Author Topic: 26 SEPTEMBER 2020 UPDATE - BULLETIN 19 AND OTHER CONCERNS  (Read 155 times)

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« on: September 26, 2020, 12:56:21 pm »
Dear List,
We have been talking about a publication I was doing called Bulletin 19 for a couple of weeks now.  I finally got the edited copy back from our editor Phyllis Simpson who does wonderful and really hard work to make these documents look good for us, but I just wrote her after reading it that I had other ideas what to do with it.

Bulletin 19 deals with the Missions to Urantia that are in the near future.  In particular it looks at the second return, what God wishes to do about it, and what changes it means to us in the long term of time to come.

I wrote the Bulletin once and rewrote it at least two more times.  When it came back from the editor I reread it and decided we still could do better, and for reasons of State and for reasons of security and for reasons that I feel we can do better than I did even after rewriting it often, it was not ready for distribution until it is done again.   I also have no time frame in mind when to release it either--  at least not yet.

That said, here is MICHAEL OF NEBADON with his comments for all of you:

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Ron is right.  He saw the document come back to him corrected and nicely formatted from Phyllis, Newstarsaphire to some of you, and felt it was lacking a clear focus even with all the information he packed into it.

"The main problem Bulletin 19 has is its lackluster view of the second return due to Ron exhausting reviews as to what the second return means to people on Urantia, and how Urantia will be changed because of it/  He does not like millennial fanfares, but he must be ready to state a thing or two he did not in the writings so far.  He recognizes it but is unsure just what is missing.  I will tell you all, if you all had the perspective he has, you would never doubt why it is so critical to Urantia to have this Bestowal take place and at once.

"For reasons of State, I also wish to announce that Ron is ready to throw in the towel over issues dealing with many things you talk about on this web site.  HE is distracted over the issue of his own death, and issues of burning limbs and eyes.  They conspire to depress him greatly.  He has no real issue with us except he is tired of forcing himself to bend to the will of the goddess we call the Creative Spirit who now gets the point she has nothing to save for him but to leave and let bygones be bygones.  That said we notice he is doing better today without his meds for diabetes and without eye drops that he has to have a paper of a table of times to take them four times a day for two eyes and varying the prescription while doing so.  His sister in law made the schedule sheet for daily practice and it keeps him on schedule at least.  But they require interruption of the day often enough he wonders why all the fuss sometimes.  We stopped all the meds today and he feel more like himself now, to the point he writes better without them.

Ron here:  dear list the meds are a small dose of medication for sky high blood pressure caused by so much pressure on me to  conform to endless medical hoops to jump through and are mostly done right now but will start again in October, and a tiny little pill to get my pancreas to produce insulin again.  Spirit says the pancreas is doing that full time now and yet my diabetes does not go into remission as it should. 

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Those are medications, and the Thought Adjuster says they are useful in short term but perpetuate leg cramps and pain much more than they should. He has asked that Ron stop his medications for the day and he has and is feeling better because of it.  However, let me point out that many of you face the same problems coming up when the medical profession starts sending out vaccines for the Covid-19 virus, as that will inject the patient with a viral infection known a Covid-15, that is fifteen, and it will make you catch sniffles at best, and maybe a full blown cold at worst.  We suggest you decide for yourselves what is right for you to do concerning these offered vaccines from pharmaceutical companies that are paid rich prices but fail to perfore a true vaccine or cure-all serum for Covid-19 at all and that is because the serums do not contain essential proteins to knock the COVID versions of the virus out to death.

"Ron published a review of the subject back in June 2020 and was totally ignored and RAYSON, who supplied Ron with the information asked Ron to withdraw any report at all and he has.  Now it seems his work is being recognized by the CDC over an issue they recently saw published in China which notes that Ron made two reports and never retracted the fact that the Chinese vaccine, as poor as it was, was more efficacious than all other vaccines being prepared.  To this day the Chinese vaccine is superior to western attempts to replicate it.  For that reason I MICHAEL OF NEBADON will enforce the ban on Ron reporting just what protein (a potassium based antigen) to use.  I am disgusted with them as Ron has gotten recently.

"We conclude this update to mention that nothing has changed either about the Jesus proposal to return to Urantia, nor do we see any change in LIGHTLINE  schedules.

"I  am MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and I wish all a good day.  Thanks to all who are hosts to Lightline, and to Elise, you take your courage in your hand and you deliver well.  We wish you full and total success in your work for the new lightline NETHERLANDS INTERNATIONAL LIGHTLINE starting this Monday at 3PM New York Time and 9 PM your time.  I thank you sincerely for this effort to all of you as it is helpful to keep the WORD happily stated all over the world where we can reach.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON  concluded."

Located in Historic York, Pennsylvania