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Dream of talk with Most Highs
« on: October 30, 2019, 11:03:46 pm »
A couple weeks ago I dreamed I was having some voice calls. First it was with my old high school principal. I tried to speak to him very respectfully. His name sounds very commanding. Then I was on another call with someone. I clearly heard him say, "Greetings from the Most Highs of Edentia!" He spoke English with a slight accent and sounded very genial. I heard or had the thought, "speak normally with us" (like, as with a regular person, not obsequiously). I asked, "which Most High are you?" (remembering from the UB that there are three). He said his name (which I don't remember). I asked if he had a message. He did and began to speak, but then I lost the connection. I fumbled with my headset, regained the connection and apologized. As I reconnected I heard him say something like, "so you see it is the receiver and not just the sender", sounding like he was speaking to some students or associates nearby, perhaps to explain that the problem with the connection was on my end. And I did not hear frustration or annoyance like might be common for humans having communication issues.

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Re: Dream of talk with Most Highs
« Reply #1 on: October 31, 2019, 01:28:51 am »
October 31, 2019, Samara, local time is 09.09. Short call from the customizer.
“The priority direction of our activity in mortals under the new conditions is that you understand what is happening and will happen, that you correctly understand and perceive visible and invisible changes and constantly hear and listen to the voice of God from us adjusters.
Changes will definitely be. You will feel it on your own experience. Be attentive to yourself, loved ones and others. Perhaps in them you will notice the same changes that occur in you. These people need help, because they do not understand and do not know the source of the changes and can simply take it for schizophrenia and spoil their image among the people around them and their colleague. Help them. Try to gently tell them about the presence of a particle of God in every person, about the need to seriously take the changes that are taking place. Otherwise, it can have negative consequences not only for that person, but also for you. Be vigilant and careful. Each mortal perceives the divine truth in his own way. This is a test for the possibility of a mortal not to die completely, but to continue the ascent on the mansion worlds.
I wish you success in this difficult field. ”
- Thank you dear adjuster!
31 октября 2019 года, Самара, местное время 09.09. Короткий вызов от настройщика.
«Приоритетное направление нашей деятельности в смертных в новых условиях заключается в том, чтобы вы поняли, что происходит и будет происходить, чтобы вы правильно понимали и воспринимали видимые и невидимые изменения и постоянно слышали и слушали голос Бога от нас настройщиков.
Изменения обязательно будут. Вы это почувствуете на собственном опыте. Будьте внимательны к себе, близким и окружающим. Возможно, и в них вы заметите те же изменения, что происходят в вас. Этим людям надо помочь, ибо они не понимают и не знают источник изменений и могут просто принять это за шизофрению и испортить свой имидж среди окружающих их людей и сослуживцев. Помогите им. Постарайтесь ненавязчиво рассказать им о присутствии в каждом человеку частицы Бога, о необходимости серьезно воспринимать происходящие изменения. В противном случае это может иметь негативные последствия не только для того человека, но и для вас. Будьте бдительны и осторожны. Божественную истину каждый смертный воспринимает по своему. Это тест на возможность смертного не умереть окончательно, а продолжить восхождение в обительских мирах.
Успехов вам в этом наитруднейшем поприще».
- Спасибо дорогой настройщик!