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« on: March 23, 2020, 01:00:15 pm »
    Location Place: Antananarivo/MADAGASCAR;
    Local Time: Monday 22th.March; 2020; 16:46:00; 9;  P.M.;
    Host : Albert.


    Hello dear RON and All dear List and as well as dear Guests of here on the forum.
    Many apologizes for a such so late reports of the last sessions of  the LIGTHLINE OF THE HEART OF MADAGASCAR being as the March-14th/18th/19th/21th ; 2020 sessions  : successively done by us here in MADAGASCAR.

    Yes,  we have been almost always honored by the presence of  : The Planetery Manager MACHIEVENTA MELCHIZEDEK/ JESUS SON OF JOSEPH / MICHAEL OF NEBADON / THE FATHER / JACK 0802AB / TARKAS / The Magisterial Sons: MONJORONSON; SERARA , and plus,  while the two last sessions : RAYSON. What a most honor had it been for us. Sincere heartfelted thankings to You All our Celestial Teachers of the most high ranks !

    Here let me summarise a bit by my own personal words that has been of a very importance for us here and assuredly for us all on the forum  even for any Christian believer of now and forever the phrase of LORD JESUS while answering the question of the one of the attendees of last Saturday 21rst, March, who asked about the importance of the baptism ceremony and the other sacraments that are being required as almost obligatory from any Christian individual member of any Christian Church if he would like to ever become accepted by God....
     JESUS, then explained the negativeness of the old classic christian teaching about such subject  and some more others as being completely wrong as being not of His ones at all.... Thereafter, He come to talk about the necessity from now on as being dated from Saturday 21rst, March to use NO MORE the Cross as the most important spiritual symbol for any believer of His Faith ! He indicated to use at its place, the " white divine bubble "as protection at any time and exhorted all to call Him in any situations as He is now in the way to enter the necessary steps of His return in live to Urantia. He has forbidden that useless symbol of death from now on to be more used ! Christians have to learn the truth and to comprehend the reality of His  oncoming Salvation for Urantia of now and for all the God's realms .
    There has been only one question but of a very big dimension in my own opinion that one. Then, I am now deciding to give these last participants to have also their each chance to ask their other  individuals' own questions  the next session and that also as  because I feel like them all that that is really  necessary in order to continue  stepping ahead empowerdly and more enligthenedly.
     Fyi:  From last Friday 29th; March; 2020 at the evening; MADAGASCAR had  entered the hard period of the " sanitary emergency " due to the contamination by the saddly famous Covid-19 virus brought from France by some contaminated national citizens coming back home . On yesterday Sunday their numbers were less than twenty individuals. There are still no dead until today.

    ->1): WEDNESDAY  24th, March; 2020;  9 P.M.:
    ->2): SATURDAY 28th; 2020; 9 P.M.
    Thank you All for reading and for your supporying prayers,
   and I am praying: SO, HELP ME GOD, HELP US GOD ! Amen. aoi.


I love HIM, HE is inside me,HE loves me, I  belong  to  HIM,WE  BOTH  are  inside a circle , and as WE  BOTH are inside  the  CIRCLE,a roof is  necessary,so then a point is  being put on the stark  and  then WE  BOTH together are becoming a CANDLE  ENLIGTHENING  the WORLD !!! aoi.

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« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2020, 02:58:53 pm »
Merci Mr Albert pour le résumé. 

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« Reply #2 on: March 24, 2020, 12:11:26 am »
We understand Albert you are making good contact with the Voice of God and thank you for sharing those experiences with us.  I am particulaily happy to see a new Lightline schedue for March 28th and wish you great success with your subscribers and friends who still listen.  You are doing well and please keep letting us know what happens at your Lightline sessions.  We do care you are a good success all the time.  Your friend in America, Ron Besser.   Good day.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON SPEAKS as the Voice of God through Ron to all of you who work on the Madagascar LIGHTLINE OF HEART.   "We speak now to you Albert to keep working as you have been doing.  You work hard to be precise and you are excellent at getting my voice just right.  Your subscribers listen in awe to your voice as they listen to awe to those who transmit in the United States on their Lightline work on Sunday afternoon in New York time zone.  All are welcome to join the USA Lightline too AND THAT IS AT 2pm nEW yORK TIME ON EVCERY SUNDAY.  It is quite late in the evening for you in Madagascar though.

"We claim great success with your subscribers too.  You do not have as many as you started with but your telephone service is causing them not to use the service you provide because there is not energy in the phone lines to hold everyone to listen on the phone all the time.  Let this run until you are sure you have no one to listen and then wait a month and start again, as you may have a lot then to come back.  Nothing like stopping and starting again if you have to and do not worry about the Corona-19 virus as you are too strong to get it mostly and do not freely mix with the people right now as there is the virus all around you now.  Keep away from touching and wash your hands often to wash thevirus away as it hates soap and water.  I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON and wish you a great day and success with your Lightline always.   I AM MICHAEL OF NEBADON. K"

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania