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07 Sept 2020 UPDATE
« on: September 07, 2020, 03:42:10 am »
i have little to speak to this date but I post this to remind all who are interested in the Magisterial Missions, that they have been cancelled as of August 22, 2020 when the huge changes of a New Universe Age were announced that day.

At that point--  22 August--  the Magisterial Missions were folded into the Michael Mission under the name of The MICHAEL MISSION.  That is where the Magisterial Sons, RAYSON, AND SERARA, AND MONJORONSON,  and one other,  Sierra, repeat SIERRA, will join efforts to bring Urantia what is a divine mission to restructure this planet along more usual lines of administration and policy making.

This is very important for all of you to understand, and these announcements tend to get obscured under other breaking news, but please keep in mind that the SECOND RETURN  of JESUS is accompanied and partnered with these MAGISTERIAL SON MISSIONS  too, and they are branched under MICHAEL MISSION umbrellas.

Thank you
Ron Besser
"WE jointly applaud Ron for insisting our names and our work be recognized as part of a total remediation of Urantia.  We stand with him in order to produce what is truly a magnificent change to Urantia in the coming six months to one year of time starting now.

"For that reason the entire matter of LIGHTLINE AND other social contexts of the Voice of God transmissions, must continue unabated until the word is out as to how many Missions to Urantia the divine will field.  So far MICHAEL ANNOUNCED TWO MAJOR MISSIONS now to start either today or tomorrow and so on.  These two MISSIONS are:


"Just so you know, we are preparing an entry to Urantia in about six weeks for the RAYSON CORPORATION TO TAKE ROOT in York with building and farbrication work to begin work on new transport inventions. 

Thank you
RAYSON AND MONJORONSON AND SERARA AND SIERRA.  Sierra you do not know as HE is under the work of the Paradise Trinity and must be addressed more as a TRINITY TEACHER SON, but is working with the MAGISTERIAL SONS in order to life the spirits of Ron and others who need badly to revise their view that all things are their's to know, but that is far from the truth too and we reset some ideas for you all to read about in a few days time from now.  Thank  you.  Rayson.


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