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  • Albert.
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     Location Place: Antananarivo/ MADAGASCAR;

     Local Time: WEDNESDAY 20th, May; 2020; ; Antananativo  7:23:00 afternoon time;


     The HOST : Albert.


     Hello dear RON. Hello Dear Sisters and Brothers and as well Dear Guests of the forum here.

     I must apologise to you all my friends  for my very few posts all those last days that because  of real thighness in many domains for the very material life aspects such as unhealthy body almost all the time , some harsh lack in almost the necessary as money, foods, and so on, not only for myself but for all of us being five individuals of whom myself, my jobless wife, our three children : one eleven (11) years old boy,  two  (2 ) daugthers respectively of  ten ( 10 ) and  eight (8) years old;  and above all that there is  here the " Covid-19  obligatory staying home   measures " that really is weakening  bodily as well financially everybody after those sixty (60) days of lasting for now.... but I am not giving up anyway. This evening THE  L.L.O.T.H.O.M. must be run ! The attendees have been  prepared to be ready as usual. The invitation has been just sent to our TEACHERS.


# Today WEDNESDAY 20th, May: 2020 ; 9 P.M. Antananarivo evening time;

 # I an inviting GOD and the   Divine Authorities Responsibles  of us and The Emissaries as our Teachers , to assist and to support us by Their so  important Teachings that we need so greatly.

#My best greetings for a very quick healing to Sister Amethyst who is hospitalised and my sincere prayers too; and same my sincere wishes as prayers for a better health and completed body strength to you Brother Ron and also for anyone else here who need same better health state for their own benefit.

#  Any supporting prayers of everyone for us would be welcomed and thanked heartfeltedly .

# For my part, I am praying GOD : " so help me GOD, help us GOD " 
# For Your HONOR and Your  GLORY !!!  aoi.

     Thank you all for reading



     Albert the Host.


I love HIM, HE is inside me,HE loves me, I  belong  to  HIM,WE  BOTH  are  inside a circle , and as WE  BOTH are inside  the  CIRCLE,a roof is  necessary,so then a point is  being put on the stark  and  then WE  BOTH together are becoming a CANDLE  ENLIGTHENING  the WORLD !!! aoi.

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Brother Albert, 
We thank you for your sincere reports and prayers, so filled with the love and Spirit of God. We are praying for your family and ministry in faith, trusting Father for all goodness and provision. As hard times are just ahead His awesome glory will manifest among us, just keep the faith. We thank God for your faithfulness. Blessings,  
sons of God

Online Ron Besser

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Thank you Albert for keeping the faity!  Stand fully in front of God or however you may call His name.  We fully support you from York and fromd all others and their cities around the USA, and we do hope your session went well, for your time is hours and hours ahead of our time as we lay as a land so far west of the setting sun.  May your work continue and that your family remains well and happy.  Worry not much about your financial condition as help is comint to all of Madagascar soon enough through the Lord Jesus Christ, and he especially likes your group of women who help so much to do these Lightlines!  Mercy is granted to you in all things, Albert, and for your group who relgiously follow the words of the Voice of God with your help.  Ron Besser/Admin also wishes you to know your messages get here after you usually ahve done your Lightline.  Can you forecast a week ahead your time of the new Lightline and anything else you might wish to say about your service as a Lightline host? 
We all thank you and your group for keeping these Missions alive while we fight the devil quite too ofent and very much in league with the forces that would stop all of this.  It must not ever be ended or stopped.  We pray for your success as all of us for you and Magagascar and its people;

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = "We attend regularly, Albert.  You hold us well as we do for you too.  Be glad we have Ron running the show over here as he finds you necessary and well and we do too.  Be assured we hear you speak your prayers for your family and for those who work with you in many places to earn enough to eat and sleep in safety.  God Bless to all.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON. K"

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