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Lightline USA TUE 15 SEPT - HISTORICAL - includes Q & A
« on: September 15, 2020, 05:17:52 pm »
Lightline USA TUE 15 SEPT - HISTORICAL - includes Q & A

This tape is just over 2 hours and you'll want to take notes from this one folks here is the link:

  • Michael of Nebadon has transitioned to Jesus here on Urantia but needs time to stabilize/acclimatize to and take the temperature of Urantia before he chooses to become visible. 
  • Michael of Nebadon to become Omnibudsman for the Grand Universe.
  • Some members here being considered as a new order whose future would be to assist in preparation of planets for Magisterial Sons and 7th Bestowals. Currently Ron plus 5 or 6 others being considered as they have determined their destiny by believing they can help God in material ways and show people he does not ignore mortals.
  • Jesus asks Ron to rewrite the tease he will use as his announcement and to prepare to release Bulletin 19.
  • Gabriel will announce the First Epochal Revelation, (a complete rewrite with title still under consideration) and the First Dispensation.
  • Memory storage in the personality and brain stem explained, including the influence of our Adjusters on memory.
  • Ark of the the Covenant information.
  • Mantutia mentions Ron and a couple of others who make this work their priority will also pass through as Melchizedeks.
  • Jesus this time as Son of the Trinity as well as Son of God.
  • Magisterial Sons currently do not have go ahead from Father yet to begin Missions.  Expect Magisterial Missions to appear first just before Jesus Return in flesh and announcement.  Melchizedeks have a lot of things they need to prepare for this to happen.
...and much more
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