you need to.

All the best to you, you remain in our thought and prayers dear sister.
Music Compositions And Other Artistic Expressions / Re: Love in a pandemic time
« Last post by JuliodaLuz on November 20, 2020, 05:17:16 pm »
To all

I sent the third book to the editor's email, with some revisions. The main one is changing the title of the book. A small change.

The working title was A New Universe Age = Love (A New Universe Age = Love)

However, after I read bulletin 31, I noticed that the new Urantia book or another name that comes to be called has part IV as The New Universe Age

A small change in the title to look like part IV.

So, the trilogy (the three books) will have the title

A Nova Era do Universo = Amor
The New Universe Age = Love

Book 1 =
The New Universe Age = Love
Part I = Truth 

Book 2 =
The New Universe Age = Love
Part II = Beauty 

Book 3 =
The New Universe Age = Love
Part III = Goodness


On November 23, 2020, Monday I will travel on vacation with my whole family for fifteen days, to the coast of Bahia, to enjoy a beach with the family, and I will return to Brasilia only on December 8, 2020, Tuesday -market.

In this vacation period I will probably be completely disconnected from the internet and even from the news, as I normally do during the vacation period when I travel to enjoy the beach with my family.

I'm still going to watch Lightiline USA, just listening, as I always do, this Sunday.

I am already on vacation. And I only return to work on January 6, 2021.

As for the three books, as I emailed the three books to the editor, I intend to talk to him on his return from vacation after December 8, 2020. I plan to make the three digital books first. Later I intend to publish the physical books.

These are the news for now.

A big brotherly hug to everyone,


A todos

Eu enviei o terceiro livro para o email do editor, com algumas revisões. A principal é a mudança do título do livro. Uma pequena mudança.

O título provisório era Uma Nova Era do Universo = Amor (A New Universe Age = Love)

No entanto, depois que eu li o boletim 31 eu notei que o novo livro de Urantia ou outro nome que vier a ser chamado tem a parte IV como A Nova Era do Universo (The New Universe Age)

Uma pequena mudança do título para ficar igual a parte IV.

Então, o a trilogia (os três livros) terá o título

A Nova Era do Universo = Amor
The New Universe Age = Love

Livro 1 =
A Nova Era do Universo = Amor
The New Universe Age = Love
Parte I = Verdade (Truth)

Livro 2 =

A Nova Era do Universo = Amor
The New Universe Age = Love
Parte II = Beleza (Beauty)

Livro 3 =
A Nova Era do Universo = Amor
The New Universe Age = Love
Parte III = Bondade (Goodness)


Dia 23 de novembro de 2020, segunda-feira eu vou viajar de férias com toda minha família por quinze dias, para o litoral da Bahia, para curtir uma praia com a família, e volto para Brasília somente em 08 de dezembro de 2020, terça-feira.

Neste período de férias eu vou estar, provavelmente, totalmente desconectado da internet e até das notícias, como normalmente, eu faço no período de férias quando viajo para curtir a praia com a família.

Eu ainda, vou assistir a Lightiline USA, apenas ouvindo, como sempre faço, neste domingo.

Eu já estou de férias. E só volto a trabalhar em 06 de janeiro de 2021.

Quanto aos três livros, como eu mandei os três livros por email para o editor eu pretendo conversar com ele no retorno das férias depois de 08 de dezembro de 2020. Eu pretendo fazer primeiro os três livros digitais. Mais tarde pretendo publicar os livros físicos.

Por enquanto são estas as novidades.

Um grande abraço fraternal a todos,


Thank all of you for your prayers and well wishes, and thank you Elise for doing the call for me.  That is very much appreciated.  

I am on the mend and am finally able to keep some food in me, and intend to be back in the saddle on my call on Wednesday.  It is truly amazing what your prayers have done for me.  I was so very sick, and worried that I might be out for a couple of weeks.  The corona test came back negative, but my doctor sent me an email as soon as I  found out and told me because of my symptoms, he suspects it is a 'false negative' as my symptoms were classic corona symptoms.  He says sometime that happens.  It  appears Dr. Mendoza and my doctor are on the same page.

I truly appreciate my forum family,
AUDIO TAPE Links - Comments - Schedule inside / Re: Lightline USA TUE 17 NOV
« Last post by SongatSunrise on November 20, 2020, 04:18:19 pm »
Hello Everyone, here is the Light Line with transcriptions and summaries.  
There is important news here.  Please notice the final benediction.
Love to all, SaS
Light Line 11-17-2020

Ron and Phyllis: Welcome
Thank you for attending.
This is Tarkas.

Thank you Tarkas.
I want everyone to understand that today is a very unusual day for Light Line. And that is because your host Tarkas is making room for Machiventa Melchizedek, who is ready to come back to Urantia as soon as he has the permission from the Ancients of days to reenter the plane of earth, and work with all of you once again.
Why can't Machiventa Melchizedek automatically come back to Urantia and work? He was once a planetary Prince. He may again assume that title, but it isn't sure at this point.

What we have present today is that the planet was seized again yesterday morning, and in that seizure Ron happened to understand that it was a terrible thing to do anything, but he wrote out a message to an individual in Colorado, inviting him to participate in the Magisterial Foundation.
That individual was so taken aback by the invitation, that he doesn't know how to answer it.
But in the meantime, that particular email shows the organization at the very top of Magisterial Foundation, and how to produce the first ER. Ron has not shared that with you, and I don't want him to share it with you.
But he did show the individual where the invitation sits, and where he would sit.
I am quite happy with what Ron put together, and we may just use it.
But in any case, Advisory 32 has been pulled back by Ron because he considers it premature. Now that I look at it, I do too.
I am just going to stand back, and we may rewrite the whole thing.

This is Michael of Nebadon. And I am coming right to you , Phyllis to transmit me if you would please.
Phyllis: Thank you Father Michael.

Yes, this is Michael of Nebadon and there are more chances coming down the pike, and this has necessitated, as always, by changes in the mortals of Urantia who in many ways can be our "boots on the ground" so to speak, and it is taking a lot of shuffling and convincing for certain individuals to step into the roles that we have for them, for participation and assistance to Ron that needs to be done through their influence which is required and requested. One makes himself available to us on a daily basis, and many of you too on the Light Lines, and other transmitters but you are few and far between that are available to us at a moments notice, and particularly to come to you on a daily basis, where we know we can come to you and have your full attention, as required. You can well imagine this needs to change for anyone that we consider a viable option to step into these roles the mortals of Urantia can have with us in these meetings, and these missions. So we encourage you again, all to be willing to step up your game with us and reach out with the faith that you have, and know that we will meet you.

Yes there are those of course who have your personal obligations and your challenging circumstances but that is the case for everyone, and we understand that. But continue to reach out.

Ron as you know has found it particularly challenging lately with health concerns. And on top of that we are losing so many to age [corrected from AIDS to age] related circumstances. As you know yesterday, one who was considered a pioneer in the field, has been welcomed to the Mansion Worlds, {referring to the passing of George Barnard} and it is quite a sight to see those who have dedicated themselves to the awakening of spirit connection, to the mortals of Urantia, when they arrive on the Mansion Worlds, and are greeted by their brethren who are now aware of all that they missed when they were on Urantia, which could have been available to them to bring to their conscious thought processes that you have available to you. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, as this opportunity to take this faith walk with us is made available to you as a mortal. Yes there have been interferences and there continues to be interference by the cabal and by those who still have a connection to rebellion. But you all with your freewill choices and your gestures  Adjusters have the opportunity to overcome all of their attempts, and all of their plans to thwart what Father has available, through myself [Michael of Nebadon], through these missions to Urantia, through you as trailblazers and pioneers and encouragers and inspirations to those who will come one day to realize that this is simply a fact of life, and a natural process of connection between a mortal and the spiritual. The Above and the Below.

So please do not make light of these opportunities that are afforded to you. And be thankful with us for those who have attempted and then became successful, and boldly stepping out in their lives to pave the way and to be a light to those who would also follow.

Thank you for the words of inspiration.

Ron: thank you Michael.
Michael: Ron is experiencing lightheadedness today and the reason is because adjuster is fully
fused. But he is fine. We will have other transmitters take the load of the Light Line.

1:13:57 Lemuel: Michael of Nebadon: It is an interesting moment for all of you listening at the moment, to try to understand the process of what Ron is experiencing, that is to say, the total fusion of a human with his Thought Adjuster. And, as you know, it is a phenomenon that is quite recent, perhaps six years. It is also happening to some others here on the forum.
I am Michael of Nebadon, and I want to say to all who are listening: fusion with the Thought Adjusters and yourselves, is always possible, especially now. But there are other things to consider apart from the fusion. It depends on the assessment which the thought adjusters have made, concerning your ascension program. As you all know, you all have your own personal Thought Adjuster, and you have recently have become aware of the importance of working more closely with it than ever before, to lead you through your ascension journey. As you all know what happened last year, and the problems that were brought about, I wanted to let you know there are so many good things that could come out of those bad things. And this is just one. Your thought adjusters have overcontrol. They are fully aware of your individual situation, in particular. This is now totally within the jurisdiction of your Thought Adjuster.

I want to assure you in spite of all the constant changes, and because they make demands on your own beliefs and faith, and your level of patience, it is still going on perfectly well, perfectly controlled, by your Thought Adjusters all your ascension careers. And you all know the number one thing that will never will be taken from you, and that is your own free will.
Each and every one of you, by your own free will, can extend this Light Line. Your continued sincerity and desire, I thank you all for that.

1:23 Tarkas: I am one without name and number, and I thank you for all you have done.
There are others among those without name and number who are not only observing what is going on here, but are also doing all they can to settle as regards the initiating of this epochal age. And believe me, this is no small detail. There is a tremendous amount of work.
Yes, I am picking up that there are those of the forum who are concerned about the world's situation, not just relating to the virus, it is connected also with commerce, the refugee problem, and there are so many other things that you are aware of. We are also concerned.

In your hearts you would like to help, but there is only a certain amount that any individual can do, of course. And you cannot do all you would like to do. But you can all extend your light and your love, in any situation. But do it sincerely, of course. Your light and your love will land on its target. This you CAN do, so please do that!

We ourselves are doing what we can, but we cannot do everything.

So keep this in mind.

Ron: Thank you very much Lemuel. Thank you Tarkas.
I am Machiventa Melchizedek. I am here to estrange the idea that I am no longer associated with Urantia. I now have permission from the Ancient of Days to return to Urantia, and to become its Planetary Prince, or whatever whatever other official Michael would like me to serve as. Right now, I am working as a Planetary Prince, but I may assume other duties depending on what Michael wishes.
I greet you all and I stand back.
Thank you Machiventa . We are very glad to see you and hear you . Please come back as soon as you can.

This is Michael. You are not feeling bad, Ron, but rather lightheaded. Ron: A bit of a floater . But it doesn't get in the way of transmission, so please help your self.

Michael: Now I have a very astounding announcement: you should hear this, maybe even take a note or two, so you don't get the facts confused. As of today, the seventeenth of November 2020 New York time at 2:28 time P.M. we are now ready to assume the dignity of the Magisterial Mission in full flavor, as you might say, so that the incarnations may take place in assumption in about fifteen minutes. No, you do not have clear channel, Ron.

Let me announce that there are incarnations on Urantia taking place, right now. Ron doesn't see any one, you don't see anyone, but there are places in the world, including Washington DC where we are suddenly making our appearances, and are going to be listened to because they carry some high titles.
Now this:

Since Ron is really ready to go to work, we are not going to put it off any longer Advisory 31 is going to be revised, and Ron, work on it as you can today.

I also wish that you would not has asked your neighbor to check the clog in the sewer system today, because you are going to be very busy with transmissions all during the day. Light Line is just the beginning. You are going to have a transmission from those on Paradise, you are going to have a transmission from those on Salvington, and maybe Edentia, we are not sure.
But we wish now to introduce to you our friend and helper, George Barnard.

This is George Barnard.
(The following is a summary).

I was surprised. and rather irked. I wasn't ready to die.
My neck had been broken by an entity, similar to the one harassing Ron. But Ron got cyanide poisoning.
My neck never healed properly, and was somewhat dislocated, so that I had trouble breathing.
I suffocated in my sleep.
But my work in Australia is still running. Light Line transmissions will continue on Saturday with Wenebogo, and on Sunday with Ron. We will not do Tuesday.

Someone please publish the light line schedule in Australia.
George has an immense talent as a teacher, and is one of the best. And Ron says that we could use that very much. So be it.

This is George Barnard, Ron.
I kid you not, Ron. The final analysis I made is "boy did I miss the boat with you, and I am sorry. But you look at it as a normal process, that I had no way of knowing. There was no way to tell me without sounding like the impresario of a circus.

There are no hard feelings. But we could have done so much more done if we had worked together.
Worse yet, I now understand that the 11:11 website is now far too short for your consideration, that you do not read the recent posts and the rest. It has a label you are interested in, but I truncate.

I fully appreciate that. I have a lot of emails to answer.
Now I understand that. Where do think my wife is going to put all this?
I have a feeling she will continue it for you until it winds down. because she is not you.

Phyllis: Michael
Some have the opportunity to transmit but choose to remain behind the scenes. Perfection is not expected, but growth is expected.

For Valerie: Phyllis: Thank you for stepping out. Realize we are there for you to give you encouragement. Growth comes with opportunity.

Realize incarnations are coming, but listen to the voices of spirit for YOU. Take the time to sort your thoughts. Give yourself these opportunities. Face your fears and overcome them. Don't judge the contents of the transmissions.

Tarkas: an announcement: Ron is Master Michael's 1st cousin!
Ron has placed a circle of changed reality.
The ER is available now, and more details will be released in an advisory.


Steven, check the email in your box. Look.
Now this: the trial that must be afforded to Ron is to make sure that he is sure he is cleared of all of the problems of being an old man. His eyesight will be straightened out, his diabetes broken. and everything else will be repaired, including the legs. But he cannot forget that all of you will have the same feeling. Those who die you love very much., But you still remain on Urantia to do this work, I don't know how some of you are going to handle it. Ron is saddened already by what is happening. You have seen some of those he cares for very much, die, including George Barnard.

Now this:
The Magisterial Foundation now will contain about 30 morontial beings. Ron met with Bzutu 24 hours ago and Bzutu could couldn't get out edgewise why he was there. It wasn't Ron's fault. The Cabal attacked. As a result, Ron ran into a fury to clear them out of the room, and stop injecting him. They managed to create some damage, but they learned that you don't deal with Ron easily. As a result the trial that Bzutu had to implement had to be implemented without telling Ron it was being done, and that was to make sure that Ron did not get out of bed for 24 hours.

But Ron was out of bed more than that. But he spent a day so sleepy, he could not stay awake. Bzutu was to tell him that the final fusion process was now in effect. The cabal tried to get in the way, Ron blew the fuse, and Bzutu couldn't tell him. But Ron has a sore neck, his head hurts, and it is very unpleasant. If Ron had been on the Mansion Worlds, there would have been still "chariots of fire" because the fire wishes to bring to Father, that which is the essence of Ron for examination.

Ron was shown a apiece of chicken on the grill with the black marks of the grill. Ron thought
Ron has the ability to immediately translate the relationship configuration you use down here on Urantia, and the problems you all run into in relationships into some of the funniest pictures you will ever see. They get transmitted to the universe, Some people, some of our spirits have placed the pictures on their bulletin board, because they show precisely the problem you face as human beings.

The Magisterial Foundation is now officially recognized. And Ron is happy, and the other organizations that go with it, are of a necessity a part of the recognition. All of them belong to us, Ron.
(You may have them with my pleasure!)

Ron must write out the purpose of the ER. I will help.

But now you have to have a financial firm.
Ron wants to sell the Foundation as a corporation.
There exists now the Rayson Corporation, Advent publishing and the Holding corporation which constitutes the library. Future historians will contribute to the library.
All the transmitters will be on the Executive committee as counselors. One third of the Committee will be morontial.

The Second Periodic Revelation will deal with health. The first book is Origins. the 2nd book will be on diseases.
A discussion concerning Dr. Mendoza:. . .

That diagnosis is so accurate, the hospital said where did you get this? The man said it came to me. and the man had to admit it was you.
But you are Dr. Mendoza. (yes) and I mean no bones about it. Thank you. You do not hide the evidence. Never. Why? It is far too important for man to man to finally realize that God does not sit back and is inactive. He is alive every moment . The Medical Profession must understand that accuracy and efficiency is so much better when they team up with what they might learn from spirit. Dr. Mendoza made a precise diagnosis of the stomach problem and it was complicated. but he finally put it into words, and we got it out to the right person at the right time.
We pray that the man is getting well. He is not just well, he is up and at 'em!

This is Michael. We thank you. You did not get to your benediction, but I will make fit for you:
This is Michael of Nebadon. (Unmute everybody, Ron)

You are now all unmuted. hold your conversation for a moment please. I have unmuted you so you all hear each other, and the benediction that Michael wishes to offer: Please bow your head.
And Listen

I am Michael of Nebadon. I care that each of you participate in what is to be on Urantia. Now. It is NOW. The Magisterial Mission is NOW INCARNATED. The Jesus Second return is not to be. It is not to be. It must withdraw, while the Magisterial Sons prepare Urantia for his eventual return.

We are not longer predicting the date. We pray that the entire matter become essentially an honor to the Father and to all of you. Pray that you understand enough to participate and to bring together all that you understand, and make sure you let others know when the full truth can be told. Amen to Father. Thank you .

I am now Michael of Nebadon, and I am going to close this USA Light Line.
TRANSLATIONS / 20.11.2020 – Zespolenie dawniej i teraz
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Ta sama wiadomość po angielsku :
Napisał / Przekazał : Ron Besser, administrator, członek bohater
Kategoria / Temat : Wątki nowych przekazów / BÓSTWO EGZYSTENCJALNE
« Odpowiedź nr 7, 19 listopada 2020 r., godz. 20:02:18 »

Cześć Roger, zadajesz interesujące pytanie, na które odpowiedź brzmi w zasadzie tak, ale w niektórych dziedzinach - nie.

Zostałem zespolony 25 grudnia 2010 roku. To było, kiedy siedziałam na bożonarodzeniowym obiedzie w domu mojego brata, kilka minut po 13-tej. Zrobiłem się senny i szczerze mówiąc, irytował mnie hałas rozmawiających wokół mnie ludzi. Chciałem tylko ciszy i spokoju, ale, Roger, w tamtym czasie nie wiedziałem, że to jest zespolenie, ale zwykle tak się dzieje i jest to dowodem zespolenia w ciele.

Po wydarzeniu w 2010 roku miałem dalsze dopełnienia, które tak naprawdę nie wpłynęły na mnie zbyt mocno, ale zawsze moje płaty czołowe mnie bolały z całkiem niezłym bólem głowy lub uczuciem pieczenia i takie zespolenia nigdy w ogóle nie zwiększały moich możliwości. Dla czytelnika Księgi Urantii jest to bardzo trudne do zrozumienia, ale Księga Urantii przedstawia zespolenie jako całość usunięcia ludzkiego ciała, a oni oczywiście nigdy mi tego nie zrobili. Więc były te uzupełniające zespolenia wprowadzane i usuwane, w tym częściowe zespolenie z Wiecznym Synem i Bogiem Najwyższym w 2018 roku.

Fuzja w 2018 r. z Najwyższym miała charakter częściowy. To znaczy, że najwyższy miał trzynaście różnych części umysłu i Finaliści zespalali się ze wszystkimi. Ja zespoliłem się tylko z dwoma z tych działów umysłu i uważałem, że jestem całkiem nieźle zrobiony i znowu jedyną korzyścią, jaką mi to dało, było to, że mogłem teraz porozmawiać z najwyższym w każdej chwili w tych dawnych czasach i mogłem w tym widzieć sens.

To dotyczy zespolenia z Dostrajaczem i najwyższym i częściowo z Wiecznym Synem i częściowo z Synem Stwórcy i trochę z Stwórczym Duchem, z przerwami, ponieważ nigdy nie mogłem dobrze się zsynchronizować ze Stwórczym Duchem. Wszystko to składało się na stan umożliwiający mi szeroki dostęp do komunikacji wszechświata, ale było to szkodliwe dla mojego aparatu fizycznego, ponieważ nikt nie zadał sobie trudu, aby dostosować moją rdzenną częstotliwość, na której działają moje organy wewnętrzne.

W końcu, gdy w 2019 roku zaczęły się prawdziwe kłopoty, mój Dostrajacz Myśli zażądał od Ojca, żeby mnie nie zespalał, ponieważ uważał to za szkodliwe w tej chwili i lepiej było to znormalizować, jednak najwyższy przejął obwody umysłu i podążył za nimi do komputera, przy którym siedziałem i kilka razy prawie wypaliły mój system nerwowy i wtedy mój przyjaciel, Pośredni Bzhutu, przybył mi na ratunek i przegonił ich. Pozostawałem niezespolony aż do wybuchu buntu w połowie 2019 roku i jego katastrofy, która spadła na Urantię i ludzi na niej.

Dopiero w połowie października 2020 r. otrzymałem wiadomość, że moje silne bóle głowy przez wiele dni i zupełna niemożność chodzenia, były symptomami ponownego zamieszkiwania mojego umysłu, nie tylko przez Dostrajacza, ale także na nowo przez najwyższego i Stwórczego Ducha. Poważnie sprzeciwiałem się zamieszkiwaniu przez najwyższego i Stwórczego Ducha po prostu dlatego, że tego nie dało się pogodzić. Teraz mnie poinformowano, że moje zespolenie jest pełne tylko z Ojcem i tylko jako Dostrajacz Myśli. Dzięki temu czuję się o wiele bardziej komfortowo niż to było od jakiegoś czasu i to prowadzi nas do aktualnej sytuacji, poza tym, że mogę powiedzieć, co nastepuje:

Zespolenie z Dostrajaczem na Urantii jest ciekawe dla większości ludzi, którzy chcieliby zespolić się na Urantii w ciele, ale to zespolenie nie ma dla was obecnie żadnej wartości, ponieważ Dostrajacz nie zapewnia żadnej innej zmiany w naszej mentalności oprócz samego faktu zespolenia. Oczywiście, jest to niezmiernie ważne, abyście używali tego na Urantii w boskich misjach i w dalszej karierze wznoszenia, ponieważ pozwala to uczniowi ominąć wiele doświadczeń światów-mieszkań, które miały już miejsce na Urantii. Na przykład, z powodu moich zespoleń z Dostrajaczem, kiedy jestem w ciele, mam teraz status piątego świata-mieszkania i jeszcze tylko dwa następne do przejścia, żeby stać się duchem pierwszego stopnia. To ogromnie mi pomaga, ale nie wykazuje żadnych zmian, kiedy jestem tutaj w ciele, z których mógłbym skorzystać na Urantii.

W końcu jestem nękany dzisiejszego wieczoru, kiedy piszę to, przez istoty Ojca, które przychodzą i nie mogą mi się ujawnić, ponieważ nie jestem w stanie ich poznać, a one przeszkadzają mi w pisaniu, wciskając spacje do słów takich j ak t e, a zmuszanie do pisania w ten sposób jest okropne. Więc wrzeszczę na nich, żeby przestali, ale oni nie mają żadnego poczucia języka mówionego i robią to po prostu obserwując i wpływając na mój układ nerwowy w ten dziwny sposób. To jest w tej chwili negatywna strona zespolenia na Urantii, ale jeśli jesteście gotowi do zespolenia, to zróbcie to. To jest w każdym razie warte rozdrażnienia, jeśli możecie to znieść.

To jest to, że tak powiem i mam nadzieję, że to odpowiada na twoje pytanie.


MICHAŁ NEBADOŃSKI : Jestem pewien, że ty sam, Roger, jesteś dość bliski zespolenia, ale rzadko o tym myślisz, więc Dostrajacz, którego utrzymujesz, też nie jest szczególnie zainteresowany. ALE jeślibyś się zespolił teraz na Urantii, to już nie ma surowych reperkusji z powodu Stwórczego Ducha, jak kiedyś i to jest powód, dla którego Ron nie jest teraz zsynchronizowany ze Stwórczym Duchem. Ona nie cierpi być poza nim, ale kiedy jest w nim, to dusi mu oddech,co jest niezwykle szkodliwe dla Rona i on wciąż na to narzeka. Z tego powodu zespolenie z Dostrajaczem Myśli jest chwilowo ograniczone na Urantii, ponieważ nie ma nic, co duch może zrobić z panującymi asynchronicznymi warunkami. Ten zakaz skończy się za około sześć tygodni, kiedy będziemy mieli nowego Stwórczego Ducha, który będzie mógł współpracować z Ronem, dzięki Bogu. On jest gotowy do zawarcia pokoju, ale nie może tego osiągnąć w obecnej sytuacji, kiedy jest zespolony tak dalece, jak to tylko możliwe, bez znikania w ognistym rydwanie.

GABRIEL Z SALVINGTONU : „Status zespolenia na Urantii jest tak rzadki, że Ron i dwaj inni z was są narodowymi pomnikami na Urantii, ponieważ osiągnęli ten status bez pośrednictwa układu z duchami, żeby natychmiast zobaczyć Syna Stwórcy, jak to było kiedyś. Teraz musimy poczekać na rozpuszczenie ciała, żeby to zrobić, a sam Ron będzie musiał zadośćuczynić wam wszystkim, kiedy odejdzie, ponieważ musi to zrobić ukradkiem również z racji stanu. To dlatego, że Ron był zespolony z dwoma częściami umysłu najwyższego, a on nigdy nie wybacza teraz oddawania czegokolwiek bez zemsty i nawet Finaliści muszą się bronić się przed tym najwyższym - oszalałym obibokiem.

Z tego powodu nie ośmielamy się już narzucać statusu zespolenia na Urantii bardziej niż to konieczne i Ron nie jest z tego zadowolony, ale teraz zamilkł na dobre. Najwyższy jest teraz odizolowany w osobnym miejscu poza Hawoną, ale teraz czasami ucieka i wtedy sieje haos w życiu ludzi takich jak Ron, który nienawidzi całej sprawy, nawet żeby być blisko niego. Jest w stanie go natychmiast wykryć.

General Discussion / Re: Misc. questions
« Last post by JRL1944 on November 20, 2020, 09:52:07 am »
Good morning Ron,

I thank you for your answer to my question on Existential Deity, very interesting reading and I love very
much this kind of subject.

My question now is concerning the answer you give to Roger Raz that he has a good Adjuster with previous
life experiences and happy with his progress.

Does my Adjuster has also previous life experiences and is He happy with my progress?
Sincerely I would like to know where I stand.

RON:  Robert, is your Adjuster a different type from all of our Adjusters on Urantia now?  No, He is not different, as you do not send an inexperienced Adjuster to a world like Urantia, I assure you.  Your Adjuster has frequently spoken to me and today He is very shy as I hear Him not at all t his morning.  (Morning without birds I must admit . . . )  But here is the Advisory Angel on this subject to t ell me this:  Robert your Adjuster is a very old Being.  He has had, like my Adjuster, over 425 lives to live through over the huge time span your Adjuster has been doing this to bring humanity to perfection.  Well, okay, 425 trials and no one took Him up on Life Eternal, so to speak, but he is with your now Robert, and he has this one last request:  "For God's sake transmit!"  'Ron says you can do it so do it I am just a pawn in his hands.'  Now Robert I hear from your Adjuster, and He is right  I am just a fawn in perpetuity of the sillies at time.   What do you wait for Robert?  He says.   Ron says the same but he knows what you wait for and that is seeming inability to get going.   You have to  arbitrate the stand off Robert yourself.  Hope this answers your own question too.


Thank you in advance for your answer.

General Discussion / Misc. questions
« Last post by Raz on November 19, 2020, 09:15:26 pm »
Thanks for the history of your fusion it really helps me make sense of the whole history of it! I have been reviewing my notes and have some other unrelated questions as follows:
1. Mention has been made of Thought Adjusters who had dozens or even hundreds of previous life experiences. Does this mean each of those human subjects has not chosen life or am I missing something?

RON:  Your Adjuster Roger has 335 previous life experiences, and that is direct from your Adjuster to tell me that.  He says you are the last if you play your cards right.  I laugh as that is typical Adjuster speech Roger you have a good one who is radically happy about your progress.  Most life experiences of Adjusters on Urantia today are with humans just evolved on new planets and they do not survive as usual.  Andon and Fonta versions on new human planets are very slow to recognize the status of a supreme being outside of their own immediate needs.  Your Adjuster served in with 0ne hundred five brand new humans and learned the basics of what it was to teach humans about the recognition of God is fundamental terms.  The other lives are typical of what are living on Urantia today and that is not good to speak to, but you know the situation and condition.   Your Adjuster has spoken to Ron before and he laughs with me often and we thank you too Ron.  K

2. Can you explain what a vector is?

RON:  A Vector is the name of an action promise let loose from the Deities.  Intention to do something for you or for the planet or for the universe, is designed to be a will action that moves in a linear way to the target of such an action.

3. What happened to the other 31 apostate planets that were part of the Lucifer rebellion? I get the impression many of them no longer exist.

RON:  Actually there were 37 apostate planets Roger as your Urantia Book states, and Urantia was one of  those planets suborned by Lucifer into joining with him as a planetary thief that ruined almost all of them.  Today Urantia, the 37th and last planet to join that apostate group, is getting a Magisterial Mission.  Tomorrow, thirty-five of  those apostate planets will received their version of a Magisterial Mission too, and that is in concert, not with Urantia, but the mandates of Michael to clear the entire Planetary System of Satania of the last remnants of the Lucifer Rebellion. Only one of the 37 planets has disappeared, and that disappeared because it blew up out of too much haste to cool its central core and we lost about 700 million human souls, all reclaimed that could be reclaimed now living fully and well on the mansion worlds in Satania's eastern province of Orion.

4. Have you run across Martin Gardner on the mansion worlds? (he wrote a book critical of The Urantia Book) I was just wondering what he might have to say about it now.
Thanks, Ron.

RON -  "Yes, I have it and read it and was highly disappointed at the cheap treatment he gave a book he had no clue about as to its origins or its import.  He is a hack as far as I am concerned and his science fiction stories are full of cheap thrills without a lot of science prospects in them either in my opinion.  Yes, Roger, I know all about it.  HE even repeats my avatar in his list of avatars being used by the then nascent teaching mission, now history too, at that time of writing.  K

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: EXISTENTIAL DEITY
« Last post by Ron Besser on November 19, 2020, 08:02:18 pm »
Hello Roger, you ask an interesting question, and the answer is mostly yes, but no in certain areas.

I was fused on December 25th 2010.  That was as I sat at Christmas diner at my brother's house a few minutes past 1PM that day.  I got sleepy and frankly the noise of people talking around me irritated me.  I just wanted peace and quiet.  But, Roger, at the time I did not know it was fusion, but that is typically happens as evidence of fusion in the flesh in those days.

Subsequent to the 2010 event, I had follow up completions that did not really affect me strongly, but always did my frontal lobes hurt me with a pretty good headache or burning-itching sensation, and always such fusions never augmented my abilities at all.  That is very hard for a Urantia Book reader to understand, but then the Urantia Book looks at fusion as the totality of removing the human body too, and they never did that to me obviously.  So there were these completion fusions off and on, including a partial fusion with the Eternal Son and God the Supreme in 2018. 

The 2018 fusion with the supreme was departmental.  That means the supreme had thirteen different parts of its mind that a Finaliter had fused with all.  I fused with just two of those mind departments and thought myself quite well done, and again  the only perk it gave me was that  Icould now talk with the supreme any old time and get sense out of it. 

That is, encompassing the fusion with Adjuster and the supreme and partially the Eternal Son, and partially with the Crea tor Son and some with the Creative Spirit, on and off again because I could not syncronize with the  Creative Spirit ever well at all.  All this added up to a condition allowing me wide access to universe communications, but it was detrimental to my physical apparatus due to the fact no one bothered to adjust my core human frequency my internal organs operate on. 

Finally with real trouble brewing in 2019, my Thought Adjuster requested of the Father un fuse me as He considered it detrimental for the moment and I was better off normalizing.  However the supreme seized mind circuits and they followed them down to the computer I was sitting at and nearly burned my nervous system out  several times and my friend, then Midwayer Bzhutu, came to the rescue and chased them off.  I remained unfused until the mid 2019 rebellion took place and disasters of its own showered down on Urantia and  the humans on it.

It was not until mid October, 2020, I got word that my severe headaches for days and being unable to walk at all, that these were symptoms of renewed indwelling of my mind, not only with the Adjuster, but with the supreme and with the Creative Spirit was renewed.  I seriously objected to the indwelling of the supreme and Creative Spirit simply because we were incompatible .  Now I am informed that my fusion is replete with the Father only and as the Thought Adjuster only.  I am much more comfortable than I have been for some time because of  that.  And that brings us up to date except to say this:

Adjuster fusion on Urantia is quaint to most people who would like to be fused on Urantia while in the flesh.  But that fusion holds no value to you at the time because the Adjuster does not provide any other change to our mentalities than the fact of fusion.   Of course, it is immensely important to your use on Urantia for divine missions and for the following ascension career, as it allows the student to by pass a lot of the mansion world experiences as having already been done on Urantia.  For inst ance because of my fusions by Adjuster while in the flesh, I am now of mansion world status five, and only two more to go to be become a first stage spirit.   That helps me tremendously but it does not show any changes while here in the flesh I can benefit from on Urantia.

Finally, I am harassed this evening as I write this by Father entities who come in and cannot make themselves known to me because I have no capacity to know them and they disrupt my typing by forcing spaces into the inside of words li ke  thi s   and it is horrible to be forced to type like that.  So I yell at them to stop it but they have no sense of language spoken and do it as just observing and affecting my nervous system in this strange way.  That is the negative side to fusing on Urantia at the moment.  But if you are ready to fuse, do it.  It is worth the exacerbation anyhow if you can stand it here.

That is that so to speak and I hope this answers your question.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "I am sure you Roger are fairly close to fusion yourself but you rarely think about it so the Adjuster you maintain is not especially interested either.  BUT:  if you fuse on Urantia now, there are severe repercussions no longer in the Creative Spirit as it once was and that is whay Ron is out of synchrony with the Creative Spirit now.  She loathes being outside of him but inside of him she chokes his breath off and that is extremely harmful to Ron as he complains all the time about it.  For that reason Thought Adjuster fusion is curtailed briefly on Urantia for now, as there is nothing spirit can do about asynchronous conditions prevailing.  That injunction will end in about six weeks when we have a new Creative Spirit that can work with Ron, thank goodness.  He is ready for peace but cannot achieve it with  the present situation that he is fused as far as he can be fused wit hout disappearing in chariots of fire.  K"

GABRIEL OF SALVINGTON - "Fusion status on Urantia is so rare that Ron and two others of you are national monuments on Urantia for achieving that status without brokering a spirit deal to see the Creator Son immediately as it used to be done.  Now we must wait for dissolution of the flesh to do that and Ron himself will have to make amends to all of you when he leaves, as he must do it surreptitiously for reasons of State as well.   That is because Ron was fused with two departments of the supreme mind and the supreme never forgives giving anything away without retribution now, and even Finaliters have to defend themselves against the truancy of a supreme gone mad.

"For this reason, we dare not force fusion status on Urantia anymore than necessary and Ron is not happy  with that but stays quiet about it for good now.  The supreme is sequestered in a separate place outside of Havona now, but breaks lose now and then and creates havoc in the lives of people like Ron who detests the entire matter to even be near him.  He is able to detect it them at once.
Threads for New Transmissions / Re: EXISTENTIAL DEITY
« Last post by Raz on November 19, 2020, 06:26:47 pm »
Your recent fusion was your third or fourth, wasn't it? Do I remember that at least one was undone? How does that work? Do you remember the history of them all?
« Last post by Lemuel on November 19, 2020, 03:04:56 pm »
Lightline tonight was very quiet and no MC but at first it was my Thought Adjuster
who spoke about those members who wished to be able to participate in the 
Missions and that they were admired for their intention to be about Father´s
My Teacher Amadon came and encouraged those who have not asked for a 
teacher, to do so, as there are many teachers who are desirous of taking you on as 
their student, emphasizing that in the future, you will need all the help you can get.
Thursday, the 26th Nov  Local time: 8:00 pm.
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