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« on: February 07, 2020, 01:14:03 pm »
Mes salutations respectueuses à chacun et chacune de vous,

Je suis Carole, "racarole" sur ce forum. Je me suis inscrite depuis l'an dernier mais je n'ai pas été active du tout. Je vous écris en français car la langue de Shakespeare me fait encore défaut, mais j'y travaille! :) Je suis de Madagascar mais vis en France et j'en profite pour saluer mes Mentors et Guides Spirituels: NALIKAA RALY, RAMISA et RARIJA qui est aussi mon époux.

Merci Ron de m'avoir acceptée comme membre et je suis heureuse de suivre et de participer au LIGHTLINE FRANCE avec Clency sous la Supervision et l'Egide de JACK0802AB , que je salue au passage et que j'entendrai d'ici quelques instants à notre rendez-vous habituel et incontournable. Encore merci !

Ron here using Google translation to Carole posts for English readers:

My respectful greetings to each and every one of you,

I'm Carole, "racarole" on this forum. I have signed up since last year but have not been active at all. I am writing to you in French because I still lack the language of Shakespeare, but I am working on it! :) I am from Madagascar but live in France and I take this opportunity to greet my Mentors and Spiritual Guides: NALIKAA RALY, RAMISA and RARIJA who is also my husband.

Thank you Ron for accepting me as a member and I am happy to follow and participate in LIGHTLINE FRANCE with Clency under the Supervision and Aegis of JACK0802AB, whom I salute in passing and who I will hear in a few moments at our usual and unmissable event. Thanks again !

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Shirag. Dieu est avec nous. aoi. Racarole

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« Reply #1 on: February 07, 2020, 05:14:01 pm »
racarole ;
Self Introduction; 
Translator: Albert aka NALIKAA;
Local Time: Saturday 8th, February,2020; 01:12:20 A.M.. 
    Hello and warm greetings to Everyone here, dear brothers and sisters.
    I am to be CAROLE, as being " racarole " here, on that forum. I succeeded to enter as new member on the forum last year ( 2019 ) but until recently I was anyway active at all not..I am writing that introduction in French tongue because I can't master well enough the Shakespeare 's tongue, but I am now just working it seriously.
    I am from MADAGASCAR but i am living here in FRANCE😏.now; and I must send my warm greetings to my mentors and spiritual educators as being both of them , NALIKAA aka Albert and RAMISA  and also to rarija too who is also my husband. 
     Thank you so much RON for having accepted me to become a member of that forum. Let it be known that I am so happy being here and to be able to follow  and to participate to LIGTHLINE FRANCE  managed by CLENCY and under the supervision of our M.C. JACK0802AB  with Whom I would attend the today' s session quite now, just in some few minutes and to hear Him again while intervening in our usual ' rendez-vous ' one so avoïdable not.
    Again, thank you so much !!!

I love HIM, HE is inside me,HE loves me, I  belong  to  HIM,WE  BOTH  are  inside a circle , and as WE  BOTH are inside  the  CIRCLE,a roof is  necessary,so then a point is  being put on the stark  and  then WE  BOTH together are becoming a CANDLE  ENLIGTHENING  the WORLD !!! aoi.