Author Topic: LIGHTLINE recording for Sept. 09/ Next call is Sept.16  (Read 119 times)

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LIGHTLINE recording for Sept. 09/ Next call is Sept.16
« on: September 09, 2020, 04:02:52 pm »
Our call today was shorter than most.  MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK told us that we have a very short window of quiet before great events take us to the work at hand.  He suggested that this is a very SHORT period of time and to use this time wisely as we get prepared for a lot of activity in which we will be called upon.  MICHAEL gave us a transmission through Elise, and I thank MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, MICHAEL, and all who participated.  Also, an interesting tid bit--MACHIVENTA had three Melchizedek students with him to observe the call as part of their training for their service.  Our thought and prayers were also with Ron and his surgery.  Our next call is Sept. 16th.  Here is the link:
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Re: LIGHTLINE recording for Sept. 09/ Next call is Sept.16
« Reply #1 on: September 10, 2020, 02:44:23 pm »
Hello everyone,  here is the summary of the Light Line Netherlands, 09-09-2020

Elise and Amethyst: Welcome. We pray that Ron's surgery is successful and wish for a speedy recovery, and that the doctors and nurses are guided in their work.

Amethyst: Machiventa will be the MC today.

Three Machiventa students are with me today, learning how these calls work, and taking notes. Many Melchizedeks will work with these students in the future.

The unrest and changes have been taking its toll on all of you. Now with the New Universe Age, it is the opposite. Now you must find some quiet. But know it will not last long. Prepare to be placed in the right place at the right time.

You are already aware of the important things:
The Return of Jesus
The Missions starting
The Earth changes.

Keep an ear to the wall, so you can speak new information when you get it.
Keep your eyes, heart and soul prepared for the upcoming events. to help others rejoice in these changes.

Machiventa: I as Planetary Prince am busy refilling the ranks of the lost personnel. Now there will be many more new Melchizedeks in each universe.

As a Melchizedek, I knew little of the Universe Age prior to the age of Supremacy.
But this NUA allows for a new level of free will -- yet without the risk of a big rebellion.
The New Universe Age has a whole new construct: allowing to see consequences before the choosing.

Use this time of quiet wisely. Keep yourself strong in the spirit. Eat well, and nourish your soul with your TA's. It will be a short season indeed.

Question from Amethyst: How will the new Melchizedek government affect us in the New Universe Age?
Compatibility will be greater in the energies and administrations for this NUA
There is speculation the NUA could encompass more space and time, and need more administrative entities.
Getting all organized will later reveal new areas of service.

The new planets and time-space areas will need new adjusters that are more compatible as well.
Children of Urantia are among the best qualified to deal with these things. They know pain and stress, and the heartache that rebellion causes.

The Melchizedeks are reservoirs of wisdom, and they are coming in droves to help this planet. The names may be lost in the transmissions, but we will get used to new entities.

Questions and answers:
Elise: Michael: To all: We repeat, we need you ALL. Yes, we need transmitters too. Take your assignments seriously.
The TA's are able to help you achieve your goals. To learn to transmit, take time every day to practice. Don't stop prayers, or give up practice. Don't give up easily. And you will be noticed when you give a helping hand.
It is no use to speculate for either the short or long run. Just know your expectations will come one by one.
Only the Father knows knows how this will be made public, little portions at a time.

Go about your business -- keep doing what pleases the Father most: keeping yourself and others happy.

Questions and Answers:
Jose: I wish a speedy recovery to Ron. And I hope the Return of Jesus occurs as predicted.

Lemuel: We all await the Bulletin 19. We all await the teaser -- the aperitif before the meal--which will be tremendous. But for now let it be. Wait. Be prepared for the teaser, to explain what the NUA means for all, and for us as well.

Elise: Since the NUA announcement, she feels more relieved, a calmness. This time it feels different.

Michael: Most of the planning is going on upstairs. Just take this time to chill out.