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Jekyll and Hyde Natures - An Inquiry
« on: September 26, 2020, 03:57:46 am »
I’ll be brief and to the point. 

A thought came.

The thought: could deity be capable of a Jekyll and Hyde nature?  Could the Source allow such interchange of ‘the good, the bad and the ugly’ to be experienced and hence the reason for the experiential adventure in order to discover these areas of oneself? 

Although, it is understood, that the modern term now used instead of jekyll and hyde is called, bipolar disorder. If this is such an occurrence in most humans on this planet, could this signify our growing emergence of awareness of what is good about ourselves and what can potentially turn so opposite as things can cause such sour effect. 

What causes it? Is it environmental, circumstantial or even unexpected intentional cause and effect? 

Such a thought is prompted due to an experience that causes a person to react depending on the cause to either take offense to it or to be benign to it. Here is where the choice comes in, in the manner in which to respond to the stimulus. Such a case, where it is an offense, can cause one to respond in a manner in ways to react in an equal manner of offense. The alternate is true, were it to be of a benevolent nature in that it causes the recipient of such to respond in like return. So it begs the question. How does one can range in cause and effect in both directions of beneficient behaviour and also can have the potential to turn into an offensive behaviour or a behaviour that espouses disagreements in strong terms or manners? Does God have this trait also? Where does this bipolar differential come from and how do humans come to terms with it when it occurs so often? Is it an animal thing or is it a part of the genetic imprint of deity? 

To give you an example, I went to work and to begin the day I had to do something that I found annoying and offensive. The cause and effect ensued. I went on a rage about it for another hour because of this stimulance and it takes time to cool tempers. Hence, is there the case of mind over matter or is it a natural reaction to unexpected issuance? Hence, the thought of a jekyll and hyde trend that surfaces in the personality and it begs to make one wonder if one is sane or is going insane because of it. So, there. Does it seem fitting to ask the question of where does such a behaviour come from and why is it that we as humans just can’t seem to get out of such bipolar relapses when it happens? Does this signify some deep seated subconscious agendas we are not aware of and it seems to lurk until it is prompted somehow to arise and show its ugly head? Just some more thoughts as I think about it in more depth. What are you all thinking? Does it occur to you too that you get cranky out of the blue when things just simply don’t agree with you even if it is just a mild thing? What annoys me is I can’t seem to calm down once I get all tripped up anyhow and then I get so embarrassed later on by it and refuse to talk about it to any one. This is not a rant just a concern over the condition of the bipolar disorder, if that is what this is. If it is not that then I do not know what triggered me to get so cranky all of sudden and I am so undone by it. If it is another devilish attack then I am caught off guard. What did happen is that I was to do something and it turned out differently that I was not expecting or was not aware of and then my hearing aid battery died and I could not hear anything to hear properly the instructions and so I am lost with it all, but surely flustered in the whole process of what is asked of me before I even go into a building to work at all. I later found out it was a new procedure I was not aware of and it took me out of sorts when it happened and hence my behaviour got so screwed up at the time. So I am reflecting on the behaviour and how it operates in a certain way when thrown into an unexpectant way and how one responds to it. That is what happened. And it also got me thinking in general on how such a jekyll and hyde behaviour can erupt out of the blue in such a way as to cause one to get all out of whack and then slowly wind back into a civil way as normal again. What happened?!? How could it be that a normal person be so benign and yet get so offended and offensive in another breath so easily? If you can explain this better for me to understand this, I would appreciate the education here. Thank you. 

Could there be any celestial guide here to speak on this please?


Sue this is your TA here speaking. I am understanding of your frustration in what has happened to you this morning. I watched it and saw your ungraceful responses and so on it went. No doubt you get flustered when it turns so out for you. This is by no means a test of any sort as you may think it. There is no devil here. Just that it is one of those traits that is both an animal one as well as a growing spirit person as you are. You are intuitive as well as responsive. However, you do require more time to calm your nerves in times of upheaval. No one is perfect on this planet! You are, as well as most of you, here learning to be one and hence you are in effect “perfecting” in the art of being a great spirit of wisdom and of gradual understanding. I say the word “gradual” because in the way things go as it did for you this morning, things are of a gradual procession and eventually you calm down when things are better seen in light of the new procedure explained to you, and then you are more accepting of what to do next. So on it goes in the nature of humans on this planet. You are seeing how we as Adjusters are at pains to show you how you are as humans learning the painful way of the term “understanding”. It comes gradually and then you are accepting of things that once was anathema, but is now a great truth to be had. So on it goes for the many more areas to learn. You are going to be having these trips to see you get a working and thereby honing your very skill to calm your nerves over these steely trips you dislike when they do occur so often. 

I am aware of your query as to the bipolar effect and that is truly a human indignation to have happen in most cases on this planet as your world has suffered so many unnecessary hardships due to the Lucifer Rebellion and it has caused so much in the way it affects the human progress on the planet. So much is rife and is lurking deep in your skin that makes you jump the moment such an ugly thing occurs you erupt in a fashion that even surprises yourself. So I ask that you take a moment to check and reflect on yourself. Catch it before it loses you. In that way you are in control of the situation before it controls you. That way you know better to listen and not let your ugly side that lurks get the better of you. There is a lot lurking in most of you and you hide it well, but in fairness, there is a certain stimulus that will make it come to the surface more than you may like it and then it shows its face in ways you did not expect it to arise the way it does. So how do you deal with it. Like the old trick in the book when you learn to drive a car. That is to stop, look, think and then act. Do that more and you will find it easier all round. That is all I would like to say on this matter and thank you for asking for some education, I enjoy the request. Good day. 

Thank you Father for that tidbit of info and I find that helpful at least. Although it sometimes is easier said than done at times and given what I went through it makes sense that I just take the ‘stop, look, think and act’ part as that would have been a lot easier to do then what it turned out to be in the long run. Thank you Father for you understanding and for your good sense in this regard. Good day to you too.

Well folks, I thought to share some experiences along the way as we live it. It never seems to be smooth sailing all the time as change seems to be the new constant now and so we do need to adapt as quickly as it comes. Cheers. 


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Re: Jekyll and Hyde Natures - An Inquiry
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2020, 10:44:34 am »
Sue, the duality of the human nature, Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, as portrayed by Robert Louis Stevenson in his 1886 novel, has been, at all times, the main subject of interest for psychologists and to me it all comes down to self-control or will-power. I make some research about how to develop self-control and I come across one, among many others, that seems to be of good value. Here is the link: Self-control, check it out. Domtia
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Re: Jekyll and Hyde Natures - An Inquiry
« Reply #2 on: September 26, 2020, 11:45:38 pm »
Sue--I think what happened to you, happens to all of us.  I still to this day, cringe over some of the reactions I have had to situations that I had years ago.  We are all human, and this is just part of our journey.   I know that the UB is no longer referred to much here, but you might want to review the experience Jesus had in the Garden of Gethsemane the night before his arrest.  He got angry with the apostles whom he asked to pray with him.  They kept falling asleep and He was really upset with them and let them know it.  It helps me put things like this in perspective.  Here we have our Creator Son getting very angry as He suffered with the realities which He was going to experience.  Don't be so hard on yourself.

Another thing to think about is the difference between self control and self-mastery.  They are very different qualities and very few, if any humans have reached a stage of self-mastery.  We ALL say and do things that totally surprise us sometimes and we feel embarrassed.  Don't beat yourself up Sue.  All is good and you did well to be aware of what happened and why you reacted the way you did.  Most folks would not and just insist they are right.
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