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DELTA to visit the Delta
« on: October 07, 2020, 12:11:52 pm »
Dear Members,

I reckon most of you have heard that Hurricane Delta is coming to the Louisiana Delta, as if we haven't had enough storms fir this Hurricane season!  Yes, the Hurricane is well named, for the alluvial depositions that form the Louisiana Delta at the mouth of the Mississippi River. This is the fifth tropical storm that has traveled through our State this hurricane season.  Lake Charles, Louisiana got a CAT 4 last month and some still don't have power.  And now Hurricane Delta threatens Lafayette, LA where I reside.  So that you have a reference, Lafayette is in the south central part of Louisiana, about half way between Lake Charles and New Orleans.  Our dysfunctional Governor, John Bel Edwards, is whistling Dixie, as we say down south, because he can get another round of "emergency fund allocations", instead of bringing in the bacon via awarding manufacturing companies special incentives to locate their plants in our economically depressed State which is suffering from unemployment and due to the governor's lack of creativity.  He honestly does not know how to corner the market for success. 

So, the southern gentleman governor is smiling and laughing all the way to the bank to receive the emergency federal assistance that is designated for the post hurricane rebuilding expenditures.  I hope he doesn't use it for all his "pork" projects, leaving little to help the residents of Louisiana.  But it will have to be an aberration from the governor's usual MO (Modus Operandi).  Did I mention that he is a Democrat?  I guess I didn't have to (lol).  You know, you can try to change some things about a person, but YOU CAN'T CHANGE STUPID.  So, that you understand, I am not "party affiliated", rather I am an Independent politically.  That said, I choose the best man or woman...period.  So now the question is:  Who are the stupid ones for re-electing our governor for another four (4) year term?  Only the people of Louisiana for not knowing how the governor voted and performed for his "pork" projects during the first term.  Oh well, I've said enough --  time to prepare to lessen the extent of the aftermath.

Amethyst, I hope to attend your LL today, but my son and I are going soon to fill more sandbags.  I used the last set of sandbags for my Horseshoe pits, because the last Hurricane Laura veered toward the left and hit Lake Charles with 140 mph winds.  I pray that those people don't get a bad one again, but we don't want Delta either.  If I were governor, I would fill up chemical spray planes with Cayenne Pepper and coat the whole State...that would keep it out in the Gulf of Mexico to drink lots of water....just kidding, of course.

All for now........Steven