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From a little acorn....


Hi List:,  The link was invalid the first try.   TRY AGAIN

Want to be inspired?  See how a small contribution can eventuate.  Enjoy !

Ron Besser:
Thank you Steven!  I really enjoyed the work of that little girl and Sanzos bank who made the Ode to Joy possible today.  I first heard the bass play what I first thought was the baroque piece called Johann Pachelbel's Canon in D Major, which sets up the single instrument to listen to and is joined by the strings and orchestra.
No acorn: here is the Canon in D major a little less than four minutes.

Steven look at this one

That was so beautiful.  It gave me goose bumps.  I just loved it.  I'm going to watch it again!

Ron-I have never heard of Pachelbel before and that was beautiful too!  It has only been in the last two or three years that I have really started to truly enjoy this kind of music.   Before I didn't care for it at all, but lately it seems to reach deep into my soul.  Could this be a sign that my soul is growing? I don't know, but my tastes are changing.
Thanks to both of you.

When I saw the phrase TRY AGAIN, I remembered the famous song here in Brazil of the late Raul Seixas (deceased a long time ago).

I will transcribe the lyrics and translation into the English language, as well as link a website with lyrics and music.

Try againRaul Seixas
Look!Do not say the songIs lostHave faith in GodHave faith in lifeTry again!
Drink it! (Drink it!)For the living waterStill in the source(Try again!)You have two feetTo cross the bridgeNothing is over!Not! Not! Not!
Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!Try it!Raise your thirsty handAnd start walking againDo not thinkThat head hangsIf you stopNot! Not! Not!Not! Not! Not!
There is a voice that singsA voice that dancesA spinning voice(Turns!)Dancing in the airUh! Uh! Uh!
Want to! (Want to!)Just be honestAnd wish deepYou will be able toTo shake the worldGo!Try again!Humrum!
Try it! (Try it!)And do not sayThat victory is lostIf it is a battleThat one lives the lifeHan!Try again!


Quando vi a frase TENTE OUTRA VEZ, meu lembrei da música famosa aqui no Brasil do saudoso Raul Seixas (falecido há muito tempo atrás).

Vou transcrever a letra e a tradução para o idioma inglês, bem como vincular um site com a letra e música.

Tente Outra VezRaul Seixas
Veja!Não diga que a cançãoEstá perdidaTenha fé em DeusTenha fé na vidaTente outra vez!
Beba! (Beba!)Pois a água vivaAinda tá na fonte(Tente outra vez!)Você tem dois pésPara cruzar a ponteNada acabou!Não! Não! Não!
Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh!Tente!Levante sua mão sedentaE recomece a andarNão penseQue a cabeça aguentaSe você pararNão! Não! Não!Não! Não! Não!
Há uma voz que cantaUma voz que dançaUma voz que gira(Gira!)Bailando no arUh! Uh! Uh!
Queira! (Queira!)Basta ser sinceroE desejar profundoVocê será capazDe sacudir o mundoVai!Tente outra vez!Humrum!
Tente! (Tente!)E não digaQue a vitória está perdidaSe é de batalhasQue se vive a vidaHan!Tente outra vez!


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