Author Topic: Pre'Mtor on the Subject of Improbability  (Read 79 times)

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Pre'Mtor on the Subject of Improbability
« on: June 28, 2020, 10:04:11 pm »
Speaker: Pre’Mtor
Subject: Improbability
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 29/06/2020 11.05am (AEST)

“It doesn’t take much to sit still and listen. The subject today is improbability. What is meant by that term, you may ask. The task at hand is not what you can do but how you can apply yourself with the issue of service in the Father's business. It goes without saying that when you are fully done in your circles of attainment, you are in effect creating the window for the Adjuster to take you far beyond your earthly capabilities. This is where you take on the morontial lessons of attainment. Now that you see the sequence of development, the subject of improbability now surfaces for all those humans who are not realising these developments and it so goes they do not understand the reason for their life pattern. Improbability is defined in simple meanings as unlikelihood or not likely to be true or to happen. What is at stake is the soul survival of many who inhabit this planet and that many will be in that term ‘improbable’ as to how they choose their life when they are asked for the certitude of their future self.

“So in saying this term, there are many other inhabitable planets with humans similar to your makeup, do not come as bad as that outcome in being termed ‘improbable’ in their decision for eternal life. Such that there are many who are positive and reach those psychic circles and onwards to fuse with their Adjuster. Such that we do not have such a positive outcome in the huge numbers presented in the global population of Urantia. Those who do die a natural death and are to meet the grid, most are lost even now and are so beyond reproach they cannot see what is happening to them. Your Michael Son is to sort these into categories from the most negative to the most positive. The positive subjects will be pressed to enter the resurrection halls for their universal training. The negative subjects and worse in some cases may end in extinction in all probability. So there's that terrible dilemma for a lot of people who do not know or understand the cosmic citizenship picture for which, if they had known and been educated on, there may have been a slight chance that these ones may see it better and make those conscious choices for themselves. As it is, the rebellion is so rife that it has caused such a rift in the conscious awareness of the truth that is now lost to them due to the insidious attitudes and ignorance that prevail in their mindset. Such that they may not survive any good worth in themselves. This is a tragedy in our view and we on this side of the veil are saddened by the losses in the billions who may not know their life is soon to meet such a brief one at that. 

“Those of you who are of attainable status know where you stand and what you are about and that is yours to glory in as those steps have matured you in ways more than others that create the type of being you are. Your experiences, your trials and your encounters with the driving force in your being that empowers you to make those decisions that create those pathways in which you find yourself in. Life has many obstacles, challenges and circumstances yet in all of these you encounter those skills and abilities to rise above them and somehow choose to survive, you in effect have chosen LIFE and not dissolution. So many have done the latter and are no more. Here you are and reading this as you have chosen to LIVE despite the challenges that sway you in so many directions and still you cling to the one element that is certain in your own understanding. Your light is with me as your guide as you inwardly seek those things that mean well in yourself. As the light that lights up the path before you, you know this light and it is with this light that you walk and not stumble. In prayer, you are in humility and service. In worship, you are in my presence and are so grateful. In praise, you are indeed joyful in all things as you know the light is good. 

“So it is that you ponder over the manner in which you find yourself in the path to the eternal adventure. Those of you know there is such an adventure and for now you who are here, have yet so much to give of yourselves as there are so many areas of learning and teaching when this planet is churned over for better use. The great awakening will arise and so there is the following that will come due to the light you all shine as I am in you. That is a sure fire way to commend the trip for you to see to it that you remain calm in yourself in the days soon to be so choppy that it takes a strong mast in the wind to get through it. So it is that you be still and know that I AM GOD. 

"This is for the lesson for today and seek my counsel, will you, as I am close to your breath and can readily assimilate your thoughts with mine. Hear me my children and know that I am with you. Write down what you are hearing from me and do present this as you know it is with these insights you receive, you are gaining in strengthening your ties with the Spirit within you. I say now to you to not be afraid and doubt this process in you as just like the wind passes, while you do not see it, but you know of its presence in the manner in which it passes, so too do I pass as in the manner of the wind, you only need to catch it when it does. Rejoice my dear ones when you do, as it is this, I rejoice with you too when you recognise my voice that speaks within you. 

“I leave it there for now and bid you a good day. G’day.”


[Sue: Thank you Father for this lesson for today, while it is saddening to see so many lost and yet it is encouraging that you continue with us to press for each of your children to hear you within oneself in the quiet stillness that we may enter to let you speak. Amen.]