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    Location Place: Antananarivo/MADAGASCAR;
    Local Time:  Tuesday 17th, March; 2020; 9:17:53 P.M.;
    Subject:= REPORTS;
                  =  RELATED NEWS;
    HOSTED : by Albert.

    Hello Dear RON and All on the list here. Also greetings to every Guests.
    Before all, most thanks to you CHARLES for your  good performance ! Congratulations to us all benefiting such brand new software. Really Helpfull that is !
     About the TWO LAST MADAGASCAR LIGTHLINES' SESSIONS, we must report here that we have performed them quite SUCCEESSFULLY  except about the Voicing Recordings still of bad quality  because expertly handled NOT by myself as being a technolog NOT.  Of course all of the Voicing Recordings are in our local mother tongue, being the Malagasy language not being translated until now on.
    About those Voicing Recordings let it be known that I have been always trying sending them each single session or more ones altogether to RON by private message, even being translated in English NOT, but merely as proofs that we have done it or them,but I always failed to . Sincere apologisenesses for we are always working with the local telephone calling providers not enough professional but too dear in my opinion.
    Nevertheless, those Recordings are working well to our local participants who must do with because everyone consider the provided  Teaching as of a very great value if not of some high leveled  value ! I would like to assure all list that I am making plan to follow some Ron's counsels to deal and to work with other international Telephone Conference Calling provider that is mostly performing. Of course, there must be many issues to be overcome for me in that way.
    I am aware well that the main goal is that everyone; even from abroad wishing that could attendee the "L.L.O.T.H.O.M" directly as it is possibly to be done with the other LIGTHLINES of elsewhere. That would meaning a worldwide standardisation of the Mission justly because of the usage of the different languages of each country/ community and for any people.
    Here, I am listing below all the "L.L.O.T.H.O.M " sessions that we have performing until today by dating them from the Start-Up:
    *1* On Monday10th.February; 2020; 9 P.M.: SUCCEESSFULLY as for : Teaching/ Questionning
    *2*  On Wednesday 12th, February; 2020; 9 P.M.: partially succeessfull with the Teaching/ but the questionning :failed : by defaults of the  pre-paid credits that I bought to call all the attendees : sufficiently NOT.
    *3*  On Saturday 15th, February; 2020; 9 P.M.: Total failure: vain callings as I did for two (2)hours even using enough bought pre-paid phone calling  credits;
    *4*  On Monday 17th, February; 2020; 9 P.M.: Total failure too due to the cost of the session calling getting shutdown by the provider of the telephone calling.
    *5*  On Saturday 18th, February 18th; 2020; 9 P.M.:Total failure almost for the same reason that I tried to correct but unsuccessfully;
    *6*  On Thursday 20th; 2020; 9 P.M.:
SUCCEESCULLY. Session corresponding to the date when The Planetary Prince MACHIEVENTA MELCHIZEDEK made the planetary emergency announcement...;
    *7*  On Saturday  22th; 2020; 9 P.M.: The Teaching was SUCCEESSFULLY DONE;  there has  been NO TIME  for the QUESTIONNING of the  attendees as the session was timely run out; I had promised to the participants to schedule the next session to be held as a complementary of that one as a remake in its title.;
    *8*  On Wednesday 26th; 2020; 9 P.M.:That session was being the remake (  dedicated to the Questionning related to the last session of Saturday 22th; that has been a total SUCCEESSFULLNESS, lasting almost TWO hours;
    *9*  On Saturday 29th; 2020; 9 P.M.: A SUCCEESSFULL session that  day for the TEACHING/ QUESTIONNING;
    *10* On Wednesday 4th; 2020; 9 P.M.: Teaching: SUCCEESSFULL/ time :run out for the Questionning. Requerement for a Complementary session wgile doing the next session ( for related Questions of today);
    *11*  On Saturday 7th; 2020; 9 P.M.:
SUCCEESSFULL session of only Questionning for that session being the Complementary to the Teavhing of last session of Wednesday;
    *12* On Wednesday 11th;2020; 9 P.M.: Teaching SUCCEESSFULLY DONE for that group of FIVE attendees but the time  for the Questionning  was run out before  beginning them. So,the tomorrow Thursday must be restricted for only the related Questionning to the Wednesday session as its Complementary session that  in order to give satisfaction to the attendees who were very found of the LIGTHLINE.
     *13* On Thursday 12th; 2020; 9 P.M.: as being a Complentary session for the related QUESTIONNING to the yesterday's  session it was a SUCCEESSFULL SESSION;

    *14* On Saturday 14th, February; 2020; 9 P.M.:A session of SUCCEESSFULLNESS that last session:for its TEACHING and the QUESTIONS of that group of FIVE other attendees. The participants were very pleased !
    By defaults of Voicing Recordings hearable NOT for the forum I come to summarise here not the details but the reality of the LIGTHLINE OF THE HEART OF MADAGASCAR being held until today totalising a number of FOURTEEN (14) even PERFECT NOT AT ALL. Many thankings to everyone who has supporting the MADAGASCAR LIGTHLINE through its Start-Up and until now on. And before all God The PARADISE TRINITY shall be honoured and mostly thanked for His Blessings to us being able ( blessed !!! ) overcoming the Work , His Work even though UNPERFECTEDLY !!! Amen . aoi.
    Thank you all for your patience in reading me.

  Announcement: The MADAGASCAR LIGTHLINE SCHEDULES  for this week:
-> Next WEDNESDAY 18th, March; 2020 9 Antananarivo ;
-> Next Saturday 21rst, March; 2020; 9 P.M. at Antananarivo.
Then, here, I am always praying GOD TO HELP ME, TO HELP US TO THE WORK.
Also, I am making supplocation o GOD  for healingness to the behalf of my wife who is in bad state of health now that because I am believing YOU FATHER/SON-MOTHER Indwelling us. Amen. aoi.

I love HIM, HE is inside me,HE loves me, I  belong  to  HIM,WE  BOTH  are  inside a circle , and as WE  BOTH are inside  the  CIRCLE,a roof is  necessary,so then a point is  being put on the stark  and  then WE  BOTH together are becoming a CANDLE  ENLIGTHENING  the WORLD !!! aoi.