Author Topic: LIGHTLINE call for Sept. 23/ next call Sept 30  (Read 165 times)

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LIGHTLINE call for Sept. 23/ next call Sept 30
« on: September 23, 2020, 04:54:46 pm »
We had a good call.  Adam and Eve announced that Amadon and Van were going to serve as teachers alongside of them, and they requested that if anyone was interested in working with the Adam and Eve schools to please let them know so that they can start the process of filling the much needed staff members for future teachers.  We had transmissions  from Machieventa Melchizedek, Adam and Eve, Van and one from Amadon through Lemuel.  There were a couple of technical hiccups, but for the most part all went well.  I thank all of the celestials for their input and all of the callers for their attendance.  Our next call is Sept 30th.  Here is the link:

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Re: LIGHTLINE call for Sept. 23/ next call Sept 30
« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2020, 01:42:55 pm »
Hello Everyone, here is a summary of the Light Line 09-23-2020 Netherlands

Amethyst, Elise Sofia Veronica

Machiventa: It has been quiet here the last couple of days, but there is much excitement. We are starting to get some good news.
1. We have two new deities, and the adjusters have been adjusted.
We are looking for ways for you to get the bigger picture.
Your adjuster has to go through various levels so he can work with you. You are all at a different stage, like bird eggs that don't all hatch at the same time.

2. How we want the Missions to go:
There is initial uncertainty. There is a gradual cleaning out of "useless twaddle". A new perspective is absolutely essential for the reclamation of a planet that has deep-*+ seated problems. Changes too quickly will be a source of unrest. We are removing trouble makers and their weapons.
A functioning government must be established in all countries. Then the re-education in the ways of God.

3. The introduction of the Adam and Eve educational system.
Adam and Eve will work with the Melchizedeks who are skilled teachers.

4. We dislike giving you a time line. Expect three to five years to rid the planet of the insane and other un-rehabilitateable people. Repair and healing can take place after getting the planet cleaned out.
Those who reject the information leading to Light and Life will find themselves separated and may have to be corrected on the Mansion Worlds. Receptiveness is critical to receive education. ("readiness").


Amethyst: Adam and Eve: We are here with Van and Amadon. We are planning to move forward: things have not been changed greatly recently. Van and Amadon will serve as head teachers, because they're used to being in human form. Adam and Eve are almost finished creating the curriculum before classes start.
Amethyst will be assigned to Van. Lemuel will be assigned to Amadon. Both have expressed interest in teaching.

Any of you who want to work with us -- let us know and we will consider it. Public announcement is not necessary. We are reachable by transmission. We need a statement of your interest and sincerity.

Van: I've been involved with Urantia like forever. I have helped create the Mansion World teachings. Working with Adam and Eve is one of my dream jobs. Adam and Eve have asked us to be their helpers, and we are thrilled.

I welcome all who will be working with us.

Lemuel: Amadon: Little is known of me. Over many years Van and I developed a tremendous friendship. I became concerned and joined him. Now I am thrilled to hear we will help It will not happen overnight. It will take time -- but if you are interested in helping, let Amethyst know.


It has to be a sincere desire of your heart that you want to teach.
You have to want to learn before you can teach.
Van and I will have many more students.

What will be required if you are accepted? We know what makes you tick. You will be offered what you would want to learn.
Van and I Look forward to teaching you all.


Even though we don't see things yet, we are experiencing communication with our thought adjusters. Things are moving, and we are being changed as things are changing upstairs.

Lemuel: It is difficult to come to terms with all the changes. We must stay steadfast like Van -- we must be known for our commitment. I just want to encourage all of you. Have courage and faith. Be patient -- doing the best you can. Surrender what you cannot change.

Amethyst: Physical anomalies have been coming up -- is this part of the process? We have heard of the Thought Adjusters moving from the brain stem to the forehead.

Elise: Where will the schools be established?

Adam and Eve: Somewhere in the USA. Branches will appear in different parts of the world.

Jose: Please permit me to be one of the students! I would love to be one!

Lemuel: Your request is sincere, Jose. They will know that.


Weydevu: Thank you
Melchizedek: Things have been quiet. The Melchizedeks are getting ready. Then changes will come.