Author Topic: Lightline USA TUE July 28 audio link & NOTICE 4:30 pm Q&A Session to later today  (Read 606 times)

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Lightline USA TUE July 28 audio link &  NOTICE Q&A Session later today @ 4:30 pm  (with streaming)

4:30 PM York time TODAY  -- Q & A session to be held
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Hello Everyone, Song At Sunrise here with a summary of the first half of today's Light Line:
Light Line Tuesday July 28, 2020

At the current moment Ron's condition is not a healthful scenario.
Michael and Ron discussed the possibility of Ron "passing on".

The Canadian Province Ontario and the city of Ottawa is experiencing a spike in Covid19 cases.
So also is Spain.
But Germany and Greece are doing better because of the way the governments are handling social gathering.

Ron: Dr. Martin Luther King: (Who was assassinated in 1969). Ron remembers sitting at a breakfast in a restaurant at 7:00 a.m. with a survey crew when he heard the news of Dr. King being assassinated.

Dr King: I remembered the moment as "I was shot by a white man just because I was Martin Luther King". For quite a while he felt that all white people wanted to kill him.
Ron: I thought his speeches were brilliant, worthy of the Founding Fathers. Dr. King's advice: "Get out of Urantia" -- ("pass on"). Blacks don't have a chance to be acknowledged as they should. The US will see race riots again -- and York is a possibility. There is a concentration of blacks in the East Coast and the West Coast. Baltimore, Chicago and Los Angeles already have riots planned.

Dr King: I know how to bring race riots to an end. But the race riots coming will pale the riots in the 60's.

Phyllis has vocal difficulties


Ron: Tarkas: Your situation is indeed looking bleak. Many situations come into your lives and you feel like you can't change things.

Lemuel: Machiventa: Good Evening. You have just heard disturbing news from MLK and confirmed by Tarkas. You have all been informed that Phase I ended during the Light Line on Sunday. Monjoronson is looking to incarnate in some way on or around August 20th (near Jesus' birthday!). Question was will these riots take place before or after the incarnation? The riots will take place because of the coming of Monjoronson. The effect (wonderful vibrations on those not ready or open,) will result in riots The blacks in particular are vulnerable. The riots will stop because of the Magisterial Mission, and also because of the many, many, many celestials on the ground.
The riots may continue into September before easing up. People will see the ending of the riots because of Monjoronson.

Machiventa: There will be difficult times, but people will see the good effect all over the world.

Thank you Machiventa.

Larry: Machiventa: Not only will there be race riots, there will be political riots too. after the election. You will all have to depend on spirit because not only in the US but the whole world. Be prepared to face racial and political riot. You will have to band together with us and communicate with us frequently.


Larry: You need to practice on the transmitting more. Quote from the past: "If you can't bring God into it, maybe you shouldn't be doing this at all".

These things need to be confronted and dealt with.

Don't hesitate to call on us to open your spiritual eyes and ears. We are here to help and guide you . Knock. Ask, and you will receive. Be on the alert: Thank you for keeping me in your life.


Carole: a short explanation of how special music in church can bring these things into the awareness of the congregation.

Monjoronson: Ron is still bickering with the higher powers -- Go ahead and pass on? Things are not being healed?
But the Magisterial foundation, Magisterial Mission and Monjoronson's work will be a whole lot poorer without Ron.

Ron has shown he is useful.

But at the highest level there has been the attitude of "Take it or leave it".
Monjoronson? Ron is already mostly morontial. So in asking to rescind the pain, request was made to the Deity Absolute and Michael, and the Father.

Lemuel: Father: Thank you. This is a very auspicious moment.

Lemuel had asked to leave if Ron goes.

Father would like to rescind what was said about Ron and Lemuel: Ron is quite capable of carrying on. Father recognized the tremendous value of Ron. And Lemuel is not going anywhere for a long time. Ron and Lemuel are too precious to just have them leave. I know Lemuel's passion is to be a teacher.

Ron is most unusual. Father: You will remain here. You are to be healed and you will help bring this beautiful planet into Light and Life.

Difficult times must be allowed to take place!

Lemuel Thank you so much Father.

Tarkas: I am pleased and happy to hear the words of the Universal Father. Without Ron things would have to be re-arranged. We need Ron.
Thank you.

Ron: I'm not that great, but I have done some things. I don't think I am confirmed to stay, but you are, Monjoronson.

Among all the flattering words, you still have to walk the walk.

There is a council of Presidents including Eisenhower, Truman, Kennedy, Lincoln called the Missouri Council (The Missouri slogan is "Show Me!") Harry Truman is the chief of the Council.
Eisenhower: The True Trust of Spirit on Urantia is to the hosts of the Light Lines: We need more hosts! We need more people listening.


Monjoronson to Ron: You stand well with the presidents.
You date the apostasy of the US government from the death of Kennedy.
Kennedy to Johnson: "I salute him-- he was my commander in the military". Johnson: I stand tall now, I will be there.

Monjoronson We did not expect all this Ron.
You will be part of the government when the Regency is declared -- may be the Secretary of State.

Michael: the Trial we went through was not planned.

Father is getting ready to do the healing if we get through the cabal. (now in the process of being removed by agents of the Eternal Son.)
Ron: Things are moving even as we speak.

18 callers are with us now. It will take $ to make the service better so we could reach more people.

Note: people with cracked SIM cards in their phones can't send their ID to the Light Line.

There will be another Light Line this afternoon, 4:30 York time. with Questions and Answers.

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