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Link Test

This Lightline got sidetracked into real on line attacks while the Lightline was being broadcast. 

Life Carrier Burt as he wishes to be called, is joining the work of this Lightline in the future.  Burt was one of the original Life Carriers bringing the life plasm implants on young Urantia.

The other Lightline is in Idaho, not Utah as stated on the tape. 

Thanks to all of you for listening.  

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Re: 12 July AUDIO LIGHTLINE USA More Urantia Rebels and Attacks
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Hello Everyone, Song At Sunrise here with a summary of the Light Line on July 12, 2020:
Light Line 07-12-2020

Ron Welcome
Phyllis 11 after the hour -- muted
Michael: Phyllis is seriously ill.

Daniel Raphael is seriously contemplating Advisory 24 (concerning Covid 19).
The Urantia Fellowship asked, "Can you verify?" Raphael consulted Dr. Mendoza and he said, "yes that is what I dictated. Ron has written a book on AIDS. " Raphael wants to contact Ron.
Raphael would make a good Light Line host, but right now his schedule does not allow it.

To Raphael: Be a host:
Raphael doesn't have a problem, but some people in his group hate Ron and his ability to transmit. They feel that Ron makes predictions that don't come to pass.

Fact: Rebellion got in the way of every prediction Ron made that failed.
To Jerry Lane and Raphael: cooperate or quit.

A rebellious cabal, including a Vorondadek Son were causing equipment malfunctions in Ron's house, that had dangerous possible consequences. Rene and Amethyst are also being harassed.
But. . . Light Line is making progress. People are becoming attracted to it because they are aware they need to listen to it.
We need a telephone service that we can afford, but is safe for the public to access us.

Rebellious entities are attempting to diminish Ron's energy, to the point of death, and attempting to destroy Light Line, because it is intended to be a major force in the Magisterial Mission!

Some entities attempt to speak FOR others, A certain Vorondadek Son attempted
that and now is demoted, and will be moved to a planet he doesn't care for.

Ron requested from Michael the execution of 3 Vorondadek sons. Michael doesn't want to sign the death warrant for sons he has created. A sad choice.

A person went to France to clear the grid of Caligastia's and Lucifer's prisoners. She found over 1000 dying souls of children and 2 seraphim who would not leave them.
Children age 4 to 16 are now in the nursery of the Mansion worlds. Some of them re 12,000 years old.

No one in the universe is as attuned to rebellion like Ron. He is like a drug-sniffing dog in an airport.
Ron to the entities: You gain nothing by being a rebel: You lose reputation, career, and everything!
Note to transmitters and listeners: It is dangerous to work on Urantia: be ready and don't be discouraged.
Archway Publishing has now printed 3000 copies of the "Origin of Aids and Autism". The book will go to Europe first, then be distributed in the US.

Dr Mendoza: Covid19 could be reaching the halfway point -- now amphibians ,salamanders and certain kinds of frog are picking up the virus, particularly in TX, LA, AL and MS. Warm water helps the proliferation. New cases percentages could be down by Christmas. But fishermen, oil rig workers and other people exposed to shrimp, crabs, etc, may pick up the virus. The virus is mutating into Corona12.

The Life Carrier, who was here millions of years ago, came and helped Ron. He is known as "Burt". He is now a Mighty Messenger candidate. He says, "No more rocks to put goo on!" 

Ron sees a planet that reminded him of Saturn that has "rings" actually a guard. It is a prison planet. 52 angels and Sons are there.

There will be no Q and A.
Next Light Line Tuesday 07-14-2020


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Re: 12 July AUDIO LIGHTLINE USA More Urantia Rebels and Attacks
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A person went to France to clear the grid of Caligastia's and Lucifer's prisoners. She found over 1000 dying souls of children and 2 seraphim who would not leave them.
Children age 4 to 16 are now in the nursery of the Mansion worlds. Some of them re 12,000 years old.

That person must have been Wivine Smets she is a wonderful soul,I"m not sure if she is still alive but I miss her. She used to go from place to place freeing the souls of people with the help of our celestial friends who were captured by Seraphim and were loyal to Caligastia.She participated on a sight called

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Re: 12 July AUDIO LIGHTLINE USA More Urantia Rebels and Attacks
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She is quite alive.
Company: Wivine Smets
Address: Main Street, Harbour Place Placencia 0000 BZ
 Phone: +501.5233519


Her web site I seem to recall was something like mezza verde as she continue to publish her transmissions in Belize.


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Re: 12 July AUDIO LIGHTLINE USA More Urantia Rebels and Attacks
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Glad to hear that she is alive and well,I must check up her posts on

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Re: 12 July AUDIO LIGHTLINE USA More Urantia Rebels and Attacks
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Hello Everyone, Song At Sunrise here with a summary of the Light Line on July 12, 2020:
Light Line 07-12-2020

Ron Welcome

Archway Publishing has now printed 3000 copies of the "Origin of Aids and Autism". The book will go to Europe first, then be distributed in the US.

When the Book on the origins of AIDS and autism is published, I would like to buy a copy. It is possible for me to buy, for example, by credit card and send it to my address here in Brasilia, Brazil, paying, of course, postage costs as well. If possible I would like to have a copy of this first edition. I believe (and I ask God) that the book will sell out, and the first edition will be the historical edition. Julio.


Quando o Livro sobre origens da AIDS e do autismo for publicado, eu gostaria de comprar um exemplar. É possível eu comprar, por exemplo, pelo cartão de crédito e o envio para meu endereço aqui em Brasília, Brasil, pagando, logicamente, as despesas de correio também. Se possível eu gostaria de ter um exemplar desta primeira edição. Eu acredito (e peço a Deus) que a venda do livro se esgotará, e a primeira edição será a edição histórica. Julio.

Julio da Luz (Bar'MTinsha - Pre'Msha)

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Dear forum members and visitors,
Although belated, I hope you welcome this historical July 12, 2020 Lightline USA transcript for your learning experience and enjoyment. As Michael of Nebadon said, this tape should be released all around the world. Ancients of Days said, This is broadcast throughout the realm.  
the transcript is intended to show all details with accuracy in hope that you could capture the delicacies of the Spirit and the seriousness of the rebellion, as if you would be part of the listening audience. Please feel free to share, and please keep our leaders in your prayers against the vile attacks of the enemy. Blessings to you all.   

This is Lightline USA, Sunday July 12, 2020. This is Ron Besser your host speaking with our co host Phyllis Simpson. We welcome you all. Is there anyone s there as our Masters of Ceremony to help direct us, please?

This is Machiventa Melchizedek and I thank you. I always enjoy your introduction. They are right on line and I always understand what you mean. I am ready to speak and going to tell you this: today’s Lightline is probably slightly extended for the simple reason that we have some big news to share and some little news to take back. Number one: the reason that Lightline is being held at all today is Ron finally got well enough to do it. He sent his co-host Phyllis an email yesterday saying it is doubtful if he can make it today. He got a shot and working with the Life Carrier, who likes to be called with Burt and that is with a U.

Burt tells us that the Lightline procedure is working excellent. For that reason we are not going to change it, but we might change personnel. Lightline USA York is about to change receivers. We are not taking Ron away and we are not taking Phyllis away, but we are going to bring on another receiver from Spirit, called Burt, the Life Carrier.

Ron: How nice! Welcome Burt to the idea at least.

Burt: Thank you, Ron.

This is Machiventa Melchizedek and Ron, that is a serious breach of protocol not, you just welcomed him. That’s all.

Ron: Yes and thank you! Hah! I did not mean to push you out Machiventa Melchizedek.

Machiventa: That’s all right, Ron. Now this. Because I am Machiventa Melchizedek in get a chance to do pretty much whatever I want to do. I am that well trusted. So as Ron, so as Phyllis and so as a lot of you on the call today.

This is one of the premier calls of Lightline that we have ever seen done. The old teaching mission used to have Lightline one and two, and as a result two Lightline being held in California and Colorado that are not reported. Ron has occasionally taken the transcriptions over and posted them, but most of you do not remember them at all. The one in California is by Jerry Lane. He is about 85, and getting very tired of doing Lightline for 2 people. 

The other Lightline is done in Utah, and that is done by Mark Rogers, a small group that holds fast there. Neither one of them know that these Lightlines are being done. Ron tried to tell them but they do not listen. So Ron says, fine. You do your thing and we do our thing, and we are mutually independent of all things just as we need cooperation. Finally, Mark Rogers is aware that we are doing six Lightline calls from this particular website. He says, good galley! Why did not I know about this? Ron says, I told you, you do not bother to listen. Now, Mark Rogers is about ready to make a telephone call to Ron and find out why six, when one will do. 

Ron: Is there a reasoning Machiventa Melchizedek why he thinks one will do?

Machiventa: No, let me finish. It is this: He think Lightline is a copy-write symbol of the old teaching mission. What he forgets is that you are old teaching mission.

Ron: Yes. I was there before Lightline, and I was there when it was established and I used it.

Machiventa: thank you. Why does that sound strange to Mark Rogers?

Ron: I have no idea. I do not know what is wrong with Mark Rogers.

Thank you. Neither do we. This is Michael of Nebadon. Machiventa Melchizedek is trying to tell you Ron that you are striking a balance between Mark Rogers and Jerry Lane not, but with Daniel Raphael.   

(Phyllis made a noise) (Phyllis: Sorry, I mute.) (Ron: I hope you are all right.)

Michael: We are attempting to tell you Ron that Phyllis is seriously ill.

Ron: I hope she takes care of herself.

Michael Thank you.

Ron: Yes, I understand.  

Michael: Now, Daniel Raphael is attempting to bring some serious contemplation to the idea that the Advisory 24 that you sent our Steven he happened to receive a copy from  the Urantia Fellowship asking him, Can you verify this? Daniel looked at the Advisory 24 and see Dr. Mendoza. You all know who he is. He attempts to call up Dr. Mendoza and Dr. Mendoza says to Daniel Raphael, Yes, I have dictated this. Daniel Raphael says, Are you telling me that Ron is capable of doing this kind of work all the time? Dr. Mendoza told him, Not only that. He has written 230 page book on AIDS and its being published. 
Daniel Raphael is a guest. 

Ron: Is he staying over Michael?

Michael: Yes. The truth of the matter is that Daniel Raphael is now suddenly aware that you are a high power player and he needs to get in touch with you for identification purposes.  

Ron: Whatever that is, certainly. Yah

Michael: What do you say abut that?

Ron: Well, it’s been a long time coming and what in the world is suddenly changed that we might cooperate? I have to understand, but I welcome it.

Michael: I knew you would Ron. Thank you. The truth of the matter is that Daniel Raphael would make a wonderful Lightline post but he is so wrapped up in himself he won’t make changes to fit your schedule.

Ron: Well, we have to have a minimum of organization Michael.

Michael: Yes. Dr. Mendoza just told him that for him to be a Lightline host with the Magisterial Foundation, he has to have a regularly scheduled Lightline and he would not do it.

Ron: All right. That’s fine. That is the independence I am used to hearing about.

Michael: Yes. Now this. We have ask Daniel Raphael to be a host. And I am now asking Daniel Raphael if he happens to be listening, why he has a problem with it? And the answer is he does not have a problem with it, Ron does not have a problem with it, but there are several people in his group who dislike Ron to the intensity of being sure they would never speak to him again. There is no reason for it. None what so ever. Their concerns have nothing to do with Ron. Their concerns have to do not with Danial Raphael, but with the ability to transmit. Their primary reason is that it hurts them that Ron can do this willy-nilly and never been brought to test for failure and failure after failure of predictions. What Daniel Raphael has to tell them is, Ron did not fail. They were genuine at the time and a little spiritual rebellion got in the way with every wrong prediction and caused default. Daniel Raphael you are not aware of it, we had another major rebellion. Part of it is on Urantia. Ron is battling daily, you are not. For that particular reason we are saying to the Daniel Raphael-s and the Jerry Line-s, your time is now limited. You either learn to cooperate, or you quit.

This is Michael of Nebadon. Listen to this Ladies and Gentleman! Last Saturday night, let’s put it this way, it is so hot in York that Ron generally turns the AC on in his room. He woke up at 2 30 am and there was a red light fleshing on the AC. He did not know it had a red light. He tried to turn it off and he could not turn it off. Finally, he got up and pulled the plug out of the wall. That was the cabal. They have overheated the AC, so it would catch fire. Ron pulled it out just in time. This afternoon right before he started Lightline the AC in the computer room had a part of its frontal equipment fall off and the strange small of ozone permeated the air in the computer room. Again the cabal. We are now bringing changes against a Vorondadek Son and two Lanonandek Sons for mischief unbecoming a Divine Son. They are in custody. Right Ron. Your jaw drops. 

Ron: I did not know that. Thank you for telling me.

This is Michael of Nebadon. I will tell you this also Ron. The one Lightline you do not ever listen to, the one that Rene carries is also into mischief and he had a terrible time to get on line, so as Amethyst, and you Ron, last week.

Ron: Yes, I had to dial in four times before I could make a connection.

Michael: That is the cabal trying to nicks Lightline. Lightline is making progress, everybody. It means that the trial that Lightline is addressing, meaning profound ignorance, is making an impact on people who listen, like yourselves. There is s psychic energy that you are unaware of that these Lightlines permeate and people are suddenly aware that there is something psychically going on that that they must listen to. They just have not learned yet that they can tune into it.
Ron and Charles have been talking about forming a telephone company inside the Magisterial Foundation. Ron saw the cost that Charles put together and it was an excellent review. It is anywhere from 300 - 500 dollars a month.

Ron: Far, far too much. We pay about .. now is $15 a month for this service. We cannot pay 30 times that and that’s what they would ask us to do I we had to get toll free numbers and set up the telephone company on our server. Because we have to pay another company to carry a line. Charles has suggested that we get into Internet telephone service. I do not know what is that like. He has to tell me. 

Michael: In any case, we need a telephone service that is safely ours and connect us with broadcast to the general public. Ron can do it. The other hosts may have difficulty, but Ron knows how to do it. That is to speak on an public level that is not Urantia book ease. 

Now this: Ron has been subject to attack after attack after attack. The Life Carrier who is now on his side is fully trusted and has signaled that the cabal is seemed to further distraction inside Ron’s mind and body. They have pulled the vitality center out, Ron knew it, coursed them, but has no way to overcome them. He nearly died yesterday, Phyllis has got the problem today.
Now, we are in the position of having to determine just who on Urantia can we trust. Ron say in God we trust, but not all of God is trustworthy. The Divine Sons we just arrested are pulling all source of tricks in the house Ron owns. He must be free of them. And now we are sure with the arrest of these three Divine sons the group of seraphic transport and seraphic transition ministers will dissipate.

Ron: I heard a voice Michael, would you wish to amplify it?

Michael: No, thank you. You sure did! One moment! … That happens to be a seraphim you know, Ron, Patsy.

Ron: Wasn’t she a guardian at one time?

Michael: No. Patsy is chief of liaison forces on Urantia. She has been removed at once.  

Solonia here: Ron, you have spoken unkindly with Pat. Patsy saw to it that I was pretty well hit up at one point and we dismissed our work together.

Ron: That it. So that is how she gets in.

Solonia: We remove her fully.

Michael: I can do it. Thank you Solonia. Now this. This is Michael. I am quite sure that we are facing the cabal that means the death of you Ron and perhaps Phyllis and perhaps one or two others we will not going to mention by name. They are wishes, they are cruel, they know no end to their desire to destroy what Urantia is building, thanks to Lightline. Lightline is going to be a major force in the Magisterial Mission now. We never thought of it, Ron, until you re-instituted it. Because you felt there needed to be a coherence center so people could talk about these tings in a live voice to voice way, and it is working beautifully. This Lightline has now 22 subscribers and we welcome the last two.

Now this. The Vorondadek Sons is a Most High, Ron. 

Ron: No, no, I would not think so, I was reminding myself of the chief’s name … at one time long time ago I knew the name of the other two, but it is long gone. Its not in my memory anymore ...

Michael: ... which is fine. All right. We are now addressing Andromedous about the situation out, in front of everybody, if you don’t mind Andromedous?

Andromedous: Of course not. I am the chief Most Highs once more. Thank you Ron. You are glad to hear it.

Ron: I am delighted to hear it, Andromedous! We missed you.

Andromedous: Thank you. Now this. I have looked at the Andromedous situation on Urantia. It was reported by Ron that I was speaking to him last week. That was the Vorondadek Son speaking for me, and it was unauthorized. Today I learned that it is him who is pulling this very dangerous mischief on the AC machine. He nearly had the house catch on fire with an overheated air conditioner in Ron’s room. He never seen that before, and now he pulled the filter of the AC in the computer room and there are large amount of ozone gas been generated because of the humidity and magnetosphere variety over York right now. Ron says, that’s ozone, I know ozone when I smell it. It is smells like a vet forest. If you can smell a real woody smell that kind of takes your breath, that is ozone, O3. It is heavy, you cannot get oxygen in your system, you bread ozone. That Vorondadek Son is under arrest and probably will go to the prison worlds shorty for trial before the Ancient of Days. There are two Lanonandek Sons supporting him, they are arrested with him, and they are not known to either of you. 
This is Andromedous. We are purely angry at the Vorondadek Son who has broken the trust for the first time in the history of the Most High. What shame he brings on us! What shame he must suffer! We are reducing him in rank to a much lower order. He will learn to live not on Urantia but on a planet he does not care for. 
Now this. I am Andromedous. Ron you have been hit so hard you could not get off the bad yesterday. You slept in drips of sweat 2-3 hours at the time, and unable to move your legs. They were trying to kill you. You knew it and asked for intervention. That is when the Life Carrier arrived and brought some pretty good guards along. The Life Carrier is one of the original Life Carriers who came to Urantia with the original life plasma that was carried to Urantia to obtain humans. Andon and Fonta resulted. And this particular Life Carrier left this planet for good, he thought. But when he heard Ron’s flight he immediately returned to Urantia and stood by his side.

Michael of Nebadon: Now this. The trial that we must now face is that Urantia has been cleared of one more cabal, one more truant, hundreds of rebels and now Divine Son that are in rank equivalent with Lucifer. What is wrong? The truth of the matter is, it is the supreme and its ability to get into the nicks and creaks of Urantia's spiritual life. Ron has said for months now, "You just do not remove them Michael, you execute them. They cannot be trusted, unless there is a world where you can put them; where you do not have to execute. But they should never be allowed to work with people who are working for the progress of Grand and Master Universe." I have now signed the order for them to stand trial before the Ancients of Days for execution. Thank you Ron. 

Ron: Its one thing to hear it Michael, and its another to hear it acted upon. Thank you.

Michael: thank you, Ron. They are my children. Again, I must sign a death warrant for Divine Sons, three of them!  

Michael: The Lucifer rebellion took 18 Divine Sons of Mine alone. And a total of 35 Divine Sons from the other universes we have federated with. That’s how serious this disease is. 
Ron says to me this morning, 'Have I been finally fired? Do I even have the Voice of God anymore?’ I said, ‘No, you haven’t been fired but you do have the Voice of God. Are you going to do Lightline?’ He says, I am better this morning. Charles has seen to it that the streaming is working properly, Ron. We have 12 on streaming.

Ron: Oh, wonderful!

Michael: In any case, the truth of the matter is, ‘Ron said that the Life Carrier, Burt, had restored a part of the vitality center. Well enough that he can have a sense of participation.

Ron: I am awake, that is more that I was yesterday.

Michael: So, he called Phyllis and let her know that he would take Lightline today. Phyllis is OK, but not well. ‘

Ron: She needs to rest. It is OK to lay down and skip the rest of Lightline, if you hear this.

Phyllis: thank you Ron. I think I am OK. I think I cam make it.

Ron: OK, I really mean it, I can pick up some psychically. Its OK to lay down.

Michael: Now, that is care for another. You all for each other. Keep doing it. If we get cut, do not forget each other. Ron is trying desperately to find an emergency phone service that will supplant what we have to use for California, or other places. So far its too expensive. 
Now, the trial that Ron must overcome is that we now know that the Vorondadek Son split an gasket in the water heater Ron had and tried to fill the room with carbon dioxide. 

Ron: Columbia Gas was here on Friday, installing a new meter. He came inside to check the utility. The gas heater is run by natural gas. He has a meter , which he carries with him to detect gas leaks, he came to the gas heater and the thing went off bizarre.

Michael: The Vorondadek Son was trying to kill Ron with carbon monoxide as he did with the air conditioner. He is a murderer, a Divine Son really? No way!
I want you all to know, this is Michael speaking, that this tape should be released all over the world, but they do not understand enough to understand it. What a pity! The world does not understand the dangers its faces when a rebellion break out right under its nose. Urantia Is loaded up with rebels again. We clear them, we clear them, and we clear them, and the first thing you know is all built up again, but this time is death. The Ancient of Days at the adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion sent a message to Salvington on that official day of adjudication, which is 16 March 1986, Lucifer is dead. Caligastia is dead. Satan is dead. I scream it. They were executed for high crimes and misdemeanors and of all things, murder. Wiley Net ( name uncertain) you all know her website in belief, in 2014 went to France to psychically clear the grid, when they discovered in Central France two small caves that Caligastia and Lucifer used to store the souls of children who died young. They found over 10,000 dying souls. Little boys, little girls, and two seraphim who would not leave them. That is what you are dealing with.

Ron: I hear a voice Michael, yah

Michael: I know who that is. Nail them!

Ron: Thank you, Michael.

Michael: Ron you are quite a detective.

Ron: I hear more voices, it sounds like a group of rebels.

Michael: Yes, nail them, get them all! ... We got them all.

Ron: Pardon me while I recollect myself here. I am hearing two channels. In fact I am hearing five channels. I am like the dog at the airport sniffing for cocaine. I can sniff the rebels. I hear them, and as son as they contact me Michael can follow the channel back and nail them. That’s what’s going on right now. Thank you Michael.

Michael: You are welcome. Those children ranging in age from 4 years of age to about 16. They have been resurrected, thanks to the Father! They are now in the nursery being prepared to be re-awakened and to have a life again. Seven of them were as old as 12,000 years old. You should be shocked! Listen to what they did! To what they want to do to you! And its thanks for some reason or another to the murderous supreme. Ron say execute, at least off the planet that they cannot ever break out of jail and to be free again to hide and murder 

We fully agree with it. This is the Ancients of Days, Ron.

Ron: Thank you.

Ancients of Days: You are doing yeoman’s work for us. This is broadcast throughout the realm.  No one has ever been so well attuned to the frequencies of rebellion then you have, Ron. You are listening to 5-6 different channels and you can hear them. They cannot help but yell at Michael or Me when we state the truth. That’s it. They are goaded (- not hearing the word well enough.)  

Ron: Yes, Ancients of Days. I think that’s how I hear them.

Ancients of Days: Thank you. Stupid, profoundly.  

Ron: There goes another

Ancients of Days: yes.

Ron: I got one here.  

My name is for your sake Ron, Murder. I am here to kill you. Do you think that you can withstand it?’

Ron: Well, Murder, think of your reputation! Ha - ha. I cannot help it, it does not scare me.

This is Michael, Ron. Thank you. Murder is dispatched, laughing. The truth of the matter is Ron says, you gain nothing by being a rebel, expect to loose your place, your reputation, you cannot serve with that in it.

I have more. This is Burt. Thank you, Ron. We are here.

Ron: I sense them ladies and gentlemen and thought they are presences. You know if you have a wife, or a son or a daughter, you know them so well that if they come in the room, even if you do not see them, many times you know someone came in the room and you know its probably Danny or Susie. You say it to yourself almost unconsciously. Well, I can do that with presences that are not shielding themselves. Now, spirits can shield, but they do not remember to shield. I can pick it up. I think. It is so vague I really do not want to instruct anybody how to do it.

This is the Ancients of Days, Ron. We have nailed 43 more an counting. 

Ron: 43 various orders?

Ancients of Days: Yes. Some of which we do not yet revealed.  

Ron: thank you. What I understand is that we have and endless reservoir.

Ancients of Days: Not anymore, Ron. We will report later, may be the Tuesday Lightline, just what has transpired today and what you have Ron just participated in today, as the dog sniffing cocaine only this is rebels. Thank you.

Ron: Oh, you are most welcome! Please be rid of them! Thank you.   

Thank you! This is Michael of Nebadon, Ron. They are most gracious, they sure are. The truth of the matter is that there are more then 100 of them trying to obtain service to you Ron. Not to harm you but to protect you. You say you are not frightened.

Ron: No, but I would prefer not to be murdered.

Thank you. Well stated. This is Mother Spirit.

Ron: Be rid of her, Mother. I cannot help it. Its like a knife in slicing an envelop. That’s how slick it happens to the mind.

We agree. This is Tarkas, Ron. We now approaching you with good will and happiness.

Ron: Why is that communication made?

This is Michael, it is not Tarkas.

Ron: You are correct. It is unlike Tarkas.

Now! This is Michael. We are going to call this back to order. We are now running a fever on Urantia, thank to Ron and Lightline. What the Vorondadek Son was trying to do  was to kill Ron by monoxide poisoning. It did not work. And his illness has nothing to do with monoxide. It seems as though Bozutu (sorry, not sure of correct spellings) caught it and dissipated the monoxide. Ron has a monoxide meter in the basement. It does not triggered. He reset it yesterday, it still does not triggered. Bozutu must have cleared it almost 100%.

Ron: And I thank you Bozutu, you keep saving my life as many times.

Bozutu: You are welcome, Ron.

Ron: Bozutu is Midwayer ABC 22 for those who might want to know the old nomenclature., and also One without Name and Number?  

Bozutu: That is correct, Ron.

Ron: You cannot forgot that! They are … workers, apparently it takes high power to work on Urantia these days, it’s exceedingly dangerous. And I thank them all.

Bozutu: Thank you, Ron.

Michael of Nebadon: Now this. Now we have several on these streaming capacity we run that should understand that we are talking about another, yet another serious spirit rebellion on Urantia. Advisory 24 was Dr Mendoza, who released that information about the corona virus. Now we are going to release additional information on the corona virus, right now.  

This is Dr. Mendoza. Ron, you are now the medical professional that has a published book. I kid you not. Archway Publishers today published ‘The Origin of AIDS and Autism’ that you wrote in June a year ago, and has taken all this time to find a publisher and to be printed. It is now printed, and there are now 3,000 copies bound, and about 4,000 to come. The demand for the book .. 

Ron: One moment please! They are reporting from seraphic station and it takes a moment to collate. Are you sure this information is accurate? 

Dr. Mendoza: No! That’s what happens when they come in from the field.

Ron: I had this before, yeah.

Dr. Mendoza: You gara be super careful with that. Especially when doing it on the phone.

Ron: Yes.

Dr. Mendoza: In any case, you are published.

Ron: Yei!

Dr. Mendoza: The fact of the matter is, we think we are going to run about 5,000 copies, Ron, and that it is going to Europe first, and then the United States.

Ron: Why they did that way, I do not know.

Dr. Mendoza: In any case, this is Dr. Mendoza. The corona virus now reaching a perplexing half way point of its life on Urantia. It has learned, the virus has learned that it must regulate its production of new virus by seeing to it that it is transferable, not just between the human population and certain farm animals, but between amphibians. Why amphibians?

There is now reported by the seraphic out stations that in the southwest parts of this country, mainly Texas, Louisiana, Arizona, Mississippi, that a certain type of frog, millions of salamanders and other types of amphibians are being infected with corona.

The corona virus is infecting amphibians because of the water availability. Worm water is more salacious to the corona virus then the bloodstream of the human. Our laboratories are looking at that and suggesting that the Advisory 24 will not be revised. The wellspring of corona virus should be pretty well finished with new cases by Christmas, 2020, but be aware, if you are an on oil rigs, or a fisherman, shrimp, crab, or other delightables from the bay, from the Gulf, understand you could be infected with corona virus until it runs its course. Our forecast prepares the world called Urantia to be free of the corona virus entirely within 2 years. It will mutate itself out of existence. Already, it is mutating into corona 12. Already, communities are receiving strange reports of fish dying. Corona 12 is an amphibian virus, not a human virus. We think it will mutate into 12. This is Dr. Mendoza. I am reporting from the life labs on Uversa. Good Day.

Ron: Thank you, Dr. Mendoza. Wonderful to hear from you.

This is Ron. Was there anyone else?

Yes. This is Machiventa Melchizedek, Ron. We have reached your approximate hour for holding a Lightline. I want to add one more announcement to what we have already spoken to today. Today was rebel rising, we done with most of them.  

Ron: You got another one, someone standing here, I do not know what is about.

Machiventa: It is the Life Carrier.

Ron: No. Its a rebel.

Machiventa: We are apologizing profusely not.

Ron: Yes. I sense a vertical line.  

Machiventa: How interesting, Ron. We are dismissed.

Ron: All right.

Machiventa here. You who listen to this on the phone in particular are aware of the inflections more more than the streaming can do. You know Ron is directly under the gun and it is at the end of the battle. If it is not carbon monoxide is is the lethal ray gun that discharges a high power volt. We say this to you Ron. you are successful in bringing this to a conclusion today. We are not going to ask for questions today, we are going to wait until Tuesday for you to bring any questions back to the table mainly because of the rebel situation, and Ron’s health, and Phyllis’ health and may be some of you.

This is what I want to say further. Ron has been advised that he needs to bring back a certain amount of fuel into the interior part of his brain. The hippocampus that is in every brain, looks like a seahorse and it lies sideways in the core of your bairn in a little hollow. The brain creates a vacuum around it and the hippocampus gathers molecules that looks like sand over it, because it has a sticky mucus  on it. It can connect it like a hermit crab with little dots all over it. That is what the hippocampus burs to vibrate so that Ron can do the Voice of God. Ron ran out of it few weeks ago an now using the brain stem. I never seen anyone using the brainstem before, but that is what you are using in place of it. Ron. We are now replacing the fuel on the hippocampus and you would do very well to keep using there, Ron. 

Ron: I thank you.

Machiventa: Thank you. Now, why do we say that? We have just seen an article written by Ron, called: Where is reality being kept? It is a cleaver article on the fact that infinity is the one that defines it and that is who that keeps it. When it goes up to, give it a read. It is a very good article.

And one more announcement. Ron, you are to be revived fully, as quickly as possible, once more. This must be the filthiest time we told you. 

Ron: Yes, I see Father. He wishes to speak. You are quite close to me Father. I can reach out and touch your nose. That is the picture that is presented to me and it is animated from my own earth father that represents the Universal Father to me.

Father: Thank you. I want yo to know Ron, that the cocaine sniffing dog that you are has saved us a lot of trouble. You have sniffed out what I thought was a safe place and it is far from it again. Now we estimate that there are at least 14,000 rebels on Urantia again. We are going to exterminate. We know how to detect them, they will loose their lives. We will not bother with the court case.

Ron: Thank you Father for telling me that, I wish the judges success.

Father: Beautifully spoken Ron.

 This is Michael of Nebadon. Machiventa has breached it, I want to finish it. The truth of the matter is that you are in agony again. 

Ron: Yes. At least I am not falling to sleep, yesterday I was falling to sleep.

Michael: Yes. Phyllis has got the same problem. Because she is your sidekick for a lot of this, they’ve attacked her. She knows how to carry out what your work is.

Ron: That is very important.  …  I am seeing that looks like Saturn? I see the circle around it and various different colors are like dark green, yellow, a type on blue on circular patters. I think it is not Saturn.

Michael: That is right. That is a prison planet with an arc around it. That is its guard.

Ron: Kind of a material grid.

Michael: Certainly is Ron. Thank you. The truth of the matter is that planet never releases anybody. It simply becomes a death bed to those who cannot get out. There goes the Lanonandek and two Vorondadek Sons, and 52 angels that were around you waiting to do mischief. We have been assigned the idea that Falter will execute them. Low and behold those who hold Lucifer well. Low and behold those who celebrate Caligastia. That cave was only one of thousands where the souls of many children died. Now …

Ron: Do you have a wait station Michael where those who recant may go to?

Michael: We did not until now. What an interesting idea, Ron. Gabriel!

Gabriel: Yes.

Michael: Is it workable?

Gabriel: NO.

Ron: You do not have a wait station Michael.

Michael: That is right. Those who are rebels you have approximately, we do not know what the tie is, it will come from the Father, you will loose your lives. We know how to detect you, where to detect you, no wait station. We gave one with the Lucifer rebellion and it got misused.  

Ron: I understand.

This is the Ancients of Days. Ron, its a beautiful idea. We supply one. They know where it is and its not that planet, Ron.

Ron: I saw it docked down, pushed down.

Ancients of Days: Yes.

Ron: As a matter effect a dark shadow falls over that, yes, with streamers around all thing like a tornado evaporating.

Ancient of Days: Michael and Gabriel! You give no quarter, we give no quarter to Ron. He must be removed NOT, and entertained that the Magisterial Foundation is ready to work as soon as you can get the Magisterial Sons there. The Tuesday Lightline, if those of you who would like to attend to find out, we will have a report what has happened between now and Tuesday. So, tune in on Tuesday to find out.

And finally this: the Life Carrier Burt is now honored and a Mighty Messenger. If he wishes to. He has defeated the cabal on Urantia. And you are allowed to transfer orders, Burt, if you ever want to.

Burt: Thank you I will consider that.

Ron: Well, no more rocks to put glue on.

Burt laughing: Thank you Ron.

All right, cut off Lightline off.

Ron: All Right. Ladies and Gentleman, without further a due we are going to close the Sunday Lightline USA on 12 July, with your host of Ron Besser and Phyllis Simpson, and thank you for listening, I thank those on the streaming for listening, stay tuned for more information as it become available. Good Bye everyone.