Author Topic: 18 MARCH 2020 A Fearful Day and Update  (Read 147 times)

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18 MARCH 2020 A Fearful Day and Update
« on: March 18, 2020, 02:38:49 pm »
I seldom post back to back on this Category so as to just let things settle a little before we add more fuel to the fire.  I am now satisfied we are in a world changing enviornment with the financial meltdown still underway as I type this atr 2PM in York today.  I see the DOW 2300 rounded points and that is over 10% yest today.  Those in countries outside of the Untied States may not use the DOW at all to gauge wealth or health but know that for every one thousand points the DOW goes down, the markets, world wide, lose almost one trillion USD's and however your currency may be pegged to that, even more loss to the world economy than a trillion dollars here.

We are just using up some space here to tell you what you already know.  However, what you may not know is that I have decided to keep this site going in spite of what dollars cost it might be since it is the hub for all the LIGHTLINE activity, and the hub for what is left of the old teaching msision kept in good stead by the Salvington government.  If we all as a group leave, Urantia has no real serious contender or contenders to take up the slack for the MAGISTERIAL MISSIONS that are rolling but hampered by reader panic in most capitals around the world.

The Urantia Foundation, according to Salvington, is using what debt relief it can borrow to get out from under while the interest rates are this low.  If they are not already doing this they should take a course in financial liabilities.  In any case we need to understand that the new world order is taking place right in front of our eyes.

i have often said that titles like thar are for government dictators like Hitle declared the Third Reich under similar language.  But I am using the language of the Urantia Book to remind you of the following so far this week:

1 = MOINJORONSON declared the Magisterial Mission was running as of March 8th.  It is still running as of today the 19th of March.

2 = SERARA has incarnated on Urantia for the last time, as he is going to work the Urantia Magisterial Mission solo in spirit not, but full7y visible.  He will name the date and time you may view the results of all this work to incarnate for the past 12 years at least.

3= The trial for MONJORONSON is to keep the idea of the Second Return alive since JESUS has fully excoriated the Supreme for pulling a stunt like this right in the middle of a huge crisis on Urantia, and less than favorable decision making on Salvington, just as to what we will do with Urantia when it is r4edeemed.

4 - One last item:
SERARA reports that nothing is to be done for the Magisterial Foundation, our human people office, will be offered until tomorrow sometime when I learn my fate for sure.  I am hanging on just with illnesses that keep replicating around my heart stem and then some and I must have relief.  Stay tuned for that if they make it public.

l feel we need to take a deep breath and let this panic subside.  The virus thing will take its toll, they always do, and the /DOW will takes it toll, it alwasys does, but the Father in Heaven has made Urantia a primary goal to get well again, and the lack of moeny should help that work very well since luxury tends to put people to secure sleep all the time.  I take heart that very few contaigon stories are circulating on this web site and I will be quick to point out conspiriacies as they are beneath our dignity as thinking people to ever embrace,  Thanks to all for listening and let us see what this week brings again to speak to an another update.  

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