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Part III
What This Site Is About
Unconfusing You . . . Maybe


This web site is famous for not stating good definitions just what it is talking about.  We do not use preambles to define the players in what we talk about, or why they are important.  Such things are assumed to be part of the text book we are mostly all familiar with. In the past Paper I referred to the apostasy of the deity of the supreme.  We all understand the term “apostasy” but most have no idea what the term “supreme.” refers to, but members do.  Supreme is a text book term to denote the existence of a powerful Deity entity that is the overcontrol of evolution.  It can and does adjust earth conditions so humans can evolve well. It also takes human experience and nationalizes it in so many ways and that is to make material experience known to Infinity.  The supreme did not do that lone but placed it to the Infinite Paradise Triniy, to work the Infinity codes so it too knew what material human beings do and did.  Unfortunately after eons of existence, this past year on this planet, we learned of a catastrophic event that took the supreme out of its position to do these things and we are left tring to talk about what God might try to do about it.  

The reader must somehow begin to understand that it is a very minor problem not understanding what we talk about.  The Guest for sure shares with every member here, what are we going to do about losing the best interpreter man ever had to provide the existential ( the word is used on this forum to mean, infinite, but also close to being more than infinite, if that can be swallowed just a little.)  

Realize to you historians who maybe read this site, the supreme is an evolutionary head.  It alone enforced evolution to take charge of human planets and to force,  in what Darwin spoke of as the Survival of the Fittest, as a way to strengthen evolutionary causes to the existential Deities Themselves.  The supreme made it clear on this planet, that if you cannot use your brains and think sometimes, you are not going to be resurrected. In horror, man on this planet is in retrograde evolution many times and as a result fully one half of the people who die on Urantia, have an uphill battle before the Judges– Peter at Saint Peter’s Gate to some of you–  to resume living to evolve.

The supreme and High Crimes to Jesus

On top of a collapsed evolutionary Deity of the supreme, the evidence is now creeping out that the supreme was guilty of putting brakes on the wonderful work of Jesus.  That seems to have happened while Jesus was teaching and even the wife of the Roman Legate. Portia, spoke of his drawing power once day she passed by him speaking to a delegation of Greeks who wanted to know how Jesus was actually superior to the Greek Gods themselves.  She never knew the subject but her testimony is easily found on the Internet. She was a high fashion lady of wealth and splendor as the wife of a Roman official, not Pilate, who tried to bring the control of Rome over Israel an Judea, and utterly failed until he heard Jesus preach nearby to his Imperial Offices at the time.  He decided “this man, is difficult, but beautiful to our souls.”  The supreme disliked Jesus jut because the holding power in Him was tremendous with anyone who happened to pass by while he taught.

Now after two thousand years have passed, we are finally getting the view that the supreme also tried to call the shots for the Son of God, who was existing in a relatively helpless human form.  The supreme wished the Bestowal reduced in power, but agreed the Bestowal was helping evolution just enough not to mount an anti-Jesus campaign among the Sadducees and the Pharisees,  that might abort the Bestowal and to force a revelation about the supreme that entity never wished to be known.  John the Revelator spoke of as a false god, small “g,” never realizing there was an entity called the supreme who fully qualified for the rle of antichrist Om fact, we now look at John the Revelator with awe over his punctual understanding that man would be forced to deal wit hthe evil of evils if he did not learn that the innocent Jesus, was never evil ever but sometimes lacking the insight to be as wise as the serpent he warned other to adopt when so much evil was about man and Himself/  With John’s  stunning announcement millennia ago, the supreme showed the colors John named as antichrist that now appeared and the supreme then called for open  rebellion on our planet.

This web site discusses that with great distaste.  A Guest would hardly understand what we are talking about without knowing how the Book of Revelation in the New Testament, actually named such a culprit existed, and now is dead by its own hand, but the rebellion, as this is written, is not quelled yet.

I Shall Return!

Where is He?  What was behind the promise to Return to Earth?  Why was the promise made?  The Gospels say nothing about why.  The say nothing but that it should be gladly met.

Jesus never thought about huge matters without being fully aware that his Father in Heaven thought about these matters too.  God the Father is a person.  God the Father is also a Deity.  And God the Father is a personal attribute of a self-caused cause.  The Guest or reader has to gasp at such a statement since there are no such things in the time unvierses, as a cause that had self origins, yet when you get to the existential levels of creation, we have many examples of the self-caused self-existences of entities that run Infinity.  Our time universes as vast as they might seems, are just a drop in the proverbial bucket considering the size, scope, and grandeur of the space creation.  And whilethat is nearly Infinite in itself, that which is self-caused Deity that exceeds the mechanism of Infinity has universes that have no space in them, and hardly any things resembling the need for time ever.  Jesus knew these things.  Peter, the First Apotle observes that Jesus was beside himself so often that he, Peter, never could identify what made Jesus “tick.”

What made Jesus tick was the insurmountable ability to speak to the last angel who rebelled with Satan and Lucifer and Caligastia, and Daligastia– they are all individual persons who were officials in the Lucifer rebellion– as to their cause and their remedy if they would but listen to Him.  Yes, the met with Him, and declined Mercy.  

But the snake of infamy was coiling around the Bestowal as there was collision between the entity supreme and the young man who taught the salvation of souls.  

The Supreme Court of Spirit, as there is such a thing thank goodness, took the rebels to trial and found them guilty of horrible deceit and the murder of millions and millions of early humans on our planet.  Children were forced into caves when they died young and no resurrection was allowed for them.  The high Court ordered their execution, and the deed was done and they are no more with the sordid ending announced on March 16, 1986 to the high spirit creators of ourselves.  They were glad as I was when I heard it too.

That should have opened the door to the Second Return, as I am sure I expected it as much as anyone who knew of the death of Satan and Lucifer and over one hundred  million  apostate angels and other orders of celestial  life.  Immediately, plans were put into place to do just that by 2013.  The supreme loathed the idea and sent an army to invade the places Jesus would use to return and utterly destroyed those places and killed thousands working to perfect their means to bring the Son of God back to his home among the galactic spheres of human dwelling.

But Jesus has not wasted his time until the Second Calling transpired.  No, rather, the Father has asked Jesus to teach again, and this time on Paradise to beings there live in perfection and know man not or the Jesus story of Bestowal.

Jesus has visited with transmissions to me frequently.  Like the discussions between a US President and his confidants, I must never allow what was discussed out to the public.  I did know the general plans and fully supported them as best I could.  The death of the supreme on 26 September, 2019, however changed all of it, and we wait today for the resurrection of hope once more that it can be done.

JOSHUA  BEN  JOSEPH, “JESUS,” speaks about the article written here:

“I am Jesus.  This is not a new Gospel.  This is a remark to this loyal follower of my work for generations to come and he must stay the course so that all of you may know whereof  I speak over issues you hardly know as readers of the Bible only.

“We are not concerned over the new return.  We are concerned over what to do with a humanity that is so lowered by falsecraft that it hungers for mammon, and cares nothing for the well being of your own species of humanity, I taught for decades in the sand and dust of Jerusalem and Judea.

“I spoken then of what it takes to raise the dead.  Now I speak what it takes to raise humanity.  Be aware the heart of God is not dead, but man himself is close to ending what was to be a splendid creation for all to enjoy living in and with on this beautiful sphere.  Now it is blackened with radiation, with nuclear deterrents so vile they are worse than the nuclear bombs they are to guard against.  For this reason, we must abide My time one more.  I will not return while men feast upon the radioactive wastes of Arizona and New Mexico alone.

“For that reason I state that to all of you who leave no doubt about Who I am, let it be known that I return, but not likely in your life time now, as the planet must be reinstalled as a sphere to raise souls entirely not, but to be a teaching planet among the capital spheres of this space nation known as Nebadon, the space nation which embraces all of the Milky Way you can see on a summer night in the northern hemispheres of this planet alone.

“For that reason, we must end our work on Paradise as a teacher.  For that reason I must end my work with our Heavenly FATHER, and to return to Nebadon, and earth that belongs to Nebadon as it is the Creator Son of Nebadon who was the (Paradise) Son of God as Me, as well as the uman Joshua Ben Joseph, I was as the son of man.  For that reason we take care not to overstate our worth to any of you, but we are of worth to all of you if you but remember, I Shall Return!”

And so it is spoken.

There is much more to say as follows:

The Power of God and Restoration

We must speak to the fact that the discussion forum you attempt to read and make sense of, is fully aware of the apostasy of the supreme.   The supreme  error is so huge that no human can address it.  That is, unless there is some avenue to take that agrees with the discussion forum in the sense that a Magisterial Mission might do it and all of us on that forum are ready to provide service it, but how?

There is the Power of God in a huge example of what is proposed.  This discussion forum started life as a report on the schedule of these Magisterial Sons to provide Redemption to us and the lost planet of the World of the Cross.

Yes, our world is on the star maps titled underneath its dot there, “THE WORLD OF THE CROSS.”  You and I are not the only ones horrified for living on a planet where man killed the Son of God.  It so fractured the FATHER, he ordered the Deity Absolute to hang a black mask on the Paradise entry portal, and ther it stayed until Jesus Himself walked freely among the grass and ferns of the resurrection worlds not that far away from the earth where he was killed.

AS your writer, I am quite capable of reaching anywhere they allow me ot reach, but I cannot abide it yet.  For that reason we stay away from it but to reference the World of the Cross, as a deep embarrassment as being a mortal how carries the sins of his fathers by association of unspeakable death.

The World of the Cross creates tourism.  Yes, our galactic human tourists are every bit as squalid in interests as we are who are fascinated by terrible accidents and to watch a factory burn down.  Should it not dampen your enthusiasm to learn the 1980's search lights over Belgium to see huge delta wing UFO’s pass over head, carried tourists!!!  So human in practice and,  in hindsight, it is just tourism.

I compare it to my 70 inch wide screen TV to watch a waster water treatment plant overflow.  We are not the only ones to squander technology for a glancing blow with voyeurism.

I lived in upstate New York for a little while, and daily took the Taconic Parkway back home from my offices– get this– from Valhalla.  Honestly that is the name of the little town my office was in beneath the New York water supply dam and is a little town which lives that ay and remains anonymous with good train service to Manhattan.  The Taconic Parkway in those days was famous for UFO appearances by the gazillions. It is a highway looking like it was built by the CCC but it is much older than that with elegant curbs on the sides of its four lane structure.

Those skies were full of tourists on spaceships that are usually used to scout the difference between an inhabited world and a world that has aborigine human beginners on it.  Since the Taconic Parkway traverses near the Hudson in places, the tourism industry of a nearby galactic base used it to operate tourist seats with  tapes while they followed it near Albany, to the Bronx and Brooklyn and finally Manhattan, New York City, which as a city glitters to this day to a tourism trade recently  stopped because of the supreme rebellion, by the way.  Somehow Queens never gets looked at but that old Queens Bridge with its medieval turrets and crowns gets an appreciative smile from the avant guard on those ships.


Look at the word “Magisterial.”  It tells you that they are Magistrates.  They are judges and fixers of broken planets taking origin on  Paradise.  They are the Deified agency of the Trinity but take direct origin in the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit.  Talk about royalty!  

In the case of Urantia (earth) today, the Magisterial Sons welcome the Second Return of Jesus as some part and parcel of their Magistrate Mission too.  They actively work with, and Jesus welcomes them, but they are two different divine actions, and this discussion forum talks about that probability currently.  The divine Paradise Magisterial Sons, called MONJORONSON and SERARA, are fully aware they must prepare this earth to reverence God once more, and to obey the commandment you shall do no harm.

Consequently we have now reach the point in this narrative to state the following:

Our discussion forum has taken us from just a Magisterial Mission possible in 2010 to the double dare of having such a Mission appear at the end of 2020 if the Corona virus does not get you and me first.

For that reason, this site gets punished for knowing too much sometimes, then punished for not knowing enough sometimes, and rarely are we in full agreement with the proposed Missions of Majesty these Missions represent to Urantia, as it will save our lives, REDEEM our planet, and Jesus can restate HIS purpose once more under the auspices of the Magisterial Missions.   Those are the plans for now, but even this web site gets that poorly discussed when the Creator Son suddenly has to go into exile over a dangerous rebellion attacking his life labs.  I think the Guest or reader may understand these subjects are really too big to chew on, but to take a back seat to Luke Skywalker and his drone in seat number three.

Finally, I now restate the real reason for all of these words:

Man cannot wrestle annoying consequences of a pandemic with such a tiny attention span.  That span length  reminds me of the poor Dinosaur Tyrannosaurus Rex, with this tiny little arms trying to fly, or Tiny Tim singing the Vaughan Monro song, “They Called the Wind Maria.”  

But we do have a pandemic and social distancing would be hard to get next to an incarnated Jesus this time.  Believe it or not, the biospheres of evolutionary developments do alter divine plans, for they must take into account what will be noticed by whom, when, and to what degree.  Readers you must become more sophisticated in your theology if you want ever to understand that while spirit is a great deal more than man, spirit is also having to forecast business plans of the Father and how to implement them.  The business of the Father is not spent in prayer, but in hard administrative work that has no temple or church in mind whatsoever.  I sit here and I speak with administrators like Census Takers, and Assigned Sentinels who are private detective looking for trouble to stop before it starts, and lots of other positions you as a human would recognize as work done here for any big corporation.

 Spirit is corporate and it is merciful and it is beneficial to all, but its coordination must be precise when humans are addressed, or they waste their time as your attention spans and mental processing wither in the lIght of God too well directed without a break now and then for you.  Two millennia, I admit,  is since Jesus and is quite a break a little too long, but earth should now be ready for an educational program the Magisterial Sons are well prepared to teach quite soon.

Keeping Food on The Table
With all this being talked about, for most of us, the bottom line is to protect our families from want, and putting some food on the table, when the grocery stores cannot keep up feeding too many people who are out money to buy ti.

I have no panacea to suggest how to avoid this, except to remind: The reader must not be so foolish to misunderstand he is his own best mitigator of how to survive really rough time likely to come our way.  And because there are Magisterial Missions or even church bazaars or community food kitchens, none of them will tell you what to do about extreme want.

Prudence with good intentions are the watchwords and includes Severe earthquakes can produce plumes of earth or water or salt being sprayed up in the air like little fountains.  If you see a crak in your front lawn of small fumaroles get out of there.  There is monoxide in that release and fire if the quake happens Yellowstone is famous for them.
Service is provided to man through the Magisterial Missions, and they do have command over certain civilian sectors, but earth is also ready to change its appearance over seriously over used tectonic plates that are badly worn.  Continents will shift under your feet, not just a local quake to worry about and inundation is likely in large areas to take place.

It is for that reason one should reason out where to flee if required, and that is away from the Pacific ring of ire and toward the basalt of eastern Canada at best.  We can only warn things will turn nasty if earth gets ready to shed its old skin and redefine its land masses as it has done through out its long geologic history.

We conclude Part III by reminding all that the purpose for life at all is never fully clarified when one lives in the midst of people who must learn the same thing you have to learn.  That is standard spirit practice to hold man responsible for what he does, and not for what he believes.  Yet today the churches in particular never rationalize that belief is important enough to help parishioners to become self sufficient except in very rare cases.   Now it must be considered while the population of this sphere is routinely released even from life due to vast changes under our feet.  The resurrection halls will handle what they must, but it is terrifying to live with so much want, and so much poverty, without having some idea that life is much better if there is everlasting hope it can be lived in the harmony of the spheres and in the arms of our loving Father on high.

We thank you for reading.

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« Reply #1 on: August 03, 2020, 09:25:25 pm »

These three papers are tremendous. I enjoyed reading these papers you have put together so well to explain the point of the Site and its purpose. I also see it as a good Introduction piece for Members and Guests who frequent this Site and it is such a nice refresher course as well as an update to the history of Spiritual influence we all can do with knowing about.  I also see that the very fact you have placed these three papers points to me to act as a precursor to prepare the readers for what is coming with the future plans for our planet and for our eternal life as well. It gives the reader a sense of what happened, is happening and what to expect. In addition to the quandary we are in dealing with the loss of god the supreme and how the universe administrators are to work around that massive loss as you have explained well in Part 3. This appears to be still a work-in-progress and how this affects the Ascension Careers of those who hail from the “World of the Cross”. Yes, it is interesting that we are being visited by tourists and that our planet label is such an embarrassment. I wonder what we are called when we get to the Mansion Worlds!?! Would we be frowned upon or would we who have traversed the psychic circles and have reached our morontial circles, then it would appear something extraordinary coming out of dirty ole’ Urantia!? I would be in reverent awe with how the Father has worked in the lives of those of us who have reached such a spirit status, the “Agondonters from Urantia” who have believed regardless of the murderers and the rebels who keep hitting us like a soccer ball in the field of Urantia - That is surely to be a rare thing to see. The tourist would be the ones who will need to learn what it is like to wade through the mud of Urantia without complaining about how awful the mud is and still keep the chin up despite it. Thank you so very much for these papers Ron. It should be locked in place for all time as they are good starting points as essential readings for all readers when this Discussion Forum Site does God Willing, become so very popular soon. 

I consider them so highly, I have copied and pasted these into my files as they are so handy to have to share with any newcomer that may take an interest in this Site and in the Urantia Book. Obviously, the more people discover and read TUB, the better it would be in understanding this Site and what we are talking about here. I think it a prerequisite for any visitor to this Site to first read and get familiar with the Urantia Book before coming along here on this Site and you have made that abundantly clear. 

Thank you and God bless you Ron for this valuable work.


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« Reply #2 on: August 04, 2020, 12:07:21 am »
These three posts are just wonderful.  They explain to any layman interested in understanding the forum better, as well as the current condition of the planet and the goings on as a result of unrelenting rebellion, a perspective that is very succinct and on point.  It is unfortunate that more details are not available to us at this time, but just understanding the basics is  extremely valuable.  You wrote them very plainly and very understandably and I hope everyone, both guests and members are able to benefit from them. 
     We seem to be in a drifting pattern right now, uncertain of where all of this is taking us, but when you think about it, isn't that the way it has always been on Urantia?  
kindred shall forever remain unbroken

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« Reply #3 on: August 04, 2020, 04:16:50 am »
Thank you both for your kind evaluation.  It took me three days of writing and actually all three were rewritten twice and then I am still concerned that it is not enough.  But at some point I have to give up the effort as I worry to the point I do not sleep well about things like this.

Sue, one of the things I did not cover is the psychic circles.  I have mentioned several times now and it is confirmed today, there are no psychic circles to evaluate spirit progress for the human in his infancy on Urantia.  Adjusters transfer the learning we have to their own insidedness as part of themselves too, so the supreme was not the only high being that could use and evaluate the worth of our individual experiences.  But when the supreme crashed so did the idea of psychic circles go down too.  The Master Spirits look at the old way of evaluating us through psychic circles acquirement, and are generally in favor of reestablishing the criteria, but so far they see no good relevance to put them back in place.

Agondonter status, which is a morontial designation to humans when they come over now, and is not a status on Urantia now or any other inhabited human planet.  Michael has decreed that if you worked your tail off to help God on your natal planet, then when you die and come over, you will be assigned agondonter status there and then.  Most people here Sue, and I mean on this web site who read it regularly will have their agondonter status revised when they are resurrected. 

For those who do not know what agondonter status is, the label is affixed to our names because we believed in God without a representative of God being present.  No contactable rep of God exists on our planet ever since the big rebellion that started over 250,000 years ago and lasted until 1986 when it finally was adjudicated by the Uversa Supreme Court.  Uversa is the planetary capital of a superuniverse we live in called Orvonton.  Orvonton has three top rulers, the thre Ancients of Days and they were created by the Paradise Trinity to handle one tough job of administration.  There are a total of seven super time galaxies and each one is ruled by 3 Ancients of Days and it is they who are the Supreme Court judges as only they are allowed to decree life and death punishment.

Agondonter status, when it is won on one's natal planet by behavior that sees to the workings of God on that planet, is worthy of a brief look as to just what it means to be an agondonter.  Some people capitalize it, but I leave it in small letters only because we have so many capitalized words these days I just leave it as a title for any of you who love God and tried to make Him known in your community.  Unfortunately on this planet we have not had a visible representative of God for over 38,000 years.  We have forgotten, because of that, what it is like to make visible contact with such divine persons.  But that should change when the Magisterial Missions allow the re-appearance of a visible representative of God once more.

Being an agondonter when resurrected means you are placed in a set aside place on the worlds of your resurrection.  Our earth belongs to a Planetary System that has about 642 inhabited planets in it.  Of that 642 number, 86% if them are human and they all look remarkably like us.  Only when you observe humans outside of our planetary system do you get what you might call and alien looking like a thin Casper the ghost or some pointy faced ones.  Those are visitors we glimpsed usually from two Planetary Systems found in what earth calls the cluster of stars named Andromadeus.

Our Constellation leader, Andromadeus, likes the name so much he names Himself to us as Andromadeus when he speaks to us  We should recognize that this Planetary System earth belongs to having a total of 642 inhabited planets, the remaining 14 percent inhabited are Midsoniters, and they look like we humans, but have a life span of 500 earth years if they lived on Urantia.  Just realize all of these planets share one set of resurrection worlds, and they have their equivalent of being agondonters too.  All meet, if you are an agondonter, in the special sector of agondonter activities on the mansion worlds used only for this particular planetary system.

"I am delighted to share this through Ron this morning as he is ready to quit the entire charade of work if he cannot get free of his pain and suffering brought on by a big fight he had with the Creative Spirit when she insisted he  bow to her insistence to modify his life or die.  He said she was shameful for even suggesting to cut across the free will prerogatives all humans have to choose their path if possible and they fell to very serious disagreements.  That cost him his legs and his eyes and now his heart and soul.  He is an agondonter as is Sue and Wendy and Lemuel and Amethyst and all of the rest of you for sure.  What sets some of you apart though is that Ron has insisted you learn to transmit and transmit well.  That earns you more status and on the sector that houses agondonters, there is one neighborhood set aside for those who can transmit.  It is a special privilege and no one ever loses it once you are resurrected with it attending upon you personally.

"Ron will never lose that status and he never lets it go if there is a lesson to teach.  Agondonters have six different ways of becoming FINALITERS.  The Finaliter status pertains mostly to hose humans now who have proven themselves ready to fight the good fight for the appearance of a Mission Son or for the FATHER Himself before the tribunals of time.

"For that reason, you Sue and Ron in particular, will be awarded the Grand Cross of Urantia, and wear it as a privilege on Urantia sectors only when you teach on the mansion worlds what it means to be an agondonter.  You Ron look at the agondonter status as passing, but it does not now.  The Urantia Book tells that it does disappear once you become a spirit, but no more, as the agondonter experience is now a permanent part of your record and that stands mighty high among beings who are so fought over they hardly know what day it is answering questions you have about why they stay in the Local Universe instead of becoming Finaliters.

Finaliters may disappear as a status now that the supreme is dead and gone.  The Finaliter took an oath to the Paradise Trinity to serve it alone, and Ron already has sworn such and it stands on the record that he has done so.  However. the supreme looked at agondonter status as a miss-firing of Justice, and ordered all Finaliters to obey one command:  serve the supreme first.

"Ron so seriously disagreed wit that injunction he threw the supreme out of mind and reminded him that those who are indwelt with Adjusters always have their allegiance to the Paradise Father and no one dare question it.  The supteme proceeded to blind Ron there an then.

"Agondonter status also confers the ability to know the supreme once more not but to know the Master Spirit of jurisdiction over any particular group of humans who are resurrected with agondonter status.  In this case on Urantia, those who carry that status forward into the mansion worlds, they also become wards of the Most Highs.  There they become more and much is held back at this point, except to say agondonter status is now rare and it should be, but that is a story for another day too..  MICHAEL OF NEBADON. k"


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« Reply #4 on: August 04, 2020, 09:59:38 am »
Good morning Ron,

The three postings yesterday are treasure for me and  I am going to read them over and over in order 

to absorb the full content and I thank you very much.

May God bless you always.

Jean Robert

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« Reply #5 on: August 04, 2020, 11:33:54 am »
Thank you JRL44.  I have something else on the stove too.  Maybe you are not interested, but ever since some moron burned Dr. Sadler's diary after he died, there is no real history as to how the Sadlers and the Kellogs got involved to bring us the Urantia Book. 

suddenly three days ago I had a history presented to me that is only one quarter done, and that means a total of about 40 type written pages is available if I can get to them all.

It is a very sad thing Robert to see people refuse to be educated about important history and those who read the Urantia Book with awe are so trapped with a Foundation that refuses to come clean about its inability to take charge of the revelation as it should have been presented and used by them over all these years.  They think they are doing fine, but they have failed to understand that they wrapped it in an enigma and then let it go limp in the arms of man who never knows what to read or believe in unless he is well instructed.

We have determined Robert that the entire idea of mankind on Urantia is ready for good news, but has gotten so tied up with crystallized institutions in religion, and yes, even science, we have to see to it that the Magisterial Mission to come, knocks some sense into heads that are truly incapable of thinking themselves out of the box of stagnation and conspiratorial stories.

It reminds me in some ways when Copernicus announced to the church that the earth rotated around the sun and not the sun orbiting the earth.  They threatened him with death if he did not recant his findings.  When he did not they tried to shoot him five times, and finally let him be when he fled Italy to get out of their murderous ways.  Copernicus started the scientific revolution for western civilization.  Now we must start a truth revolution for western civilization, and the sad part of it is that the very places we ask to lead us see nothing wrong to refuse to acknowledge the change that truth brings.  That truth brings a new revolution inside the Magisterial Foundation is true too and to all of you with the Magisterial Missions however they are to be presented on Urantia.

I am so sorry there is so little collusion between readers of the revelation and ourselves.  I have begged and borrowed arguments to get that to happen yet no one finds it pertinent enough to look at the very same thing you do Robert:  "Why must we fight over fortune?"  The facts and truth is fully given by God and most groups refuse to accept the invitation to come to the table and feast.  I will never understand the likes of a Urantia Foundation which still considers the ability to hear the truth through the Voice of God, as certifiable madness, yet they partake of this news through the Voice of God, daily just because they are surrounded by it and never know it.

I thank you for your kind evaluation and look forward to meeting with you later today on the Tuesday Lightline. 

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« Reply #6 on: August 04, 2020, 03:52:59 pm »
Spirit is so intertwined with humans that it goes unnoticed through outright ignorance. It has been drummed upon us that the only way to ' see and know' God is through religion confusing it with spirituality. Now as we grow we grow up we reinforce it within our psyche that we literally build walls around us and follow the ways of the flock.
It's is rare as humans on Urantia to chance upon such a tantalizing book as the Urantia Papers, let alone   have time to fully grasp what is contained therein. Now the first time I got a hold of it and skiming through it contents and without second  thought I showed it to my siblings and I was shocked to see them  have a glance and continue what they were doing. I have tried to make them read but it falls on deaf ears until I gave up on them. ( May be  they are not ready) the funny thing they tell me  is that  the wording used   in the papers makes it very difficult to read beyond the first two pages.  Im faced with the same challenge but I try regardless.
The materialization of Magisterial Missions will offer much needed change as to how people view God and religion. Perhaps a break from the constant noise of religion will offer an opportunity to make us look within for true answers.
A well written document Ron and I pray may you be at peace.
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