Author Topic: LIGHTLINE call for Oct. 14/ next call Oct. 21  (Read 106 times)

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LIGHTLINE call for Oct. 14/ next call Oct. 21
« on: October 14, 2020, 07:43:03 pm »
Hello everyone,
We had quite an interesting call today and heard from The ETERNAL FATHER, JESUS, VAN and MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK, as our MC.  Unfortunately we were distracted with several unusual technical issues with the muting and the questions but still had an interesting call.  Hope you can attend our next one on Oct.21.  Here's the link:

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Re: LIGHTLINE call for Oct. 14/ next call Oct. 21
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2020, 10:47:29 pm »
Hello Everyone, Sorry for the delay, but here is the summary for the Light Line Netherlands 10-14-2020
Elise Sofia Veronica
MC: Mantutia:
Father: I AM Universal Father.
A New Universe Age requires a great deal of preparation and a great deal of time.
It will take many, many years for the basic structure of the New Universe Age to be established.

The Magisterial Mission will proceed. They need to be fully capable, and able to cooperate with the New Universe Age and the larger picture.
Things are temporarily on hold. Things may be tense. But you are all under close observation.
Be of good cheer.
There will be many things to discuss in the future and you will join in later on.
I am always within you. Call on me any time.

Mantutia: Van: Hello everyone. I bid you all a good day. There is little today in the form of news. about the missions. There is still debate and discussion. It is necessary you all keep in touch with us. It would serve you well to chat with us daily .
I share my feelings. They are not cut in stone. I find it interesting that humans think no one disagrees in heaven!
Humans often take hostility or violence with different views.
Brainstorms, learning from each other by experience -- they are all dedicated to the Father.

Rebellion is a different animal. Without the Father there can be great hostility. But now I sense progress being made.

Urantia is a most unusual and difficult planet. Planning carefully goes on.

People don't understand the difference between governance and politics. A country can run on autopilot while the leaders are pandering to the loudest voices and raising money for the next elections.
this is why a Regency is the best way to go now. But it might be a long way off.


We need you to reach out to us, to focus on developing stronger connections with your celestials. Call on us and say hello -- how are you?
A casual give and take -- I enjoy these calls.

Not all beings will be as casual as I am with you, but those on the lower rungs who will be a part of the mission love to hear from you.

I see Jesus as a listener - no particular transmission is ready. but will start in the immediate future.

Questions and Answers: Lemuel and Weydevu -- The Father is assuring us that things will take a long time.
Van: Keep in touch with the celestials to keep your skills fresh

Concerning the vast difference between governance and politics -- we want people in governance who are well tried in life, not with the politics they give mouth to.
Get in the habit of communicating with Spirit, your TA's.
Imagine you literally have an invisible family around you all the time. Get used to it -- casual and friendly -- not necessarily profound and serious.
Enjoy your invisible family! (Elise is home alone and talks aloud all the time).
Van was telling us don't be afraid of your celestials.

Elise: It was disconcerting and disappointing when I heard the Melchizedek government was now to be an archangel government.
But I am glad it is for the best and for the NUA.


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Re: LIGHTLINE call for Oct. 14/ next call Oct. 21
« Reply #2 on: October 19, 2020, 09:52:49 am »
Thank you SongatSunrise