Author Topic: A Reminder About Coming Divine Missions to URANTIA  (Read 1196 times)

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A Reminder About Coming Divine Missions to URANTIA
« on: August 24, 2020, 02:19:59 am »
The nature of the emergency threads were removed as old news for the time being, and an emphasis upon renewed hope for a better life on Urantia, with divine Missions to come to Urantia, is offered here.

This is Ron, and through a blizzard of new news coming down the road to hit you in the head on collision with reality, just allow me to remind you of one very important thing.

When the tough get going the touch will make it through to understand that the new universe age is quite real and very hard to accept.  The familiar has evaporated and evil is still being let loose on Urantia and the universe itself, as just calling it a new age does dot exterminate the evil doing that lives so long and lasts so harshly here on our own planet of nativity, Urantia.

Please understand what I state that the Magisterial Missions are cancelled, does not mean that the divine Missions they represent are cancelled too.

No, rather, what is the same policy design for the Magisterial Missions to do are now under a new title in the new universe age, and that title is called THE MICHAEL MISSIONS TO URANTIA.  They have begun already, and the Magisterial Sons just enter without a named mission of their own, and work with Michael with them to be here and do waht they planned to do all along!

Remember this:  MONJORONSON AND SERARA AND RAYSON are doing what they planned to do in all of their announcements years ago.  They will do it for MICHAEL AS A MICHAEL MISSION starting now.  Here is MONJORONSON TO STATE THE TRUTHl

MONJORONSON - "RON states correctly what we are to do.  Our Magisterial Son high Council states this to us:  'Get to Urantia and do a job that ensures Urantia will survive for the long haul to Light and Life now.

"'YES!  WE are the Magisterial Sons and we depend on Ron and all of you to light the light of truth through the Voice of God and for that reasons we fully support your LIGHTLINE work for good. 

"Now this:

"WE now announce that I am ready to incarnate.

"For that reason I will become silent over the next few months likely and JESUS himself will appear in the near future as MICHAEL scared Ron to pieces this morning to tell him to get out of bed a little early with a clatter of a chord hanging on his dresser mirror to the floor. 

"He was to tell Ron all would be well again but Ron could not release his happiness fast enough to take the healing and Rayson had to report it was a failure before it started.  I laughed to when I saw Ron laugh and it was all over before it stated.  He will try that again I am sure but this time will be sure he has Ron cornered but the important thing for all of you to know is that  Ron is ready if he can get well and he will.

"I am MONJORONSON and I will incarnate shortly and take the world on my own way.  JESUS IS READY TOO AND THAT IS OURS TO REPORT WITH THIS STATEMENTS HERE.  Be assured the entire matter of a NEW UNIVERSE AGE is upon you and Ron keeps us hopping in so many ways we are happy to report he will be repaired, come hell or high water, shortly.  He will undergo eye surgery but the diabetes will become history I assure you.  I AM SERARA SPEAKING NOW"

SERARA - "I am MAGISTERIAL SON 47137125762 and not 63 as I first reported.  I am ready to incarnate when I am allowed to but I must wait for Father to approve this incarnation as I am one of the oldest Magisterial Sons ever, and that requires me to be fully enriched with Paradise savors others do not need.  Be assured you are trying hard to understand Ron and you are not alone in failing it, but that is between you and ME soon enough.  K"

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Ron has not stolen the march on us but is early by posting this tonight or actually the early am hours in York of the 24th of August.  He just wanted to remind all of you how the Missions are faring and to remember what is to come.

"But he is unaware that JESUS IS ALREADY HERE ON URANTIA!

"That is the huge big news!

"What follows for the November 3rd election is still a secret but the new President which follows this election must abide the terms of God first and politics second and even the VP will feel the heat for a change.

"We leave the rest to MONJORONSON AND TRUMP AND BIDEN and HARRIS and Pence and then see what they do when we turn the government over to a Regency for the next sixteen to twenty-five years. 

"We leave it at that now.

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania

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Re: A Reminder About Coming Divine Missions to URANTIA
« Reply #1 on: August 24, 2020, 12:28:22 pm »
This one is a big news that I taking into my heart.
Thank you all for producing  huge announcements  like this I hope we are able to digest it in all it entitles  for Urantia. We feel such joy just to be able  to read first hand from Celestial family. 

Thank you. 


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Re: A Reminder About Coming Divine Missions to URANTIA
« Reply #2 on: August 25, 2020, 10:27:48 pm »
Hi All,

...And all I can say is WOW...and about time...Let it roll!
The Glory of God is Intelligence...