Author Topic: Lightline USA TUE 20 OCT - includes Q & A  (Read 263 times)

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Lightline USA TUE 20 OCT - includes Q & A
« on: October 20, 2020, 04:56:46 pm »
Hi Everyone,

Here is the link for todays Lightline USA TUE 20 OCT - includes Q & A

Some tidbits:
  • Some news on First Epochal Revelation
  • Diabetes
  • Fusion in NUA
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Re: Lightline USA TUE 20 OCT - includes Q & A
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2020, 03:05:04 pm »
Hello Everyone, here is the summary of Light Line 10-20-2020
Ron, Phyllis
Tarkas: Now to start one of the best Light Lines ever!
We have looked at the Light Line system and have little to complain about. But we need more questions. Continue as we are. It takes a while to absorb new material.

Lemuel: Tarkas:
Concerning the lack of questions, many of you are almost afraid to ask a question. You don't want to look stupid, so to speak. Don't listen to your egos -- it is OK!
We are working hard behind the scenes.

The concept of the bestowal having never taken place -- seems odd for us. We all have memories of the past.
The Supremacy age is gone. Does it mean personality tags are gone too? Those can't be taken away, but they can be changed What about the teachers who have been here before?

The circuits are up and running again. Go ahead and speak of your own experiences. Speak your mind from the heart. So many people are hungry for knowledge. Don't be shy! Speak!

Phyllis: Yamshee: Thank you. I did speak with you this morning. You are interested in my experiences. I am interested in teaching in the Adam and Eve schools. You asked how was I brought into this career? Covid 19 has caused a meditative environment.
I, Yamshee was a female in Japan, pre World War. Circumstances had created great opportunity to self-reflect, to question my culture and belief systems. I asked and sought answers. The time of reflection was my life line. I became aware of many pieces of information like a puzzle. Not the voice of man or those around me. I knew there was a source outside our bodies to guide and encourage us. It would have been nice to have had a Urantia Book. Contact information came to me -- that I knew others were being dealt with like I was.
The quiet was what I needed in time of turmoil.
Add to that foundation of certainty -- Celestials were meant to be a comfort and available as friends.
There is so much more than you can imagine!
Hope we can speak again!

Michael: There are and will be others-- Van, Yamshee, Amadon, will come to be available through the new circuitry. New waves of information and new relationships are being offered to help you overcome the obstacles that get in the way of your moving forward. This is your universe. These are your missions -- Your upliftment and understanding is what we are interested in.

Machiventa: to Elise: When someone indicates a question, be sure to call on the MC to contribute to the answer.

Ron looked at doing more Light Lines. He asked Michael about Bulletin 19. It still needs to be put away. Circumstances of Jesus need to be resolved first, before the Return.

Bulletin 19 has detailed information on the origin of the UB. The Urantia Foundation reported hearsay in the construction of their version of the history.
George Meyer has been invited to be on a board of directors on one of the corporations. His choice.

Michael: (Account of Ron's current low blood sugar situation) Diabetes will be taken care of in the changes to Urantia. Diabetes is not a disease. It is a problem with midi-chlorian. (A StarWars term) ( "mitochondria"?)

Diabetes will be eliminated in Ron.
If you are experiencing headache and or ringing in the ears -- it might be an adjuster ready to fuse -- to speak the Voice of God.

Ron contacted the Gay Urantia group on Facebook. But they refuse to use the email address Ron provided. The current readership of the UB will not receive the 1st Epochal Revelation because they have already preconceived ideas. Ron is working now (us!) with the exception to the current UB readership.

The new ER will be softbound, not hardbound. The papers need to be materialized and collated. The people who will teach are waiting for Ron to publish the ER. It will include some old UB revised material.
Mantutia: It will be the 1st -- not the 6th.

Lemuel: Father: I have come to this Light Line with a special announcement to ALL of you (not just the conference callers or those on streaming). But ALL those who have shown interest in MY business.
It was MY decision to bring to an end the old Universe Age and Supremacy.
Urantia has suffered terribly but you will find that Urantia will become a pearl of great price! You humans will help bring forth God's business of making the formation of a new government.
It is the Trinity which will be in charge of all the governments of Urantia. I desire Machiventa to take up the role of Planetary Prince again. Sephoris wants to be knowledgeable of what it means to be a planetary prince. Others too!
The other planets involved will be affected. You all have no idea of what is in store. We appreciate your loyalty and courage, tenaciousness, faith and trust.
Not only am I in you with the Thought Adjusters, but also with the Spirit of Truth --which is proof enough that I am with you always.
I am aware of the health problems on Urantia -- but out of bad always comes good.
I Father, am thankful for what you're doing for the future and for all your brothers and sisters. It is you who are able to do this. It gladdens my heart.
I bind you all between my arms and in my peace now and forever.
1:50-2:00 P.M.
Questions and answers
Wenebogo: Roger has had headaches. Has anyone become fused and still stayed in the body?

No one has become fused since the days of Elijah until 2014. Ron was 85% fused, and then completed at his brothers house. He was lightheaded.
Father: Ron will fuse again by a new method. The spirit of the Adjuster will be made available in flesh and blood territory.
The NUA will address fusion without fire, so humans can continue the missions.
Jose: How will the coming of Jesus and the NUA affect churches?

Ron: You can't eliminate the socialization of a religion. Peter decided the need for a church "for Jesus". The churches will have to go through evolution.
Biblical narratives are intended to point to the love of God.
Jose: Where is Grayson?
Grayson: I have withdrawn because of noise on Urantia. I will stay away till things calm down.
The Gay Urantia group is listening to the Foundation calling Ron's work hearsay, and all the changes that are being made!
We need a good sit down with the leadership who are not aware of the lifestyle that needs disease prevention. I will be back--thanks for asking.

Larry and Donna: "Urantia Book" will not be the name of the new book. The UB was self-defeating. Ron has spectacular ideas on how to promote this book.
Will it be available?

Ron: The book will have 145 papers, plus 50 more in the new manuscript. It can't be published till it is assembled.
Humans! Sadler had his wife, son, the Kelloggs and Christie, an adept at publishing work. Ron has only a couple of others now.
Larry and Donna: Publishing -- let us know if we can help!
Ron: But you need to come to York.
Mantutia: Gitz and Gossett will help Ron. Ron will choose more personnel.
To Larry and Donna: There is a lot more to do than just putting a book together. Ron is not going to ask someone to move unless that person has something specific to work on.
Robert: Lobert knew humility - needed to bring the Voice of God.
Ron: Early in the discipline, learn to do silence at the same time every day.
Michael: the "Lord" speaking: listen to your heart.
The Lord know you have a speech defect in your brain -- so that you have a hard time hearing the Voice of God. The transmissions go to a different part of the brain.
Rene had cracked brain stem. Robert needs a small healing. Write to Ron about your questions. I will inform him. Many who try to speak feel "blocked" because it goes to another place in the brain.
Nothing in "Origins" says anything about diabetes. It deals with AIDS, autism, Alzheimer's, and lupus.

Rayson: Diabetes needs its own book. It is a vicious disease.
Father: Using contact commissions, you will write several books -- one on ovarian cancer (men can catch it). Ron started a paper but doesn't know where it is. This also needs a separate book.
Ron has to be cautious so he isn't taken to court. It is a gift from God to man. Pharmaceutical companies can claim no patents.

Michael: Ron can get the books written, but he can't provide detailed information. I give it to him.
Lemuel, fusion details are different now in the NUA. We were all rescinded because fusion couldn't be supported in the flesh without the Supreme.
And Ron can't prophesy.
Lemuel and Amethyst are candidates for fusion. Gossett is not. No decision has been made. Life extensions? We don't know who or when. Lemuel may be fused after he is morontialized.
Lemuel: What about the personality tags?
Ron: We don't know the parameters for tags.
Thought Adjuster: Ron's tag has been changed 4 times. It will not be changed again.
Destiny is open-ended. Who will join you in your training?
Ron will not allow evil, or social status to take the place of the truth.
Michael: place something on Facebook.
to Lemuel: you will be part of the Missions in England or Wales. Lemuel doesn't have the talents for York administration. But he can be involved in teaching.

Roger Raz: What influence did the Supreme have over Universes 1 through 4?
Seraya, Chief of Adjusters Universes 1 through 3 are specialized l in existential designations. Universe 1 and 2 have no humans. Now they have to look at their purpose, now that the Supreme is gone. They watch Ron (Universes 1 through 3). They believe Ron is in a bad position all the time.
Ron should have a symposium ev ery week--but logistics are a problem.
Roger Raz is very interested in what is going on in the other time/space regions.
Thank you Serara.

Roger: Creators called "Supreme" are now moot. But they still maintain the ideals of the Supreme. God the 7fold has been destroyed.
Weydevu: How long will it take to assemble the 1st ER?
Ron: At least a year.
Mantutia:I estimated about 3/4 of a year. It will depend on who works with Ron.
Ron: Do we do one paper at a time?
Mantutia: It works better that way. There needs to be time to read and talk about it with Rayson, Mantutia, and the Assigned Sentinel, etc.
Assigned Sentinel I report to you Ron: The people you must use to assemble the book are not available around you.
Ron: Shall I create an open invitation to the Urantia foundation?
Assigned Sentinel I don't like it. They will want to rule the roost. Some good workers are not available now. (Talbert)
Machiventa Start advertising! Send out an advisory to the UB people.
Weydevu:Could I help?
Ron State your interest in assembling the book. What is your interest in Revelation  --Do you think you can criticize it?
Weydevu: Oh Yes!
Ron: You are off my list! If you are forced to come to York, you will be taken care of.
Weydevu Will Jesus teach the will of the Trinity?
Ron: Jesus is the son of man. Not a Son of the Trinity.
Weydevu: Will he be teaching the will of the Father?
Ron: Jesus is a Finaliter. He swears to the Father. If you become a mighty messenger, or One Without Name of Number, they are the Sons of Attainment, a role that can be filled by humans.
Michael: Existential Deity promotes man as Finaliters. Humans are ascenders, and ultimately will swear in an oath of service. Then they are embraced, and are considered children of the Trinity, but they are still Father-fused.
Weydevu: Will Jesus be counseled by Immanuel? Or adjustered in the incarnation?
Ron: Yes. All incarnated beings have a Thought Adjuster.
Records of the Supreme have been destroyed. Official Action has been reset. But Time/Space and Transcendental use of the information is still possible.
The Transcendental sees no revelation on Urantia. Each planet has its own archives of dispensations, which have been reset to zero. Nebadon has dispensational archives that have been reset to zero.
Phyllis: (Question concerning UB paper 116 -- one in full error).
Has the goal changed with NUA?
Ron: Regardless of the Deity involved, the subjugation of material reality is the continuing challenge -- regardless of the agencies involved.
The Universe is not the Supreme's to subjugate.


There were 14 callers and 4 on streaming.


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Re: Lightline USA TUE 20 OCT - includes Q & A
« Reply #2 on: October 23, 2020, 03:07:28 pm »
Dear Folks,
"A Funny Thing Happened to Me On The Way to the Forum". . . (a four star 1966 musical).
Well, here it is folks.
It took me several hours to type up the notes to this Light Line, and I finally got to the end, to save it and post when. . .
The entire summary had vanished! I couldn't find it in recycle bin, in documents under "untitled", the computer wouldn't "redo", etc. etc. The "insert" key is right next to the "delete" key, and there is some protocol for disengaging "insert" but I don't know what it is. . . I never did "select all", or hit control X.
Not funny. My keyboard is putting in extra spaces all over the place, and leaving letters out. It is putting in words I did not type. I don't know how to get rid of automatic whatever.

But the really interesting thing is, the final few paragraphs turned up in another word processing application. I was using Apache Open Office, and suddenly it was in "Word", which says in a notice, "most of the features have been disengaged. " They are expecting me to buy something.
Am I being hacked?


That being said, the above post is a redo of the Light Line Oct. 20, 2020. Father has some amazing things to say.



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Re: Lightline USA TUE 20 OCT - includes Q & A
« Reply #3 on: October 23, 2020, 03:45:24 pm »
No, my friend, you are being harassed by a cabal that does it to anyone who is making it possible to hear the Voice of God.  You are being annoyed on purpose so you give up and quit the work to save the messaging on the Lightline programs.  I hate them for their worthlessness and unlike you Carole, I swear like a trooper whenever they start this tomfoolry at the computer.  I never heard of these particular shananigans but they are in a pattern I know all too well without styles of mischief like word spacing, or words always running together, or blocking, or bolding letters, or capitalizing suddenly or underlining suddenly which I do not call for.  I think it criminal and I hope our justice system on high has a way of them really not liking what they did to us.  Keep up the good work but realize you are not mean to call a spade a spade and the devil-- so to speak-- is in your word processing details.  Ron
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Re: Lightline USA TUE 20 OCT - includes Q & A
« Reply #4 on: October 23, 2020, 04:17:11 pm »
These curmudgeons  just never want us to have a moments peace.  In the last couple of weeks, I lost a tooth that now has just a temporary fix, my computer is giving me so many headaches with malfunctions.  The battery on my car died, and a driver took out my mailbox and I had to pay $500 to get it fixed to meet post office requirements.  This morning my alarm was set correctly, but did not go off, and I missed a very important appointment. And the list goes on and on.  Also the guy that mows my lawn put ruts on a slope on my lawn that is a $2,000 fix.  I am not sure yet how/when that problem get fixed.  
Its happening to all of us.  They can be very creative in figuring out how to push our buttons, but I don't want to give them any credit.  They will get their "rewards" in due time, but in the meantime I know it is cabal, as I am learning to recognize their M.O. (modus Operandi).  They are just trying to wear me down.
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