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« on: September 23, 2020, 11:03:42 pm »

September 22 2020, Phoenix AZ.

Here is a very important transmission for the population of Urantia with very marked interests in the field of transmission of revelations from the celestial family to humans.

Here the transmission:


"We are members of a large organization originated in The Isle of Paradise, known as" The Consortium of 35 ". We speak in unison as we have with Sue, with Ron Besser, with Philis, with the purpose of investigating the origin of  Its communication capabilities, transmission and reception, an unusual mechanism among mortals on the different evolutionary planets, is a rarity that the planet Urantia has produced in that it is in its dawn, precisely.

"I am a Member of Consortium number 34, we will name this contact as one of the most profitable that we have made for the stillness of mind and the quality of your unwavering emotions. It is not a matter to be treated lightly by the high authorities  of this Government of Nebadón, as they are producing a leading seedbed of the most eloquent spokesmen for their brotherhood.

"I am the member of Consortium number 34 and we do not mention the name due to the lack of relevance in these matters that concern us. We will leave this generalized identification as the only way to indicate the contact and origin of this transmission, we are actually investigators of the  Universal Father, with assistance and periodically reporting to us with the necessary data that make this investigation of the individuals of the forum very important for future decision-making and the fate of these forum members.

The scribe- Sir member of Consortium number 34, I personally appreciate your dedication to that work and taking your time for each one.  The results of these are like a navigation without a map, guided only by the Father's lighthouse.

The member of the Consortium number 34- "Indeed. It is a singular work that we will take the time to report its benefits and wonders.

The scribe- Sir, is this all or do you want to add something else?

The member of the Consortium number 34- "It is unprecedented the ability shown, the desire to contact. We are not surprised why his progress.

The scribe- Thank you, you are welcome at any time you wish to deepen your explanations.

The member of the Consortium number 34- "Indeed, we will take into account these provisions.

The Universal Father- "I am your Universal Father intervening in this unequal dialogue between two parties.

Thank you Father, do you have anything else?

The Father- "It's all for today."





Septiembre 22 2020, Phoenix  AZ.

Aqui una transmisión  muy importante  para la población de Urantia  con intereses muy marcados en campo de la transmisión  de revelaciones de la familia celestial  a los humanos.

Aquí  la transmisión:


"Nosotros  somos miembros  de una gran organización  originada en La Isla de Paraíso, conocida como "El Consorcio  de los 35". Hablamos al unísono como lo hemos hecho con Sue, con Ron Besser, con Philis , con el propósito de investigar el origen  de sus capacidades  de comunicación; transmisión y recepción, un mecanismo inusual entre los mortales en los diferentes planetas evolutivos,  es una rareza que el planeta  Urantia ha producido en que está  en sus albores; precisamente.

"Yo soy un Miembro del Consorcio  número 34, nombraremos este contacto  como uno de los  más provechosos que hemos realizado  por la quietud de la mente y la calidad  de sus emociones inquebrantables. No es un asunto que deba tratarse a la ligera  por las altas autoridades de este Gobierno  de  Nebadón,  pues están produciendo un semillero protagónico de los mas elocuentes portavoces  de su hermandad.

"Yo soy el miembro  del Consorcio  número 34 y no mencionamos el nombre por la falta  de relevancia  en estos asuntos  que nos ocupan.  Dejaremos esta identificación generalizada como la única forma de señalar  el contacto  y la procedencia de esta transmisión,  somos en realidad  investigadores del Padre Universal,  con asistencia y reportándonos periódicamente con los datos necesarios que hacen de esta investigación  de los individuos del foro muy importante  para futuras  tomas de decisiones  y del destino de estos miembros  del foro.

El escriba- Señor  miembro  del Consorcio  número 34, agradezco  en lo personal la dedicación  a ese trabajo  y el tomarse su tiempo para cada uno. Los resultados  de estos son como una navegación  sin un mapa, guiado solo por el faro del Padre.

El miembro  del Consorcio número 34- "En efecto. Es una obra singular  que nos tomaremos el tiempo  para reportar sus bondades  y maravillas.

El escriba- Señor,  esto es todo o deseas agregar algo más?

El miembro del Consorcio  número 34- "Es sin precedentes la habilidad mostrada, el deseo de contactar. No nos extraña el porqué  de su progreso.

El escriba- Gracias,  es Usted bienvenido  en todo momento que  desee profundizar en sus explicaciones.

El miembro  del Consorcio  número 34- "En efecto,  tendremos  en cuenta esas disposiciones.

El Padre Universal- "Yo soy  tu Padre Universal interviniendo  en este diálogo desigual entre dos partes.

Gracias Padre,  tienes algo más?

El Padre- "Es todo por hoy".



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« Reply #1 on: September 24, 2020, 11:51:34 am »
Hello Rene, I see you have some problem holding on to  the frequency the Consortium is reporting to you.  That happens with new contacts sometimes and do not worry about it.  The one you identify as number 34 wishes to state this as follows:

"Our work is to blend the work of those who can  transmit with the work of the Paradise Trinity, and then with the other Local Universe divinities.  So far this is not working due to a problem of sentient beings like you Rene, who cannot hold onto the frequency we use to communicate.  That is a result of not enough practice and while you do it almost every day, you do not do it long enough to make it work every time.

"For that reason Rene, we will not determine much communication with you at this time until you are able to hold the frequency as Ron calls it.  He is much aware of disturbances in these frequencies right now and makes amends to carefully hear us for you today.

"Be assured we are not just the Trinity, but we are also the work of MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK and others you do not know yet.  Be assured there is great trouble in some of  this yet, and we want all to know that this Consortium will be busy with all who can hear our frequency of contact well enough for messaging in the near future.  We want all to know that we are here to smooth things out but that is a daunting task right now and thank you all for listening.  K."

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« Reply #2 on: September 24, 2020, 05:16:12 pm »
Thank you Ron, 

I appreciate  that information  and I know  my stamina is not that good and it was last night I was addressing  that issue , I had taken some notes but it got accidentally deleted while I was typing them.

I don't  know  how to improve  my session  to make them long enough without  feeling wore out  Ron.
May be you have any suggestions that I can used, I will be more than happy  to work on them.
Thanks  to the member number 34 of the Consortium of Light Beings for your words.

Thank You Ron.