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FORWARD looking to the Ascension Career
« on: March 23, 2020, 02:44:08 am »
Hello All,

Can I say a few things that came to me this afternoon as I got thinking deeply over the recent Lightline sessions we have had in the US and with Australia/New Zealand Lightlines. It has occurred to me that there is this theme apparent in allowing me to see the perspective of the FORWARD advance into our Ascension careers in the universe. What has been transpiring on our planet called Urantia, has gripped the attention of every human life to take the COVID-19 event and pandemic seriously, and the fight on the frontline in the healthcare setting in many nations, as well as, the necessity for governments to enforce shutdowns and social isolation that our attention, although fraught with uncertainty and anxiety and so on, there is this theme from our Celestial side who wish to convey the impression for us to look FORWARD to your Ascension Careers. With so many caught up in this pandemic and fallen ill and, at worse, in critical life threatening situations, our life may be cut short and our journey in Spirit begins for those of us and many on the planet may find themselves in before long. 

I beg to also consider how long the queue will be on Mansonia and in the resurrection halls where most of Urantians who die in the flesh will wind up. There are so few of us on this planet who will be surpassing the initial mansion world training and will go on to the more advanced stages of Mansonia and beyond to Orion for training for the work in the Outer Space Zones in our future careers. It has also occurred to me in my thinking, that we who have stayed the course here and continue to work with the Lightlines and with the unfolding Magisterial Mission, we will have acquired a growth unlike anything that may have been acquired on the worlds in Mansonia. Never has there been a world so sick and dire as we see it now unfolding. This pandemic is racing at such a rapid rate that the evolving state of management by governments, people, businesses, healthcare and with the falling state of the financial health in the stock markets begs to ask for the courageous to take on the brunt of challenges that no one is prepared for, nor are we sure how long or bad this is to go. The key word that is being uttered by many world leaders is the word, that this is “unprecedented” and that is because we have never had such a crisis like it before apart from the terror of World War One and World War Two and let us not forget the crippling days of the Great Depression of the 1930s as well. 

This virus is so new, hence why it is dubbed, “novel”,  that it requires rigorous studies and tests to understand it and how best to deal with it. As much as the papers Ron has written with the help of Rayson our Science Officer on Urantia, to enable our scientists to learn of it and of the treatments that can be used to assist the work of treatment and recovery of COVID positive patients, the work is yet to be realised and the healing process to be made successful over a period of time. It still remains to be seen in the light of day. 

Here, we have an opportunity to learn the news of looking forward to our future universal careers even as we may find ourselves caught up in the pandemic that may take our earthly life and we are ascending onwards regardless of the state our world is in. I am assured to know that the future progression is being emphasized and that we are to take that seriously in our perspectives as we take one day at a time. I got the sense from Machiventa Melchizedek that our work here will help, but our lives will be short, and we are to prepare ourselves for our future advancement. Urantia is still a very regressive planet and being on it does not produce much inspiration for those of us who are ready to take the next step in the adventure that Father is opening up for us to venture. 

That is my concurrent thinking as things evolve so rapidly that although it makes many people anxious, there is that ray of light we know is waiting for us when our time is up on earth. I wish to congratulate Ron for his status of being first stage Spirit and he will find himself in new shoes soon on Mansion World Seven if he is to go that way from all of us and hopefully we will all one day join up and meet again in our careers going FORWARD! 

That is the key word I am getting here and that is going FORWARD. I capitalize that as my Adjuster wishes me to emphasize that as such as you all will be soon enough. Thank you Father. I gather there is laughter and joy when we are in the morontial and that we will go on in such lengths and bounds and joys that will make eternity so enjoyable and meaningful.

Take care everyone, stay home, pray, eat well and use social distancing with a “namaste” attitude with respect and dignity as you live and breathe with the breath of God. 

"Namaste" to each one of you.