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A New Dawn, A New Opportunity

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Michael Of Nebadon – A New Dawn, A New Opportunity


Speaker: Michael Of Nebadon
Topic: A New Dawn, A New Opportunity
Winter Park, Florida
August 18, 2020 10:30 AM
T/R: Larry Gossett




Michael Of Nebadon

“ Go ahead now with a renewed and rededicated effort and sense of purpose to bring into your minds and hearts the work that is available for all of you to do to become that part of yourselves that longs to be in ongoin partnership with Spirit. There is always, with each new dawn, the possibilities to start anew. This can be done at any time and you can use this new day as a new beginning. Such it is with dedication. Let those things that have encumbered you to fall by the wayside and accept, with each new dawn and day, the opportunities that are presented and available to each of you through your choices as you take on the responsibilities that are part and parcel with this great work.

“You all can renew your efforts, reestablish your commitments that can be done at any time. We in Spirit, well know of the near unending difficulties, trials, and hardships and constant distractions that confront each of you on this troubled planet and the constant energy it takes to even keep one step ahead of all that you are challenged with every single day. Urantia is such a difficult planet to live upon and is filled with challenge after challenge that you must face just to sometimes get through another day. However, I tell you in truth, that it is your involvement with Us in Spirit that will lead you to well make the “better” decisions as you walk upon this path that you have made through your freewill choosing.

“ It is indeed a courageous choice that each of you have made, is it not, dear ones? And you can rightfully acknowledge and come to appreciate such “better” decisions. I am your Creator Son and I stand, as do so many Celestial Beings throughout the trillions of inhabited worlds with each of you. Through every trial that you face, all that is required is that you ask and if you but call on any of Us in Spirit, we are there within your heart, within your consciousness, and within your life and within your journey as you travel along in this life's ever expanding achievements. We will never fail you and it is by and through your invitation to us that allows and becons and creates that cooperation with Spirit that enhances your involvement and experience with Us. There have always been those directives and leadings that have been shared with you throughout each age of each life throughout every successive level that you will ascend and experience that gives you the means and ways to have a life that is lived with and for the Will of the Father in each of you.

“It is purposefully different for each of you and is individually geared and designed with each of you not only in this life but in your long ascendancy towards your ultimate goal and journey towards perfection in this life. That is the very essence of what your Thought Adjusters do for and with you. You sometimes make it quite difficult and challenging for your Thought Adjusters just because of the constant clamor of life on a planet such as Urantia. Would that you could have some accurate notion and picture of all that your Thought Adjuster do for you and you would indeed be quite surprised by their endless creativity. As you invite their guidance, as you come to know and accept their manifold leadings, you can well know succinctly and have absolute trust in their direction, guidance and plan. To say that they know you better than you know yourselves has been said numerous times and in numerous ways.

“As you grow closer, and become more aware and accept their designed plans for you, the day will surly come, if it hasn't already been made crystal clear to you, that they carry the very essence of the Fathers Love, and Care for you, and that they hold everything of eternal value in trust for you.
“The is time has arrived for each of you that you can finally and most assuredly FEEL their closness to you. For in truth, dear children, there is nothing that is hidden, nothing that is withheld from you that doesn't fall within their view and truest understanding of everything that make up the sum of all that you are now and all that you will become in this first earth life and through every other consequent phase of life that you will live until that time that you will stand as Finaliters and as you have been informed into the vast areas of the outer space levels. This has been promised and so it shall be, and it is your Thought Adjuster who travels and accompanies and in reality becomes you. Is this not a most glorious future that is planned for you?


“You here have stood fast and are prepared to continue to do so. And it is this very persistence in the face of so much that challenges you, that trials you, that is the very doorway into each new level that you ascend. Living and the gaining of a rich and diverse experience is part of the very purpose of life . You could never achieve that highly treasured wisdom without experience. Without trials and challenges you would not grow in the ways and in the degrees that you do. I know that many try and avoid trouble, mistakes, questionable choices, try to minimize pain and hardship but I tell you truly, these challenges and trials are the very soil from which the seeds of truth, wisdom and life itself are sprouted even unto perfection are sprouted and growinto thst perfection you seek. This is, of course, part the very purposes of experience.


“This gift of the Father Himself of freewill, this having ultimately been given the right to CHOOSE that we are talking about, has, in the past year with the situation with the Supreme, been the very issue that has come under assault and undermined. I, as the Creator Son, of all Nebadon, as your
Spirit Father will NEVER allow such a travesty to happen. On that, my children, you can rest assured!

“As you here, on this forum, are now working to develop the ability to speak the Voice of God, I know that you feel this is such an prestigious honor and privilege and comes with a sacred responsibility that few would ever take on.. But I tell each of you who accept this responsibility that this is what it means to “wear the mantle of Michael.” I invite each of you to don this mantle and wear it with love, dedication, assurance and purpose.

“I give you these thoughts to consider and ponder as each day dawms and gives you the opportunity for renewal and rededication. This is Michael of Nebadon and I wish you a good and joyful day. Never forget to feel the joy in your love and service to the Father.”

Larry G

Larry, a beautiful and inspiring message. Thank you!
Thank You, Michael.

Awesome post Larry.G. Welcome to the fold of those that can hear the voices of God. Thank you for sharing what you will have forever.

Extraordinary message Larry, and thanks to Father Michael, for so much dedication and love, I do not doubt that the desire of everyone here in the forum, those of us who cannot transmit, is to be able one day to transmit at least communicate live with our Adjuster, but he is so significant and privileged to have access to these masterful broadcasts, like this one from Larry, that they leave us in no doubt that they are authentic from the same creative source. Thank you very much

Good afternoon Larry, 

Beautiful transmission from Michael of Nebadon, sincerely Larry I want more and I wish I could help.

May God bless you.



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