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27 June 1am York NY time UPDATE
« on: June 27, 2020, 01:43:37 am »
I just deleted the 16 June sticky note post copies then three in number.  They are already not fully accurate and this 27 June post updates better than they did at  least for today.

As I have fully deleted the 16 June update posts, I add this one to assure all there is major changes afoot not mentioned before, and while I am likely going to have to await LIGHTLINE this Sunday to address some of it, let me address here a little more to give you a taste of this,

This afternoon I spent hours speaking  to high level spirit.  The subject has to do not only about the planetary government,  But we also spoke at length to the idea of using the Archangel planetary government and the Melchizedek receivers to be incorporated into the Federalizing action of nine local universes.  [Ron: once we add Giliam to the eight I did list we have our total of nine now and I am told it is for sure nine now. thank you.].

That discussion provided fireworks.  I need not bother you all with the gist of how the fire got started but I am now remanded out of the Federation idea of a receivership government and replaced back into the work of the Magisterial Missions alone.  I am quite happy wherever they place me and since this was the original idea I am completely satisfied with yet another reassignment.  For all of you you are yet to be assigned at all at least until they know what they want, and here "they" refers to eight other Local Universe Creator Sons, with regard to their woks as a federation interest.

So this:  the Federation is working.  It is not deciding much about Nebadon work they want to do with the Nebadon Bestowal planet, Urantia.

Second, the loss of life on Urantia, and it is an announcement frequently made now, will be horrendous unless FATHER relents and prevents the sippage of continents into the oceans.  We had a further discussion on this trying to understand who handles  that emergency:  Magisterial Sons?  Michael of Nebadon?  The Receivership?  No decision.  The Trinity does not involve itself with this level of aide.

Third, there is a possibility under discussion yet, that Nebadonia will be banned from universe work entirely pending the decision of the CoE.  Further discussions go on with me over how I am to behave in front of God, and since I cannot see God, they have to  tell me when I am standing in front of him.  Do you see the problem too?  That makes for a spicy discussion as I get perturbed by requirements when I get no service in return, that's all.

I think this is enough for now and I do have some things pending to share with all of you but such things are not formed yet well enough to call them as being accomplished.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON- "Ron holds back enough I am not upset with  this update.  Be assured you are all looking at a heartless version to overcome in him and in me and in how the missions now are to be removed not but restated harshly over a planet that cannot hold its liquor.  That means it is a drunk and misbehaving and you see it daily around the world and the outcome will be placed back in their faces to redo until they get it right.

"For that reason Ron was removed from the planning commission for these missives to Urantia and for that reason I stay quiet as it is a mistake not to use Ron in these open forums we use in spirit to determine actions of thought and he never intends  to get into policy but into planning under that established policy.  I am confidant something will be arranged but we are talking and not deciding just yet.

"I also wish all of you to pay attention to what is coming this Sunday in LIGHTLINE USA as I feel it is going to show through us what is coming down the pike and what Ron must learn to use better and that is his natural talent to communicate so well, no one is unsure just what we need to do.  His Advisory 3 lately fully alerted the corporation that publishes the present Urantia Book, there is a change about what they may publish now.  For that reason no one is  talking about it yet. 

:Finally, Mother Spirit got herself banned from Urantia today and is practicing infractions even as Ron attempts to write this out.  Her seraphim oblige her orders but they fall on deaf ears with Ron and with me, MICHAEL OF NEBADON.  All of you must do some thinking.  This ends missions in which the supreme is advised through Mother Spirit what has taken place, and ends the Spirit as the progenitor of your ascension careers.

"The old adage, that when you die, you become much like the angels, is only slightly true now as the idea of seraphim you are used to dealing with is quickly ending.  Surprised?  You should hot be.  You have been told this before several times and just never seems to take root so you can remember it and adjust to these new ideas of governance.  I am MICHAEL  and I wish you all a good day.  K:


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