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Machiventa and Jesus Speaks on Planetary Work and More
« on: March 27, 2020, 06:26:53 am »
Speakers: Machiventa Melchizedek and Jesus
Subjects: Planetary Work, the Magisterial Mission and the Divine Revelations
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 27/03/2020 7.45pm(AEDT)

Machiventa Melchizedek:

“This is Machiventa Melchizedek speaking here. I would like to reiterate to you all and as a reminder that we are in a Magisterial Mission here on the planet of Urantia. Things are not as they seem to you. And that is for good reason that we do not show face just yet in the midst of the crisis of the coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic. We are in liaison with the World Health Organisation and direct those who are to deliberate on how to deal with this pandemic. We advise most world delegates to take seriously the directions given to the WHO officials as per the ongoing health emergency that is present in and rising in troubled areas around the planet. While we have worked hard to get our vaccine solutions known, not many are realising how it works to knock not only the virus but also to put it to bed. It is just that effective if only the many researchers take heed of our contributions we have already made in getting our material taken seriously. 

“Notwithstanding, we are content that some progress is being made and there will be some effort going into making some solution to the problem of dealing with a contagious virus. I ask that you also realise that this is not the only disaster that you are facing, but also the coming issue of earth changes, that still is yet to be making its presence. Already, earthquakes and freak weather events have already made its way and that causes difficulties in recovery in light of the awkwardness of the pandemic crisis. Now this is to be emerging as a double edged sword as things get to the point the decimation of human life will far exceed what the pandemic presents in the current rate that you are seeing occurring now. 

“Now, why do I make this known in a time of unprecedented events is because we on our side of the veil need to make you all aware of the coming crisis that will result in what Monjoronson calls the “population decimation” in his paper with Daniel Raphael titled Planetary Management and Sustainability. Most of what is contained in this paper is to emerge shortly and you are seeing this already as you find yourself contending with the depression of the financial collapse in the world markets as well as with the government shutdowns, lockdowns and so in a concerted effort to contain the spread of the virus. When the earth begins to break up, you will also contend with migration issues and most probably homelessness and food shortages. You see this as an alarming forecast and rightly so it is. We are just as concerned as you all are and it is for this reason why I make these statements now to prepare you for what is coming. Monjoronson/Serara are your Magisterial Sons and I work closely with these Paradise Sons along with Michael of Nebadon to ensure my duty, not only as Planetary Manager, but as the Melchizedek of renown with Abraham of your Bible’s Old Testament days that I worked with in those days of the Levant.

“Now this: we (and I say “we” as to speak as one with Monjoronson/Serara and with the Deity Absolute) are cognizant of the fact that the Universal Father has given us a directive to proceed without delay to reissue Urantia in good standing as soon as possible. That, we intend to do, but we keep hitting roadblocks as to the rebellions that keep cropping up with the Supreme/Ultimate. The Deity Absolute has made it abundantly clear that he is now in control and has removed the Supreme/Ultimate and has sought the Sentinels of Paradise to see to it that they guard our work with you humans who we adore as worthy of our attention and effort. You are benefited with the knowledge that we can now go forward in the safety net of the Father’s assurance that in Him all things consist.. 

“Now this also: we are of the opinion that we are to ensure your safety in the troubled times you may face and we will direct those Sentinels to be with you and to see to it we have a Magisterial Mission materialise in short order when it is deemed appropriate and functional in the midst of the turmoil that you all will see soon enough. Our presence will shock most who are not ready, but it will alleviate so much pressure that is apparent and the confusion of our work will dissipate as soon as all are aware of our good intentions to assist you in recovery and survival on the planet. This is not a holiday right now people! This is the time to come forward and place yourself with me, your Planetary Manager and be ready to take my call. I have a list on my table of things I must accomplish and they are too numerous and cumbersome for most of you to do, but I have on hand the many orders of beings who are well guided and equipped to handle most that I must get out of the way in the next few weeks of your Urantia time. For now, I am asking you humans who are listening to this and to me, to stand by and be ready for the ride of your life.  

“There is a lot coming from Monjoronson/Serara to readjust the financial situations that will emerge and how best to handle the crippling challenges resulting from the virus and from the earth that moves as a result of the earth’s core overheating very rapidly right now as we speak. This is why the Universal Father has requested that we do not delay any further as to our intentions for Urantia as we must make clear to the people on the planet of their understanding with the revelations of the Sixth Epochal Revelation we would like to get out soon. 

“There are also more revelations to come when Jesus appears to make his presence known and he has his new statements to make to right the wrongs done to him over two thousand years ago. His bestowal was meant to uplift you in those days but he has hit the snag with the rebels who wish to remove him and that is a story in and of itself.
With every life lived, there is a story to tell and this one is a unique one as it dealt with the Son of God in your midst in those times in Palestine. No human ought to have died the way Jesus died and no one ought to have endured the misunderstandings that he, as Joshua ben Joseph, did in his day. This, Jesus will make known the truth you all will need to know of him and of his relationship with the Father of All. Jesus will make this reappearance a new bestowal to restore the previous bestowal as it must correct the intention of his bestowal to the people of Urantia. No one will see Jesus in the same way as they did when it is known the brevity and length of his reality he wishes to present to all of you. You all know in part, but when he makes it known, you will then know more fully not only of him but of yourself. That is a joy for him to do and we will leave that for him to accomplish when he is ready to do so.

[Sue: I hear Jesus:] Jesus Speaks:

“I am ready for this Machiventa, in fact, I have been ready for this for quite a long time and that time for this is now. Why such a length is due in regard to seeing that the people are in that right frame of mind to receive what I have to reveal in time. My ways are not mine but of the Father’s and it is the Father that I bring to all of you. So there is the short of it. Although, I will bring a big fat book to delight you with as well. The Father is not to be demeaned nor minimised in any way by a fat book, but it is one that will knock your socks off, if you have any on your feet in the first place!  Anyhow, I am here and raring to go only to be told that Monjoronson/Serara must clear the decks first before I land. Okay, I get that and wait this out as long as it takes, but please be about the business of the Father and let's get to it at once, Machiventa. 

Machiventa responds:

“Yes Jesus, that is the clearest thing I have ever heard from you and I agree. We will get to it and position ourselves to task to clear the way for you, but first we have to work through these crises and get the people on board with us to ensure a soft landing for you. Is that the way to go and can you abide with us a while longer?


“Yes, I abide in what this entails and it is with delight that I enter a planet that is moving in a direction that awakens instead of being asleep as it has been for way too long. Thank you Maciventa and I look forward to the coming days that will see such a change in heart and in spirit with all of us who are here and mindful of your well-being.


“Thank you Jesus for such confidence in us and we will endeavour to do whatever it takes to bring Urantia back into a sensible direction that grants the people here a greater means in working with us as they see it working better for them and for their well-being as well. 

“Now I turn your attention, dear readers, to the fact that this is a missive of sorts, but it is of the intention to ensure you get the drift we are very much attentive and busy at work to direct the way forward and see your world shine for a change. That, of course, is entirely up to each of you. If you wish a better way forward, it is when we have come together to work for a common goal and end, then it makes light the way and the journey for all of us indeed. I am Machiventa Melchizedek, your Planetary Manager signing off for now. May you all take care in these difficult days and may you be well and eat well all of you. My blessings be upon you and may my peace be with you. Shalom.”

End. (8.49pm)

[T/R Note: Thank you Machiventa and Jesus, this is great to hear and it’s good news for a change as we so badly need a good direction. In much appreciation of the efforts and work of our wonderful Sons of God who are at work and getting with it. Hallelujah! Sue.

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Re: Machiventa and Jesus Speaks on Planetary Work and More
« Reply #1 on: March 27, 2020, 07:52:57 am »
A great transmission Sue.

Thanks a million.


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Re: Machiventa and Jesus Speaks on Planetary Work and More
« Reply #2 on: March 27, 2020, 12:59:12 pm »
Thank you Machiventa and Jesus for this good news .  Thank you Mm Sue for this transmission. 

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Re: Machiventa and Jesus Speaks on Planetary Work and More
« Reply #3 on: April 07, 2020, 08:18:56 am »
Thank-you Sue for such great news I sometimes feel that we get forgotten in all the stuff that is ongoing!
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