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Mind, Body and Soul; Renewal; Alignment; Fusion and More


Speakers: The Universal Father(TA) and Sue
Subjects: Various: Mind, Body and Soul; Renewal; Alignment; Fusion and more.
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 22/09/2020 11.00am (AEST)

I allow these thoughts to float while all the time we as humans try to keep our feet firmly on the ground and go steady in life as it is. Last night I went to bed after accomplishing a good day of things I have managed to get done. When I got into bed my whole body was vibrating as if it was on fire ready to burst out of this form. I was shuddering from head to toe and everywhere in between. I, in myself, burst out to Father in terms of how it made me feel. I immediately fell asleep and slept like a puppy and then woke up in the morning totally refreshed and forgetting the strange ordeal I went through as if I was replenished somehow. There was a softening of sentiment that overflowed me in terms of this renewal. To me I recollect and ponder and ask, “what is happening Father? Why does it feel so oddly calming yet expectant on something emerging and I do not know what that is?”

Well, I am getting the phrase, ‘mind, body, and soul’ is being synchronized with the Father within. There is a renewal process to revive what is now being aligned in you, this is the Father Thought Adjuster that speaks and lets it know what is transpiring. For a while there was this sense of isolation and with the news of the new Deities, it explains the estrangement and now I am seeing and hearing once more the indwelling fragment speaking and allowing me the synchrony to once again take its primary place. I am feeling the union and the fusion of the Father who desires that we get on with the process of work and service. I, in myself, have felt alienated, antagonised by the many factions of rebellious input that places such negativity in the road for me to navigate. So many times I have had to just toss it and leave it for another day. Now that is removed and I can resume the process of realignment that has been so put out of whack by the changes made in the realms of spirit. 

So Father, does that mean to get back on the horse again or was it that I just hold on for dear life? You and I speak as one entity here as we write it. It is interchangeable as we speak it. An ongoing process we, you and I, gather momentum in the union as one voice and one entity. You evolve into the spirit being totally enviserated with the alignment of my gradual mind endowments. So it goes as you graduate in the mansion worlds on high as you are undergoing training in areas of great interest you will be arising when you finish your life in the flesh. It goes without saying that what you comprise in yourself will carry over into your Ascension Career on high as I take you to the higher levels of your mind capacity. There are so many areas of learning that this will take you. No longer will you be concerned with the schools of the Lucifer Rebellion as you have graded over this in your earthly life on Urantia. Any one who hails from Urantia will have gone through the trials, tribulations and troubles that would not otherwise be learned anywhere else in the Universe of Orvonton. Urantians are a rare breed in which you have gone through the fire to find the meaning of your existence. Those of you who are attuned to me are now aligning oneself with the Great Spirit that beckons you onwards to a greater reality beyond the life lived in the flesh. 

So as you can see I speak without quotations through this one as we are one as we speak in the tools of transcribing what is spoken in mind and heart as one. You who read this and listen will also come of this alignment in oneself when you allow the flow of my voice within you. The old Sue you know of was flowering, was floundering and it does go through the process of a searching paradigm to allow for oneself to find its feet well planted, with head on shoulder to see good sense come into view once more. No more nonsense or sugar coating the situation as you are living it. The world as you know it, has to go through the fire to see the light at times as you all have at this time. Now it is time to hear me, your Father that resides in a deep part of you and is awakened by your very will that desires for my will to be done in the world of time. Life is worthy when you are attuning with the Source within. It is here you find a greater part of your destiny is awakened and you are hopeful beyond words. 

Do take the time to regain your posture and your sense of purpose with me. There is, of course, a time for everything under heaven to be experienced. It is alright to take the time out to find oneself again. Such times you do go through motions of imbalance and yet you bounce back even stronger every time as you gain more traction with the union we have in walk. I am pleased that you gather yourself with a little courage, it takes that much to do just that. With everything against you, you know that prayer with me is all that it takes. As for your body vibrating and shuddering, it is me doing my part to keep you from going up into flames. I hold it at bay for a while longer as you are of potential in the missions that Michael and the Magisterial Sons would like it to occur in a material way so that there can be a presentation of real input in your very lives going forward. Jesus would like to partake in the effort to get the work of God known on Urantia. That work is to make known the gospel he has spoken of two millennia ago and now to be made clearly known once more to the people of Urantia. It is to be clear and precise as to his prescriptions of universal life and of our ways and means of doing business with the Father of All. Jesus is to be with you soon enough, but not without making it clear what those prescriptions are to be, as you will all be required to step up to the plate of what is to be your new life in the spirit that rightfully belongs to each child of God. I leave it there for you all and for you my dear one to contemplate. Bulletin 19 will have so much in it for you to consider in the way in which Jesus, Michael, Serara, Monjoronson, Sierra will make it known. Rayson would very much like to get his hands on the wheel, so-to-speak, on the production of pre-particle energy to allow the use of machinery when the earth will have already gone through geologic perturbations that leaves so much of lost production and transportation in its wake. You will require his services very much and will find it so vital in the coming months. 

No man is spared but neither are we to be complacent in the fact that we are caring enough to grant Rayson his vital mission he so keenly wishes to get going with, the same is true with Jesus’ Return, as he will be the spokesman for the coming new age of enlightenment that will truly cause Urantians to embrace the great new life with the Father of All. Such is the union of man and God that it makes for a watershed moment in the history of Urantia. Urantia will not be the same again when it learns of the cosmology of the New Universe Age now being placed before the eyes of man. This is about all I would like to say for now and I thank you dear one for typing away for me to get this out in one good flow. I bid you a good day of rest and replenishment and I urge you to take each day with me as these changes come in waves like they do on the seashore. You know what that is and so it goes for us in the realm of Spirit. 

Sue here: I am grateful for your input Father, thank you for that and it is good we are going with what you have for us to know and see. Much comes when we take the time to just sit and listen and let this flow as it ought. Amen Father, may your will be done in Urantia and may Jesus be blessed in his work along with your High Sons who come in your name. Amen. 



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