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Part II - WHAT THIS SITE IS ALL ABOUT -The World of The Cross
« on: August 03, 2020, 10:03:27 am »
Part II
What This Site Takes On
Unconfusing You . . . Maybe

In Part I, I pointed out that when viewing this site, we see it is about religion but strangely so for we use a vocabulary that is derived from an epochal revelation–  the 5the one to come to our planet in the last million years.  We designate what in Biblical terms makes sense to the guest who learned the revelation of Jesus in the language of the Bible, This site has a spirit bibliography of their records of His life and it is five hundred pages long of great detail.  That new perspective on the life of Jesus requires a lot more language compared to the less detailed writing of the four Gospels of the New Testament.  We do not apologize for that privilege, and neither do you as our Guest, and there is no mistake to accuse any of us for that set of circumstance you find here on this web site.

When I started this site I knew that difficulty of language  existed and decided that the site to discuss Biblical subject in new terminology was very helpful anyhow, but would limit me and the members who came to it, to the extent we would be set aside as some sort of “ist” that had no real importance to the church or even the curious.  I had to accept that because the 5th epochal revelation, by sheer necessity, had to break the ice around Biblical knowledge, had to get its main point across in a different venue, and so it has with its cost of sounding more different than it really is.   Our knowledge is Christianity and of a new age of life for the soul because the soul is now educated with the new revelation as we are, and both parts of ourselves get a big energy push just for knowing what more is possible than the church of old.

Study that main point inside modern epochal revelation, and that should tell the reader that man holds no real progress without transformation, and that transformation toward God consciousness is a joint enterprise between the forces for good and the forces of man personality to join together to reconstruct mind attitude toward the necessity of embracing through faith and revelatory education, the power to change the life of a Good knowing animal we all are, to a new being no longer a :thing,: but embraced as a God citizen eternally.  The child cannot know this yet, but a surviving adult at the end of a life span on earth, does know there is nothing left but to embrace the new life without the human helpmates that got him to the transition for a brand new life in spirit led fashion once again elsewhere.

For the most part, many humans might say, “I rather just go fishing as no one can get their head around so much and then sit still and rot out the remaining days left to one on earth and not be able to raise one single finger to change one’s inclusion into the divine workforce.”  May who read the 5th epochal revelation are stymied with the lack of direction, and the funny thing is, the Revelators see that a grave error not to have provided a handbook about how to study the 5th epochal revelation, and what the religionist might do to start work on the eternal goal of researching the main life of Jesus as the example of how to live the perfected material life on this planet.

The Man-God who Bestowed Himself on this sphere as the Son of God, and with followup corollary as son of man as well, never forgot who He was, but never made that clear to anyone unless they independently discerned it by seeing him and hearing Him teach.

The membership here does understand the nature of that Bestowal, but we are also assured we hardly understand why it was made and why the tragedy of the Cross became part of the conclusion to the Bestowal of Gon on Urantia.  We are known through out the stntinet universe, this planet, as the World of the Cross, and that generation of plutocrats still shames you and me to this day for actions that have no language to describe its horror or its infamy to anyone.  If there are sins of the Father for us to bear, it is that murder of Jesus by a religious organization, the Sanhedrin, which knew not the God of Israel, but the god of supremacy that still would kill if its plans for hegemony were seriously interfered with. 

 Readers of this site must come to grips it is not this site, and it is not entirely you the reader, to see we are dealing, on earth, with an indisputable set of circumstances that no one who has a regular education, can we cope with this rule of evil law that desecrates man while praising him.  Black is white, and white is black, and that is what evil would have you believe, but it is never true as the mind does not lie, but the self can, and hence we must now deal not only with languages of madness in the current way of life on earth, but in the very Bestowal of Jesus of Nazareth, we see He was cheated by the very force that is evolution misdirected and misspent over the purpose of life in the first place.

We who write these things to teach the hidden meanings of life through the religious impulse, see the bait and switch.  Black is not to be exchanged for white, but mislabel the two contrasts, and utter confusion comes into play because Jesus trusted aspects of experiential life but was lead into the defeat of death by overpowering forces which are against the goodness of the son of man, and the Son of God.

Spoken directly to, god the supreme never believed that Jesus was useful as the Son of God.  Jesus as the son of man never believed that evil could permeate the forces of an evolutionary Deity, never fully revealed to anyone on this planet except as part of the 5th epochal revelation, and then it was partial and disrespecting the force it came to be only in the past few years if at all. 

We are not here to describe the faults of design especially but we do not point them out as members of this site are aware of the trickery and dishonesty of a natural evolutionary force misdesigned to help man progress but, in fact, thwarted anything that held the supreme back to understand at all, and then in turn, man removed by the supreme as in its way.

A Word About Clairaudience as Lightline and a Force on this Site
By now the reader of this material should be informed that his site is more than a discussion forum, but we never really ever talk about it much, as it is too difficult to explain it ever as operating.  But clair is at work, and inescapable direct and insistent to be used and heard.  Clairaudience is the ability to hear a direct voice link from the divine rulers of the universe into the human mind and ear, and the ability to speak a direct statement the instant it is spoken too.

Your writer, Ron Besser, developed it in the late 1980;s, and as a consequence can teach it well enough to others who can adopt it to using it on a web site to address, not only the attitude of God to our doings on earth, but to aid future divine missions with information that helps all to prepare for a divine mission.

This site is apprised that several divine missions are being prepared under great difficulty for man to hear on earth.  We who are clairaudient hear the statements find and print them out here as they occur, but readers who happen by cannot fathom the process and that is because they are taught to believe that in psychotherapy hearing voices like this is not clairaudient but schizophrenic or some other psychosis without a proper name.  Jesus Himself was clairaudient.  How else do you think he knew the ass wa tied to a tree for his entrance into Jerusalem in triumph over the killers in the Sanhedrin?  How else do I know that the body of Jesus in the tomb evaporated with Archangel help>?  This is not fantasy to the Bestowal plans and it is not fantasy to me to inform by writing what the truth is in important matters?  Believer yourself, and not what people help you believe through social pressures.  That is what Jesus often referred to man swallowing camels and gagging on gnats.

That is why this site can behave abnormally at times, as a number of the members have learned clairaudience we sometimes call T/R, Transmitting/Receiving or sometimes just the expression, the ”Voice of God.”   Take your pick as they are interchangeable labels.

Our Planetary Status and our Human Status by Spirit Analysis

The evolutionary status of this planet is so out of kilter now with the ideals of democratic governments.  Further its huge over-population of this sphere will strangle it until only crab grass will be happy to grow on what was once arable land.  That spoken, we are still dealing with the spiritual disaster of a Divine Son cruelly  murdered on earth, to the point that those UFO’s that are allowed to visit earth, have on their star maps the blue planet labeled, “World of the Cross.”  I kid you not! 

“The World of the Cross!”  Barbarians and idiocy like that still prevails to knock down anything God tires to install or engage or give humans on this planet who find the entire subject passe.   Many guests consider this site poorly run and often impossible to sound sane.  Sane?  You use the term according to your own lights but the term applies to some of the guests who think we are the devil incarnate for judgement reasons that would send any judge to the gallows if the Paradise Trinity judged them on the spot/

But then most members here have the profound embarrassment of understanding they are part of a World of the Cross marked on star  maps when tourism is allowed to this planet.  You wonder why many UFO sighting might abound?  Observe yourselves as being part of the zoo they come to see where a Bestowal Son was murdered and their mystery is to show their paying tourists to earth something Murder on the Orient Express might and could speak to.  The real culprit turns out to be  in the family of God. God the supreme did it and the Sanhedrin was its agent. John the Revelator suspected it and had a wild dream to read it well enough to label it the ANTICHRIST.  So we really know now where it was hidden and now we pick up pieces and know this universe age is changed permanently, but to what?  I am not sure we need go there as the yellow lights are blinking for me to pass this point in this Part and finish it for good.

Part III next:
    Why Would Jesus Return?
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