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Emotional Mother Earth's Song

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Mother earth's song beautifully interpreted by a stunning voice from Ukraine.Cries no more Urantia.....Your tears will be swept away soon. Enjoy

Thanks Clency, extraordinary. It occurs to me to say to hear this amazing voice and its diversity of tones, is that this could be the music that will be heard in the morontia worlds. Thanks

WOW!!!!  that was wild and beautiful!.   LarryG

I thought that was amazing.  I agree with Occerpa that is almost sounds like something I could imagine that is morontial.  There is so much beauty and diversity out there that we would never know about unless someone brings it to out attention.  I loved it!!  Thank you.

Raul Cardenas Reyna:
[citazione autore = occerpa link = topic = 12494.msg76296 # msg76296 date = 1559311276]
Grazie Clency, straordinario. Mi viene in mente di dire di ascoltare questa voce straordinaria e la sua diversità di toni, è che questa potrebbe essere la musica che verrà ascoltata nei mondi morontiali. Grazie
[/ quote] Molto bello Grazie  gli ho condiviso subito    bellissimo


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