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TAPE 22 March 2020 USA Lightline 1hr 04 mins
« on: March 22, 2020, 06:13:43 pm »
LIGHTLINE TODAY the 22nd of March, Sunday, ran one hour and a half at least due to a lot of breaking news.  I emphasize the following for your edification when listening to this Lightline.  I cut the one hour 40 minute event down to one hour and a few minutes by removing the chaff of trying to keep the Lightline ready and willing to stay on line since we have a USA telephone overload right now in the USA.
1 =  The Master Spirits are being revised to become the functional work of the lost god the supreme.  They have formed a Deity Union and function still to produce the seven Deity purposes for the life existence of time and space and beyond.  

2 = You all know the story of Majeston and how the Deity Absolute great reacted for the need of universe wide communication and which brought into existence Majeston to head it.  The Deity Absolute now reacted as strongly and brings into existene a brand new Deity who will function at the head of the Master Spirit to coordinate their seven fold function as the Supreme once did.  This is a major change to the universe age and a major change for the Master Spirits and a major change for Urantia.

3 = Three of us have been selected to undergo a hospital stay in the universe and be relayed into our own new sleves to stay the test of time on Urantia with the Magsiterial Mission running full steam by May 01, 2020.  That is the promise of the Magisterial Sons MONJORONSON AND SERARA as the old date of March 18, 2020 of the Magisterial Mission start, has been rescinded and the May 1st day probable.  This change has to do with the Urantia Planetary Government now restructured to only have 12 receivers to direct it with the Planetary Manater, MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK as its CHIEF.

4 = A HUGE R4EVELATION occured for us today.  it was announced that the return of Jesus will constitute a NEW TESTAMENT as the reapperance of Jesus brings with JESUS the SEVENT EPOCHAL REVELATION.  Hold on to your seats as getting there forces me, Ron Besser, to adjudicate the REVELATORY COMMISSION offerin the 6th epochal revelation to assing to me just how I am going to disseminate the 6th while working on the 7th with Jesus.  The writers of our New TESTAMENT are the Paradise Trinity embraced Sons of God, Ones Without Name and Number, One High in authority, and the ARCANGEL 617317257 named Ryan when he worked with Dr, Sadler and the Sadler Contact Commission starting in 1934m during all of 1935, and into 1942 for starts.  He later worked with the first ASSIGNED SENTINEL for the Contact Commission in 1944, 1947, and 1952, when nuclear war appeared imminent and all quite the planet in a terror.  PRESIDENT TRUMAN MET ARCANGEL RYAN at the inaugural with Eisenhower and they both shared an eye opening defense briefing that EISNEHOWER implemented at once and the cold war began in earnest.

5 =  HERE IS GENERAL EISENHOWET TO CLOSE YOUR WIDE EYES RON.  WE both saw the Archangel appear before us on the steps of the back side of the White House as Mamie and eye walked through the home suite.  RYAN gave us a perfunctiory hello and sat us down on the lawn chairs then present,  I see you remember that says Truman good for you people forge all the time.  Be assure I am Eisenhower and Truman is beside me too as we write the brief history lesson.  When RYAN was done was gulped our iced teac the Trumans prepared themselves and talked briefly and Truman says to me we have it as we should have.  Ten this:

6 -  EISENHOWER TURNED TO TRUMAN and said, so that is how you get to be President, you talk to angels all the time.  Truman replied, and so you get mine back for good as I am glad to leave this damn place for good.  You are not on your own, I am here, if you want me, but I am happy to go back to Missouri and lead a retired life afatin.  Be assured you Ron remember all of this well and someday will tell the full story of WWII and the KOREAN WAR and the Armistice aboard the Battleship Missouri. which you see as awesome history and wondered how MacArthur ever got through it with medical problems galore.  He wa seriously ill when Yokoyamo, the actual high priest of Shinto attended to sign for Japan.  He was so nervous he nearly exhausted himself with the loss of his breath more than once and had to be held well with oxygen apparatus before he signed for Japan.

Your Link to 22 March 2020 LIGHTLINE USA TAPE HERE
Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania


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Re: TAPE 22 March 2020 USA Lightline 1hr 04 mins
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2020, 08:23:23 am »
The ETERNAL SON would be the most suited to run the mission if you care to take an answer MONJORONSON.

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« Reply #2 on: March 23, 2020, 12:31:35 pm »
LIGHTLINE USA March 22, 2020

This is the transcription of the first 30 minutes of recording (Part 1) that Monjoronson labeled a historical tape as truly is. Therefore, the transcription is verbatim, presented with time stamps to able to find the parts of your interest easily and listen to it on the tape.

Recording begins (0:00 min)
Ron starts with greetings and introduction
I wish to remind all of you that we have the first Australian Lightline later tonight.
The call in number is 1-800-719-6100 conference access code: 284-1904 at 11 pm Easter Daylight Time (New York). This is the first Lightline they will have. Ron will be there to support them.  

Machiventa Melchizedek speaks:
North America’s telephone lines are so jammed right now that you are lucky to have a conference call at all. Yesterday you were warned by the Australian service that the North American telephone network was down. The could not service it. Let’s just hope that the Australian broadcast tonight at 11 pm New York time is able to go forward with North American subscribers. Other then that we just have to deal with an overload of the telephone network.

This is Machiventa Melchizedek. Look at it this way Ron. This is what we are going to face for the next two weeks. The entire American network of telephone and internet is so clogged with people wanting to know what happened and if anybody else is as bad off as they are. I assure you they are. Those of you who live outside the United States must recognize that we had a financial meltdown this past week, and that it has caused a loss of fortunes. Ron is all liquid, so he does not have any problem. Those of you who may have invested on the Wall Street Stock Exchange are looking at a 30% loss at the very least. That is a fortune if you have a large sum.

Ron: Monjoronson, can you tell me what he said? (the supreme)

This is Monjoronson, thank you Ron. He said he was going to give you trouble, but now you have referred back to me judiciously and he is gone. Ladies and Gentleman! That is what Ron can do so well. He surprised us with the ability to transfer it back to Monjoronson without upsetting god the supreme. Now I want to tell you something. God the supreme has been fully removed from Urantia.

You can no longer do some of the things together you used to do. Lightline will continue, transmissions will continue. But the ability to post in all cases is not going to be easy to do. Ron thought he had a hacker yesterday. Well he did and the hacker accidentally showed him the call. Once Ron saw the call all he had to do was to turn it off rather then take a heck. The surprised hacker still does not understand how it happened. We put it into a frame on Ron’s computer he could read easily. He is kicking himself for not taking a screenshot, but he was so shocked with a picture of the hacker’s computer, showing his name, his avatar, and the code to hack.

Ron: I did not know quite what I was seeing.

Machiventa: the truth of the matter is that Ron has full control over the network. You call it the discussion forum. We still have a problem between Boston and New Jersey. Charles is trying to straighten it out but there is an anomaly in the server in Boston that prevents full extension of the new version of the discussion forum to the Boston server. That is something Charles is going to have to try to figure out. No one understands it.    

6:25 min
Now this: I am Monjoronson and I am holding forth with this speech to make sure that you all understand that god the supreme with small g and small s is no longer available on Urantia today. We cut him off yesterday, he came back in strength. We now know that it was the cabal who was responsible for doing it, they have been removed and all is going to be much better in the next few weeks, as we remove the supreme and open the doors for the Magisterial Mission (MM). The MM began March 18th, if that is correct, or 8th …. (now we are going to un-mute everybody then mute again, there were some clicks). All right, leave it that way, Ron.
Now, the truth of the matter is that we are still not in control.

This is god the supreme, you will never be able to undo me Monjoronson. I am now fully in control with Ron. Ron pulled a slippery one and I am not going to fall for it this time. You Ron are despicable, and I am lucky enough to know that I am going to kill you. I will do that easily when I want to.

Ron: Yes, Monjoronson.

9:30 min
Thank you Ron. You are learning the protocol. Now this: This is Monjoronson, and that’s empty worlds, but you hear them. Ron is up against it for two years now. Ron’s ill health is a result of injections from poisoning clean cyanide. It dissolves the cells. In any case Ladies and Gentleman, you are getting a good lesson in how we must deal with evil. This is evil. Ron calls it the Antichrist. It is the Antichrist. The supreme has taken Jesus and made a mockery of his teachings. Ron rightly calls him the Antichrist. He has a bulletin 14 coming, or 13 Ron? Yes, bulletin 13 is probably calls him the Antichrist and shows how he is the Antichrist and speaks to John the revelator. You have got a major revelation coming. Its not the 6th, it is a revelation that is more than epochal. Ron is going to be doing most of the work and he will start it today, and I will help you Ron.

Ron: Thank you, because I have nothing in the hamper right now, other then what we discussed about Jesus.
Monjoronson: That’s it. It is Major! I hope they can understand it.
Ron: I do too.
Monjoronson: Thank you

11:30 min
This is Monjoronson. Those of you who cannot get on and listening to the tape only, understand that we are having a network problem up here as well. Our frequencies to broadcast have been truncated by the supreme, in order to reduce the effectiveness of your Lightline Ron.

Tonight you will have the Australian broadcast, the first for Australia at 11 pm New York time. That number to call in is toll free: 1-800-719-6100 the acess code is: 284-1904.

12:40 min
Monjoronson: Now this: This revelation that you will speak to Ron is not just you spoke of Jesus. That was a revelation to you, extraordinary.
Ron: Yah, I couldn’t believe that I did not hear it before. Thank you for telling us that. I simply did not see it before.
Monjoronson: Why do you think you did not see it?
Ron: For the simple reason I never questioned the reason for the bestowal of Jesus. When I  I discovered that the last part of the of the reason for that bestowal was not enacted. It was not told. He was killed before he could do it.
Monjoronson: Thank you Ron. Stay tuned Ladies and Gentleman, you are going to be quite surprised. Ron discovered the main reason and we have decided that we are going to make it an epochal revelation. It will help Jesus to explain some of the things He has to get into when he appears. He will appear. We keep juggling the time but he will appear.

14:15 min
Now this: For this reason, we are going to recall you Ron briefly today. And that means you are going to find yourself so sleepy, you have to lay down and sleep for a period. We have got to do it, to improve some of your outstanding need.
Ron: Thank you.
Monjoronson: Now, the Jesus’ epochal revelation known as the 4th epochal revelation, is going to be upgraded into the 7th epochal revelation to be provided on Urantia.
The 6th epochal revelation s going to be seen. It will be published as a book. But the 7th epochal revelation is going to be spoken to in assembly, to Jesus, to the population of the world of Urantia from Jesus.
15:55 min
We have decided that the 7th epochal revelation will be compiled by none other than Carcas (Karcas? Unable to confirm spelling, sorry), and Jack0802AB, Hanson, and one other you do not know that Carcas will reveal to you later Ron. (Ron: Certainly.) And they are all One Without Name and Number, expect one Who is One (High) in Authority, and it is under him that Jesus will appear with the 7th epochal revelation.

16:35 min
Ron: If I may Monjoronson, does that tell us that the 6th epochal revelation will appear in book form for dissimulation, and that when Jesus appears the 7ty will follow.
Monjoronson: That is correct.
Ron: We will have 2 epochal revelations simultaneously almost.
Monjoronson: Yes.
Ron: How do we handle that Monjoronson?
Monjoronson: Thank you. Hah! That’s a beautiful question! We are not sure. Ron, you are looking at the appearance of Jesus within 10 years, at the very least.
Ron: I expect him within a year if what I heard is true, and that is correct.
Monjoronson: Yes. Ron has heard a final announcement of Jesus himself. So that only Ron knew the real answer to the problem of epochal revelation.
What we are looking at now is that the book of the 6th epochal revelation will appear. But the 7th will appear with Jesus and Jesus will add to the sixth. He will not change it as any of it bad, as all of it good, and add the 7th to it. The 7th epochal revelation will now be a new testament.
18:15 min
It will be written by Jack, Carcas, Hanson, and One High in Authority, and an angel of records, Ryan, and with the help pf Michael, and others who are part of the bestowal.
Recognize that this tape is historical, in spite of the problems. I hear you say Ron, I can cut some of that out. No, do not! You leave the tape run as is. 19:05 min It has god the supreme on, throwing himself around, threatening to kill you, as usual, and trying to take over the (aspecies ?) of Urantia, and its network of spirits.

This is the supreme. I will not allow any of it. You can rest assured Monjoronson, this is not in accordance with the supreme view that Urantia will even have another revelation. I am the supreme. I evolve, I do not reveal, you are doomed before you start.

Ron: Yes, Monjoronson

20:00 min
Monjoronson: thank you Ron. Beautifully spoken, Ron. This is the supreme in actuality. Do not speak lowly of the supreme yet, but be aware that we provide that voicing, so you are not frightened but understanding that I am being removed and being discerned as the Antichrist even in Paradise. John the revelator spoke to this in the Book of Revelation. The Book of Revelation was seriously changed by several monks centuries later.They still adjure what they did and I am embarrassed of what they are called. In any case, even with the changes, the Book of Revelation is still operative when it comes to speaking of the Antichrist. The Antichrist is now resplendent Urantia in several national administrations and in the world of justice where they pervade the courts. They must not be allowed to go further, and I Monjoronson am here to tell you Ron, that the supreme court of the United State is among the only court that stayed above it.Believe it or not.
22:00 min
We now adjure the Trump administration for doing things that they should never do, but the the Trump administration is not wrong in curtailing the border and the (lies? Lives? ?) in North Korea from doing what they say they would do.  

Emigration is killing the western part of the United State. For reasons of state, you call it colonization and that is appropriate. Hispanics are not guilty, but the governments that control that population had no care what happens to the United States. For if push came to shove, 23:00 min there are sufficient Latinos in the western part of the United States to take the land for Mexico once more. That is how serious it is. The Trump administration is outraged that this condition exists and is ready to do something about it. The fence is ridiculous. But the control with the personnel down there is practically and army. It is sufficient to stand the flow. Again, it is not the Hispanic who is guilty. They are following their need, but they dare not do it to the extend it undermine the sovereignity of a great nation. It is colonization, as Ron calls it.

24:00 min
In any case, this is Monjoronson. One of the first things I must do as your Magisterial Son is to calling into an organization called NETO, it is falling a part anyhow. Those nations are ready to take care of themselves again and they should. Ron is concerned mostly because they gave one voice to the defense, but that is not the real problem. The real problem is its being undermined by other sovereign states that are causing serious problems within NATO itself.

25:00 min
We are leaving it for now, but you will see my actions when I get there as a full fledged Magisterial Mission. That is coming shortly.
And finally, this. Ron you do a (g…t? gulf? ) with what has been said so far. (Ron: Yes, I do.) Namely because its speaks to national sovereignities of which you are one, or a part of.
Ron: by my citizenship. That’s right.
Monjoronson: And that is true for every one of you. Listen to me carefully. The truth of the matter is  that the United States is abut the only country left that has any real sovereignity left to it. The European Union us practically bear and its covered with resources. It has set itself clean, dried out over Italy and and Greece and even a couple of other nations. It cannot do it any longer. It cannot bail out national economies that have no concise reason for operating the way they do.

26:30 min
Monjoronson continues: Ron has had long conversations with Serara over the value of the dollar, the need to support the dollar with the gold standard only to bring some sense of collective relief to the debt burden the world is now shouldering.  
The financial meltdown in the past week has shown to the Magisterial Mission that the contagion of liquidity and debt is way out of balance. And that the Magisterial Mission must make some remission as to what the currencies of all nation states relate to. It should not relate to the dollar. It should relate to the gold standard and that is what we will institute. Ron said Amen. You should all say, Amen.  

27:30 min
I am prepared to tell you now what that means. The United States dollar will be paid at one dollar and three cents ($1.03) (t…. .. back).
That means the British pound will now retain a value of $2.57 permanently.
The Italian lira is worthless.
The French franc is almost worthless.
Italy and France will regain the value of their currencies once they attained the gold standard. The lira will be worth one cent ($0.01). The franc will worth ten cents ($0.10).
The British pound will worth two dollars and seventy five cents, ($2.75 or as above $2.57 - we did not assess the error on the call @ 28.07 min and 28.43 min) once they are fully encouraged to base it entirely upon gold. Its called sterling, but that was in the days of silver was guaranteeing the value. The British pound will go gold to gold.
This is the promise of your Magisterial Son, Serara, and I also speak to you Ron, you are deeply concerned that we are exposing our hand may be too much. Not so. I am so glad you are on board Ron.
The truth of the matte is, you are one of the best partisans I have ever met for the Magisterial Mission, for Serara and for Monjoronson.

30:00 min - will be continued in Part 2, beginning with Michael of Nebadon speaking.

K (what is 'K' mean?)

PS: I was determined to join the Australian Lightline last nigh, and the night before as I got mixed up about the dates. Both night I occupied on the computer while I waited and fell to sleep just minutes before the call would begin. Could this be the supreme putting me to sleep? The truth is that it happens to me other times also, I am not in control of my biological clock very much. Sorry for missing out.      

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Re: TAPE 22 March 2020 USA Lightline 1hr 04 mins
« Reply #3 on: March 23, 2020, 02:59:17 pm »
Very good job, Valérie. A transcription, like this one particularly, needs a lot of stamina, I say it from my own experience. Keep it on and many thanks for the work you are doing. It is useful for non-speaking readership who can translate using  google. Domtia
Oh, Lord ! I am your servant, I am your liege, it is my will to have your will be done, I am yours for eternity.

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Re: TAPE 22 March 2020 USA Lightline 1hr 04 mins
« Reply #4 on: March 23, 2020, 03:48:29 pm »
Excellent travail Sonof. Je vous remercie.
Thank you Mr Ron.
« Last Edit: March 23, 2020, 03:50:44 pm by Majesthia Gondo »

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Re: Lightline USA, 22 March 2020, Audio TRANSCRIPT Part 2
« Reply #5 on: March 24, 2020, 04:16:04 pm »
LIGHTLINE USA March 22, 2020.

Part 2

Continue with the transmission of Part 2/2.

Attention to major spelling mistake in Part 1 sections @ 15:55 min and 18:15 min. The correct spelling of the name is Tarkas, and neither Carcas or Karkas. Please accept my apology Tarkas and all readers. Thank you  

Time stamps accuracy is +/- 5 seconds throughout.

30 min
Ron: Michael of Nebadon now wishes to speak. Thank you Michael.

I am Michael of Nebadon, Ron. You are surprised by the degree of displeasure.
Ron: I certainly am, my breath is drawn.
Micheal: Thank you. You did not intent to send any of this out Monjoronson or Serara. But would you believe the Deity Absolute is now in full control at Urantia? The Deity Absolute is now fully in control of Urantia. Ron, you have no idea why you speak so clearly when I speak.
Ron: I feel the difference, thank you Deity Absolute.
Deity Absolute: The truth of the matter is that you are fully under the control of the Deity Absolute always. The supreme has its say, but it can’t kill you. It never can kill anyone anymore.There are millions dead, Ladies and Gentleman, millions! Because the supreme did not want them around to get in the way. Ron is heartbroken over what happened in Salvington. You do not know the details. Ron knows some.

The truth of the matter is, Michael has lost one million five hundred thousand (1,500,000) sub-will beings that run the programs that Urantia is supposed to run. The supreme came in and killed them every one while they were working.
32 min Please understand, this is not a nice report. The supreme has tried to kill Ron on three occasions and Ron is so outraged at the attacks during the night; he gets out of bed and make sure they understand fully he has nothing to do with their evil. The screaming goes on at the top of his voice and he almost has laryngitis today for it.  

Now this: I am the Deity Absolute. Ron has prayed, please remove the seraphic supremacy, they may never be trusted. They are never trustworthy. We now agree.
We have removed over 1 Million (1,000,000) Seraphims from Urantia
We have removed over 5Million (5,000,000) Midwayers
We have removed over 60 Thousands (60,000) Seraphic destiny guards
We have removed 13 Thousand (13,000) universe sons of Urantia
And we have removed almost all Melchizedeks from Urantia, expect Machiventa, Mantutia and the twelve (12) receivers; now is consts (constants?) on Urantia, as your government.
34 min The twelve receivers, Melchizedek receivers, are your government. There are no longer any departments, there are no longer any destiny guard departments, there are no loner any instantsment of other being on Urantia expect the Most Highs and the Observer. Ron says, good. You’re fully for what I do.
Ron: Yes. You have been nothing but square with me. Thank you. Thank you.

Deity Absolute: Now this Ron. You deport Lanaforge back to Uversa, he was loose. He tried to kill you again.
35 min Ron: Yes. I haven’t reported it. Yes.
Deity Absolute: The fact of the matter is, Lanaforge is now deranged. I do not know what will happen to him. If he would have stayed the course,now he would be OK. He did not break out, he was released on trust. He failed the trust entirely. He made a belie for Urantia and for you. Quite painful. Do you to this day have any hatred for him?
Ron: I don’t think I do.
Deity Absolute: I know you don’t Ron, pity.
Ron: I feel very sad for a hero.
Deity Absolute: Thank you, thank you.

36 min Now, this is Monjoronson. Thank you Michael. Ron is fully aware of what we are talking about. Most of those listening have no idea. Shame on you! You are not reading! Ron has made the reports fully available, you bypass them because its a wrangle to read. But its the only way for you to know what really has happened. Bulletin 13 is rehearses it fully. It speaks to …
Ron: I am not sure which, because I have several open …. 14 is infinity. 13 is .. it should be the discussion regarding Antichrist. It may be there Monjoronson.
37 min Monjoronson: It is. Thank you. 13 is a Bulletin about Antichrist primarily. You should read it when it is available. Ron keeps holding it back, because its keeps having to change, but he has done it pretty well down packed. The infinity one has to wait briefly.

Now this: Ron, you will handle the 6th epochal revelation like it was yours.  
Ron: That’s a little .. .awesome Monjoronson. Yes, thank you.
Monjoronson: You’ll have the means to do it soon, and you will do it. You will have Gitcz by your side when he gets clear of that awful building on his shoulders, and he will help you put this dissemination app out. You will mail it gratis to the people on your list.
Ron: Yes.
38 min Monjoronson: That is the last time we spend any money on you, as far as dissemination is concerned. They are going to have to pay for it for themselves behind it. As they should. But we also going to make it available through the spoken world.
Ron: Yes. Professionally?  
Monjoronson: Yes. They are lined up. We will let you know who to contact.
Ron: All right.

Monjoronson: And now this: The 6th epochal revelation is ready for dissemination, Ron. I am speaking as Mantutia but he is here right now. … I am so sorry. Yes. I just got some news. One moment. Yah..
39 min This is Monjoronson. I speak for whoever that was Ron. It was Mantutia.
Ron: Oh, all right. Proceed!
This is Mantutia Ron, thank you. The truth of the matter is Lanaforge is over odd with your ability to say the truth. You said,  you have nothing to deed for our hero. And that is the truth. He does not understand what you mean. He is insane. …. I will say this: He cannot be helped.
Ron: (long pouse) I will never fully understand this Mantutia, as the murder of Jesus either. Thank you.
40 min We thank you Ron. This is Lanaforge, good day.
Ron: Good day, Lanaforge.

Monjoronson or Mantutia: Ron thought highly of him.  
Ron: Very highly. I trusted him fully. That is not entirely sure anymore. It can’t be.
Monjoronson: Thank you. The truth of the matter is that Lanaforge is now straightening himself out to listen a little bit better than he has ever listened before. We did not mean to get into this, but please understand, Lanaforge was a Lanonandek Son, who survived the work of the System Sovereign of Satania.
41 min He was demoted to Planetary Prince, so he could understand what they did in particular, and then fled the scene what Ron appeared, because he thought Ron has subverted the Planetary Prince. The truth of the matter is Ron is fully supportive of the Planetary Prince and all that goes with it. But then he jumped into it because the Planetary Prince could not absorb the planet that he had to establish the means for the Magisterial Mission to operate. Lanaforge then decided that Ron was guilty of subverting his work, and decided to eliminate him with poison injections. Ron was seriously harmed by that.

42 min We now are catching the fact the Lanaforge is being repaired not, and being left to drift into insanity as he has proposed we should do. The fact of the matter is that Ron has still honors his work as System Sovereign, as we should all. He saved Satania from Lucifer, but then adapted the Lucifer protocols on Urantia to kill Ron. Ron is the victim and not the thief. Some day you all will understand this better, Ron seems to do very well with it and moves on.
43 min He needs to put more into bulletins and writing, so you can understand in detail. But he is so scolded by the supreme interfering with the writing that he has quit doing a lot of it recently.

Yesterday, he put out a third revision of the corona virus paper. It is now sick-sinked and speaks directly to the design of the corona virus and nothing more. Further, there is s protein that can be added to the Chinese serum that makes it a total killer. We used the Chinese serum as a benchmark.
44 min It was first on the (meeng ?) to have a serum. It was the first serum. So we use it as that benchmark. Forget our language, Ron.

Now this, this is Rayson. Ron you still have a bobble in it. That atomic list of elements is for the virus itself.
Ron: That’s what I have.
Rayson: Ah! I say corona virus, it is the atomic structure of the corona virus, that’s what is labeled. Thank you. I now amend myself. Good, (Heidi ?)

This is Monjoronson. I am not quite sure what that was about Ron. We seem to move into a different network.
Ron: We did. Thank you. That’s exactly what we did.
45 min All right. This is Monjoronson. Ron is carrying the circuitry of five networks, he does not know but one. But he accidentally pulled a second one in.

Now this: We have been speaking straight now for about 40 minutes. We have this to say, this is Monjoronson. Serara and I are quite convinced that Ron has survived several death treats. The murder that was intended by Lanaforge thought him. And one other item you do not know Ron. You apatite have been increased by the supreme in order to chain you to the debacle they could represent. Do not be overly concerned that you feel a change, but for the better.
46 min Ron: All right. I thank you.
Monjoronson: The truth of the matter is that you are doing all very well yourself and we command you for taking it so lightly.
Ron: Thank you.

Now, as Serara, Ron, we need to talk about the dollar, gold, and how you are going to handle some of it.
Ron: You are teasing me. No. I cannot imagine working in that rarefied atmosphere, Serara.  
Serara: I do not ask you to, I will do it, but together we are going to make it possible for the Federal Reserve to understand that the sudden supply of gold to it is not ours but yours.
47 min Ron: This has to be the supreme!
Serara: It is Ron. YES. Ladies and Gentleman! When it gets exaggerated like that you can pretty well bet there is evil afoot.
Ron: Let me get it corrected Serara.
Serara: Yes, thank you Ron. Let me correct it this way: The gold is not owned by you it belong to me.
Ron: Yah, right. I have a five a dime account.

Serara: The truth of the matter is you have enough to take you through for a little while, but not enough for what we need to do. This is Serara, and I am speaking directly not of the supreme but of you Ron. We are going to use you in your bank, name it for BBNT. It’s a trust.
Ron: Yes. I don’t know what the BBNT stands for.
48 min Serara: Its something Baltimore and Trust. a strong back. I do not know what the front word is. Yah. (Baltimore Bank aNd Trust) In any case, its a strong bank and it makes no noise. It is glad just to be operating. They are merging with something called SunTrust.
Ron: Yes, I think they may change the name to Sun, in a year or less. Yes.
Serara: Good for you, you remembered.
Ron: Really?
Serara. Yes. In any case, you went there when Citizens Bank collapsed.
Ron: Yes. I had to move all the accounts. Something I never liked to do and I am not sure if I got it operating right yet.

Serara: You do. In any case, you have an account called the Magisterial Foundation.
Ron: Oh, yes. Is was the first one we have opened. I remember.
49 min Serara: For the sake of the people listening, let them know what kind of money is in it.
Ron: I originally transferred 25,000 dollars into it. We are now down to about 20,000 and sinking rapidly with all the work I need done on the internet, Lightline, and all the cost associated with an attorney, actually, I am down to the teens now, now that I think about it.
Serara: The truth of the matter is, its a partly sum.
Ron: I know that. Yes.
Serara: To some of them its a great deal of money, but you used to dealing with tens of thousands of dollars every day almost. And the reason is, your pomps are very high, and you insist that the property is looking good.
50 min Ron: Yes, as the best I can under the circumstances now, Serara.
Serara: You will have a trust found to improve the appearance and get people to do the work of the outside. Although you enjoy it yourself.
Ron: I do, yes.

Serara: Now, this will appear suddenly in your account. Its not the supreme, Ron. The truth to the matters is, we have to put this out into the open so people understand that Ron is no longer asking for donations. Mainly because of the Federal Government making it so difficult and expensive to report, he feels its a waste of time. He has cut the charity. He is keeping the Magisterial Foundation a truest and charity. As I understand it.
51 min Ron: Yah, we are under several designations. Not only a 501c3 but also a 5059 and a 5033, something like that, which is unusual. But we report as a 1c3.
Serara: That’s right. Thank you. You see the complications. He just spent 4,000 dollars with the accountant to report them. That is why that is a partly sum in that account. In any case, it is keeping all of you going because he spends these on the discussion forum and all else he does on the Internet from that account.

Now this: Serara: I am sad to report Ron that Lanaforge is no longer.
52 min Ron: Oh! You kidding? Just use it as a d…? (I am sorry), I do not mean it quite that way.
Serara: I am so sorry, he asked for an immediate dispensation, and he got it. I am sincerely sorry. May God rest whatever is left.
Ron: (can’t help but to laugh of the expression)

This is Father. I never heard to put it that way! We need to announce to all of you, this is God the Father. With the supreme you know that when an entity was disposed of in service, the supreme absorbed that person. He no longer were operating at work, or anything in the living Universe.
53 min Ron now wonders what happens to beings or entities that are absorbed into the Universe. Is there absorption? There is. We do not speak to it, but the Deity Absolute might.

This is the Deity Absolute. Not yet, Ron. The whole idea of the Master Spirits working as the Supreme is still on. But there is going to be one Super Master Spirit.
Ron: I have hoped so.
Father: Just as Magistand (Majestand?) appeared Ron, so will a new Deity that supplants the supreme and works with the Seven Master Spirits as the Supreme operation in time.
54 min Ron: Thank you for telling us. I am most grateful.

Thank you! This is God the Father. For some reason or other, Ron seems to be able to pull out the treads of change that means most to Urantia. What do we mean when Urantia no longer has god the supreme? We mean that the ability to have better relationships to work in harmony with each other has been removed. Urantia Foundation has discovered that Ron is right. They are discovering their relationships are horrible.
55 min The Facebook thing they’ve tried to pull through the UAI yesterday, or on Thursday rather, was a total fabrication of loss. They had no one attend, no one asked, their lectures were done in silence and the President of the UAI must be wondering what Ron meant with that paragraph he sent on Wednesday: Watch out, there has been a Universe change! But they never asked. They do not care. They do not wonder. The supreme now is back in force probably the first week in May, 2020.
56 min Let me summarize. The residual is gone in number two and in number three, there is a federation of the Master Spirit to take over the function of the supreme, and that they are federated and have a Deity unity that represents all seven creative purposes.
Ron: I am now going to close this conference. Hold on!

Note: This was to make sure that the recording would not get cut off by the conference call provider company after the allotted one hour for length is expired. So, Ron attempted to start a new session and it continues below. Tape #1 and #2 were united without notice, whereas there was a cut due to that Ron had to made sure the recording was on by stopping and restarting the tape.

57 min Ron: This is Lightline USA, tape #3 at the 3:47 pm New York time. This is Ron Besser, your host.
We are going to mute you all and pick up where we left off, and I believe it was Monjoronson that was speaking, if you there please.
Monjoronson: Yes I am, Ron, thank you. We are going to conclude this tape in about then minutes, so Ron, you put it together the best you can. (Ron: Yes, I will.)
I want to also announce something to all of you that is important to every one of you. Ron Besser has been holding on for us now about an hour and ten minutes in speech. His voice is fine, he carries it well, but his mental apparatus gets fuzzy at times, because we are forcing a lot of blood through the to be able to speak so clearly. Ron just went down to have a couple of pieces of bread and it helps tremendously with the glucose.

58 min Now this: Each of you will soon learn that your best operation during the day is from about 4 pm in the evening is to about 11 am the next morning. Why do we say something so strange?
The reason is that we are going to re-time Urantia. And that means, Deity has the ability to adjust how fast time flows. In the past six months, it has been flowing so fast, you can hardly keep your breath. Its just so much to do and you do not seem to get it all done. That is because we have set up the temple of time to run faster then normal.
59 min We are going to reset it back to about what it was in about 1937. Than it was a nice, slow, winding way along the events of what time offered. You will find that the entire matter of timing for yourselves is better understood when you take your time. Take the time to do everything you do well and right. Learn that timing has been reset and we will use this slower time, settling it back about 1937, for you to obtain all that you need to do in the time of the day that you have.
1 hour That will seem to you, those who are attending this list, from about 4 pm on the evening to 11 am the next day, you will feel a difference in your workday and the speed you go. Now this.

Ron is listening attentively because he has no real attention span other then to do what he has to do and get it done well. He is complaining that he cannot remember what he did an hour ago sometimes, and that is true. We do not let short term memory linger around. If we did he would be crazy. He has so much to do. The fact that some of you are making some extra work for the site,
1h 1 min for example Valerie, you have to learn to do it on your own right now. Ron is so beset with things that must be done immediately. Just follow through.    
The other things we want you to know is that Ron is going to be succeeding himself as best we can. We are not quite sure how is this is going to wok yet, because we have never done this, expect for one other case and that was Lazarus. Believe it or not. The Father ruled that when Jesus said he would bring back Lazarus, that is would be fully competent to run Lazarus as he was. Lazarus is on Paradise, working as One without Name and Number.
1 h 2 min And Ron, you will enjoy Lazarus.
Ron: I am sure I will. .. Just for the stories. Yes

Monjoronson: The truth of the matter is that Ron is not listening to the supreme but to the Deity Absolute through Monjoronson. The Deity Absolute has rules that Ron seriously enough, importantly enough to carry through what he needs to carry though as a human being. Ron is (in) the (spot) light at the stage of humans, to catch up with some things he did not get in his first seventy years. That will be afforded to you Ron in spade (playing cards?).
Ron: I thank you so much. Yes. I need some memories, yes. Thank you.

1 h 3 min The truth of the matter is that he is fully retired in his mind and heart, but not in soul. Soul will be afforded the opportunity to detract. That is to move on without Ron in attendance at all. That is not unusual if we do it this way. Soul will have its own independent life, and is able to absorb Ron when Ron is ready to come to the mention world. Two of you will have it done to you (also). We are not going to say who, but two of you.

Now this. Phyllis, Phyllis Simpson, would you unmute please, if you are on?
Phyllis: Yes
Monjoronson: Yes, Phyllis. I want to speak to you directly. This is Monjoronson, I want to hear your voice.
Phyllis: OK
1 h 4 min Monjoronson: I want you to understand that you are one of them. Now what does that do to you? You must understand we are going to ask your permission first of all to do it. Are you satisfied that if Ron brings you to York and makes you the chief of all secretaries of all corporations, you want to do that?
Phyllis: Yes
Monjoronson: Good for you. Ron fully trusts you and thinks that you are a wonderful helpmate. Just know that.
Phyllis: Thank you
Monjoronson: You can now mute. Thank you, Phyllis. Thank you.

Now, the other one is Lemuel. Lemuel, are you on the line? If you are, unmute.
1 h 5 min Lemuel: I am here, Ron.
Ron: All right. Lemuel, I want to hear your voice as I transmit Monjoronson to you.
Lemuel: Yes, I am here, Ron. Thank you very much.
This is Monjoronson to you Lemuel.
Lemuel: Good evening
Monjoronson: Lemuel, we are going to institute a secret way of bringing you back into health and vitality. You can now create more children if you want to. You can now live with a wife again, if you want to. Ron wants to know, are you truly in service, or do you just wish to abort and go back to the mention worlds?
Lemuel: No, no, no, no. I am 100% in service.
1 h 6 min Ron: All right. Thank you.

Lemuel: But can I ask you a question?
Ron: Go ahead.
Lemuel: I would not wish to look or to chose a partner for me. I would prefer that the Deity chooses for me because then I know it would be perfect.
Monjoronson: Ha-ha-ha, ha-ha. You are asking for a marriage made in heaven and we never do that.
Lemuel: Well…
Monjoronson: But fella, find her yourself. Ha-ha, ha-ha, I am sure you are quite capable, Lemuel.
Lemuel: But, but you have to be young enough to have children.
Monjoronson: Well, certainly. You don’t want a ninety year old.
Lemuel: Not, but she is going to have an 80 years old husband.
Monjoronson: Well, your vitality would be such that you are thirty.
1 h 7 min Lemuel: Well, bring it on! Thank you very much.
Ron: OK, OK. Everyone! Would you, happy one, would you please mute now.
Lemuel: Well, OK, thank you. Very happy about the news. Thank you.

Monjoronson: All right. Now we have had settled Ladies and Gentlemen, there are now 18 of you on as subscribers. The truth of the matter is that four of you decided this wasn’t worth listening to and that is fine. It does not matter.

Now this. We are now going to run a small set of questions to you, you do to have to answer here, but think about it.
1. If you were called to service, could you stand being on Urantia another 100 years? (1 h 8 min)
2. If you were called to service, where do you think you should serve? At home, In your country or in York?
3. Who do you think is going to run the human side? Ron assumed he would, but that is not necessarily so.
4. Who do you think will run the Divine side?
5. Who do you think the Deity would be that runs the Magisterial Mission?

That’s all. Now, before we close and I am going to close shortly.  

1 h 9 min (the discussion below in small print is about how to unite the tape segments)
Monjoronson: I want you to understand Ron that all 3 tapes should be put together.
Ron: All right, I think I can do that.
Monjoronson: All right, and weed out some of it.
Ron: I will. yah.
Monjoronson: The truth of the matter is that the first is almost all trying to get starting, and spattering about problems, getting the tape running properly.
Ron: That’s right.
Monjoronson: And we had some interference as well.
Ron: That’s right.

1 h 9:28 min
Monjoronson: And finally this to you Ron. Eat well today and allow the world to pass you by the next few days. There is no reason to answer the questions that phone call that interrupted you has. He will be fine until the next time it occurs to him.
Ron: All right. Thank you.
1 h 10 min Finally this, this is Monjoronson. We are finally putting together what the Magisterial Mission will look like. The truth of the matter is that it will look like what that book Danial Raphael put together online and which Ron makes available to you by linkage. Find that linkage, read the book, you will be fully satisfied if we look like that. That is what we intend to do. Ron has kept it sequestering, meaning that he saw and knew that that was the right thing to do. And we are happy to report we will do it.

1 h 11 min The idea of an honor guard is still resident in Ron and the rest of and we like the idea. I am not so sure I am going to be incarnated enough to do that, but Serara will be. He will use the honor guard where even he visits in any capital of the world. You will be very well traveled as world leaders when you attend as the honor guard.

And finally, look at the new world this way: There is now a Master Supreme that is going to make a difference on Urantia that is entirely an wholly intending to make it work as Jesus intended it to.  
1 h 12 min Ron will have an important paper on this issue. Namely because you are going to be shocked at what you learn. And you have to learn it.
And finally this. Those of you who will have a re-attendance of life will have a small period of sleepiness over the next few days. You need to understand and give into. Lay down and sleep. That;s all I have to say. I am Monjoronson. Thank you.
Ron: and thank you Monjoronson, you gave yeoman’s work today. We are greatly appreciative.
Monjoronson: Thank you Ron.

The is Michael of Nebadon. Ron, we are going to close this, close your tape right now.
1 h 13 min Ron: For those who are listening, we close the tape upon instruction and thank you for listening.

The end

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Re: TAPE 22 March 2020 USA Lightline 1hr 04 mins
« Reply #6 on: March 24, 2020, 06:27:52 pm »
Yes, yes, yes !  very interesting. Thank you SonofGod for this great work.  God bless you. 

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Re: TAPE 22 March 2020 USA Lightline 1hr 04 mins
« Reply #7 on: March 24, 2020, 11:55:16 pm »
Too many good things and new news to consider from Sunday with that teleconference historically, I think too. As there are still somewhat confusing aspects, especially for those who do not speak the language but that this time we were able to enjoy thanks to that extraordinary work from the audio version to the written version by de Sonsofgod, I would particularly like Ron to point out the questions that appear at the end of the transmission in relation to the calls to collaborate as part of the Magisterial Mission. If I am not mistaken I think my name is among those 18 that were mentioned there, however I do not know what responsibility falls on me if this is the case, and if those 5 questions of Mojoronson should be answered by all
Added to that, the transmission of Wenebojo to Monjoronson himself, which ends in such a nice way:
"Are you ready to play ball with the magisterial missions? Your uniform is already done. We only ask you to try it on. Look how it feels".

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Re: TAPE 22 March 2020 USA Lightline 1hr 04 mins
« Reply #8 on: March 25, 2020, 06:46:34 am »
Now this. We are now going to run a small set of questions to you, you do to have to answer here, but think about it.
1. If you were called to service, could you stand being on Urantia another 100 years? (1 h 8 min)
2. If you were called to service, where do you think you should serve? At home, In your country or in York?
3. Who do you think is going to run the human side? Ron assumed he would, but that is not necessarily so.
4. Who do you think will run the Divine side?
5. Who do you think the Deity would be that runs the Magisterial Mission?

My Answers after much consideration:

Answer 1:

This is another earth lifetime and hard for me to contemplate, but when I consider time spent on the Mansion Worlds, this length of time is probably what I would spend there anyhow and I would find the additional earth experience, the service and the involvement as valuable training that I would get if I passed away early in any case, so my answer is a big YES.

Answer 2:

Due to the COVID-19 shutdowns happening in my country and all over the world, my immediate answer is “At home”. Yet, when these shutdowns are removed eventually when the virus is contained, then the service parameters will certainly expand and I may be able to serve where it is needed and is safe to do so.

Answer 3:

I can name three that I see as suitable to run the human side: JESUS, MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK AND PAUL OF TARSUS AND/OR APOSTLE PETER. [I consider Ron to be a team worker with all of us humans as we are here anyway regardless of our status, it is with our Father-Son Adjuster that we are One in Him].

Answer 4:

MONJORONSON/SERARA ARE THE MAGISTERIAL SONS, The Paradise Sons of God who are best suited and equipped to run the Divine side.

Answer 5:

The Deity Absolute is the one Deity that comes to my mind that is powerful enough to handle and support the Magisterial Mission for Urantia for it knows it’s future destiny.

These are my answers in these unprecedented times we are in if I was asked or called. So help us all Father. Shalom.


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Re: TAPE 22 March 2020 USA Lightline 1hr 04 mins
« Reply #9 on: March 25, 2020, 01:23:25 pm »
Allow me to answer only the two first  questions because they speak to me on a personal level, they ask to be fully engaged, a deep desire for service, that must be well thought and planned. It is not that the three others are of no interest.

Q1 : I am ready to go for it.

Q2 : I would like to serve in my homeland, if not in the country of adoption.

Oh, Lord ! I am your servant, I am your liege, it is my will to have your will be done, I am yours for eternity.

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Re: TAPE 22 March 2020 USA Lightline 1hr 04 mins
« Reply #10 on: March 26, 2020, 02:29:59 am »
Q1 I am convinced that even more.

Q2 Maybe everywhere a little bit, but it can be good permanently in York too.

Q3 I think Steve Gitz would be good too.

Q4 I think of Machiventa.

Q5 One of the Melchizedeks, but maybe Serara or Monjoronson will be available to. Jesus will have other tasks and a Mission.

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Re: TAPE 22 March 2020 USA Lightline 1hr 04 mins
« Reply #11 on: March 26, 2020, 07:52:00 pm »
My answers to the five questions.

Answer 1:    If I would be asked to stay on Urantia for service I think there would be a reason for it and I would certainly say: YES 

Answer 2:    It wouldn't make any difference to me, I'll serve wherever I am needed and asked to go.

Answer 3:   Jesus, Machiventa Melchizedek, They are so familiar with this planet, They have both lived on it.  There must be others 
                   who'd qualify,  but I am absolutely not in a position to judge the super qualities such a person needs to possess to be able
                   to perform such a large and important task.

Answer 4:  The Magisterial Sons, Serara and Monjoronson, They have been studying the planet for a long time and They have 
                   experience in working with humans on Urantia. But again, I am actually not qualified to say anything about the subject.

Answer 5:  The Diety Absolute has full control over the planet now, so I think He will act according to His Divine Status if He 
                   chooses to do so.

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Re: TAPE 22 March 2020 USA Lightline 1hr 04 mins
« Reply #12 on: March 27, 2020, 08:35:48 am »
My answers are simple - I obey the will of the Heavenly Father in everything.
Thy will be done, not mine.
Мои ответы простые – я во всем подчиняюсь воли Отца Небесного.
Да исполнится воля твоя¸ а не моя.

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Re: TAPE 22 March 2020 USA Lightline 1hr 04 mins
« Reply #13 on: March 28, 2020, 02:30:13 pm »
Puisque je suis déjà dans la mission sur le côté subtile, je ferai le travail si je suis appelé à servir pendant 100 ans où plus.  On évolue plus vite dans le service planétaire avec la grande famille céleste que sur les Mondes des Maisons. Je continuerai à servir dans mon pays et partout où je suis envoyé.