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Machiventa Melchizedek on a Seven Point Report
« on: April 26, 2020, 08:46:08 pm »
Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek
Subject: Seven Point Report
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong Victoria Australia
Time/Date: 27/04/2020 9.30am (AEST)

[Scribe: Is there anything to report?    I settle myself, calm myself and put aside the loss, the disturbances in mind and try to reconfigure as to what is now in place for us to fathom…..]

“Yes, this is Machiventa Melchizedek here. I am speaking briefly and to the point. I use this method to keep away such nuances I do not wish to entertain. Here it goes: There are several points on my list to go with here. I put them in each paragraph for you to easily follow my list. Let this be a guide to tell you what is in store.

“One, is to do with the changes taking place around and above Urantia. As you are made aware of the newly composed Urantia Planetary Government, with I, as your Planetary Manager still in place and maintaining the steady progress we are making with the Archangels and a number of my Melchizedek colleagues. You can now begin to see the planetary emergency now being in place due to the supreme’s unruly behaviour to try to usurp the manner in which Michael and the Universal Father wishes to handle Urantia and onwards into the Salvington establishment.

“Two, as this now proceeds to the manner in which the Ascension Career is to be handled for those who are to die and enter into the Mansion Worlds for training and ascension in areas of spiritual advancements. This is still in process of modification on levels to do with the Adjusters who are now being reconfigured with the Universal Father and the Eternal Son. This is to ensure you are receiving the added benefit, attention and protection of the Existential Deities who are very much interested in your level of growth going forward. Your life in Urantia is going to be short, and many of the inhabitants of Urantia will find themselves in the course of Mansion World rehabilitation, due to the supreme’s actions of subverting the process already being made for the Ascension Career progression. These modifications we, on this side of the veil, are making to enable a smoother transition for those of you who are to proceed in the morontial life.

“Three, is to do with what is going to be for you in the meantime on earth as to how to go about life in the middle of the worst kind of pandemic, and then more, in the earth changes that are soon to call in more difficulties you are not well prepared for. This is where certain changes we make now to prepare for the emerging dangers and transitions that will be resulting from the earth’s march to move to counter balance herself from near internal combustion. That is so hot and so dire we cannot predict how it will go. The Power Directors have managed to stave off a possible disaster, but only for a length of time yet. There is still a venting required to dissipate the internal heat being built up in the earth’s core, it is over boiling point now and I am of the opinion we are ready to announce a code Red in the view a possible pole shift and resulting crustal plate movement is imminent. 

“Four, we have a Return of Jesus who wishes to make his presence felt in Urantia mainly to do with allowing the essence of his message to be made known to all. His presence is so powerful it will require the energy field of the planet to be lessened to allow for His material manifestation to take hold and that will cause the ripple effect of energy balance to the earth’s core. I think you will know that such a ripple will have an undesirable effect on the planet’s ability to maintain its balance. It already is moving on its pole axis as we speak. Nevertheless, the appearance of any divine Son of God on the planet will have this effect and it will be given due regard to the safety issue regarding his work on the planet as well as the work to maintain some semblance of balancing out the changes you are all experiencing. Jesus will make it clear as to the meanings and purpose of these changes. It will be good in the way how it will bring about the necessary life purpose for which you will come to appreciate. Already, the Covid pandemic has provoked the self-isolation process in which many citizens of the earth are finding that quiet time and space to really let sink in the new reality of safe distancing life you now will require to maintain to keep the virus from spreading. This new life you have now accepted and over the course of weeks now, you are adjusting to some benefits it has given to those of you who see the work-at-home method offers such savings in various ways.

“Five, is to do with what my role is as Planetary Manager with my new form of personnel. It is a security measure as well as a functional manner in which we go about our role as to handle the issue of planetary emergencies. It is of that status on two fronts: an earth change is imminent; and a Divine Ministry is taking shape with Jesus to head it. My role is to ensure all passage of qualified personnel is in place and that the security of you and us are being abided by and with my oversight. Let me put it this way, I have the Father’s approval to handle this office and to do what is bidden me to carry as worthy of HIs will to see to it that Urantia gets a fair chance of knowing what is at stake. That I do, and will maintain, both for you and for the many who come to assist in the work of reconfiguring the planetary life as well as for the Ascension Career pathways for earthly mortals to enter into. 

“Six, your Adjuster is not lost on you, know that. Your Adjuster is in existence with you as much as you live out your days as you do now. What has changed is the inclination with the Father-Son relationship you have with your indwelling fragment of God. This is a truly special moment for each of you to assimilate with in the way how you relate with the Father of All and how He bestows Himself with His little sons of God that He sees you as full of potential. The Eternal Son is to be your motherly guidance in ways that enable you to be fully embraced with the spiritual energy of the Father-Son relationship you have so ingrained in your makeup as mortals of this realm.

“Seven, finally, but not the last, the point to make here is to allay your fears and concerns over these changes that are taking pace before you. I know you all are struggling with this in your mind over how this is to be understood given the removal of the experiential deities and the introduction of new personnel, planetary government and with the unity of Adjuster input is for you to assimilate. This is not to be taken lightly, it is a fundamental shift in the direction Father wishes to take in how you can travel the spiritual circuit of growth that is now progressively upstaged. It is no longer the experiential/supreme path, but more now towards the directness of the Father-Son impetus with your personality and with your will with HIs. It is an upward stage of growth and with increasing awareness of your morontial prowess as you cotton on with the Father in your journey in Spirit. 

“That is about it for now, I stand ready and waiting for the word GO! That is still pending on the assumption that awaits when Michael of Nebadon has received recommendations from the Council of Equilibrium as to the outstanding case of the full removal of the experiential deities from Orvonton and beyond. We and I await adjudication. I sign out now and bid you all to be patient with us in these matters. Good day all. K”


[Scribe: Thank you Machiventa for this report. It is helpful to see the progress that is being made.]

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Re: Machiventa Melchizedek on a Seven Point Report
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Thank you Director.
Thank you 7inOcean