Author Topic: Lightline USA SUNDAY 27 SEPT - includes Q & A  (Read 126 times)

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Lightline USA SUNDAY 27 SEPT - includes Q & A
« on: September 27, 2020, 04:14:10 pm »
Link for today's Lightline USA  SUNDAY 27 SEPT - including Q & A
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Re: Lightline USA SUNDAY 27 SEPT - includes Q & A
« Reply #1 on: September 27, 2020, 11:33:36 pm »
Hello Everyone, here is a summary of the Light Line 09-27-2020:

23 subscribers today.

Ron: An announcement was due to release the Bulletin 19 that lists 10 items that Jesus wants to do when he gets here. But the Bulletin needs revising again. Thanks to Phyllis for all the work formatting this last version! No time frame was given for the release of the revised Bulletin 19.

Ron: Tarkas: Ron is very ill today and so is Phyllis. Vital energy subtracts quickly in the presence of pain.

Talking points for today:


Ron identified a major problem: We do NOT have an operating planetary government. The take-down by rebels was intended to interfere with Light Line. A new government will not start for a while.


The second return is NOT being put off. Michael insists it will not be aborted. But the timing is not known. There is another spirit war.

Originally planned was 4 Melchizedeks and 4 Archangels. When the government is reconstituted, there will be 8 Melchizedeks. (The Archangels prefer to be stationed on Salvington).

Arch Angel Ryan is chief of the Arch Angels. ("Arch Angel of Michael" is a different entity -- a business head.) Chief Arch Angel Ryan sits above the Archangel Michaels and keeps good leadership in place.

The Chief Archangel Ryan was the one who taught Dr. Sadler how to transmit, also Lena and William Jr. There was no mental illness! The sleeping subject was superseded by the Sadlers and Ryan.

The current state of things:
Ron took meds to stay alive.

If Ron doesn't survive, humans will have to fill in
We need transmitters! Don't let Light Line die because a host is removed.

The planetary government circuitry has been disrupted -- again.
Bulletin 19 is potent, but long (40 some pages) and there is concern people won't read it.

No announcement that is new is being made concerning the Return.

This past evening Ron was attacked with an injection that raised his temperature to 104. His temperature has now returned to normal.

Machiventa: Margul has to concentrate on those areas that are causing misinterpretations.

Some of the hosts are warned not to pre-record the transmissions. They can be faulty.


Machiventa: The Light Line is focused on the reconstruction of the planetary government. Truants must be identified and exterminated. The worst thing for the rebels is for Light Line to continue unabated.

Margul: The Trinity has authorized Margul to pull the Mantle of Authority over Urantia. No one can come through but those authorized. We have to determine who the celestial rebels are and make sure this never happens again. Ron is fully aware of what should be and what should not be.

The trial for the American electorate is to stand firm on your own principles. Rebels are trying to confuse those principles. Spirit says the process of election cannot be interfered with. Republicans are famous for existing for power only.

Jesus will use Ron's "light" voice (slightly high pitched) to speak to the world.

Questions and Answers:

Larry: Is the spiritual "equipment" in Poughkeepsie?
Ron: It was in York for 30 years, but now it is being moved elsewhere.

If Jesus wasn't murdered, how long would his ministry have lasted?
Margul: Maybe 4 more years.
Midwayers used Jesus' actual age as a reference for dating events in the Urantia Book.
Jesus died at the age of 30 on April 27, 23 A.D. (Part 4 dates in the UB book are wrong).


ABC-22: If a spiritual talent is not used, in a short time you may lose some of your ability.

What direction does Ron's house face?
Due south.

Valerie: Jesus dethroned Satan, but didn't end the rebellion.
Jesus: I am Deity enough to end the segregation of rebels, and am considering convening court immediately to remove the rebellion.

Father is not a dictator. He will not create a police squad to prevent future rebellion. He insists on the presence of free will.

To Valerie: Avoid tiring yourself by endeavoring to do work that has nothing to do with the devil.

Jose: The baptism of Jesus -- What now?
Ron: The whole idea of baptism is a ceremony showing what you believe in. In Old Testament times, people were baptized to become a member of the "Kingdom of God" as they knew it. It is not an important issue now. No importance is being attached to it.

Jose: the churches teach that you wash away the "original sin" inherited from Adam and Eve.
Ron: (Sin is not transferred) I know you Jose don't believe in original sin but the churches continue to use the ceremony of baptism because the people believe it.

Paul: You often request "clear channel".  Can rebels pretend to be transmitting through the Thought Adjusters?
That is the purpose of the Paradise Trinity Shield--to screen out rebels. Thought Adjusters are not affected by the shield.

The last part of the Light Line details the process of how the Sadlers were taught to transmit by Ryan.
Please enjoy listening to this segment to understand how the Urantia book came to be written, contrary to the statements of the Urantia Foundation, (starting about one hour and 15 minutes into the Light Line). This segment is worth transcribing directly.


(Note from SaS:) I couldn't write fast enough for this transmission, so I got on YouTube to see if there were courses in Gregg Shorthand. Sure enough there is! For every transmitter, there needs to be a translator. (or interpreter, if you will, if it is a foreign language to you). Learning to take Shorthand could be a valuable skill many of you listeners could benefit from.