Author Topic: Audio Transmission / They will believe what they want to believe.  (Read 134 times)

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Audio Transmission / They will believe what they want to believe.
« on: September 11, 2020, 07:31:22 am »
Speaker: Lemuel
Subject: They will believe what they want to believe.
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time: 11th Sept. 2020 13:30 Local  11:30 Z

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Re: Audio Transmission / They will believe what they want to believe.
« Reply #1 on: September 11, 2020, 08:26:39 am »
I enjoyed our little talk today and thank you.  I did not automatically remember it was the anniversary from 18 years ago that horrible morning watching planes ons live television fly into the New York trade center buildings.  I had stood in that plaza several times and knew the environment and my nervous system could hardly take in it was being destroyed with fire and jef fuel and the falling walls of offices.

I also want to speak briefly to Bulletin 19 which Lemuel was kind enough to mention this morning.

I got home from staying with my brother and his wife a day more because the surgeron wants to reviews surgeries the day after and York is some distance so the stay over.  He is very happy it went so well he says and I do now have some sight in an eye that was totally blind just a week ago.

Just a small antedote  first.  Lying on the bed in the surgery center being preprared for surgery in my left eye, my blood pressure suddenly spiked so high it brought in other personnel to the room.  It read 223 over 100 and climbing.  I have no idea why and tow nurses appeeared appeared by my side and the anethesiologist inserting an IV,  While we were waiting for things to calm down, and the oxygen insered, we had a bit of a calm moment where they and I just stood there so to speak,

Do not ask me why it happened, but I looked at bothe nurses and informed them that I was clairudient and to tell them their angels were in position beside them to help with their work right now,  I briefly gave the angelic positionsas they too stood helping,  They smiled as nurses do and we let the mometh then pass and the surgeon was ready and I was wheeled into ther operating room.  Fater the surgery was over in about twenty five minutes I was placerd briefly in a recovery room and then under my own walking power out to the waiting car to be picked up and go home.

Whatever was in my veins at that time I felt fine and perky and I sat outside to enjoy the birds and nature while I recovered at my brother;s homer.  I thought no more of ther day than glad to have THAT overwith and one more togo next week.  I went to bed about 1030PM and fell asleep quickly.  About 2 am I heard a racket in my head so much so it woke me. 

As best I can tell we had another planetary emergency and whoever was inc harger wasgiving mer all hell for telling the nurses the position of their working angels earlier that day.  Machiventa Mechizedek actually was heard but someone was imitating him Idecided and I ingnored ther racket,

This went over for two hours!  Then someone in spirit turned my body heat way up and I felt I was being burned at the stake.  Come six am I got up to dress and shave.  That was when someone in spirit ripped two slices into my left fingers and I began to bleed profusely.  I got it on my clothes and the sink and my face.  But I took care of my face and cleaned that up before I went downstairs for a light breakfast and a cuppa tea.

I asked my sister in law to bandager the still bleeding two fingers on my left hand, the two middle ones, and she could not understand how this could happen.  I told her it was nothing in their nice news bathroom (the house is brand new and everything shines and gleems), andI have no erxplanation for it either.  My brother went upstairs convinced I caught my finers on my oleft hand on something sharp they did not know was exposed.  I did not dare tell them it was an attack on me, and I privately had no idea what this was reallyabout at all.  We had an appointment to reach and when bandaged my left hand worked but akwardly.

I have yet to get ay explanation about the entire incident yet.  The planetary government which is as Lemuerl says here, a Melchizedek government in place now and thank goodness for that!  Machiventa Merlchizerdek  could not really speak to me even though his name was heard ofent enough.  But to all of you, I suspect stroongly our new government was under attack by a very uglly rebel group that still has ther planet.  I do not know but pray with me things gert put back out of t heir hands when order can be restored again.

All of this bringss me to a discussion on Bulletin 19.  Michael of Nebadon finally got through enough to tell me late yesterday evening to openBulleing19 and  dod a big edit. 

As it turns out, I tored down the original Bulleing19 which was all about the schedule for the Second Return.  Where once it took nearly thirty pages of text now stands 15 pages of text.  I am now told never to finish Bulletin 19 and stand by,  That is what I am doing this morning without further explanation and maybe there is no furtherexplanation.  I think my surgery happened in the middle of another rebel slam to Urantia and me telling the nurses how their angels were present at that moment somhow really upse the rebel control of that hospital for some inexplaibale reason.  To me it wasa tiny passing moment the three of us enjoyed togerther.  To someone spirit other it really made them angry and they took their revenge on me while I slept and slit the tips of a couple of fingers out of nowhere.

So Lemuer, wse have a new Bulleting 19, and it needs another edit to modify it again to wha I do not know as I write this.  I am also standing by to determine if there is anything else to report this morning but nothing appears for me at the moment either. 

That is the best I can do this morning, and yes, it wasquite difficult to type the new Bulletin  19 with thick bandages on left typing hand and it occurred to me they did it on purpose to stop me working on these publications.  The bandagers are still on and I finally took the old ones off and dropped something called New Skin over the wounds, and that is a liquid prep that hardens liker plastic over the wound and helpts to heal it.  Great stuff and it helps a lot to type this. 

If and when today improves my eryers and my wound and my knowledge, I will have more to say andI thank you Lemuel for such a newsy rememberane of this date and what happened over here, and maybe something new about Bulleting19 I do not yet know about.


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Re: Audio Transmission / They will believe what they want to believe.
« Reply #2 on: September 11, 2020, 05:22:24 pm »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio recording
They beleive what they want to believe
Lemuel : Good morning everyone. I can’t help thinking this morning of 11 of September 2001 and you all know what happened that morning in New York and also the same day and date is remembered for other occasions, for example in  Catalunya 11 of September is called the Day of Diada under a many preunions political manifestations and celebrations of one or another to honor the memory of someone or some occasions and history has proven that many of these traditions and celebrations are based on situations and acts that really do not need to be celebrated at all. I am not going into any detail, I will leave it to your imagination.
Also, I can’t help thinking about what I consider will be a fact when people even though they are presented with irrefutable facts, proofs, they will continue to believe in what they want to believe, what they are accustom to believe in and this is so sad. The problem is of course the human ego does not like to admit that it has placed its beliefs on something totally erroneous. Now I am thinking of the 2nd of October, this year which in fact just three weeks away when we are hoping and praying that finally it will happen. You know what I am talking about – the Return of Jesus.
We, here on the forum, have been waiting for years, but this time it is different, is it not ? We now have from the 22nd of August this year, just a few weeks away, we have a New Universe Age, we have a new government, a Melchizedek government, as I am given to understand it, from top to bottom Melchizedek, and I consider them to be the Elite Soldiers for God. I think it is wonderful, being an ex-soldier myself, but as I always say “once a soldier, always a soldier” and it is certainly true in my case. Anyway, I regress, I am sorry.
Coming back to the main theme. If in fact we are so blessed to have the Return of Jesus in just three weeks time or there about, there will still be those who will not believe. They will call him all sorts of names like they did in the past, there will be many people who will be so afraid. Personally, I think the worst reaction will be a total negation of the truth. So, there are those who will still think, even if they do not say it out loud, well show us a miracle and we will believe in you, you know that sort of mentality.
Yesterday evening in LightLine Spania, we were fortunate enough to have Machiventa Melchizedek to be our MC and spoke about the up-coming publication of Bulletin 19 which promises to be really awesome and wonderful, which will explain in a certain terms what we are to expect in a short term future. It all promise to be so good, so wonderful, so positive and before that we are promised what I refer to as a teaser. I interpret a teaser as an aperitif before the main meal and so I hope that some of you like myself are really excited about this.
Well if it does not happen, it does not happen, we have been there before and we know what it feels when it does not happen. We are accustom to it and we are still here, we are defiant, we are defiantly loyal to the cause because we know deep in our heart and soul that one day, please God, it will happen. So, dear brothers and sisters, we have all come a very long way to be here at this time and really we are all to be congratulated, what we all have to put up with individually and collectively on this beautiful planet Urantia.
Now, that we have entered a new era, I know there are so many things to look forward to and we have been informed that we humans will be involved in the Missions, Michael Missions and hopefully also in the Second Return of Jesus. Well, I cannot think of anything more wonderful than that, can you ? I don’t think so. Well, we shall soon see, the 2nd of October is three weeks away as I just mentioned and before that we are going to read the teaser, that aperitif, and then we will have the new Bulletin 19, which is the main meal, so to speak. I am really looking forward to that as I am sure all of you are. So, in the meantime, as they say, chillout, go about your daily routine as normal. For those you love, tell them you love them.
There we are another Friday, another week flows by as always and so we have a full weekend to look forward to and I sincerely hope you are able really to enjoy it and take advantage of this free time that you all have at the moment because I feel as it has been mentioned yesterday by Machiventa Melchizedek, very soon now all we will be put to the test and we will all have to rollup our sleeves and get on with the work we have been given to do if we accepted. So, once again I thank you all for listening, have a wonderful weekend and I hope to talk to you again soon and so as always I say bye-bye for now. Domtia
I am your servant, I am your liegeman, it is my will that your will be done.