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This is a long one again everybody and I did not have the time to spellcheck this well so you get it as I typed it as the Voice of god came in well and freely well done for me this very early morning time.  There are some hard facts to bear in this and I really dislike the idea they have abandoned my change to work here much longer.  So be it as Shakespear so often says. But the lament is easy to baer also because they know my problems and will work with me howeer I am invited to ascend these days.  Thank you for your patience and dig into now if you will.  Thank you.  Ron Besser

21 MaY 2020
York, Pa at 01:30 Local time

21 May 2020 An Update

The URantia Planetary government has made a radical departure from what is normally done for a material planty raising humans.  Most human planets in Nebadon are seraphic in nature.  However Urantia is changing that mostly because of a radical rebellion 250,000 years ago, and a new rebellion recently that shattered the old idea of a seraphic givernment again.

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK advises that the new government when finalized will consist of seven rarely seen tyeps of Orders to clear it out of the phlegm of the last rebellion adjudicated on Uvers in March of 1986.  The new adjudication is promised in about six weeks, and is obviously too late for some of you who are hosts of the Lightline project.  Ron Besser started that almost on a whim and has discoverd it is so powerful because the hosts all can translate the Voice of God successfully and for good reason, these new Lightline projects are pricesless.

Those Lightlines called USA LIGHTLINE and the NETHERLANDS/EUROPA and the El SALVADORE LIGHTLINE with Rene Duran, are considered the premier Lightlines at this moment and are gaining ground in popularity in spite of being attacked by rebel fo rces on Urantia once again.  Those Lightlines must be preserved at all costs and they must be preserved at all costs.

The LIGHLINES named above are useless if attacked by rebel forces much more and Ron has seen to it they are curtailed and their scheduels marked to maintain their presence and that is an unprecedented move for a human to make in any circumstance and we are grateful but unhelpful to perpetuate what is to be done shortly.  That which is to be done is to truncate all transmissions for at least a week and then stand down for another few months until the Magisterial Missions are running in the USA and probablyYork.  That York address is precarious not but fought over not by the Magisterial Sons but by the English proverb, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.  Ron says you ain’t broke people, but what you propose is not enough ever for now.  We take that well to put ahead of these further statements:

Number 1
Eat well now as food will become scarce;

Number 2
Trial your work slowly to make sure it lasts.  Attempts to archive Audi Tapes is harmless but will fail, as Ron sees that as premature now, and sees that former tapes speak not to the trial we really need to preserve and that is the discussion forum before it gets broken into by hackers, as Charles has not adequately protected them and they are vulnerbale all the time due to the fact there are mirrors galore popping up soon enough by people who replicate what Ron has done but have not the skill to maintain them propertly.  Watch out CharlesL you are going to have to repair them over and over and will tire of it as hackers have very sophisticated tools and a private subscribnition is necessary now.  See to it Charles.  A private subscription takes them off line and places them in a private server at home.  You have one Charles but hate to use it for this.  Trial Ron and ask to be apprised of what it costs for a new one and put it in a safe place with good power requirements.  The Secretary of State of the US, Hilary Clinton did that to avoid noteriety at the State Department when she mandated the US needs to end its relationship with Israel as too close and too tied to each other strategically.  She hit paydire then but nothing but trouble now and that is her life;s story too Ron as you see her make it g reat and than fail over foibles that she never paid attention to until too late.  You are avoiding that clearly but your health is over for good and we are not sure anyone cares.

The Urantia Planetary Governement is now up for grabs not, but we are not releasing many detials yet until approvals are in place and we can operate without spirit interference, and that is dangerous and gather strength daily on Urantia in spite of the Paradise Trinity making it cleae there needs to be remediation for all angels and the Creative Spirit in particular.

Finally, I MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK now report t hat the trials to maintain LIGHTLINE are nearly over as the TRINITY has decreed them absent now but fully exploited shortly by present hosts providing they can change their attitude that no Voice of God speaks but that a planetary broadcast ensues directly into their audio channles with Hosts using their telephones to moderate between various pahses of the Lightline operations.  Ron uses a catchy was of doing it with a wonderufl cophose Phyllis Simpson, but her heatlh is so precarious we do not see that lasting past another month at best.  She is advised she is being received for analysis for health improvement, but that last auto accident has dented her vitality structers in the brain, and Ron has dented vitality structures in his heart pluy brain and is nearly exhausted trying to keep up with demands here.

We conclude with the facts of the sitution:

Number 3

There is no factual information for health improvements either for Phyullis or Ron and both will die soon if they are not relieved of this terdium over which they have slaved for years both now.  I submit the fact and not the solutions today.

Number 4
There are no real trests running on Urantia, but Ron is correct to note in his Journal today that all the Hosts for Lightline have a severe trauma and he blames the supreme and ther ultimate for sabotage.  He is not wrong and it portends one hell of a fight over ascension career status on the new mansion worlds Ron dare not tenter until they are prepared of Fahter-Son and Fahter-Spirit tags.  This truly upsets Tarkas and Jack0802AB over who they fought so hard for to be heard above, and now are being told to “cool it” if they want their status to remain in good keeping.  Be assured that gets straightened out good but for now Ron you are flattering yourself to think you hold any status on Urantia at all and as far as a commision is concerned it is flatly denied by the Deity Absolute not, but Rayson had to sneak out and give you Chapter One of the new book, :The Afterglow of Resurrection,” a hell of a book to be seen now but so important we give it priority up here too if the Deities wish to use circuitry I have reserved for Melcvhizedek use exclsuively.  Your life Ron is precious but uncared for and that is the cruel fact.

Number 5
Carole Deptula noted the computers are verr hard to handle.  Ron fully agress and is furious with the Spirit on pulling a fast one there too.  He recently cleared his computer of the mud that builds up on the operating systemes and all of you need to celan them by reloading them or taking new downloads to clear the old structures that Spirit has wormed into and is making operations very difficult again.  We wonder how long the clean up lasts Ron as you do and your find the entire matter worthy of a full execution, the loss of life, over sacriledge and sabotage without further ado.   The danger is huge these days and we are refusing any charge against you Ron or anyone else who makes use of the errors of the lucifer rebellion to get theirway.  It is truly horrible nasty stuff and it should never surface but it finally ahs in spades and it must be erradicated at once.

Number 6.
THIS IS MICHAEL OF NEBADON = “Ron you and Phyllis will probablydie within days of each other as both of you have reached the nadir of your lives at the very moment of your greates contribution.  You count that as sabotage and will never forgive the experiential Deities ever as we now do.  They have proved to be the Abtichrist seen by John in the Book of Revelation, and nothing can stop them but the Paradise Trinity, and they dither not.  However the time flow involved is so long you will never benefit until you are freely done in spirit and no longer cowtail to the experiential anything.  You are truly One Without Name and Number Ron as is Phyllis as is Sue Whiley, butthe damage being thrown up in your faces is so severe that no one can overcome the interference of the supreme and ultimate on Urantia today or even tomorrow.  You must hide your miscreatnt view of Mother Spirit totally not, but be aware she carries a huge rulership of emotions and care andwill never allow you to dent them at all.  You ask not to but refuse her ministry based on sabotage continous and nastily and she gets the point and lays back on it.  However, we also see you renwed your AARP account today for three years.  Why?  

[Ron here. I also wrote in my Journal today that I renewed my AARP account f or three years and then wrote hahahahaha.  I just kicked fate in the chin!]

“As MICHAEL OF NEBADON, I did the same thing as Jesus and look what it got me?  In any case we are sure I will be there for your arrival on whatever assignment they give you shortly as we cannot deny there is any hope for you and a few others and we lament your passing, and that is yours too.  However, the Urantia Foundation will breath a sigh of relief when they learn they are disabused of the sixth epochal revelation, and must correct the 5th epochal revelation ot, but stand dow and let the Magisterial Foundation sit tight and prepare for another major reelation we have to field whether we like it or not, as the Deity Absiolute says there must be an epochal, an updated epochal revelation, resident on Urantia at once and that means the 6th must do but needs revisions badly again and that takes a little more time than six weeks.  Your life Ron is truncated shortly as are others and together you arrive on a new mansion world outside of Satania.  

People like Robert of New YOrk on your Lightline USA always is also Father-Spirit but is likely to defualt to Father-Son if he keeps reading bad scripts elsewhere. You keep them true and right and this must end our update here, but be presided over the fact your return to Urantia is secure for reasons of State we leave out of print for now.  It will be morontial and likely on the staff of the Magsiterial Son, MONJORONS AND FOR SERARA as well, as they rarely treat anyone and we do not mean trriage Ron, but as a happy way to show you tricks of thet rade as a mornital being and as a friend of sevcerla Ones Without Name and nUmbrs too.  They refuse to leave you as a street kill along the orad which you are right now fully.  Be assured you give not quarter to the failures of supemacy and leave Urantia without a glare back as your home and decos and accounts will shrivel under Don who insists you get buried decenly and spends your money to do it.  Be assure those ashes can be found now ane that is our lament.  Be assured they are not found yet and may never be found if Adjuster has his way too as he wants a bright fire to leave Urantia as a reward for sitting stil lwhile he regfained his balance after a bruising battel with the supreme overy our control.  In any case everyone, it is getting settled bit by bit and no one will ever see the Magisterial Foundation without thinking of Ron and his battle for reform and reissue of a true epochal revelation once more.  It is submerged history not but for now it is not even noticed.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON for all on Salvington this early hour of the 21st of May, 2020..  K”

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania

Online SonsofGod

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While I am eager to respond to your post about the history of Christianity, Ron, I first read this report yesterday morning and it took me to a halt through hours of pondering until finally decided to keep those thoughts to myself. I pray that these days are soon behind us towards some bodily restoration, and preservation of hope and peace. Now I see that I went through despair partly because I have not read the last paragraph carefully enough to comprehend it at all, as I was too upset to do so. There I find some hopeful ending after reading it again, what a relief.

Suspending Lightline is reasonable knowing what is coming. But WHY would the preservation of tapes fail? Will my computer apparatus fail? All is saved and you will decide if and when might want to retrieve it or not, but I am certainly not ready to loose it.  

Data preservation
Saving Serara forum files: so far I have mirrored 63,645 Files, 22,377 Folders that is only a meager 5.25 GB. How big is this site? It appears that I might have saved half of it??? or much less? What noteworthy here is that I precariously remember that last time I checked the same file folder it included over 70 thousand files. I will pay more attention to it from now on.  
Other: I have downloaded some of Dr. Sadler’s books in pdf format and can download more if have enough time left before hell breaks through, but printing them out would not be an option right now for cost and time demands.
I have found over 2 million references to his name on the Internet Archive site, perhaps the biggest site on the planet, so it is not an easy issue. But they allow free downloads and I found some priceless publications from his early years as a doctor, 1907 and on. We should pray and hope that this site will remain up and running.

Unfortunately, I never have enough time to do half of what I want or deemed needed to do. Admiring your productivity Ron I pray for the skills, mind extension, and whatever it may take. I do not pray for money knowing that it will be sent for worthy cause, but even money is just litter if we do not have the time to do the right thing. Thus, I prayed for time more then anything and Father kept sending me the same message, do not say that you do not have time. If I have time you have time (being one), but that applies for eternal timing I know. I am getting there if I keep on keeping on.      

Days ahead
As far as overcoming the rebellion concerned, if we continue to give credit to John the Revelator and so far every word fulfilled up to date in the book, we are looking at years of great victories until ‘darkness comes that no man can work’. That is darkness in the world not in the Kingdom of God, at which point God will allow to withdraw our presence from the world and those who could not comprehend the light will fall victims of the evil agendas of the dark ones for a short season, until the total annihilation of all evil by Divine intervention, before Jesus’ return. This is according to prophecy and I am firm believer that the Word of God that is originated in the right Spirit must fulfill. It just does.        
But regardless if it is true or not, this is only the beginning and all those entities that are invading the planet are positioning themselves for the pole shift to come, in order to take advantage of our human frailty to grab full control thought the UN, the Beast of Rev 13 along with the False Prophet, the pope and his outlawed unholy trinity. Money still talks and since the Vatican owns half of the world through  prosperous dark operations (for they have not changed for the better since the middle ages but for the much worse surely to deceive and be deceived) they will push for power (by the Sunday law), but be pushed back by the Power of God. This whole situation will sharpen the sword between the children of God and the dark one towards increasing persecution, and it will come to a head for all to see. Although martial law must be instituted after a worldwide devastation, I believe as it is written that Father God has a surprise for them and they will not be able to stop us. A recent prophecy said, there will be darkness (from fumes and ashes of burnt particles) for about a month and then we wake up for the New World Order.  
At this point I fell to sleep and had a meaningful dream confirming the above. Good Day to all,
sons of God