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The Nature of The Emergency and What You Might Do
« on: July 24, 2020, 11:08:00 am »
I have removed all the topics up to this point to get a fresh start on a subject dear to my heart, but so damn convoluted, it is almost impossible to get a clear shot at it.

The planetary emergency has three facets to it:

1 = A rebellion of the supreme acting angels on Urantia and on Uversa and on Salvington.  It has things in one terrible mess and a confusion of voices to Urantia results to this day;

2 =  I personally have been made too ill to follow through all I have to do to counter the part of the emergency we who know the 5th epochal revelation can do to help mitigate the fact that the current Urantia Book--  and that is the actual text book of the 5th epochal revelation--  has been so mistreated and squandered, it is no longer fully teachable as to the facts and truths even as to the nature and conditioning of the Jesus Bestowal over 2 thousand years ago;

3 = The Urantia spirit government was demolished recently.  We have no direction from spirit on our spirit learning programs as we once did.  That is a disaster of unmitigated circumstance coming for a head on collision for Urantia very soon.

While these three items do not include the resolve of Paradise to shore up the use of humans for administrative usages in the training for their ascension graduation in the Deity Adventure some day, we are sill baking under the final decisions by the Ancients of Days to close Urantia down until we have a more definite answer as to why the supreme did what it did and why the ultimate was so also concluded in the same nature, that Paradise must reorder the entire matter of the educational units in time and space are at fault for reasons unknown.  Yes, unknown.

Now on top of that, I am almost too old to hold my decision to see this through as best I can.  The proposed conference to be held in September is fully off the table again and now.  I did not plan it that way nor did any of our helpers and joiners but that is what we have to put up with when the Ancients of Days suddenly decided this entire matter of a petition and its consignment was too dicey to deal with at this point in the planetary history of Urantia.

For that reason I deleted all said to this point on this subject and just let it hang loose on the side wall of our room as a broken arrow over issues too big to confront any longer at the human level.

However, I am frustrated just enough to point out that the constant confusion of the the Urantia corporations instills even worse consequences on all of us to the point one should not just sit back and say, "well I can't do anything about this."   You can and you should but for the moment I have to subscribe to the idea I need to sit back and understand, "now what?" better.

Meanwhile this list is moribund again and I fail to understand what the problem is.  I do not accept you are confused.  Rather it is you are timid.  That is not easily overcome in this day and age of gigantic confrontation about beliefs and all the rest.  However, I get tired of waiting for some of you to belly up to the bar and state your intentions much better than you do so far, although some of you do do that very well so don't yell at me for being callous.

Finally, I am forced to undergo eye surgery in September, and frankly I rather die first, but I do get awake every sunrise so far and no end in sight, no pun intended.

So here we are again with our heads and hearts pointed to actions we think are fruitful to us but stopped at the border again and dare not trespass.  I am sorry to all we hit this full speed but that is how this cookie always seems to crumble these days.  I wish all a solid good day for your happiness and to all a better lesson for us is coming, but not yet announced I feel sure.  

Thank you.
Ron Besser

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Re: The Nture of The Emergency and What You Might Do
« Reply #1 on: July 24, 2020, 12:53:14 pm »
Ron, I have some words that I consider very basic in the face of such a complex and intricate problem as this one that represents the great changes at a universal level caused by the insurjection of the Supreme and his court of rebels without cause.
Due to the decisive nature of deciding what would be most convenient to record these events for the veracity of the story revealed from the other side of the veil and considering that the meeting planned to elucidate these facts on a human level, does not have foreseeable date, I would like to formulate a proposal that, perhaps because it is so simple, has not yet been raised, or at least I have not seen it in any of the publications that have appeared so far, and I think I do not easily lose a single one.
In any case, I apologize if my proposal reflects a very poor capacity for analysis in the face of a problem that continues to represent especially Ron, who bears all the losses and gains as president of the Magisterial Foundation.
I consider that this peak work of revelation such as the Urantia Book should not be touched at all, which is still in charge of those who defend their rights such as the Urantia Foundation and Community, but that the sixth revealing period be published with all changes that are necessary to date, or that are even expected a little more, but leaving the potential changes and budgeted plans well defined.
In any case, The Urantia Book will not be able to reach the masses in short term no matter how small and select the population of Urantia becomes, and those who are well informed of the fifth, will welcome the Sixth Revelation Period with great enthusiasm. Thanks

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Re: The Nture of The Emergency and What You Might Do
« Reply #2 on: July 24, 2020, 07:44:05 pm »
Hello Everyone, Song At Sunrise here.

Several nights ago, I could not sleep, and questions kept spinning through my head. After quite a while, I decided to get up and write them down. I read them and thought, I'd better type these out. I originally thought I would address them to Ron, but then I figured he had too much to worry about already.
So I addressed them to the Thought Adjuster. I remembered the quote from Spirit of Truth saying, “Try Me! We are here for you!” And I remembered the Infinite Spirit saying “Ask questions! You have the biggest entities in the universe, waiting to answer them!”


I held up the questions and said, “Here you are!”
Then I went and did something else and forgot about them.
A couple of days later, in a moment of peace, I thought, “What were those questions?” I pulled them up and started to answer them one by one.
If the answers to any of these is completely off the beam please let me know. But I feel that many of these questions are questions many of you have asked. Here they are:

Questions for the Thought Adjuster 07-21-2020


Part 4 – Is it revelation or history revisited? Jesus was the revelation 2000 years ago.
The revelation now is the new interpretation of what he said.

The Administration of the Universe will take quite a while to settle. How could a new revelation be forthcoming so soon?
The Administration is looking for our commitment and intent, and interest. We would have to be the ones to run with it when this book comes out.

Why is there such a rush to sign this document?
It is the anniversary of the death of Supreme. Since this is a historic document, it will be easy to remember because of the date.
If the celestials know our thoughts, could they find and direct the delegates to York?
They will participate in ways we probably cannot see.

How does the revelation in part 2 – Local Universe Govt - change our lives? Give an example
It is a history, in addition to being a revelation. Seeing how it has to be changed shows us that the Urantia book is not infallible. Likewise, no human is infallible, even if expounding on the Urantia book. It is important we keep our humility, raise our awareness of continuing changes, and being willing to accept it when it comes.

How are countries like Hungary and the Isis Islamic State changed by the absence of the Supreme?
It will take a while, perhaps a long while for good decisions to start replacing the bad ones.

Is Michael wanting us to sign a loyalty agreement (freewill, of course)?
No. Michael is not like Trump. Our loyalty has to arise from the heart.

The elimination of “rebels” - why did it take so long for the Supreme to show his colors? Evidence has been around for a long time.
Michael is famous for his mercy. He allows us time to see our own mistakes. Judas never asked Jesus for advice. Judas never thought he needed mercy. But the Supreme, instead of being self-watchful, rather started becoming imperious.

Is the new part 4 going to “reveal” what Jesus has been doing for the last 2000 years? How He will administer the new government?
Part 2 will reveal how the new government is working. Part 4 might include chapters on what Jesus has been doing for the past 2000 years.

How will the new epochal revelation be used?
The Adam and Eve schools will use the Urantia book as a basic textbook. Other countries and areas will pick up on it from them.

Does Basic Universe administration have to be tried and true before it is revealed to human understanding?
Yes. But it will be made clear that even in Universe administration and government, changes and adjustments will happen regularly.

Were the Thought Adjusters in general unaware of the activities of the Supreme?
It is the purpose of the Thought Adjusters to make us aware of insidious and subtle infringements on the Will of the Father. Those people who are tuned into the hints and leadings of the Thought Adjusters, were the ones who sensed the dangers.

Why have the Thought Adjusters allowed so many bad decisions to be made?
Here is the issue of free will. Our free will overrides the subtle nudgings of the Thought Adjusters. If we blatantly ignore or actively resist the Thought Adjusters, the Thought Adjusters will cease to function or worse yet, leave.

Was there a whistle-blower anywhere?
I don't know

True of false: Prophecy is NOT revelation.
True. Prophecy can be revelation, but it is not the definition.


Why would it take another 40 years before the Ancient of Days revisit this revelation? Is “40 years” a figure of speech, a metaphor for an indeterminate amount of time?

It was also stated as “decades”. The Ancients of Days know that this planet is on a very slippery slope. They also know that it might take real die-off to gain the attention of people who otherwise right now, would not listen. Any way you look at it, the revelation is coming, the return of Jesus is coming, and things will eventually get better.

Did the Father know the UB was in error when it first came out in 1938?
There has always been controversy around the final content of the Urantia Book. Even the Sadlers had doubts. The errors we see now, were not as blatant then. Interpretations could have righted the errors, but that didn't happen.

The Supreme has been doing bad things for a long time. Did Michael and the Father know it and just looked the other way?
It is possible Michael and the Father did not know the extent of the evil. Father always looks on the bright side of things.

To Amethyst: Why wasn't Mother Spirit supportive of Michael? Was Mother Spirit secretly approving of Michael's crucifixion? Jesus never mentioned her during his ministry.
Caligastia and Lucifer were approving of the crucifixion. But it appears that Supreme and Mother Spirit did nothing to swerve the Jewish leaders into rethinking their position. Perhaps the “free will” issue was at the heart of that.

Was Mother Spirit simply a “partner in crime”? Or was she an active participant in Supreme's activities? Does her resistance go all the way back to Lucifer?
Supreme departed from the planet when Lucifer presented his manifesto. Not being here was a good excuse for not knowing what was going on.

Does Michael have anything to say to Mother Spirit? Does Mother Spirit have anything to say to Michael?
Things have deteriorated so greatly that what they have to say is probably not for our ears.

Was there indifference? Was there despising thoughts? Why were they not cooperating? Could this have been avoided?
I feel that Michael allowed things to run on auto pilot too long. Perhaps that is why he is taking such a strong hand right now.

How can we trust you if Michael and Mother Spirit don't trust each other?
Now we go forward in faith. “Remember the good things that you know”!


Do both Michael and Mother Spirit have free will?
Is Mother Spirit obligated to subject her free will to Michael's?
She is obligated to fulfill her loyalty covenant, and in so doing, in the face of grave disagreements, is obligated to bring them up to Michael for consideration. Perhaps that didn't happen, considering she was so close to the Supreme.

Does female free will somehow have less merit?
In human communities, where might equals right, that often appears to be the case. Universe administration cannot function without the Infinite Spirit and all the offspring of it. One of the things that has to be addressed soon is the very existence and importance of the seraphim.

Was there a communication issue?
Yes. An possible a timing issue. But Mother Spirit needed to bring it up clearly and not let the Supreme get in the way. The Supreme probably assumed everything it was doing is OK, especially since the Urantia book seems to lean in that direction.

Were Mother spirit's needs being ignored?
The term “needs” could possible be restated as “concerns”. Possibly yes. The terminology, the expression of the difficulty and the “communication” may have been lost in translation.

Is there a trust problem in the relationship?
Now there is. But Mother Spirit is not lost. Just re-located. But this whole issue is so important that it will be a key subject in the new Urantia Revelation. The Federated Universes need to have a very clear way of addressing unfortunate issues like this so that they never happen again.

What happened to Mother Spirit at the time of Lucifer?
She may have been associated with the Supreme, and may not have brought the rebellion into focus from her viewpoint.

Even if we put up a petition on Sept. 26, wouldn't it take “decades” for a new government to take effect? How can we write a new Urantia book unless things are settled?
One of the key issues of the new Urantia book is the notion of infallibility. The Urantia book will be corrected and revised on a regular basis.

Why wasn't Michael aware of all that was going on and nip this in a bud?
Perhaps that will be dealt with fully in the new Urantia Book. But we have to be kept aware that passels of vicissitudes not only keep us on our toes, they generate the necessity of seeking earnestly after righteousness in order to make right decisions.

Didn't Lucifer's manifesto have something to do with free will?
Yes but it was perverted in Lucifer's favor.

Why do things have to come to the point of violence?
They don't. The high sons that have been hassling Ron don't have to do that. Violence is the last resort of a weakling.

Has Mother Spirit ever had the chance to tell her side of the story?
Probably that chance will come up later, when the timing is right.





Maybe these questions and answers will help you all. But “Remembering the good things!” is a way that we can keep our balance for now.
Love to all of you,
Carole Dawn aka Song At Sunrise aka “Church Lady” (wink) (Madea is a close runner-up!)

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Re: The Nture of The Emergency and What You Might Do
« Reply #3 on: July 25, 2020, 12:59:06 am »
I ran through the post you made above fairly quickly absorbing your take on the question you found to ask yourself.

My initial reaction for your own spiritual health is that they are good and pertinent questions, but you answered them mostly from your own subconscious.  Not all, mind you, but mostly.  How do I know that?

In every case the clue is that you get a quick two line summary and that is typical of the landscape of the subconscious.  The subconscious is not the conscience either but sits behind the subconscious as an arbiter as to how much the subconscious should release to you.  I see it in some transmissions too especially when Sue Whiley gets to twisting her fingers about what is right or wrong about what she is doing.

In your case Carole, you are earnest to the point you rather be wrong than state a difficult proposition back to God.  You just will not do it.  For that reason you are truly in difficulty in deciding which way to fall to a question of unspeakable destitution of the soul and allowing someone to learn the lesson on their own.

You work hard to design things so you can slip through the cracks if there are any when wondering about how something will play in the church you attend or how it will play with your husband or with the congregation.  You have a find head on your shoulders but are forced to decide issues you have no real interest in other than to say it is a trial for someone but should not be if one understood the issue really involved.  I prefer to stay out of those areas too as I do not enjoy someone else being so blind they cannot see the trees for the forest they picnic in.

Finally, let me say this.  You have yet to adjust to the necessity of swift changes that are so quick you keep missing them.  Notable, these questons pertain to a time sixteen hours ago when everything was "go."  Now everything is "stop,: and without any good explanation to us on the ground as feet on the dirt and they in spirit floating perfectly well over the issue without a change of heart toward Urantia whatsoever.

I am also quite positive you do not understand what I am saying but I have no real clue to your disposition other than to say if you stand firm and go with your best judgement you will clear all of this out soon enough when the full revelation of what just happened AGAIN becomes, more or less, generally known to all of you.  That includes me who has no clue as I write this what the sudden reversal was all about that threw me and the rest of you off the course to petition the Ancients of Days for a corrected epochal revelation.  That is now off the table without even a table left to put anything on I am familiar with after working hard for at least 15 years of this stuff.  Worse yet I have eye surgery coming at me pretty heavy if I can last until they get around to doing it.  I am not sure of that at all.

Finally, I see you wrote some questions out that had no answer feedback to you.  That is a sure sign t hat the out lying areas of your thinking are blanked by the Thought Adjuster.  The subconscious, if you learn it trick, never shuts up and only full excursions to synchronize with your Thought Adjuster, will ever keep that talker quiet.  I dare say I keep mine in the cellar and locked up because I know a silly when I hear it and it is totally my friend now and just jokes with me when I allow it a statement or two.  However, for most humans the subconscious worms its way into making you believe it is the Spirit of Truth, and believe me it is far from it.  You would not believe how many UB readers speak of hearing the Spirit of Truth but in fact are rehearsing a subconscious trick that makes them complacent and secure in one awful interpretation of epochal revelation as the Urantia Book.

Keep your wits about you Carole, and stop worrying about source material, as you are making good progress into the areas of mind you need to relegate out of you and parts you should bring foreward much more often.  I have deploed the Spirit of Truth for some of this and my Adjuster for the rest of it  and am glad I can offer these higher areas of assessment to you.  No one likes being analyzed in public but your Q and A brings that out of me easily.

Best wishes for your total enlightenment someday.

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania

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Re: The Nature of The Emergency and What You Might Do
« Reply #4 on: July 28, 2020, 07:29:27 am »
Carole, the above post, other than its typos now and then I was totally blind to as I wrote it, still remains a good deposition.  Above I wrote the word deposed in some form, but it is only a typo now.  I see something else I should have mentioned you these many days later.  I never give up on the idea that looking in on people is almost always a good idea but sometimes never spoken to in public.  I gave you a crash course in subconscious uses.  What I did not say is what and why the subconscious exists at all.  Simply stated, that is where mind likes to remind itself what it has learned.  IT is a rehearsal hall for your experiences and an archive of what you got out of them.

Freud is most ly responsible for dividing the mind into these layers of conscious and unconscious contact point for memory use.  Jung never makes much mention of these layers at all and prefers to let the world pass by without analyzing much about why we dream or why we hate.  Those are not mutual statements by the way, but just statements for the narrative.

For that reason let me give you a Jung evaluation and I get this from spirit as I am not even remotely aware what Jung stated or taught.  But spirit indicates that if Jung gave an analysis of your set of questions and answers, he would call you Quixotic.  That is an adjective derived from a Spansih novelist of long ago named Cervantes.  The knight, Don Quixote, was really outrageously if not mildly insane, and rode a horse and who favored getting into battle with windmills that churned in the countryside of his day which in the late 16th century or so.  Some called this character the "pink monkey." and it was about a mind represented by Don Quixote, that was never silent, and jumped all over the place facing devils and battles all around him to quell their power to harm him.  We never do learn why Don Quixote liked to duel with the paddles of a windmill, but most of us today, battle with the paddles of heartless rendering of law and injustice to the point we are mildly insane to holler and yell about race and God and government, and all in one breath.  I am known to do it with unfair taxation and a lot of other things too.

You Carole are not so much Quixotic, but seem to be fairly sure that Cervantes is your favorite novelist.  When that man lived, Spain was approaching a major land war with Great Britain over rights to the sea and their ships.  Cervantes saw it as a classical example of both governments tilting at useless causes and invented Don Quixote, to demonstrate how silly fighting is when the adversary is a dumb as a windmill paddle over why you had to challenge a fleet of ships that never bothered the Spanish badly at all.

The nature of some of your questions is normal curiosity.  Some of them are better than others, but you tilt a windmill now and then when you do not see the cause for the question in the first place.  You are sure that God is good, but doubt He cares as much as you are taught to believe.  That leads the work you do in your subconsciousness, and that is why you use it so well.  I never say do not use the subconscious, but NEVER  use the subconscious when attempting to link to the Voice of God, and frankly, most do that more than they should in every case.  I am shorn of the subconsciousness myself as I never ever liked it or used it at all as a lad or young adult.

It is for that reason I can be a super transmitter.  It is also the reason you will have difficulty being a dependable transmitter because you rely on your subconsciousness to field questions based on your experience.  That alone provide the universe an excellent soul tot rain for administrative work, and that is far different up there than it is here on Urantia.

It is also for the same reason that a person like me who has no good for the subconsciousness/  I do not believe it offers much from experience without revelation to make it work for good meanings, and the subconsciousness is not designed to do original creative analysis simply because it is already your mind and it cannot work against the precepts of your own mind and be of your own mind.  However, I can do that just because I buried the subconscious mind by the time I was 20 years old and then ran into huge categorical problems of asking "what in God's name am I good enough at to have a career?"

Of course I never knew in those days why I had a career problem to select one but I did and not until four years in the US Military did I straighten out that I was not the type ot easily use experience to determine  how I was to earn my living?  As luck would have it my dad broke the ice and got me a job with an engineering firm and I loved it.  The subconscious reaction was zero as I do not have it to get mixed up with it.  However, you do and in great preponderance.  Listen to this Carole: 

analysis is by MICHAEL OF NEBADON I speak next:
"You Carole are going to be a favorite among the Creator Son's staff mostly because you are so easily teachable and so easily earning your stripes by executing what you learn without hesitation;   Strangely enough, Ron can do the same thing, but without having the same instruction you do to learn to do it.

"Ron eats and breathes revelation.  You Carole, are totally at sea without facts having a traditional connection first and then to branch off into new learning through revelation.  But for you Carole, you need the subconscious inpute.  Ron has none.

"Therefore, we can take both of you and force nothing but provide instruction well enough you are ready for your new work almost instantly.  However with you Carole. you need days of proving it works.  With Ron he is proved in his mind it works withing almost ten minutes of receiving the instruction."

Here is the Psychologist, JUNG speaking:

JUNG: " I am famous on Urantia for not being able to fathom Freud and the various levels he identified about the mind.  However, Ron uses the Urantia Book Freud, as that is how Mantutia finally decided to describe where the Thought Adjuster resided in the human mind in what Mantutia alone called the superconscious and Ron fully understood what that was immediately.  Most readers have a subconscious mind.  Ron does not.  How that happened we ourselves are quite unsure and Ron needs to be studied a lot when he arrives as he has so many unusual attributes of mind it is not clear he is entirely human either.  However, Carole you are fully human in mind use alone and work well with other people. So does Ron but for very different reasons he alone can explain someday.

"As JUNG I am still learning the psychology of mind  in Urantia humans as Ron sees them hopelessly racist and stupid in comprehension except for materialistic causes such as the science of space travel.  For that reason he lets them alone, but is convinced a new species is required if Urantia is ever to become God centered.  AS JUNG I never bothered about religion or religious views, but Ron does since he believes that religious belief is inherent in the mind to know, and to know it so well, it as a religious practice is slavish at best, and irredeemable at worst before the high Deities of actual creation.  You Carole never look at it this way and if you did  we doubt you ever could fathom what Ron is talking about. 

"Ron requires you to do better as you fail to understand the nature of God in your own self Carole, but are always right there to understand that service is the best possible expression to work with God and learn for the subconscious part of yourself what God is really like.  The subconscious is a two way street and it insists on being heard in you and not in Ron.  For those reasons you see God in different ways but are mutually beneficial to each other.

"Carry this one step further:  you Carole never can fathom be at ease with God ever.  Ron, however, is so at ease with them, he can joke with them.  They are so unused to that the very idea of using a pun is hard for them to conceive but they can do it now.  Ron gets to laughing so hard he forgets time and hours go by before he realizes he lost the day almost. Carole run no risk of offense and Ron is constantly running the risk of offense and apologizes before he starts that he is just silly and laughs at circumstances easily.

We conclude this by saying that the world turns mostly on Urantia using the subconscious.  But there are people like Ron who have no subconscious and they are few and far between.  You could not explore God as you have without a person like that making a discussion forum available this way if Ron and his goofy mind were not available to bounce off of and see what God does when Ron sends something over they spit out all over him.  Nothing that radical ever yet but it could happen if Ron could manage to change history on Urantia and learn the ways of a Magisterial Son as it is suppose to work these days.  But we also lament that Ron was so slammed by the evil of this rebellion he may just disappear without a trace too.

"Finally, as JUNG:  we are facing a parallelogram over the issue of Urantia.  What a parallelogram is, is a house of fire that burns down in front of spirit regardless of what they could do to stop it.  Ron is a parallelogram and you are not Carole.  He is useful and you are just human.  However, he states clearly that without you and others like you as subscribers, there would be no Mission to Urantia whatsoever.  We happen to fully conclude that is the cause and case for his illness, as he must react to the hour and not to the cause, and for that reason is to be removed when the hour strikes and he is vindicated for all he has worked for and done for.

"AS JUNG, I am sure the hours approaches quickly on Urantia, and people like you Carole will benefit greatly from it.  Ron causes things to happen, and he will always be a cause to make things happen as he is that rare person who finds a cause and equates it to mankind easily.  We close with his to you and your subconscious mind Carole as essentially your ticket to the ascension career you want so much.  Ron cares that all have one, but that it must be taken for what is given and not always with your conscious choice.  He is absolutely right as the ascension career is based on your talents not entirely foreseen by your subconscious archive of experience.  We let this go now for this from MIchael of Nebadon:"

"We have concluded this lesson on the human subconscious.  Now we speak to the super-consciousness, and that is where the Thought Adjuster resides until IT provides a change of status in the human mind for good.  In Ron that resides at the back of his head under the crown chakra.  In Carole that resides in the frontal lobes,  That makes a huge difference on how the mind is used in this life time.  In Ron thoroughly independent; in Carole totally submerged in the traditions of her world.  That difference is so large it cannot maike two people any more different than these two are.

"Once Ron understands a situation, he makes hay out of it.  Once Carole understands a situation, she makes a meal of it.  Bot are valid uses of mind, but Ron cannot rest until he fully expricates the entire matter into intellectual fodder over how it is used and where to use it.  For Carole she makes it social and that is a huge difference between a thrologian and one who lives in the congregation.  Ron is a theologian.  Carole you belong in the pew.  For reasons of State, Ron was released from long work hours years ago to learn humility at the hands of angry parents.  He let them have their way and they relented and benefited from Ron tremendously.  He made it work very well to the point he inherited all they had and more than they knew as Ron converted their wealth into the Magisterial Foundation.  Just like him and not unlike some of you reading this.

"For reasons of State--  meaning we do not give reasons for it--  Ron was decapitated more than once and fell not into grieving, but into planning for a different way of doing thins.  For that reason we now have a Magisterial Foundation ready to operate but a heartless version of fate tearing Ron down into oblivion.  I allow it now but never did until now as he is so miserable in hearties physical battles he needs released into a more favorable climate.  This narrative is nearly over, but he has the rest of the day to work out how he must make no amends further and stay the course until there is a resolution up here as to just how to use this unusual young man in all truth.   And it is for that reason we conclude this narrative except to say one thing further:

"You are all privileged to hear me speak easily and that is mostly to the work Ron has done to spread this ability far and wide as many now hear how it is done and seek resolution to have it themselves.  Ron is superlative in using it but most of you do not even make the necessary adjustments and just let it drop as though it is unessential.  Ron considers it essential to keep sanity during the period of earth life so wrathful it will erupt into war again and this time the United States beware there are tough adversaries out there to be aware of including the Magisterial Sons.  While this period persists, those of you who survive it, will be asked to produce more of it, and without Ron that is tough because he knows the secrets to it and shares them with real students who need to learn it and do it.

"Concluding this paper, we are understanding the entire matter of life for Ron is on the table and it is awful to see the mayhem created in an otherwise fine body he must put up with.  Further, someone has changed his computer code and it works as they wish it to and finds that hard to take but he cannot change code back he has no idea where it is located.  His work with most of you is nearly done as we are for many reasons of State too.  He will work with ME I assure you and he must learn how to say no to questioning at times too as he leaves without a good explanation to most who know him.  We will leave it at that.  K"


Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania