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« on: July 16, 2020, 10:43:00 pm »
The following Advisory is to be sent out for distribution to the general email list we maintain for such information.
We have explicitly warned that there is an emergency pending on Urantia which must be addressed by unity and cohesion among all readers of the Urantia Book, the published name of the 5th epochal revelation.  The group called the Light and Life Community is insisting on broadcasting out dated and probably erroneous information concerning the attending Magisterial Mission already in progress.  This Advisory is to tell all who might listen to their intended broadcast they do so at their own risk of poor or offending information concerning the present status of the Magisterial Mission and its choices to operate from the Major Sector of Splandon.  Below is a graphic of Advisory 25 for distribution. Thank you.  The Magisterial Foundation.

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